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A technical podcast for web3 developers.

A Superfluid production.

Devs Do Something Superfluid

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A technical podcast for web3 developers.

A Superfluid production.

    David Furlong: Frames, Frames.js and Farcaster

    David Furlong: Frames, Frames.js and Farcaster

    Today’s episode is a special episode with David Furlong, founder of frames.js.We discuss everything frames and farcaster. Don't miss out on it !
    Participate in the Superfluid Frontier Guild program: https://www.notion.so/superfluidhq/Superfluid-Frontier-Guild-ca56b52629f446989a66fb69b158cd74FramesJs: https://framesjs.org/Superfluid: https://www.superfluid.finance/

    • 59 min
    The Modern Web3 Stack with Vitto Rivabella

    The Modern Web3 Stack with Vitto Rivabella

    Today's episode features Vitto Rivabella on the modern web3 stack. 
    Vitto on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VittoStackCreate Web3 Dapp: https://www.alchemy.com/create-web3-dapp

    • 1 hr 1 min
    A Deep Dive on Linea: A New zkEVM

    A Deep Dive on Linea: A New zkEVM

    Today's episode is with Emily from the Consensys team on all things Linea - Consenys' new zkEVM.
    Linea: https://linea.build/Linea Docs: https://docs.linea.build/On ZK Hardware: https://hackmd.io/@Cysic/BJQcpVbXn

    • 56 min
    Planet IX - Web3 Game Development Behind the Scenes

    Planet IX - Web3 Game Development Behind the Scenes

    Today's episode features Lukas & Emil of the Planet IX core team. 
    You can learn more about Planet IX (and play the game!) here: https://planetix.com/

    • 1 hr
    Alchemy & Account Abstraction Infrastructure

    Alchemy & Account Abstraction Infrastructure

    Today's guest is Noam Hurwitz, an engineer at Alchemy who is playing a key role in building Alchemy's new account abstraction infrastructure.
    Alchemy on AA: www.alchemy.com/account-abstractionAlchemy: https://www.alchemy.comAlchemy University: https://university.alchemy.comFollow Noam on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProbablyNoam
    00:00 Intro
    3:51 How Noam got into crypto
    6:00 Noam’s take on the current Account Abstraction discourse
    8:32 AA infrastructure overview
    11:32 Walking through Alchemy’s bundler architecture
    13:15 MEV and user operations
    15:05 The ‘intent based architecture’ and the userOp mempool
    18:05 The entry point contract
    22:50 Paymaster contracts
    25:24 What should application developers know about AA?
    29:40 What do smart contract accounts enable?
    32:41 Lessons from drafting an EIP and EIP 6900
    37:16 Avoiding centralization around AA infrastructure
    42:46 New security issues presented by AA
    45:01 Noam’s advice on building APIs & developer products
    49:15 Noam’s favorite technical implementations in the industry
    50:54 Advice for those early in their career
    52:48 How Noam hopes the industry evolves over the next decade

    • 55 min
    Alluo Finance - How to Build a Great DeFi UX

    Alluo Finance - How to Build a Great DeFi UX

    Today's episode is with Remi & Sung - core contributors at Alluo Finance. We went deep into Alluo's smart contract architecture & philosophy on building great DeFi user experiences.
    Learn more about Alluo: https://linktr.ee/alluo
    Build on Superfluid: https://www.superfluid.finance/wave-pool
    00:00 Intro5:11 How Remi got into the industry/Alluo's founding8:11 How Sung got into the space9:58 What is Alluo?16:18 Auto Invest - streaming DCA18:33 An overview of the Alluo contract architecture23:59 - Bridging architecture25:15 - Simplicity in protocol design31:52 - How Alluo liquidity direction voting works at the smart contract level34:58 - Boosted pools39:57 - Using the 4626 design for the boosted pool42:05 - stIBAlluo for money streaming47:26 - Building out a high quality mobile experience for DeFi56:59 - Advice for early stage DeFi teams

    • 1 hr 2 min

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

reallygoodguy ,

Good stuff

Crypto needed a developer deep dive podcast. Not enough people going into this much depth 👌Great guests so far too!

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