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Messages, Teaching and Interviews from Circuit Riders Schools and Events.

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Messages, Teaching and Interviews from Circuit Riders Schools and Events.

    Growing in Friendship - Nick Brennt -

    Growing in Friendship - Nick Brennt -

    Questions from the sermon are found at the bottom of the description.

    Nick Brennt teaches about friendship and the process of making new friends as an adult. He talks about how awkward it sometimes is to make friendships as an adult and explains how necessary and important it is as we get older to hold on to our friends. Nick goes into 1 Samuel to look at the friendship between King David and Jonathan, King Saul's son and how their friendship grew towards one another. He then gives practicals on how to find a good friends and how to develop friendships with them.

    Round 1

    Who are your 5 closest friends?
    Who are your 15 homies? :)

    Round 2

    Are you a Person of Conviction?
    Are you learning/developing new interests and growing as a person?
    Are you too guarded or too vulnerable?
    Do you have a clear mission in life or a sense of adventure?

    Round 3

    Are you living full-on for Jesus?
    Do you want to invest time in building relationships?
    Do you want covenant relationships?
    What commitments do you want to bring to the table?

    Round 4

    What skills or hobbies have you been wanting to learn?
    What would constitute a "Perfect" day for you?
    Tell your story in 4 minutes or less in as much detail as you can. Give the IMDB summary of your story.
    What's the biggest thing you feel God is challenging you in?

    Jesus - Michael Koulianos - Monday Nights

    Jesus - Michael Koulianos - Monday Nights

    Michael Koulianos comes to speak about Jesus. He reads out of 1 Corinthians 2 about how we cannot rely on our own skills and talents to lead, but we must rely on the message of Jesus above all else. Michael tells us that the power of God has never and will never move past the cross and we must do the same. He calls out the different appearances of Jesus throughout the scriptures and commands us to find Jesus for ourselves in the scriptures. This is so that we can live out a lifestyle of dying to ourselves and living in the fullness of Christ in our lives.

    Prayer That Shapes History - Sam Storms - Monday Nights

    Prayer That Shapes History - Sam Storms - Monday Nights

    Sam Storms talks about the power of partnering with God in prayer to influence the world around us. He reads about the testimony of the early Church in the book of Acts and their desire to devote themselves to prayer, and how we must also follow suit. Sam tells us that our language while praying must change to match the prayers that God is praying. He gives us 10 reasons why our prayer is so important and calls us to engage in a deep pursuit of a personal prayer life.

    Freelance Christianity - Nick Brennt - Monday Nights

    Freelance Christianity - Nick Brennt - Monday Nights

    Nick Brennt speaks on the Church community and our purpose as members of the Church. He confronts the modern culture which tries to change and reject the church and calls us higher in representing Jesus as a church. Nick addresses the way we isolate ourselves from others and end up in distress and challenges us to engage and take part in what Jesus is doing in the church. He recalls several facts about the early church and calls us to invest in building the church like the believers in the book of Acts.

    This Jesus - Zach Nash - Monday Nights

    This Jesus - Zach Nash - Monday Nights

    Zach Nash speaks on the significance of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection; and how life truly is hopeless without the Gospel. He reads scripture throughout the New Testament that highlights how significant Jesus' life is for us. He then emphasizes how God reconciling Himself to us is incomplete without the Good News of Jesus. He talks about how we must put Jesus at the center of our hearts-replacing our selfish desires for His selfless love. Zach ends the message by encouraging us to give Jesus full lordship over our lives and trust in his sovereign plan for us.

    Who is the Spirit? - Derek Mack - Monday Nights

    Who is the Spirit? - Derek Mack - Monday Nights

    Derek Mack speaks on the character and nature of the Holy Spirit, and what He does. He first explains the difference between hearing about God and having head knowledge versus knowing Him personally, which can only come from developing a relationship with Him. Derke goes through the Old and New Testaments to point out the attributes and Godhood of the Holy Spirit. He then explains our need for the Holy Spirit in our life: to guide us, lead us, and bring us closer to the Father. He ends the message with a reminder that the Holy Spirit is our comforter and that He is always with us when we walk through the valleys of life.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
58 Ratings

58 Ratings

FirefromGod ,

Life marking message!

This message was a life marking message where the Living God was speaking directly to me in the midst of one of the most painful seasons of my life... there I was reminded of the Christian road; the cross of Christ is the mark of suffering and we too will suffer! But not alone and not misunderstood. Thank you for preaching the gospel, brother Zach.

true blessing app ,


All I can say is Wow I just listened to one and it convicted me and helped me open my eyes on the seriousness of being a true disciple✨🙌🏾

northwest supercaster ,

Great analogies

Word pictures that stick and make sense

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