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Data and sustainability , oh and business!

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Data and sustainability , oh and business!

    31: Blockchain Enabled Residential Solar Energy | Victor Gardrinier, Solarmente

    31: Blockchain Enabled Residential Solar Energy | Victor Gardrinier, Solarmente

    Harvesting solar energy to power household consumptions presents to be a sounding solution- even better when the energy comes from the panel on your roof or from your local energy micro-grid. Looking at Spain, it is hard to reason the small proportion of solar energy generation to the amount of sun exposure the country enjoys. Why has the potential of clean solar energy not been unlocked? How government regulations, policies, and technological maturity are impacting the process? More intriguingly, by introducing blockchain to the green energy market, can we create a fairer and cleaner energy footprint?

    Enjoy the conversation with Victor Gardrinier, founder of Solarmente to seek the answer. If you are interested in further engaging the conversation, join the solar energy & blockchain committee on slack and check out Victor's blog.

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    30: AI-Powered & Sustainable Cities | Apu Kumar, CITYDATA

    30: AI-Powered & Sustainable Cities | Apu Kumar, CITYDATA

    Have you ever wondered how a smart city actually looks like? Most of us probably imagine a vast metropolitan area covered with futuristic IoT devices, drones delivering commercial products to customers by air, and skyscrapers bedecked with vertical gardens. Meanwhile, what about small cities and towns that hardly can afford a data scientist to get even the simplest insights into the city’s life? How could they make decisions about the city infrastructure and budget? Keep in mind that those cities comprise the majority!

    That's where CITYDATA comes in. Its proprietary AI transforms real-world geospatial data into "People Intelligence" (trademarked) for smarter cities and enterprise businesses. As a GovTech 100 company, CITYDATA builds and maintains daily-refreshed anonymized knowledge graphs about people-presence, activity, and movement for 1566 cities on a global scale. The company also sees many opportunities for a sustainability-centered future, working hand in hand with the agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    You can find CITYDATA and its services through the following links:

    CITYDATA.ai - the company website

    CITYDASH.ai - the company’s People Intelligence platform

    CITYCHAT.ai - mobile chatbot for citizens and cities

    We're offering data science and machine learning services: http://dataforfuture.org/services

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    29: Envisioning the Automated | Marc Verbenkov

    29: Envisioning the Automated | Marc Verbenkov

    The impact of technology advancement on unemployment is always a hotly debated topic. What is technology consultant and futurist Marc’s perspective on it? This episode is a macro vision of data and technology and its potential impact into the future. Other than automation’s impact on the job market, Marc also touches upon concerns and policies related to automation, such as cyber security and universal basic income. As COVID also pushed us rapidly to switch to a more digital workflow, are we enlarging the gap between the rich and poor? What should we learn to catch up with the drastic change of skill demand? How can we attribute value and what is valued? Listen to the conversation to find out more.

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    28: Making Coding (Really) For Everyone | Vincent van Grondelle, MigraCode

    28: Making Coding (Really) For Everyone | Vincent van Grondelle, MigraCode

    Have you ever thought of changing your career and entering the tech world? Or maybe are you already doing it and find it difficult? Whatever stage you are at, this episode is here to motivate you. Vincent van Grondelle tells us about MigraCode today, an open-access coding academy that teaches migrants from all over the world to become full-stack developers and find employment in Europe. If MigraCode’s students make it, you are able to make it, too.

    Support MigraCode by volunteering in different (also non-technical) roles or just sharing stories of their students to create more awareness about people with a migration background: https://migracode.openculturalcenter.org

    You can also text Vincent via email: barcelona@migracode.org

    We offer Data Science services: https://dataforfuture.org/services

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    27: Ethics by Design- Data Powered Mental Health | Ollie Smith from Alpha Health

    27: Ethics by Design- Data Powered Mental Health | Ollie Smith from Alpha Health

    While holding your doubts about businesses abusing user data and finding cleavage in privacy regulations, there are companies that set the standard high and put ethics first. Alpha Health, a tech driven startup that designs and builds effective prediction, prevention and treatment solutions for mental health, intertwines user privacy protection and bias prevention into the company gene. Join our conversation with Ollie Smith, the head of ethics and strategy director of Alpha Health, and learn about what is Ethic by Design.

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    26: Data Workers of the World, Unite! | Reinier Tromp, The Data Union

    26: Data Workers of the World, Unite! | Reinier Tromp, The Data Union

    What, do you think, is the secret of Google, Amazon, Netflix, and other Big Tech companies to become the most powerful and rich firms in today’s arena? Arguably, this is thanks to the invisible gold of the 21st century in their possession we call data. Today’s internet still remains a mostly unregulated space where profound manipulation and surveillance takes place. If we work for free on creating that data that is the essence of all the state-of-the-art algorithms today, then why don’t we have a say in how we want this technology to be used? And if it is worth so many $$$, shouldn’t we get paid for it?

    The following is the conversation with the creator of the first data union in the world, Reinier Tromp. Just like labor unions used collective power to pressure capitalist firms and governments to create better conditions for the workers, a data union aims at creating better conditions for data producers, aka internet users just like you and me.

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