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A weekly podcast about wireless network engineering. Wireless topics on education, wireless design, tips, interviews with other wireless engineers, tech news about wireless, and the products we configure. A podcast for any wireless professional or enthusiast.

Clear To Send: Wireless Network Engineering Rowell Dionicio and François Vergès

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A weekly podcast about wireless network engineering. Wireless topics on education, wireless design, tips, interviews with other wireless engineers, tech news about wireless, and the products we configure. A podcast for any wireless professional or enthusiast.

    CTS 309: Wireless with Ekahau (Sponsored)

    CTS 309: Wireless with Ekahau (Sponsored)

    Ekahau AI Pro brings many features and benefits for any Wi-Fi engineer. That’s why we’re being joined by Matt Sterling and Mac Deryng of Ekahau to educate us on what these features are.

    First off, Sidekick 2 is updated to support 6 GHz with packet captures and be fully useable with Ekahau Analyzer.

    Then there are the features within AI Pro. Our favorite new feature include any drawing of walls and also wall calibration. The wall calibration tool helps us increase the accuracy of our designs.

    Auto planner is improved if you like to have access points placed on the floor plan for you or to have channels selected for you.

    Network simulator helps with situations where you might need to do a rip and replace of access points but want to verify in a design that your current access point locations will be sufficient. Network Simulator will give you a score that is sure to help you with your decisions.

    New to Ekahau is a Private 5G planner! Another skill and technology in our toolbelt. You cannot leave Private 5G behind. If you have an active Ekahau Connect license you should have access to Private 5G planner for one year.

    Lastly, ECSE is getting an update as well! With all these new bells and whistles it is important to know how to use these resources properly. Which is why we always suggest taking your ECSE.



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    CTS 308: Reduced Neighbor Report

    CTS 308: Reduced Neighbor Report

    Jiri Brejcha joins us on this episode to discuss his testing of 6 GHz capable clients (iPad and Google Pixel) and how they discovery 6 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Jiri demonstrates how important the Reduced Neighbor Report plays an important role in 6 GHz AP discovery.

    Jiri is an enterprise architect at Cisco UK and part of the Cisco Live team. He’s also a core member of the WLAN Pi team.

    In his lab, he has a Cisco 6 GHz access point broadcasting a few SSIDs on different bands. He wondered how an iPad and Pixel will detect a 6 GHz-only SSID. Do you need to have APs operate on PSC only?

    Inside of a beacon frame, you’ll find a Reduced Neighbor Report (RNR) Information Element. The RNR contains important details such as the channel used by neighboring access points. This can be one access point or a group of access points. You’ll find this information in the Neighbor AP Information Fields

    Target Beacon Transmission Time (TBTT)

    📄 Download 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RNR, 6 GHz FILS, and 6 GHz unsolicited probe response pcaps from here:https://t.co/2p482EehID📄 Download WLAN Pi Profiler report and 5 GHz and 6 GHz association requests. We can see Pixel's capabilities in these frames:https://t.co/0fC5sITslr https://t.co/DRJDdPZwWX— Jiri Brejcha (@jiribrejcha) November 11, 2022


    * Section of the 802.11-2020 standards

    * https://www.jiribrejcha.net/2022/11/google-pixel-6-wi-fi-6e-scanning-and-6-ghz-ssid-discovery/

    * https://www.jiribrejcha.net/2022/11/ipad-pro-wi-fi-6e-scanning-and-6-ghz-ssid-discovery/

    * Apple specifications: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202068

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    CTS 307: How Wi-Fi Tools Are Made – Building Hamina (Sponsored)

    CTS 307: How Wi-Fi Tools Are Made – Building Hamina (Sponsored)

    Our special guests are Jussi Kiviniemi and Joel Crane of Hamina.

    I’m a previous episode, cleartosend.net/286, Jussi gave us a rundown of Hamina before it was a beta product.

    In this episode, Hamina is a full product now, available for everyone to use and we decided to learn how Wi-Fi tools are built.

    Jussi and Joel provide insight into feature selection and development as well as how they collect feedback to improve Hamina.

    We even get to see new features of Hamina.

    We’re giving away two free licenses of Hamina. One is provided by Clear To Send and Jussi decided to match that offer! Fill out the contact form below if you’d like to win! We will announce the winner during a Q&A livestream with Hamina.

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    Hamina – https://hamina.com

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    CTS 306: Multiple-BSSID

    CTS 306: Multiple-BSSID

    Multiple BSSID sets out to aggregate individual beacon frames from an access point to a single beacon frame.

    It helps solve the issue of beacon overhead. As it is today, each SSID broadcasts a beacon. The more SSIDs you’re broadcasting, the more the beacons eat up airtime.

