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This unique show engages the audience with a variety of topics that range from light and humorous too deep and reflective, listen to the show that people are talking about.
Confession Radio is not about self-improvement it's about self-acceptance!


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This unique show engages the audience with a variety of topics that range from light and humorous too deep and reflective, listen to the show that people are talking about.
Confession Radio is not about self-improvement it's about self-acceptance!


Twitter: @DynamicReverb

    Navigating Relationships

    Navigating Relationships

    Every relationship runs into struggles sometimes. When you're spending years, decades even, with someone who's in such close proximity all the time, you're bound to face an issue here or there. What matters most is how you deal with those issues and how you grow as a couple because of them.

    What happens when you can't deal with those issues, though? When your partner won't meet you halfway? What do you tell yourself to keep the peace?

    Finding a partner that's in it with you, committed and enthusiastic, and gels with you perfectly, you could call that person your soulmate.

    Within every relationship, it's essential to check in with yourself and ask, does your partner make you feel happy? Is there a genuine future for the two of you together? Relationships need more than just passing affections, they need strong foundations.

    No relationship is free from problems. After all, when you're spending years with someone you can't expect it to be perfect 100% of the time, right? Things become dull, issues arise, you talk about it, you grow, and you move on.

    When you're in a relationship that's going south, you can often feel it circling the drain, facing a point of no return. That doesn't make it easy to admit, though, especially after spending so long together. So, you'll tell yourself lies to try and mask the fact that you're not satisfied anymore, including playing into a fantasy version of your relationship that doesn't truly exist.

    You're Always Thinking About What 'Could Be

    Sometimes we get into a relationship because we like the idea of a person more than we like the actual person. It's hard to notice in the moment, as those two things can be similar in our minds, but the longer it goes, the more obvious it becomes.

    If you're constantly thinking about the type of person your partner could be, ways they could treat you differently or change so that you'd feel happier, more secure, more loved, whatever your desire is, then you're not really in love with them. You're just sticking around, hoping they make these magical changes that will never come.

    You're Always Thinking About How Things 'Were'

    Sometimes a relationship starts off amazingly, it's everything you could have dreamed of and more, but once that honeymoon phase ends and you settle into the realities of a long-term commitment, you might see a different side of this person you hadn't been expecting.

    This can lead to you lamenting about how things used to be, especially about the way your partner used to behave. Maybe they used to be more thoughtful, more attentive, more passionate. Whatever the case, you can only feel love for them when you're thinking about this past version of themselves, while having fallen out of love with their current state.

    You Over-Explain Relationship Issues

    When talking to friends or family about how your relationship is going, you immediately get your back up. "I know how this sounds, but-" is a common starter before you roll into a complaint or a worry you have. You know that your partner's behavior seems terrible, and the people you speak to agree. Why are you being so defensive?

    It's common that people will write off minor relationship troubles as they don't outweigh the positives and it often isn't something worth arguing about, but when you start to do this often with full knowledge that something is wrong, then it becomes worth examining.

    You Ward Off Unhappiness With Reason

    The sense of unhappiness and discontent you feel seems overwhelming. It's constant, and you can never fully alleviate yourself from it. All it does is gnaw away at your consciousness, and yet you still try to use reason to combat it.

    You're often talking yourself down from any real strong feelings of sadness or regret when thinking of your partner because... well, it can be a number of reasons. Breakups are scary, let alone divorces if you two are married, and thinking of a life without your long-term partner in it is tough. Those fears aren't worth s

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    Dear Recruiters & Companies, Hire Us!

    Dear Recruiters & Companies, Hire Us!

    The chirping crickets. The deafening silence. You’ve applied to countless jobs, yet you still haven’t heard back from the hiring manager. It’s no wonder people describe looking for a job as one of the hardest jobs a person can have.

