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An Uncensored, Unfiltered and Unbiased look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies and sports. Hosted by Cuzzo, we hope to bring you great conversation and take a little bit of the stress out of your day. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed. Thank you for tuning in!!

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An Uncensored, Unfiltered and Unbiased look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies and sports. Hosted by Cuzzo, we hope to bring you great conversation and take a little bit of the stress out of your day. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed. Thank you for tuning in!!

    🇺🇸Pentagon Frank On the Trump Assassination Attempt-Episode 317🇺🇸

    🇺🇸Pentagon Frank On the Trump Assassination Attempt-Episode 317🇺🇸

    Cuzzo sits down with Pentagon Frank and discusses the Assassination attempt on Trump from last weekend. Frank gives insight on what happened and what should NOT have happened when it comes to protecting someone and more!
    Video Link:

    • 1 hr
    🚨Trump Assassination Attempt-Episode 316🚨

    🚨Trump Assassination Attempt-Episode 316🚨

    Breaking News Episode: This emergency episode is coverage of the assassination attempt on former president Donald Trump during a Butler Pennsylvania rally today. Interviews are covered and Cuzzo gives his thoughts on this horrific event.

    • 46 min
    👋🏽Bon Voyage-Episode 315👋🏽

    👋🏽Bon Voyage-Episode 315👋🏽

    Biden is still in a downward spiral from last the debate from a few weeks ago. It's getting worse by the minute as the"Big Boy" press conference didn't go as planned and Cuzzo gives his thoughts on what could be next. Why is Jill Biden sitting in policy meetings? Violence in both Chicago and Detroit over the holiday weekend has communities struggling to find answers. State Farm is raising prices in California and we look at it through the lense of a real estate licensee and formal property manager. Busta Rhymes can't get the crowd on their feet at the essence awards & more!
    Extra Media:
    State Farm in California: 
    Presidential Polling:
    Chicago & Detroit:

    Biden Pre-Scripted:

    • 1 hr 12 min
    🎙️Deeper Than Rap-Episode 314 🎙️

    🎙️Deeper Than Rap-Episode 314 🎙️

    We are a week removed from the Presidential debate and the biggest question is will Biden stay in or step aside for another candidate? Cuzzo discusses the realistic options if Biden decides not to continue his campaign. Rick Ross tries to troll in Canada and his security gets packed out while he ....does nothing LOL. Luke comments on the matter but ends up leaving people with more questions for him then answers. Does anyone still watch the BET awards? Restaurants raising prices has everyone looking at "fine dining" differently. Some italian prosecutors found Dior is getting over on it's customers by overcharging bags and E-40 performs at a Biden rally smh. Rember needlenthreadsco.com & Promo Code "Chroniclez" for 15% off any order!!
    Extra Media:
    Dior Bags:
    Trump Immunity:
    UK Prison Officer Getting It in:
    Trump Talking Sh*t:

    • 1 hr 17 min
    🇺🇸Trump vs Biden Debate Livestream-Episode 313🇺🇸

    🇺🇸Trump vs Biden Debate Livestream-Episode 313🇺🇸

    Cuzzo & Twon Livestream the Presidential debate between Trump & Biden while giving commentary and talking on the issues that our country must vote on in November. T-Mazz "Get A Bag" is the song for this episode! Salute to T-Mazz for giving the thumbs up to play this banger!
    Livestream Video Link:
    T-Mazz "Get A Bag" Video:

    • 1 hr 56 min
    🔊The Pop Out Show-Episode 312🔊

    🔊The Pop Out Show-Episode 312🔊

    Kendrick has a successful L.A. Pop Out show and full of surprises. Do people really know what Juneteenth is and why it is celebrated? Oakland has violence during this holiday which raises the question..Are we celebrating the wrong things in the Black community on this holiday? The White House says the Biden videos are "cheap fakes" LOL. Trump gets a warm welcome in Detroit and has also tied Biden in Minnesota according to a recent poll. Justin Timberlake fake news has spread on social media and celebrities find out that podcasting isn't what they thought it would be.
    Extra Media:
    Thou Shall Read the Commandments:
    Justin TImberlake Fake News:
    Latest Poll Numbers:
    Oakland Mayor Raided:

    • 1 hr 6 min

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4.9 out of 5
77 Ratings

77 Ratings

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