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Interviews with the best investigators in the world. Cut through the spin and straight to the stories at the heart of major criminal cases with the people who solved the cases. Hosted by international journalist and academic Declan Hill, produced by Ryan Decker and Aiden van Batenburg, and executive produced by Bruce Barber. www.crimewavespodcast.com Follow us at @crimewavespod

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Interviews with the best investigators in the world. Cut through the spin and straight to the stories at the heart of major criminal cases with the people who solved the cases. Hosted by international journalist and academic Declan Hill, produced by Ryan Decker and Aiden van Batenburg, and executive produced by Bruce Barber. www.crimewavespodcast.com Follow us at @crimewavespod

    The Big Silence

    The Big Silence

    The inside story of the most preventable, human-made disaster in history: the Covid virus that has affected countries around the world and killed somewhere between 18 and 24 million people. 
    In our first episode - 'The Silent Chernobyl' - we showed how laboratory leaks occur frequently across the world but in China the safety standards are so low that it is common practice for some technicians to sell lab animals to local butchers for meat.   We examined the grotesque lack of professional standards in Chinese medical  labs - researching, against all common sense, dangerous viruses. 
    In the second episode - ‘The Big Lie’ - we showed how Communist Chinese officials suppressed any investigation that may show the incompetence of their research infrastructure.
    Throughout these episodes -  we told the stories of what happened in China using their words of the extraordinary whistleblowers like Chen Qiushi or  Zhang Zhan - who have been imprisoned, tortured and possibly killed for their work in exposing the appalling response by the Communist officials.
    In this third episode, we examine how the Communist Chinese regime has been aided in their cover up by some of the largest international organizations, media companies and scientists. 
    We call it ‘The Big Silence’...

    • 40 min
    The Slow-Motion Chernobyl: Part 2 - The Big Lie

    The Slow-Motion Chernobyl: Part 2 - The Big Lie

    These are the photos of Chinese whistleblowers and citizen journalists. 
    All of them, and thousands more, have gone to prison camps because they wanted to bring you the truth about the appalling conditions in Wuhan during the early days of Covid. 
    We examine the massive Communist Chinese campaign of disinformation - The Big Lie.  It stretches from the hospitals and laboratories of Wuhan, to Chinese prison-camps, to international film festivals, western social media companies and to the World Health Organization.  
    All to make sure there is little informed debate about why the Covid epidemic occurred and how we can stop from happening again. 

    • 45 min
    The Slow Motion Chernobyl

    The Slow Motion Chernobyl

    It was a slow motion Chernobyl. 
    Here is what, the balance of probabilities tells us about the origins of this Covid epidemic that haunts us all. 
    It was the worst industrial accident in the history of humanity.
    In general, Chinese laboratory technicians are so badly trained, so ill-paid and so mis-guided that some of them used to sell infected research animals to local butchers.
    The specific virologists in Wuhan lab played God. They created super-virulent viruses, more powerful than anything natural. 
    Their methods like “finding a gas leak with a match”.
    Their science so misguided nine years ago an academic warned of an 80% chance of a global epidemic.
    When the near-inevitable leak came, they covered it up.
    The Communist Chinese jailed anyone brave enough to warn the world.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) helped them.
    More than 12 million people have died and continue to die. 
    It could happen again.
    On crimewavespodcast.com - we examine, in a special five-part series, the ‘Crime of the Century’ - how it occurred and how it was covered-up. 

    • 44 min
    A Master Class with Henry C. Lee: The Phil Spector Case

    A Master Class with Henry C. Lee: The Phil Spector Case

    It was a killing that involved a Hollywood actress, one of the greatest musicians that America has ever produced, and a mystery that took almost 12 years two court trials and three legal appeals to resolve. 

    On February 2, 2003. Phil Spector, the man behind the Beatles album 'Let it Be’, John Lennon's 'Imagine', George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord', and countless other top music hits, left his Los Angeles mansion. He came back at midnight with a gorgeous blonde actress, Lana Clarkson. They got drunk. He played the piano, they sang. But at two o'clock in the morning, there was a single gunshot that echoed over the neighborhood. And then Phil Spector stepped out of the door and said, "I think I just shot her". 

    Or did he? 

    Because when the man known as America's modern-day Sherlock Holmes began to investigate, it was not so clear.

     On CrimeWaves podcast - a master class with Dr. Henry C. Lee.  

    Dr Lee was the first pioneer of the linkage between DNA analysis and detective work. He is an expert in crime scene analysis and a superb investigator.  He trains police forces around the world but, in this episode, he talks about this high-profile Hollywood crime case, the tragedy surrounding it and the attack on his professional reputation. 

    • 53 min
    A License to Kill

    A License to Kill

    Whitey Bulger was one of America’s most notorious mob bosses. He was a violent, sociopath but he accomplished the almost-unimaginable: he got FBI agents to let him kill whomever he wanted. 

    This week, the incredible, mind-blowing story of Bulger and his Winter Hill Gang and how they basically ran the organized crime squad of the FBI and key officers of the Boston Police Force for over a decade.

    Our guest is the award-winning author and professor of journalism at Boston University—Dick Lehr. A former member of the Spotlight team for the Boston Globe and Pulitzer Prize Finalist in investigative reporting.  Lehr spent over two-decades researching this story with his colleague Gerard O'Neil.   

    Their  books - 'Whitey: the Life of America’s Most Notorious Mob Boss' and 'Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil’s Deal' - were made into a major Hollywood movie staring Johnny Depp. And Lehr explains just how Whitey Bulger got -  a license to kill. 

    • 39 min
    Holy Mafia: Drugs, Corruption and the Vatican

    Holy Mafia: Drugs, Corruption and the Vatican

    They are most powerful organized crime group in Western Europe. 
    They have kidnapping thousands of businessmen, politicians, journalists and their families. They command a sophisticated drug trafficking network that is underpinned by corruption, racketeering and murder to make tens-of-billions of dollars every year. 
    They laundered their criminal money through the Vatican Bank with the help of a compromised Cardinal.
    They are the 'Ndrangheta. 
    This week, we are joined by Antonio Nicaso a world-leading expert on organized crime. He talks about his book that exposed this unseemly world. 

    • 41 min

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5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

circafilm ,


After working in the film industry for 25 years I have become a little skeptical of the intention-behind-the-intention of so many of us. Not with Delan. He's the real deal. His investigative skills and enthusiasm for his taking us into the story, all wrapped in his personal blend of knowledge, intensity and eccentricities, is what makes him a INVESTIGATE Producer with a capital “IP". Good stories and episodes is all about cracking through the social veneer, actually seeing what's there in front of you, knowing how to get around the barriers (and there's tons of them) to actually produce the deep seeded story, then to make tie it all together to actually have people get the”real deal”. It takes Intensity, Knowledge, Persistence and most of all a huge affinity for the subject and the people who he interviews hear his final ›pod-cast‹. His pod-casts need to be a TV series as an extra value. Delcan has all those qualities. Listen to him and you'll hear for yourself. He needs to be seen! Stay tuned. -Tom Garrett, Film Producer

😋😋😎😎😴😴😃😍😘 ,

Intriguing podcast that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through

Declan Hill is an extremely well spoken and knowledgeable host with experience in all fields of investigations and journalism. Worth the listen!

EstrellitaB ,

So addictive!

This podcast is so addictive! Start with any one episode and you will be hooked. Declan Hill artfully takes you on a journey with each episode, exposing you to the underbelly of many revered cultural establishments, or worlds we would otherwise never be privy to. It’s time very well-spent!

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