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Podcast by Sasha Astapenka & Pavel Paulau & Nick Frolov

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Podcast by Sasha Astapenka & Pavel Paulau & Nick Frolov

    Samuel Huber (Admix)- CTOcast #29

    Samuel Huber (Admix)- CTOcast #29

    - Samuel’s experience working for Formula 1 teams
    - Admix: non-intrusive advertising for VR/AR, Mobile and PC/Console
    - Advertising technology market in VR and AR
    - AR and VR ads bring back value of brand and gives new opportunities for “call to action” in contextual advertising.
    - “Shoppable” transactional ads via connecting different VR/AR environments
    - AR/VR technologies enable new data insights about users for marketers
    - How Admix works with development community
    - Augmented Reality advertisement in real world

    *Admix links*:

    • 43 min
    Patrick Baron (Ambisafe)- CTOcast #28

    Patrick Baron (Ambisafe)- CTOcast #28

    Blockchain 101
    App coins, protocol coins, equity coins
    Ambisafe (history, team, services, customers)
    Blockchain real life applications
    Future of Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies

    • 46 min
    Christian Rebernik (CTO, N26 Group)- CTOcast #26

    Christian Rebernik (CTO, N26 Group)- CTOcast #26

    - Path from Software Developer to CTO and then CEO
    - Ways to learn for startups founders
    - N26 – the mobile bank competitive advantages
    - Main challenges and trends for fintech startups
    - NLU and NLP technologies

    • 40 min
    Andrew Volkov (Workfusion) - CTOcast#25

    Andrew Volkov (Workfusion) - CTOcast#25

    Andrew studied in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. In 2001-2003 worked as Principal and Senior Software Engineer in such companies as Leapstone Systems and Telcordia Technologies
    Topics: history, competitors, advantages, delivery model, team Crowdsourcing as data source for AI New generation of business process automation ML/AI brings new opportunities for software engineers.

    • 47 min
    Fabian Dudek (Nestpick) - CTOcast #24

    Fabian Dudek (Nestpick) - CTOcast #24

    Bio Fabian studied in Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam School of Management. During studies he had internships at Volkswagen AG and Microsoft and launched his first startup Effortless-Housing, sort of airbnb for international students. In 2014 started Nestpick.com, but left the company in 2016.

    • 54 min
    Andrew Yaroshevsky (Chatfuel) - CTOcast #23 [RUSSIAN]

    Andrew Yaroshevsky (Chatfuel) - CTOcast #23 [RUSSIAN]

    Андрей закончил факультет компьютерных наук в Национальной металургической академии Украины. Карьеру начинал как программист, проработав более 3 лет в разных компаниях. С 2006 года трудился на менеджерских позициях в Krendls, Ciklum и Inlead Holding. В последней также занимал позицию главы центра разработки в Украине. С октября 2010 по январь 2016 — рукводитель сервиса поиска по изображениям в «Яндексе». В январе 2016 присоединился к команде Chatfuel, где занимает должность исполнительного директора и руководителя продукта. Вместе с Chatfuel прошел Y Combinator.
    Карьера до Chatfuel («Яндекс»).
    Chatfuel: продукт, компания, технологии и команда.
    Обзор рынка мессенджеров с точки зрения бизнеса и возможностей.
    Типы ботов.
    Дистрибуция ботов.
    AI/ML/NLP в ботах

    • 1 hr 15 min

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