    Falling into what’s known as the “application black hole” is a common experience, one that often frustrates even the most optimistic job applicants. If you’re applying to jobs and not hearing back

    It’s by far one of the most frustrating aspects of job searching. After carefully customizing your resume and cover letter to match the specific details of the job description, you send in your job application…and nothing. If you’re not hearing from employers, take heart in knowing that you’re not alone.

    It takes almost six months, on average for those who have a decade of experience, to find a new job. Meanwhile, headlines tout a record number of job openings, and many employers said they were doing everything in their power to entice potential employees.

    For some jobs available, people don’t have the right skills, or at least the skills employers say they’re looking for. Other jobs are undesirable. They offer bad pay or an unpredictable schedule, or just don’t feel worth it to unemployed workers. Many of whom are rethinking their priorities.

    Our guest Martin McGovern from https://careertherapy.com/ talks about these issues!


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    Burnout Is About Your Workplace, Not Your People

    Burnout Is About Your Workplace, Not Your People

    Job burnout is a genuine threat to workers everywhere and in every industry. A bad day at work leads to a bad week. You’re irritable. You dread walking into the office. You feel like nothing is going your way, or your work is going unappreciated. These feelings linger and begin manifesting into physical symptoms and unbearable stress. You're genuinely considering walking out and never looking back because you're burned out at work.

    According to a Monster survey of 1,000 full-time and part-time employees in the United States, 34% said their job negatively affects their mental health. Many employees have experienced anxiety (41%), depression (24%), and physical illness (12%) as a result of their job. Additionally, a Gallup surveyed approximately 7,500 full-time workers and found that 23% were experiencing work burnout very often or always, and 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes. In fact, burnout is such a widespread phenomenon, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified it as a syndrome (though not a medical condition).

    Left unaddressed, burnout can lead to meltdown. According to a Monster poll of 3,000 workers, half the respondents said they have cried at work. A boss and/or colleague (45%) and workload (16%) were the top two work-related causes.

    Job burnout can be fixed. Before it becomes a full-on blaze, take a deep dive into what causes burnout from work.


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    I want to start a revolution. Are you with me?

    I want to start a revolution. Are you with me?

    Economic markets are collapsing. People all over the world are suffering and people are afraid, and what happens when people are afraid? They become intolerant. They start pointing the finger at other people. They say, “You’re the reason. You’re the problem. You’re to blame. Get out!” The enemy is not out there. The еnemy is within.

    I did my tour of duty this yеar, and it feels like I’ve been to hell and back. I saw many things I did not like. I saw apathy. I saw intolerance. I saw desperation and poverty. I saw discrimination and bigotry, and a kind of sinister black cloud of hypocrisy moving in on me, like a curtain of despair. Yeah, that’s right. I saw a lack of desire like a plague, putting everyone into a kind of a trance. And I looked into the eyes of people and I saw helplessness. I saw hopelessness. I saw humans searching for a way out. Another new and exciting distractio. An excuse to do nothing. An external enemy to blame.

    But I also saw people desperate for a way in, looking for guidance, looking for inspiration, for hope. Looking for love. I keep telling everyone that I want to start a revolution, but no one is taking me seriously. If I had black skin and an afro, would you take me seriously? If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade, would you take me seriously? If I was wearing combat gear and I had an AK-47 strapped to my back, would you take me seriously?

    There’s too much beauty in the world going to waste. Too much talent going unnoticed. Too much creativity crushed beneath the wheel of corporate branding and what’s trending.

    But it’s time to wake up before it’s too late. History’s repeating itself. Don’t you see a pattern here? We live in a very scary time. Or should I say, we don’t really live at all?

    Democracy doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Freedom of expression sounds like a catchphrase. And if you want to be an artist in this day and age, you better have strong arms. You better be prepared to swim upstream in shark-infested waters. You better have thick skin. Because when those Fascist dictators posing as righteous men come for you with their big leather boots to shut you up, to put a gag in your mouth, to send you away to a penal colony, you better be prepared to fight for what you believe in. I used to think I had thick skin, but right now, it feels like I have no skin, like I have been skinned alive. You better be prepared to die for what you believe in.

