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Welcome to Constructing Success, a podcast hosted by Derek Baer that combines the worlds of sales and lifestyle. Join in as he explores the strategies, insights, and practices that lead to success in both your professional and personal life. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional looking to take your career to new heights, an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to build a thriving business, or simply someone who wants to improve their sales skills and enhance their lifestyle, Constructing Success is the podcast for you.

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Welcome to Constructing Success, a podcast hosted by Derek Baer that combines the worlds of sales and lifestyle. Join in as he explores the strategies, insights, and practices that lead to success in both your professional and personal life. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional looking to take your career to new heights, an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to build a thriving business, or simply someone who wants to improve their sales skills and enhance their lifestyle, Constructing Success is the podcast for you.

    Coaching, Motivating and Selling like an Expert

    Coaching, Motivating and Selling like an Expert

    Welcome to another enriching episode of "Constructing Success," the podcast that layers the essentials of business acumen, lifestyle adventures, and personal evolution. Your host, Derek Baer, continues to unravel the tapestry of success by engaging with pioneers and visionaries across various fields.

    In this compelling session, Derek reunites with a cherished colleague and mentor, Dennis Connelly, a luminary in the realm of sales and leadership. Having been a pivotal figure in Derek's professional journey, Dennis's methodologies have profoundly influenced not only business interactions but also personal communications, advocating for a culture of curiosity and empathy to truly understand the desires and drivers of others.

    Dennis Connelly stands among the elite sales strategists globally, and in this episode, he delves into the art and science of leadership. He shares invaluable insights on the essence of effective coaching, the optimal frequency of developmental interactions, and the art of tailoring communication to resonate with each team member's unique persona and motivations.

    The dialogue navigates through the intricacies of fostering a high-performing team, emphasizing the criticality of recognizing and nurturing individual motivations. Dennis and Derek dissect the dynamics of sales leadership, the pivotal role of consistent coaching, and the strategies to enhance team capabilities and cohesion.

    Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of how to engage with their teams personally and professionally, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and productive. The episode further explores the nuances of motivational discovery, ensuring leaders can unlock the full potential of their team members.

    Join Derek and Dennis in this enlightening discussion on "Constructing Success," and equip yourself with the knowledge to sculpt a thriving professional landscape and a fulfilling life, one insightful conversation at a time.

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Through Their Eyes

    Through Their Eyes

    Welcome to "Constructing Success," where each episode weaves together the building blocks of a thriving business, adventurous lifestyle, and fulfilling personal growth. Host Derek Baer brings together thought leaders, innovators, and trailblazers to explore the multifaceted aspects of success.

    In this episode, Derek sits down with Sales Expert, acclaimed author, and Scaling Up coach, Mark Allen Roberts. They dive into a holistic discussion about balancing the pillars of life—work, family, health, and faith—while navigating the complex terrain of strategy development, coaching, and scaling businesses.

    Mark imparts wisdom on Sales Leadership and Management, emphasizing the transformative power of skills training for sales teams. They break down good vs. bad data, the value of CRM, and the importance diving deeper into perceived problems.

    The conversation shifts to the discipline required in sales environments, the critical questions that yield actionable insights, and understanding customers beyond surface-level interactions. Delve into the anatomy of cold calling and the artistry behind effective marketing sequences.

    They explore the nuances of email marketing—what percentage of cold emails are opened and how to make yours stand out.

    Finally, Mark offers valuable advice on approaching potential clients, communicating effectively, and the most persuasive ways to engage. This episode isn't just about making sales; it's a blueprint for constructing a successful business and life.

    Tune in to "Constructing Success" for insights that could redefine your strategies and propel you towards your goals, one episode at a time.

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Sales Hall Of Fame

    Sales Hall Of Fame

    In the highly anticipated tenth episode of Constructing Success, titled Sales Hall of Fame, host Derek Baer brings a powerhouse guest to the stage – none other than the renowned sales expert, Dave Kurlan. Known for his game-changing books “Mindless Selling” and “Baseline Selling,” Dave has transformed sales strategies and empowered professionals across various industries.

    Join us in this enlightening episode as Derek Baer delves deep into the world of sales success and the common challenges that hinder salespeople. Together, Derek and Dave explore the critical factors underpinning a salesperson’s success, including the importance of following the sales process, building influential relationships with decision-makers, and employing a consultative approach to sell value.

    The conversation also delves into the concept of sales DNA, where Dave sheds light on identifying weaknesses and the essential need for supportive strengths to drive strategic and tactical execution effectively.

    But that’s not all – Derek and Dave peel back the curtain on Dave’s fascinating journey to becoming a renowned sales expert.
    They discuss the pivotal moment that prompted Dave to take on a sales job to enhance his communication skills, ultimately catapulting him into the spotlight as a celebrated author, blogger, and speaker.

    Throughout this episode, Derek and Dave explore a wide range of topics, including the art of active listening, overcoming the discomfort of discussing money, conquering the fear of rejection, and the pivotal role of taking the lead in prospecting. They also dive into revolutionary changes in sales prospecting, the evolving dynamics of the discovery phase, and strategies for positioning oneself as the optimal choice for high-level executives.

    Get ready to construct your path to success as we delve into the riveting Episode 10 of “Constructing Success.” It’s time to dive in and learn from the best! Constructing Success: Guiding you toward success through the wisdom and strategies of exceptional individuals like Dave Kurlan.

