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The DC Comics multiverse on film and television is expanding, and we're here for it! News, reviews, and honest opinions about projects upcoming and past on a (usually) weekly basis! Though some are preferred over others, we do believe that every iteration of a property is valid and worthy of consideration!

DC on SCREEN David C. Roberson and Jason Goss

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The DC Comics multiverse on film and television is expanding, and we're here for it! News, reviews, and honest opinions about projects upcoming and past on a (usually) weekly basis! Though some are preferred over others, we do believe that every iteration of a property is valid and worthy of consideration!

    So. How's 'Wonder Woman 1984' Doing?

    So. How's 'Wonder Woman 1984' Doing?

    'Wonder Woman 1984' and Ray Fisher updates, the 'Superman & Lois' teaser, plus whatever happened to that 'Green Arrow and the Canaries' show? All that and more in our first episode of 2021!
    'Wonder Woman' Director Patty Jenkins Is Still Mad About Studio's Forced Ending |
    'Wonder Woman 1984': Nearly Half of HBO Max Subscribers Watched on Opening Day |
    Research Firm Claims 'Wonder Woman 1984' Has Been Watched More Than 'Hamilton' and 'Soul' |
    Warner Bros. Wanted to Cut One of 'Wonder Woman 1984'’s Two Opening Scenes |
    Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins Responds to Criticism of Controversial Steve Trevor Plot |
    Warner Bros. Submits 'Wonder Woman 1984' for Consideration in All Categories at Oscars, Including Best Picture |
    'Wonder Woman 3' in the Works with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins Returning |
    Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah to Return in 'Wonder Woman 3'? |
    Patty Jenkins Addresses Working on 'Wonder Woman 3' and 'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron' at the Same Time |
    'The Batman' Filming Rumored To Be Grueling Process For Robert Pattinson |
    Managing Movie Superheroes Is About to Get a Lot More Complicated |
    'Justice League 2': Zack Snyder Says He Has No Plans To Continue After Snydercut |
    Warner Bros Extends Walter Hamada As President Of DC Films |
    Cyborg Cameo Written Out of ‘The Flash'; Role Played by Ray Fisher Won’t Be Recast |
    Geoff Johns Still Working With WarnerMedia, Despite Ray Fisher’s Claim Writer Is Leaving Studio |
    Warner Bros. Promises to Pay Filmmakers Upfront for HBO Max Releases |
    'Man of Steel' IMAX Remaster Not Off The Table According To Zack Snyder |
    'Superman' Director Recalls Getting Death Threats When Film First Came Out |
    'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Production Underway |
    'Green Lantern' HBO Max Series Reveals New Details About Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz |
    'Batwoman': Black Mask Confirmed to Be One of Season 2's Big Bads |
    'Superman & Lois' Teaser |
    The CW Not Ordering 'Green Arrow and the Canaries' to Series |
    'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 6 Adds Aliyah O'Brien in Mysterious Role |
    DC's 'Justice Society: World War II' Cast Revealed |
    Listener Questions/Feedback |

    • 2 hr 22 min
    'Wonder Woman 1984' Review

    'Wonder Woman 1984' Review

    Jason and Dave review 'Wonder Woman 1984'!

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Nolan on the River | News 12/21/20

    Nolan on the River | News 12/21/20

    More Warner Media HBOmax fallout, Batman’s r-rated f-bomb controversy, What time you can FINALLY watch Wonder Woman 1984 on HBOmax, Tyler Hoechlin’s new Superman suit, and tons more—including us answering YOUR questions! Like who should Bob Odenkirk play in the DCEU? If we were Darkseid, which world we invade first? Should Space Ghost, Blue Falcon and other Hanna Barbara superheroes be integrated into the DC Universe? And a brand new voicemail for our beloved Widder Woman! Right after these messages from sponsors we have not approved of!