    This will be the revolution of thinking for yourself, of having your own opinion and not giving a damn what people say. This will be a revolution of inquiring further, of not worrying about winning other people’s approval, of not wishing you were someone else, but perfectly content to be who you are, someone unique and rare and fearless.

    I want to start a revolution of love.

    And this revolution will overcome all fear and all suffering and all separation. And it will include all people. Black, white, Christian, Chinese, Muslim, Jew, gay, straight, bisexual, fat, thin, handicapped, rich, poor, artistic and autistic. F**k labels. I hate labels. We’re all in this ship together, sailing like a burning sphere across the sea. Burn, baby, burn.

    I feel that people are becoming more and more afraid of people who are different. People are becoming more and more intolerant!

    We want to fight for the right to be free! To be who we are! Yes! Yes!

    This is a very scary time, but we can make a difference! We can change this! We have the power! And we don’t have to do it with violence. We just have to do it with love. Jesus preached this. Muhammad preached this. Buddha preached this. Moses preached this. It’s in every holy book. Love thy neighbor as thyself, ok? So, you cannot use religion to treat other people badly. You cannot use God’s name to treat other people badly. We all deserve love.

    I feel naked and alone. I’m sure you can relate. Sometimes I want to beat myself up. Sometimes I say to myself, “Why didn

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    Should Your Company Be Able to Look at Your Social Media Before and During Your Employment?

    Should Your Company Be Able to Look at Your Social Media Before and During Your Employment?

    Should Your Company Be Able to Look at Your Social Media Before and During Your Employment?

    What’s one way for hiring managers to learn who you are outside the confines of the résumé, cover letter, and interview? Scanning your social media profiles.

    Social media is great for staying connected to family and friends, sharing jokes, opinions, and interests, and keeping up-to-date with current trends and events. It can also be where potential employers go to do additional screening before making their hiring decisions. In fact, according to a study by CareerBuilder, nearly 70% of employers screen their candidates using social media and what’s more surprising is that 57% of employers are less likely to even contact applicants who lack an online presence.

    Sure, finding a new candidate can be tough, and using all your tactics to determine if a candidate is a good fit before sending out an Employment Offer Letter is usually a good idea. But can reviewing someone’s social media put you in a difficult legal situation?

    The truth is if you use information under protected grounds (e.g. race, religion, color, gender, etc.) to make your hiring decision, yes. Moreover, even when you think looking at your applicant’s Facebook profile won’t influence your decision inappropriately and possibly illegally, it could.

    I reach out to the Kevin Neudecker he is the VP of Quality & Compliance Corporate Screener

    Kevin for those who are making considering using Social Media as a background check what are the benefits?

    How Do Biases Affect Your Hiring Decision?

    A bias is when prejudices cause you to favor (or disfavor) a certain type of person or group in an unfair way.

    For instance, humans are naturally drawn to people who are similar to themselves. This means something like finding out a candidate has similar religious beliefs as you could cause you to favor their application over others, even if you don’t think you are doing so.

    Another instance of bias could be if a person has unconscious, stereotypical views of a certain type of person or group.

    For instance, if someone thinks an individual of a certain gender or race is more skilled or less skilled at something than their counterpart (like if a person thinks women are better communicators than men), they could unknowingly allow their views to influence their decision and hire a particular applicant over another for the wrong reasons, even if the other applicant is equally as qualified for the position.

    The issue here is that most people aren’t aware of their biases and how they can affect their decision-making. Reviewing an applicant’s social media can bring to light inappropriate information that should never be used when choosing a new employee like gender, race, or religious beliefs.

    So we know there are risks with doing these types of background checks what would be some potential consequences?