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

    In the latest episode of Constructing Success titled “Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously”, host Derek Baer welcomes two-time Emmy Award recipient, Bill Wixey. Launching his media journey in 1998, Bill's dedication to journalism has made him a standout name in the industry. His diverse repertoire ranges from deep, heartfelt stories in Sri Lanka to exhilarating experiences with the Mariners and the unforgettable flights with the Blue Angels. In this episode, we dive deep into Bill’s drive, resilience, and the captivating stories that have sculpted his impressive career.

    Tune in for a front-row seat to Bill Wixey’s phenomenal journey, unveiling the intricacies of journalism, personal development, and pursuing passion.

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Building Beyond Barriers

    Building Beyond Barriers

    Welcome to the eighth episode of Constructing Success. Your host, Derek Baer, never fails to bring inspiring personalities to the table, and today is no exception. As we venture into the bustling world of sales, lifestyle, and personal evolution, our latest episode, titled Building Beyond Barriers, promises to be a beacon for those looking to push their boundaries.

    Meet Blake Lanz, a dynamic force in the construction and real estate scene. His journey isn't simply about bricks, mortar, and contracts—it's about crafting dreams, overcoming challenges, and relentlessly chasing goals.

    Through Derek's insightful conversation with Blake, listeners will get a front-row seat to the trials and tribulations that come with being a leader in a challenging industry. Blake doesn't just share his professional highs; he digs deep into the lessons learned from the hurdles he's faced along the way.

    In this episode, Derek also delves into Blake's unique work ethic. It's not just about navigating the tumultuous waters of real estate development. It's about the passion, drive, and resilience required to stay afloat and sail ahead, even when the tides are against you.

    From understanding the origins of Blake's undying hustle to discussing the myriad challenges posed by fluctuating markets, this episode promises a comprehensive peek into the world of construction and real estate.

    So, tune in to Constructing Success as Derek Baer unravels yet another story of dedication, perseverance, and achieving the incredible. Whether you're in the industry or just someone looking for a dose of motivation, this episode is bound to leave you inspired.

    • 1 hr 43 min
    Voice Beyond Fear

    Voice Beyond Fear

    Welcome to the seventh episode of Constructing Success, the podcast where host Derek Baer explores the intersections of sales, lifestyle, and personal growth. In this episode titled “Voice Beyond Fear,” Derek is joined by the Founder of Performance Mindset Coaching, Aaron Trahan. In this episode, Derek and Aaron take a deep dive into a range of compelling topics that will leave you inspired and motivated to take action on your own path to success.

    Derek and Aaron share personal anecdotes, practical advice, and thought-provoking perspectives on how to build valuable relationships, both personally and professionally.

    The episode also delves into the universal fear of public speaking. Derek and Aaron explore strategies to conquer this fear and unlock the potential of effective communication. With their combined expertise and experiences, they provide actionable insights to help you confidently express your ideas and connect with your audience.

    Through engaging discussions and candid conversations, Derek and Aaron aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to overcome your fears, build meaningful connections, and find your voice in any situation.

    So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting on your journey toward success, join Derek and Aaron in this insightful episode of Constructing Success. Grab your headphones, tune in, and get ready to construct your path to success with the wisdom shared in Voice Beyond Fear.

    Constructing Success: Guiding you toward success by helping you find your voice, build meaningful connections, and conquer your fears.

    • 1 hr 56 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

West Coast Worldwide ,

Can’t wait for more

Solid intro and I’m really looking forward to more content. I’ve already made lifestyle changes from the information in the first episode.

a hahajjajajaja ,

Constructing Success: Unveiling the Pathway to Achievement!

As an avid listener and a firm believer in the power of personal growth, I am absolutely thrilled to share my glowing review of my good friend's podcast, “Constructing Success”. This remarkable podcast delves deep into the world of achievement and self-development, serving as an inspiring guide to all those seeking to unlock their potential and embrace success.

From the very first episode, “Setting The Tone” captivated me with its engaging storytelling and insightful conversations. The host's passion for the subject matter shines through, making each episode an uplifting and motivating experience. They have a natural talent for connecting with their guests and extracting invaluable nuggets of wisdom from their experiences.

“Constructing Success" doesn't just focus on the end result of success; it carefully examines the process and the mindset behind it. The discussions go beyond surface-level tips and tricks; instead, they explore the mindset shifts, habits, and consistent actions that lead to tangible progress. This approach sets the podcast apart, providing listeners with practical and actionable advice to apply in their own lives.

I particularly admire the podcast's emphasis on resilience and perseverance. The stories shared illustrate how obstacles and setbacks are an inherent part of any journey towards success. Learning from the experiences of others, I have gained the courage to face challenges head-on and not be deterred by failures, viewing them instead as stepping stones toward growth.

Moreover, the production quality of the podcast is top-notch, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable listening experience. The smooth flow of conversations, crisp audio, and well-structured episodes make it easy to stay engaged and eagerly await each new release.

To my dear friend Derek, the host of “Constructing Success": You've truly struck gold with this podcast, and I can't wait to see how it continues to inspire and empower countless individuals on their paths to greatness. Keep up the fantastic work!

NWRoosterYard ,

Great Content!

Loved the introduction! Looking forward to more content.

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