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Podcast by Sasha Astapenka & Pavel Paulau & Nick Frolov

    Slava Akhmechet (Alias, ex-RethinkDB) - CTOcast #32

    Slava Akhmechet (Alias, ex-RethinkDB) - CTOcast #32

    Slava Akhmechet (Alias, ex-RethinkDB) is a founder of new social network Alias.

    (00:00) - Introduction
    (02:10) - RethinkDB story
    (06:30) - Stripe
    (07:44) - RethinkDB Team
    (10:40) - Shutting down companies
    (13:04) - Moder social networks
    (17:06) - Alias (pro-social social network)
    (22:13) - Alias (prestige instead of likes)
    (30:20) - Alias (people may make mistakes and change opinon)
    (33:19) - Alias (content ranking)
    (37:15) - Alias (from burnout to flow)
    (39:41) - Alias (how you build social network)
    (42:03) - Alias (Tech stack)
    (44:55) - Decentralized technologies
    (49:25) - Peer to peer technologies
    (55:23) - Future culture of Alias as a company
    (57:42) - 44 guiding principles of engineering management
    (58:46) - Approaching writing
    (01:01:08) - Reading in clusters of 5


    https://www.spakhm.com/ - Zero credibility
    Private Truths, Public Lies: The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification - [https://www.amazon.com/Private-Truths-Public-Lies-Falsification/dp/0674707583]
    Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World - [https://www.amazon.com/Reality-Broken-Games-Better-Change/dp/0143120611](https://www.amazon.com/Reality-Broken-Games-Better-Change/dp/0143120611
    The Psychology of Video Games (The Psychology of Everything) - https://www.amazon.com/Psychology-Video-Games-Everything/dp/0367493136
    The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses - https://www.amazon.com/Art-Game-Design-Book-Lenses/dp/0123694965
    CTOcast #17 with Slava Akhmechet (In Russian and from December 2015) https://soundcloud.com/ctocastcom/slava-akhmechet-rethinkdb-ctocast-17-russian

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    • 1 hr 6 min
    Gerard Kruisheer (CaptainAI)- CTOcast #31

    Gerard Kruisheer (CaptainAI)- CTOcast #31

    - How CaptainAI started
    - What are autonomous vessels
    - Which sensors are used at self-driving ships
    - How Captains use CaptainAI on their boats
    - How innovative is a maritime industry
    - Future of autonomous vessels


    • 35 min
    Daniel Gebler (CTO, Picnic)- CTOcast #30

    Daniel Gebler (CTO, Picnic)- CTOcast #30

    - How a strong academic background contributes to the CTO role
    - Picnic: the modern milkman transforming urban distribution with technology
    - Why did Picnic start in the Netherlands?
    - A journey from MVP to platform at scale
    - Route optimization to minimize food miles
    - Growing from a small team to agile a scale
    - Data as enabler, driver and for continuous optimization
    - Picnic coins to incentivize tech team collaboration
    - Open source as a part of engineering culture
    - Recruitment as an engineering discipline

    Picnic Tech Blog: https://blog.picnic.nl/
    Picnic Tech Stack: https://stackshare.io/companies/picnic-technologies
    Picnic Tech Team: https://join.picnic.app/
    Picnic Open Source: http://picnic.tech/

    • 49 min
    Samuel Huber (Admix)- CTOcast #29

    Samuel Huber (Admix)- CTOcast #29

    - Samuel’s experience working for Formula 1 teams
    - Admix: non-intrusive advertising for VR/AR, Mobile and PC/Console
    - Advertising technology market in VR and AR
    - AR and VR ads bring back value of brand and gives new opportunities for “call to action” in contextual advertising.
    - “Shoppable” transactional ads via connecting different VR/AR environments
    - AR/VR technologies enable new data insights about users for marketers
    - How Admix works with development community
    - Augmented Reality advertisement in real world

    *Admix links*:

    • 43 min
    Patrick Baron (Ambisafe)- CTOcast #28

    Patrick Baron (Ambisafe)- CTOcast #28

    Blockchain 101
    App coins, protocol coins, equity coins
    Ambisafe (history, team, services, customers)
    Blockchain real life applications
    Future of Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies

    • 46 min
    Christian Rebernik (CTO, N26 Group)- CTOcast #26

    Christian Rebernik (CTO, N26 Group)- CTOcast #26

    - Path from Software Developer to CTO and then CEO
    - Ways to learn for startups founders
    - N26 – the mobile bank competitive advantages
    - Main challenges and trends for fintech startups
    - NLU and NLP technologies

    • 40 min

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