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A Doctor Who Podcast where a rotating cast of six women from across the globe talk all things Doctor Who. We have opinions.

Doctor Who: Verity! The Verities

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A Doctor Who Podcast where a rotating cast of six women from across the globe talk all things Doctor Who. We have opinions.

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4.6 out of 5
184 Ratings

184 Ratings

Shiloh42 ,

Verity! rocks

The six women, from three continents, bring diverse viewpoints and lively discussion that is always positive and upbeat. This is my favorite Dr Who podcast, tied with Radio Free Skaro, because they are so smart and so funny. Highly recommended.

Blue Box Bill ,

Could Be A 5 Star Podcast

This is a podcast I like for a number of reasons. Immersive and intricate, it examines subjects I have not heard discussed elsewhere in Doctor Who fandom, plus its voice varies from one episode to the next, meaning it isn't always the same group of individuals, thereby preventing predictability.

I’ve listened to more than a dozen episodes of Doctor Who: Verity! which is to say I’m not one to review a podcast after experiencing just an episode or two. I’m also not one to name names because I don’t want my remarks to be taken as personal criticism of an individual, so without getting too specific, in the most general terms I can find, please let me convey what I don't like about this podcast...

At times, one voice (in this group) has a tendency to be the final word on whatever the group is discussing, all but declaring a hive mind verdict or view on a given subject when clearly others in the group think differently.

This rattles me as a podcast listener in the same way I am rattled as a viewer of TV news, when the moment a press conference ends a ‘reporter’ begins telling me what I just witnessed. I don't need a commentator to translate facts. I can 'digitally rewind' a podcast in whole or in part to replay bits I may not understand on the 1st, 2nd or 13th playing.

What's even more perplexing is when a commentator inaccurately reiterates what others have said.

At the conclusion of each episode listeners are encouraged to submit feedback so as to expand the conversation, however I can not recall a single instance where listener feedback was either read into or played into the 12 or 13 episodes I’ve listened to.

As much as I would like to continue hearing more of this podcast I have decided to give it a rest.

I firmly believe Doctor Who: Verity! could be a 5 star podcast, however my ranking places it in the middle ground at 3 stars.

IngaSchmoo ,

Favorite Doctor Who Podcast

This is my favorite Doctor Who podcast. They cover both classic and new Who; it is well organized with interesting, planned discussions from intelligent, thoughtful women; and they provide a wide range of opinions. I look forward to it every week!

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