    Airtime is a precious resource for Wi-Fi devices. Sometimes beacon overhead can take up a large amount of airtime.

    Multiple BSSID aims to reduce the airtime by broadcasting less beacon frames for better efficiency and less wasted airtime capacity.

    While Multiple BSSID can be found in 802.11-2020, it was first introduced in 802.11v-2011. In the episode, Rowell mentions that it is mandatory in Wi-Fi 6. But we have not seen documented to be mandatory, or maybe we just missed it.

    Within Multiple BSSID, you will find a new information element that contains all the active BSSIDs within the Multiple BSSID set. There will be one transmitted BSSID and the others SSIDs will be listed with non-transmitted BSSID profiles.

    Be sure to check out the video and the pcap file!

    Sections in the 802.11-2020 standards talking about Multiple-BSSID:

    * Multiple BSSID capability

    * Multiple BSSID element

    * Multiple BSSID-Index element

    * 10.6.9 Multiple BSSID Rate Selection

    * Multiple BSSID procedure


    Frame capture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17G2yB2rTXKiAiJxTXXG2QgkpeyW-ZLSi/view

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    CTS 305: WLPC EU Recap

    CTS 305: WLPC EU Recap

    We had the pleasure of attending WLPC in Prague for 2022. It was the first time joining a larger conference since the pandemic started. It was great to be around our peers having insightful discussions and catching up. In this episode, we’re providing our thoughts about WLPC EU and which presentations were our favorites.

    In addition to the sessions we both attended Jim Palmer’s Antenna 101 Deep Dive and we speak to it in this episode.

    The videos of all WLPC presentations are now live on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXJsNZqZEF9YIWzIACR9aO_mJXcfg444u

    Here is François presentation on Wi-Fi DevOps

    Here is Rowell’s presentation on Wi-Fi Trends

    Here is Rowell’s presentation on Building a Profitable Consulting Business

    Here are our favorite presentations:

    * WPA3-SAE and ECC (For the Rest of Us) by Kartsen Iwen → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckle0Qj6xa8&list=PLXJsNZqZEF9YIWzIACR9aO_mJXcfg444u&index=10* Spatial Reuse in Wi-Fi 6 by Nadeem Akhtar → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z14xA1_d0W4&list=PLXJsNZqZEF9YIWzIACR9aO_mJXcfg444u&index=36* Some of the other automation presentations:* The Big Scary World of Network Integration and Automation by Peter Mackenzie → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG74IZSor_s&list=PLXJsNZqZEF9YIWzIACR9aO_mJXcfg444u&index=37* Getting started with WLAN Automation by Jean Macq → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSBK3jP2ccI&list=PLXJsNZqZEF9YIWzIACR9aO_mJXcfg444u&index=28

    The survey is open for the next WLPC that will take place in Pheonix in February → http://surveymonkey.com/r/WLPC2023

    It will take place from Feb 7th to 9th.


    * All videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXJsNZqZEF9YIWzIACR9aO_mJXcfg444u

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    CTS 304: Proactive Wi-Fi Monitoring and Automation (Sponsored)

    CTS 304: Proactive Wi-Fi Monitoring and Automation (Sponsored)

    Wi-Fi gets all the blame for any type of network or device issue.

    Lean teams struggle to streamline their IT operations and lack the actionable insights needed to make smart decisions.

    In this episode, we’re talking to Wyebot and how they are able to help many organizations troubleshoot Wi-Fi efficiently with the use of network sensors.

    Wyebot’s sensors empowers IT organizations to find the root cause of Wi-Fi issues quickly and even remotely.

    This cuts down costs on sending engineers onsite to gather data. The sensor can do that for you.

    Through numerous network tests, IT can be proactive in solving Wi-Fi problems.

    Check out this episode as we dive in deeper to Wyebots platform.





    Free Trial: https://wyebot.com/experience-wip/

    • 1 hr 7 min

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4.7 out of 5
59 Ratings

59 Ratings

thatengineeringguy14 ,

Great podcast for wireless engineers

There is a log of highly technical information, but they make it accessible in a way that can help you make progress in the industry!

JR-John ,


Very technical and informational, helped me a lot! ^_^👍👍

bryan_dearth ,

The Best by Far!

I’ve been listening to this podcast since September 2018, and I have to say it’s the most enjoyable technical podcast I’ve listened to by far. It’s so good in fact, I’ve gone back and listened to almost all of the old episodes as well. From interviews and current news, 802.11 basics to WiFi 6 deep dives, this one covers all the bases. If you are looking for a way to fill you commute and have a passion for Wireless Engineering, do yourself a favor and give this one a try.

Rowell and Francois, please keep the episodes coming!

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