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The first podcast for C++ developers, by C++ developers!

CppCast Phil Nash & Timur Doumler

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The first podcast for C++ developers, by C++ developers!

    Safety Critical C++

    Safety Critical C++

    Andreas Weis joins Timur and Phil. After some news about Boost, std::format and performance, Andreas talks to us about safety critical application domains, safety in C++ in general, and the difference between safety in security.

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Carbon, with Richard Smith

    Carbon, with Richard Smith

    Richard Smith joins Timur and Phil. After the usual news round-up, we chat with Richard about the new C++ successor language, Carbon. Richard is one of the three lead contributors to Carbon and he discusses the philosophy and some of the special features that make Carbon different.

    • 58 min
    Issaquah trip report and how the C++ sausage is made

    Issaquah trip report and how the C++ sausage is made

    Nina Ranns joins Timur and Phil. After community news, including conferences, a new C++ community in Africa and a new project manager and build system, we talk to Nina about the recent ISO committee meeting in Issaquah where the technical work on C++23 was finalised, as well as an inside look at how the committee works and Nina's current project: allocator-friendly library types that don't allocate.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    CppNorth and the Forgotten Developers

    CppNorth and the Forgotten Developers

    Mike Daum joins Phil and Timur. After some community news, including the state of modules support in CMake and a new compile-time parsing library inspired by Rust's macros, we talk to Mike about CppNorth - what it is, how it got started and what makes it different - then about company cultures, a new language from Epic, and the importance of catering to 'Dark Matter Developers'.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Val and Mutable Value Semantics

    Val and Mutable Value Semantics

    Dimi Racordon joins Timur and Phil. They first have a couple more conference speaker calls, a new C++20 test framework, and and some updates about Safety in C++ and the C++ successor languages announced last year. Then they talk to Dimi Racordon about the new language, Val, how it relates to C++, and why mutable value semantics are so powerful.

    • 48 min
    From Healthcare to Automotive

    From Healthcare to Automotive

    Honey Sukesan joins Phil and Timur. They first have a couple more conference announcements, an update on Cpp2 and a round-up of C++ in 2022. Then they talk to Honey Sukesan about her journey from working in Healthcare to working in the Automotive industry, and some of the surprising overlaps - as well as her personal journey during along the way.

    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
101 Ratings

101 Ratings

Gigatexal ,

I’m not even a C++ dev and I love the show

Jason and Rob’s relationship on the show is genuine. They’re industry vets and humble enough to admit when they don’t know much about a topic. The shows ads are never too long and the content is always amazing. Keep up the great work!!

TEKutz ,

Guest audio is too poor

I have been trying to listen to the show for a year and a half and I just can’t hear it. Every time they have a guest on the show the audio is just too poor. You can only hear the guest under perfect background conditions but I only listen to podcasts while driving, doing dishes, taking a shower, or working out.

I really think they need to consider upgrading their conferencing software or give their guests a checklist of how to maximize their audio. Since it happens every time I think it’s their conferencing software.

Avid Image ,

Great podcast

It's refreshing to find a tech podcast that has quality content, and quality hosts. I subscribe to a few technical podcasts, and they are no where near the quality of this one. Great job guys! I look forward to each new podcast!

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