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Pragmatic Institute‘s data podcast, where we cover emerging and relevant topics in data science, data analytics, data engineering and pretty much all things data.

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Pragmatic Institute‘s data podcast, where we cover emerging and relevant topics in data science, data analytics, data engineering and pretty much all things data.

    Data Visualizations Could Be the Difference Between Your Data Insights Getting Heard or Ignored

    Data Visualizations Could Be the Difference Between Your Data Insights Getting Heard or Ignored

    “What really helps is if you just have one main goal for the [data] project. Know who your audience is and what your success criteria is. That's really going to put you head and shoulders ahead of everybody else, and it's going to make the project so painless. And then I can just dive into the insights and be showing you a lot of cool ideas.”
    -Alli Torban
    In the world of data analysis, the ability to effectively communicate your insights to stakeholders can be the difference between your ideas being heard or being ignored. Fortunately, there's a powerful tool that can help: data visualizations.In this episode of Data Chats, host Chris Richardson delves into this topic with data viz designer and podcast host Alli Torban.
    As the founder of her own data design studio in Washington, D.C., Alli is a recognized expert in the field of data visualizations. She has shared her insights on stages big and small, and has been recognized with the Impactful Community Leader award from the Data Visualization Society.In this episode, Alli and Chris discuss a range of topics including:
    tools that can help you create effective visualizations
    how to measure success in this field
    what it's like to work with clients as a data visualization consultant
    how data practitioners can bring more creativity into their lives and work.
    If you're looking to take your data analysis to the next level, be sure to listen in to this informative and engaging episode. With Alli's expert insights, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the power of data visualizations, and how they can help you to communicate your insights with greater impact.
    Continue Learning | Business-Driven Data AnalysisMove beyond the spreadsheet, deliver actionable findings, and ensure alignment with stakeholders

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    Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Business

    Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Business

    "There's a gap between the technical side and the business side. You need to bridge that gap with a common understanding of what's predicted, how well, and what's done about it." 
    – Eric Siegel
    In this insightful Data Chats episode, we explore the critical intersection of business and machine learning with Eric Siegel, a renowned expert in the field. Eric’s insights offer a roadmap for organizations seeking to leverage the power of AI to drive their business forward.
    Eric Siegel is the founder of Machine Learning Week, former Columbia professor, and bestselling author of his new release, “The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment.” He has a talent for bridging the gap between complex data science concepts and the practical application of machine learning in the business world. 
    Check out Eric’s new release, “The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment” here. 
    With his remarkable insights, Eric Siegel sits down with host, Chris Richardson, as he guides us through the exciting yet challenging landscape of AI's role in business. They discuss: 
    Aligning with Business Objectives: Success comes from defining clear goals and understanding how AI can contribute to achieving them.
    Measuring Deployment Success: Companies must define meaningful metrics that reflect the project's impact on the business.
    Human Involvement: While AI and ML hold great potential, there’s still a need for human involvement to validate AI-generated results and maintain quality control.
    New Roles and Responsibilities: As AI's role in business continues to evolve, new job titles and roles, such as machine learning business liaisons, are emerging. 
    Want to learn more from Eric? Tune in to his previous interview with us here. 
    Drive Business Growth Through Data Science
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    Mastering the Art of Data Visualization with Nadieh Bremer

    Mastering the Art of Data Visualization with Nadieh Bremer

    “Data visualization is about adding a visual channel to make the data more memorable and comprehensible. We remember things in images and stories; we are not number creatures." 
    – Nadieh Bremer
    In this episode of Data Chats, host Chris Richardson and data visualization expert Nadieh Bremer explore the world of data visualization and unravel its intricacies, offering practical tips and insights into the fusion of art and data science. 
    Nadieh Bremer is a data visualization designer and artist, working to captivate and engage an audience with the insights that the data reveals, to convince them of the lessons hidden within the numbers, and to take readers along on a journey told through the lens of data.
    During this episode with Chris and Nadieh, you will: 
    Learn the art of maintaining brand consistency while crafting data visuals 
    Understand the importance of providing detailed explanations for data variables
    Delve into the challenge of quantifying return on investment (ROI) for data visualization
    Explore the evolving role of AI in data visualization and its potential impact
    Gain insights into tailoring data visuals for different audiences 
    Discover the shift from interactivity to purposeful interaction in data visualization
    Learn more about Nadieh here.
    Uncover Hidden Opportunities in Data with our eBook
    Data plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to build models and harness the power of data to uncover actionable insights that drive business success. However, it’s important for data professionals to analyze the data at hand with the goal of providing actionable insights and concrete next steps for stakeholders.
    If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn more, download our eBook, Analyze: Unlock Actionable Insights for Business Growth. In this eBook, you’ll discover how to simplify your findings into a business strategy that can be easily interpreted and put into action. 
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    Turning Chaos Into Clarity: The Underrated Value of Data Cleaning

