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Data and sustainability , oh and business!

    51: Trackable and Sustainable Urban Mobility| Fabien Sauthier, MotionTag

    51: Trackable and Sustainable Urban Mobility| Fabien Sauthier, MotionTag

    Transportation accounts for almost a quarter of the green house emission in Europe. When we are envisioning a sustainable city of the future, we cannot ignore the importance of urban mobility. While searching for ways of optimising our transportation system, we first need to be able to track and measure how people move within the city on the daily basis. MotionTag is a company that measures in real time in detail how individuals travel around cities. Listen in our conversation with Fabien Sauthier, the COO at Motiontag, to learn more!


    🚎 Mobility Impact

    📍Fabien Sauthier


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    50: Our Data Journey | Meet the Hosts Pavlo & Tammy

    50: Our Data Journey | Meet the Hosts Pavlo & Tammy

    This is a special edition to celebrate our 50th podcast episode. Along the journey of creating the podcast, Tammy and Pavlo have gained much knowledge in the data and sustainability field. Meanwhile, they are also growing their careers as data professionals and data leaders.

    This is an episode for us to introduce who we are, our inspirations and motivations for the podcast, and our intention to create a community. Moreover, we introduce our data journey- how we got into data and how we are navigating and growing our careers.  We hope to shed some light for people working in the data field or anyone who wants to start a data career.

    With the hope of growing the community, we also encourage you to engage and chat with us. Leave a feedback with our Typeform on the web, or drop us a message from Linkedin or email. We are looking forward to what you have to say!

    PS: Special thanks to our interviewer for the episode Alexis Bocuze, who is also an inspiring data professional who came up with this fun interview content. He is currently working as the Head of Data at Le Petit Ballon.For the first time, the podcast hosts Tammy and Pavlo are not interviewing but being interviewed!

    Resources & Links:

    Python from Zero to Hero udemy
    Locally Optimistic
    Le Petit Ballon

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    49: Solar Panels Cleaned by Robots | Felipe Urrutia, Inti-tech

    49: Solar Panels Cleaned by Robots | Felipe Urrutia, Inti-tech

    We often hear about new installations of solar panels that make renewable energy transition real. But how often do we hear about the importance of keeping solar modules clean? Dirt and soiling can lower the performance of solar panels by as much as 50%! 

    Inti-tech is a startup that was created to address exactly this issue in the country with one of the favorable locations for solar energy, Chile. With help of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots, they offer on-demand cleaning services for both residential and industrial solar installations. And they clean them with no water consumption!

    Dive in with us into this interview with Inti-tech's CCO, Felipe Urritia!


    ☀️ Inti-tech's LinkedIn

    🔋 Inti-tech's website

    🇨🇱 Chile's energy country profile

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    48: Sustainable Building on Demand | Andrés Perales, Designable

    48: Sustainable Building on Demand | Andrés Perales, Designable

    Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of the buildings we work and live in? As buildings are responsible for more than 40 % of global energy used, and as much as one-third of global GHG emissions, the potential impact of building energy use optimization is huge.

    Designable, a company that offers sustainable building on demand, is disrupting the traditional real estate industry to drive for change. The CEO Andrés introduces us how sustainability can be weaved into the real estate industry, anywhere from construction material selection, to building design, and to energy usage. 



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    47: Blockchain for SDGs | Carlos Gómez, Belobaba

    47: Blockchain for SDGs | Carlos Gómez, Belobaba

    Cryptocurrencies are still gaining popularity. The total cap of the crypto asset market has reached $2.3 trillion, making it larger than the market capitalization of any company and possibly any asset except for gold. El Salvador has even made Bitcoin an official legal currency in the country. Meanwhile, what role is crypto playing in terms of sustainable development? And what are the uncovered use cases of blockchain that could move us in the direction of an environmentally clean and socially just future?

    In our last episode on cryptocurrency and blockchain, we discussed EthicHub project in particular, whose founder discovered an awesome opportunity to make the world a better place through this technology. This time, we speak about blockchain more generally and develop a more holistic and global conversation around crypto with Carlos Gomez, the Chief Investment Officer at Belobaba crypto asset fund. Join us to unravel the power of blockchain for sustainability and find out how crypto can be useful for you personally even if you’re relatively new to the topic.


    📢 El Salvador makes bitcoin a legal tender
    🎓 Anthony Pompliano (learn about crypto)
    🎓 Coin Bureau (learn about crypto)

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    46: Shaping the Next Generation of Women Tech Leaders | AllWomen

    46: Shaping the Next Generation of Women Tech Leaders | AllWomen

    According to Statista, in 2020, about 25% of GAFAM’s employees are female, and only 20% of the leadership positions are female. Facing such a gender gap in tech and leadership, we are shifting our lens to the Allwomen Campus, where the reshaping of the next generation of female tech leaders is taking place. Laura Fernández, CEO and co-found and Idoia Martí , the Data Science Lead of AllWomen are joining us today to introduce what they are pioneering with AllWomen, how the campus dynamic is like, and the paths women can take to start and excel the data career.

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