    WarnerMedia Concludes Investigation into Joss Whedon's Justice League Shoot |
    Gadot on Her Whedon Experience |
    Warner Bros. HBO Max Fallout |
    Christopher Nolan Blasts Warner Bros. Over HBO Max Deal |
    AT&T Chief John Stankey Defends HBO Max Movie Release Strategy: ‘We Knew We Needed to Try Something Different’ |
    WB Movie Stars Will Get Additional Pay For Streaming Release |
    Christopher Nolan Doubles Down on Warner Bros.: ‘A Sign of Great Danger’ for Unions, Artisans |
    AMC warns it’ll run out of cash in January, calls out Warner Bros.’ shift to HBO Max |
    Wonder Woman 1984’s Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins "Supports" HBO Max Move: No "Better Options" |
    Patty Jenkins on Doing Wonder Woman 3 |
    ‘Batman v Superman’ Remaster Coming, Says Zack Snyder |
    Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins Doesn't Like Joss Whedon's Justice League |
    Joe Manganiello Opens Up About Returning to Deathstroke |
    Batman’s F-Bomb and the R-Rated Justice League |
    Will Justice League Have a Post Credit Scene? |
    Zack Snyder's Justice League Premieres on HBO Max in March 2021 |
    Zack Snyder's Justice League: Director Teases Upcoming Second Trailer |
    Snyderverse: Finishing It Up With Comics |
    Snyder on Embracing the Multiverse |
    Zack on the Ayer Cut |
    Joe Manganiello Says Ben Affleck's Batman Solo Movie Was Going to Be "Really Dark" |
    Manganiello Reveals Plans for Unmade Deathstroke Movie |
    Wonder Woman 1984 Release Time on HBO Max Revealed |
    ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Has A Post-Credits Scene |
    Patty Jenkins Teases ‘Wonder Woman 3’ Story and Long Wait for Next Movie |
    Wonder Woman 1984 Opens Lower Than Expected |
    Release the Jenkins Cut? |
    Black Adam: Quintessa Swindell Cast as Cyclone |
    Margot Robbie Reveals Disappointing Update on Birds of Prey 2 Plans |
    New ‘Peacemaker’ Character Details Reportedly Revealed |
    ‘Batwoman’ Season 2 Trailer Released | https://youtu.be/4EklKyqFPNo
    New Superman Suit Pic Released From ‘Superman & Lois’ |
    Superman & Lois Casts Adam Rayner As Morgan Edge |
    Lucifer Season 6 Remains in Production Despite 13 Positive COVID-19 Tests |
    Who Should Bob Odenkirk Play in the DC Universe?
    You are Darkseid. Which world do you invade first?
    Should Jason Momoa Have Adopted a Thick Jud-From-Pet-Cemetery Maine Accent? |
    The Hypocrisy of certain DCEU Twitter People |
    Should Hanna Barbara Superheroes be Integrated Into the DC Universe? |
    What Have We Inferred From the Wonder Woman 1984 Reviews? |
    What Should the IMAX version of Batman v Superman be called? |
    A Voicemail From the Widder Woman: The Snyder Cut -- Four Pieces |

    • 2 hr 21 min
    State of the Slate: Warner Bros' Same-Day HBO Max Release Plan

    State of the Slate: Warner Bros' Same-Day HBO Max Release Plan

    Joss Whedon Exits HBO's 'The Nevers' |
    Warner Bros Releasing All 2021 Movies on HBO MAX |
    HBO Max and Warner Bros. Movie Release Plan Overcame Major Doubts From Executives |
    Trading Box Office for Streaming, but Stars Still Want Their Money |
    Wonder Woman 1984 Will Only Be On HBO Max For A Month |
    HBO Max Free Trial Ending Before Wonder Woman 1984 Premiere |
    Wonder Woman 1984 to Be First Film Released on HBO MAX In 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos |
    Wonder Woman 1984 Has Glowing Reviews |
    Wonder Woman 1984 CCXP Trailer |
    Heroes & Villains Deathstroke Image |
    Warner Bros. CEO Reveals Zack Snyder's Justice League to Be Released in A Few Months |
    Zack Snyders Says, "Let It Begin" |
    Expansion of the Snyderverse in Comics? |
    Clooney Says No One’s Called Him for 'The Flash' |
    The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Says the Movie Is Almost Finished |
    James Gunn Debunks Green Arrow in Peacemaker Rumor |
    Remember The Empanadas! |
    Cat Vasko to Pen Female-Starring Plastic Man Movie |
    Starfire Pics |
    DC's Stargirl Casts Alkoya Brunson as Jakeem Thunder For Season 2 |
    Stargirl Season 1 Is Finally Coming to HBO Max |
    HBO Max Planning More DC Comics Series for International Markets |
    Black Lightning Ending After Season 4 |
    Black Lightning Star China Anne McClain Posts Emotional Video About Show Ending |
    The Flash Production Paused After Positive COVID-19 Test |
    David Ramsey Returning To Arrowverse, Playing Mystery Character On Legends Of Tomorrow |
    New Gods Director Ava DuVernay Developing DC Comics' Naomi for The CW |