    With the world being always accessible in the palm of our hands, it's often difficult to disconnect. It's hard to believe that in 2005 only 5% of adults in the US used at least one social media platform. Now, in 2022, almost three-out-of-four (72%) people are active on social media, so it's no wonder that the lines between our home and work lives are becoming blurred. We are suffering from Social Media Overload.

    But what happens when your co-workers (or even boss) decide they want to follow you online?

    Vancouver, BC-based job interview company The Interview guys studied data from 1,024 employees who had been followed by a friend or colleague across their social media accounts. It wanted to discover more about their self-censorship behavior online.

    Three in 10 employees accepted friend requests to keep the peace at work, as having a good relationship with your co-worker is crucial to job-related success. Is it worth accepting a friend request from someone you do not particularly like, or have a difficult relationship with at work?

    Social media contributed to the bur

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    The Great Resignation

    The Great Resignation

    We’re entering a new post-pandemic paradigm. The old-school management style of dictating terms to workers is ending. An ongoing war for talent pushed businesses, such as Target and Walmart, to offer free tuition for their workers. Many companies are providing sizable sign-on bonuses and higher wages to attract and retain people. 

    The “Great Resignation” is a sort of workers’ revolution and uprising against bad bosses and tone-deaf companies that refuse to pay well and take advantage of their staff. Millions of workers voted with their feet and walked out of their jobs—many without having another position already lined up. They no longer want to feel like victims. The quitters are making a powerful, positive and self-affirming statement saying that they won’t take the abusive behavior any longer.

    Dr. Laura Hamill, chief science advisor at Limeade, an immersive employee well-being company with a mission to create healthy employee experiences, said about this trend, “The mass exodus workplaces have experienced over the past several months is unprecedented—burnout levels reached an all-time high. There was a societal breakdown when it came to the ecosystem of work, home and well-being. People reached their limits."

    They know they must make changes or their best and brightest will leave to a competitor. Whether or not they truly believe it, leadership is now intently focused on expressing empathy to ensure that their staff are not succumbing to burnout or suffering from mental health issues. 

    The five main reasons why employees quit:

    1. Burnout: 40%
    2. Company going through organizational changes: 34%
    3. Lack of flexibility: 20%, Instances of discrimination: 20%, Contributions and ideas not being valued: 20% (three-way tie)
    4. Insufficient benefits: 19%
    5. Well-being not supported by the company: 16%

    What the job switcher sought out in a new job:

    1. Ability to work remotely according to personal preference: 40%
    2. Better compensation: 37%
    3. Better management: 31%
    4. Better company reputation: 29%
    5. Better work-life balance: 26%
    6. Flexible work schedule: 24%

    If issues are left unresolved, they fester and may turn good employees into toxic liabilities. Hamill contends that it's not necessarily the employee who is to blame. While there will always be a bad apple in the bunch, managers must take their share of accountability. “It's not a personal problem; it's an organizational problem,” she said. 

    More importantly, workers simply want to be recognized; in fact, according to bonusly.com, 63 percent of those in a recent survey who said they are regularly recognized also said they are very unlikely to look for a new job. Workers want organizations that understand that hybrid work requires management to communicate more, not less. They want their boards and HR departments to finally awaken to the fact that narcissism is a malignancy and that bullies have no business managing other human beings.
    They also want to work for companies they can be proud of, that are involved in their communities and that take a stand for things that they believe matter. They want to work for companies that cut bad costs discriminately, not for machete-wielding SG&A slashers who cut everything in sight. They want to work for companies that believe the best time to invest in training and education is when business slows down. And they want a say -- in decision making AND in their own scheduling. But don't simply take my word for it, ask them.
    The smartest business leaders today are taking the time to ask their associates regularly and formally what is and is not going well as they navigate this strange new world. They are doing so apart from normal engagement measurement efforts (which I recently wrote about here). Best-in-class leaders are not just asking for, but are taking action on, associate feedback. These employers are finding pain points for associates and getting them out of their way. Most associates are

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97 Ratings

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