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Unscripted and uncensored episodes discussing topics you were told not to talk about at the dinner table or family reunions. Challenging doctors, science, and leftist ideology. Christ is King.

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Unscripted and uncensored episodes discussing topics you were told not to talk about at the dinner table or family reunions. Challenging doctors, science, and leftist ideology. Christ is King.

    67: Childhood Vaccines // Informed Consent

    67: Childhood Vaccines // Informed Consent

    KP discusses the CDC approving the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended immunizations list for children and adults, Terrain vs Germ Theory, and ways you can support your body's overall health. 

    Full sources list: https://www.kprichards.net/sources

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    66: My Story (TW- suicide, anxiety/depression, mental health)

    66: My Story (TW- suicide, anxiety/depression, mental health)

    TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode I discuss my personal experience with suicide, depression, anxiety, divorce, and other topics within the mental health realm. If this is something that may be a trigger for you, please skip and feel free to listen to my past episodes. 
    I prayed on this for a while- whether or not I should do a deep dive into my story, who I am, and my struggles throughout life. God has blessed me with a wonderful social media community since 2018 and now that I have taken a step towards holistic healing with hopes to inspire / help others, I want to be completely transparent with everyone. I don't see a lot of people going in deep with their personal stories and struggles which is why I feel drawn to do so. There is so much that all of us are going through everyday and its super easy to mask it or fake it til ya make it on social media. I want to put an end to that. Life sucks sometimes. Times are rough and awful. Those times should be shown just as much as the good ones because that's what allows us to grow and heal. 
    I would be fooling myself and all of you if I only continued to post the good things I experienced or the tip of the ice burg problems. 
    As you can probably tell by my voice, emotions, etc this was extremely difficult for me to record. I recorded it once and I listened to parts of it back. This episode is a raw, unfiltered, and unedited story aka deep dive into all of the darkest parts of my life and my hardest struggles. I prayed on it for a few days on whether or not I should even upload it. I'm typing this out about to click the publish button with hopes to show you that challenges, struggles, mental health, physical health, etc are very real and you are not alone. Healing is possible through God. Here is my journey...

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    With a fresh start, I've decided to revamp Cut the Rope Podcast... I've debated and prayed on this decision for a while but in this episode I explain why I decided to do this, what this means for the future of CTR, and my vision going forward. I'm so excited for this new journey and for those of you who have followed along with me whether that be 4 years or 4 days. I am so blessed for our little community and look forward to all the new things. God bless.

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    • 12 min
    65: Mass Shootings and Women's Rights

    65: Mass Shootings and Women's Rights

    In this episode I discuss the antidepressants, the medical system,  mass shootings, and mental health. I answer two questions from listeners regarding women's suffrage and what we should do now once we understand the consequences of the 19th Amendment and the Hart Cellar Act.  

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    64: Recent Pfizer Document Drop

    64: Recent Pfizer Document Drop

    In this episode I discuss the recent Pfizer drop of 80,000+ documents that reveal what we've been saying this entire time and something a little shocking. Baby formula shortage, breastfeeding, and the huge lesson that we all need to learn from this. 

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    63: Women Need Community

    63: Women Need Community

    There was a time where women gathered together during pregnancy, menstrual cycles, menopause, and any other experiences they were going through at a particular time. Today we are so connected yet disconnected at the same time. We do not belong to a community  anymore which furthers our relationship from God and our true selves as women. 

    • 25 min

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3.4 out of 5
96 Ratings

96 Ratings

activelistener28 ,

I wanted to like this

I share some of the same views, and really was excited to listen to this podcast. But unfortunately it seems more like someone reading off the paper with a lot of empty space and awkward silences in between. Also, there are some common terms that she is mispronouncing or explaining improperly which makes me cringe and then subsequently doubt the overall credibility of her information. For example mispronouncing Freud and related terms. I don’t mean to be critical, I’m just disappointed that this wasn’t more sharp. May help to spend some time really getting to know your info before recording, citing actual facts and sources vs. saying “I’ll try to find them later.” I wish her all the best and there is always room for improvement!

emmaclairese ,


practice what you preach and go back to traditional values! For example, you should not have a podcast where you speak! Women should be in the kitchen and making babies not having their own ideas!!!

austink442 ,


Love this show, glad she released more episodes again been waiting for months!

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