    • 2 hr 14 min
    'Wonder Woman 1984' to Debut on HBO Max

    'Wonder Woman 1984' to Debut on HBO Max

    Plus Zack Snyder's live stream tour, Stallone coming to The Suicide Squad, Keanu in Constantine 2, Painkiller and Wonder Girl coming to CW, and so much more!
    The Death of Superman Was Released 28 Years Ago Today |
    'Wonder woman 1984' To be Released on HBOMAX on Dec 25 |
    HBO MAX now available on Amazon Fire TV |
    Zack Snyder Releases Darkseid T-Shirt to Raise Money For Suicide Prevention |
    Zack Shows Us Martian Manhunter |
    Jared Leto's Joker Will Have a New Look in Zack Snyder's Justice League |
    Justice League: Jared Leto's Joker Wasn't Originally Part of the Snyder Cut |
    Zack Snyder's Justice League: Additional Photography Will Only Add 5 Minutes of Footage |
    Justice League: Ben Affleck Confirmed to Shoot New Batman Scenes for Snyder Cut |
    Justice League: Zack Snyder Details His Plans for Darkseid Past His Upcoming HBO Max Series |
    Zack is On Board Carla Gugino Playing Catwoman |
    Zack Still Wants to Make Dark Knight Returns |
    Justice League Director Zack Snyder Teases Major Robin Details for HBO Max Cut |
    Zack Answered My Question About Man of Steel |
    Zack Snyder Debunks Justice League 2 & 3 Rumors |
    Justice League: First Closeup Look at Zack Snyder's Version of Steppenwolf Revealed |
    Zack Snyder Interview - New Look for Joker, Snyder Cut 2021 New Scenes
    League of Mayhem Stream: Let's Talk Movies With Zack Snyder
    'Us UNITED' w/ Zack Snyder - Film Junkee Vodka Stream
    Zack Snyder Interview | From Snyder Cut To Zack Snyder's Justice League
    Zack Snyder's Justice League Gets a New Trailer |
    Zack Snyder Breaks Down the New Teaser |
    What kind of impact will the #HBOMax recut have on Ava DuVernay’s New Gods ? |
    When ZSJL restores the Martian Manhunter reveal to the story, do you think it could lead to an HBO Max spinoff? |
    The Suicide Squad Casts Sylvester Stallone in Mystery Role |
    Aquaman 2 Star Amber Heard Says Filming Hopeful to Begin Next Year |
    The Batman Stuntman Reportedly Tests Positive for COVID-19 |
    Keanu Reeves' Constantine Co-Star Says Sequel Is in the Works |
    The Batman: HBO Max Spinoff Showrunner Exits Due to Creative Differences |
    New Green Lantern Series May Feature Dominators as Villains |
    Green Lantern HBO Max Series Will Reportedly Be Rated TV-MA |
    New Teaser Gives Us More Fun-Loving Bat |
    Black Lightning Promotes Chantal Thuy (Twee) To Series Regular |
    Black Lightning Spinoff Painkiller Gets Backdoor Pilot Order From The CW |
    Wonder Girl TV Series Being Developed, Featuring Latinx Heroine |
    Batman: Soul Of The Dragon Trailer Released |

    • 2 hr 29 min
    Snyder's Robin Beaten and Burned

    Snyder's Robin Beaten and Burned

    Snyder's Robin Was Beaten to Death and Burned by Joker!

    DC Names a New Editor-in-Chief!

    Would we be interested in live-action DC characters interacting with animated versions?

    How would we want to see Leto's Joker included in Zack Snyder's Justice League?

    What does Alan Scott being gay mean for Jade and Obsidian?

    Which villains do we most hope to see in the HBO Max Green Lantern series?

    Can the monorail beat the Flash? Can Superman beat the Flash?

    Thoughts on John Boyega playing Jason Todd?

    We rank every season of Arrow from worst to best!

    If we could greenlight any HBO Max DC series, what would we choose?

    What non-Marvel crossover would we like to see with what DC character?

    • 1 hr 19 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
102 Ratings

102 Ratings

its.Jess.K ,

True fans

Favorite part is the fact that the hosts are fans of the media but not blind fanboys that think there can be no wrong. I enjoy the realistic and relatable perspectives. Highly recommend

Superhero Ethicist ,

Humor, insight, and integrity

This is a hard time to be a fan. New content is all on pause, we can't go hang out with our fellow fans, and more than anything, every day it seems like there is a new story about the creator of something we love doing something terrible. So many fancasts just try to ignore all this, talking about how great everything is, and loving every piece of media their fandom puts on screen.

These guys remind me of everything that is good about fandom. They are huge DC Fanboys and will go hard for the stuff they love, while also being critical of what doesn't make the mark. (their reviews of some of the low points of the Arrowverse are hilarious.

But recently I've been so impressed by how they've handled the DC. vs. Ray Fisher controversy. Instead of just blindly defending the company that makes the movies they love, they've looked closely at the facts of what happened, walked their audience through their thought process, and stood strongly on the side of Ray Fisher.

This is fandom at its best, and very worth a listen.

MKKline55 ,

Always Entertaining

This is my go to podcast for everything DC related for shows and movies! Keep up the great work fellas!!!

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