    Turning Chaos Into Clarity: The Underrated Value of Data Cleaning

    “I'm the garbage lady of the data world. It's a job no one wants to do, but if it isn't done, society would fall apart if we didn't have our rubbish cleared,” - Susan Walsh
    In this episode, host Chris Richardson, sits down with the data cleaning expert, Susan Walsh, to explore the overlooked realm of data cleaning.
    Susan shares her rich experiences and the fulfilling aspects of creating order from data chaos, emphasizing its pivotal role in delivering accurate analysis.
    They Discuss:
    How clean data drives profitability, improves efficiency, and enables smarter business decisions
    Why budgeting for data cleaning is crucial and how to factor it into project timelines
    An interesting take on how redefining traditional roles within a team could unearth hidden data-cleaning talents
    How can dirty data adversely affect AI and machine learning outcomes, and why human intervention in data cleaning remains indispensable?
    What’s Your Organization’s Data Maturity?Our Data Maturity Scale and Assessment is a powerful tool for organizations that want to measure—and grow—their level of data maturity.
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    Navigating Ethical AutoML, Agile Data Science, and AI Job Frontiers with Favio Vazquez

    Navigating Ethical AutoML, Agile Data Science, and AI Job Frontiers with Favio Vazquez

    “When you stop seeing numbers, and you start seeing people in your data sheets, everything changes.” - Favio Vazquez
    In this episode, our host, Chris Richardson, interviews Favio Vazquez, Senior Data Scientist at H20.ai.
    This conversation dives deep into all things autoML and AI, from what companies are doing now to what data professionals can do to prepare for the future. Favio provides his strategies for screening for bias and competing in a job market where AI is changing how we work.
    They discuss:
    What to expect in the transition from data science in academia to data science in business
    What it means to practice data science in an Agile environment
    Why AI and autoML won’t replace data professionals any time soon
    How to approach ethics in machine learning
    New roles for data professionals
    Business-Driven Data AnalysisAs discussed in this podcast, transitioning to a business environment requires a different lens to interpret and analyze data.
    A business-driven approach to data analysis enhances decision-making and aligns data projects with organizational objectives.
    Our course, Business-Driven Data Analysis, will train you to learn what a stakeholder truly wants, refine the project based on available data, produce results and provide strategic insights.
    Learn More

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    Data, Design, and Accessibility with Amy Cesal

    Data, Design, and Accessibility with Amy Cesal

    “I think including alt text that goes beyond just what the thing is, but why you're including it and what is interesting about it to really help people understand” - Amy Cesal
    In this episode of Data Chats, hosted by Chris Richardson, we dive deep into the realm of data and design with Amy Cesal, a co-founder and board member of the Data Visualization Society and a product evangelist at EverViz.
    Amy, a three-time Information is Beautiful award winner, has significantly contributed to the field of data visualization, pioneering the use of innovative style guides and continuously creating unusual and impactful data visualizations.
    In this episode, Chris and Amy discuss:
    Why dual encoding helps with accessibility
    Alt text strategies
    How to gain buy-in for style guides
    Balancing simplicity with unique and memorable ways to present information
    Places to find data visualization inspiration
    Ready to Learn More About Data Visualization?Effective data visualization comes down to knowing your audience. Business-Driven Data Analysis enables data practitioners to refine their projects based on available data, produce results, and effectively communicate strategic insights to diverse stakeholders.
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