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Podcast by Cinematica Animalia

    S3E13: Godzilla's Day Off (Godzilla '98 vs. Godzilla 2014)

    S3E13: Godzilla's Day Off (Godzilla '98 vs. Godzilla 2014)

    Sam ditches the rest of the Cinematica Animalia and teams up Travis from Kaiju Weekly for a special episode. Join them as they discuss Godzilla 1998 in order to determine how it stacks up to the classic precursors and the 2014 reboot in regards to scientific accuracy and overall enjoyment.

    Check Out Kaiju Weekly: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/kaiju-weekly

    00:32- Introduction
    05:08- What Is A Kaiju?
    10:36- Why Do People Love Godzilla?
    15:28- Godzilla 1998 Movie Discussion
    21:40- Godzilla 2014 and 2019 Movie Discussion
    27:04- Godzilla Environmental Discussion
    32:10- Godzilla Scientists
    41:18- Godzilla General Science
    50:12- Godzilla's Physiology Accuracy
    55:46- Versus
    1:02:12- Sign Off

    • 1 hr 3 min
    S3E12- Cat-Ass-Trophe (Cats)

    S3E12- Cat-Ass-Trophe (Cats)

    The episode that no fans asked for is here. Adam, Sam, and David explore the world of Cats and are as horrified and confused as you might expect. Join them as they discuss how these grotesque creatures might have arisen, learned to dance, and tried to destroy the careers of so many great actors and musicians.

    01:40- Introduction
    04:28- Cats Movie Summary
    13:06- History of Anthropomorphic Characters in Movies
    27:50- Cats Physiology
    43:05- Outdoor Cats Discussion
    54:25- Versus
    57:27- Sign Off

    • 58 min
    S3E11- Life Finds A Way (Jurassic Park)

    S3E11- Life Finds A Way (Jurassic Park)

    Sam, David and Adam dive back into Jurassic Park again to discuss other dinosaur movies, the problems with cloning, should extinct species be brought back, and who was the best movie scientist. Join them to answer the question, would life really find a way?

    00:41- Introduction
    04:45- History of Dinosaurs in Film
    17:36- DNA Problems, Cloning Issues, and Island Life
    40:44- Ethical Discssions
    55:14- Michael Crichton and Scientific Concerns
    1:05:48- Rating Jurassic Park Scientists
    1:12:24- Versus
    1:15:32- Wrap Up Discussion

    Does It Fart?

    • 1 hr 17 min
    S3E10: Welcome To Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)

    S3E10: Welcome To Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)

    am and David ditch Adam this week to explore the world of Jurassic Park on their own, and it does not go well. Join them as they discuss Jurassic vs Cretaceous periods, small Velociraptors, and the realities of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    00:41- Introduction
    03:18- Discussion of the film
    11:43- Jurassic vs Cretaceous
    18:34- Dinosaurs with feathers
    23:36- Small velociraptors
    26:20- Tyrannosaurus vision
    29:20- Tyrannosaurus as a ascavenger
    32:48- Tyrannosaurus roar
    34:44- Jack Horner
    36:15- DNA Recovery
    44:04- How to make a dinosaur
    47:01- Lysine contingency
    50:17- Veterinary PSA: Esophageal Foreign Bodies

    • 54 min
    S3E9: Magical Creature Ecology (Harry Potter)

    S3E9: Magical Creature Ecology (Harry Potter)

    The Cinematica team decides to try and tackle the evolutionary paths and potential domestication of the magical world. The discuss if Dumbledore is the true monster, whether a Phoenix would make a good pet, and pest control for a Basilisk. Join them as they create creatures you wouldn't want to touch with your wand.

    Time Points:
    00:40- Introduction
    01:56- History of Animal Familiars
    08:10- General Ecology of Harry Potter
    15:24- Discussion of the Phoenix
    24:54- Discussion of the Basilisk
    31:52- Versus
    35:16- Sign Out and Credits

    • 36 min
    S3E9: The Physiology of Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

    S3E9: The Physiology of Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

    Sam, Adam and David are not invited to Hogwarts, but they decide to sneak in anyway. Join them as they explore some of the creatures that make up the magical world and discuss their possible horrifying anatomy. Leave your house elf at the door.

    Time Points:
    01:30- Discussion of The Film
    05:25- Summary of Harry Potter and Magical Monsters
    09:19- The Physiology of Harry Potter- The Phoenix
    21:36- The Physiology of Harry Potter- The Basilisk
    28:30- The Physiology of Harry Potter- The Dementors
    34:34- Vet PSA

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

BTMcClure ,

Fun new show!

Such a fun new show! I’ve learned so much. People should be getting in on the ground floor of this one

Anigc ,


Love the accents, the fun and THE science! Loved the last episode... please bring the vampires!

bbuck78 ,

Awesome new podcast for both paranormal and cinema minded folk

By far the best new podcast I have listened to in the past year. The cast is entertaining and clearly both enjoy their work and their subject matter. I highly recommend this podcast for people like myself who are into horror movies and fantasy flicks as well as people who appreciate science and biology.

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