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The podcast that tries to make sense of now via the comfort of lists, weird trivia, arcane history and jokes about bums. If you think Bin Day should be a public holiday, you'll love Don't Lets Chart!

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The podcast that tries to make sense of now via the comfort of lists, weird trivia, arcane history and jokes about bums. If you think Bin Day should be a public holiday, you'll love Don't Lets Chart!

Get early access for £3 a month here: https://www.patreon.com/dontletschart

    I've Patented A Shoe (April 6th)

    I've Patented A Shoe (April 6th)

    Don't Lets Chart is a podcast that looks at the current day in history, shakes it for interesting trivia and then spray paints "BUMS" over the top of it.

    In this look at the April 6ths of time, Ben Baker and Phil Catterall learn about America's furry millionaire, Tartan Day, Napoleon's more petty acts of sulking, celluloid filth, Olympic pigeon bothering, the true inventor of the Pog, Steve Video Plus, boxing for peace, how Teddy Roosevelt definitely sounded, the early days of animation, ABBA's rise to Eurovision dominance, New Beer's Eve, the sadness of Spare Dad Three, patently untrue patents and lots more on the way. Plus our resident robot is here with his topical take on the news.

    Listen, share, hit subscribe, fight a bear, all that usual stuff. We're a small scale homemade show with just two people so all the support is gratefully received.

    If you'd like to throw a few quid at us too you can support the show and get our soon to be announced monthly bonus show, plus access to two whole series not on the regular feed, via this here link: https://www.patreon.com/dontletschart

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    Game For A Quiz Is Here!

    Game For A Quiz Is Here!

    After the success and feedback on the pilot episode, we've decided to launch Game For A Quiz as its own show with a unique feed (e.g it will not be posted here!) and social media stuff. If you missed the first show, here's a small trailer for what we do. Then please go follow us on the podcast app of your choice and get the freshly minted second episode pitting Noel Edmonds against Brucie!

    You can manually add the RSS feed here: https://anchor.fm/s/54cd644c/podcast/rss

    Or listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1IYe28JjR4U7Lge0IeyPDu

    Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3fD1gYl

    Breaker: https://www.breaker.audio/game-for-a-quiz-the-gameshow-showdown

    RadioPublic: https://radiopublic.com/game-for-a-quiz-the-gameshow-sho-Wd9pR7

    ....with more to come! Please support our first spin-off and let us know what you think on Twitter @GameForAQuiz

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    Why Can't I Be You? - Morrissey

    Why Can't I Be You? - Morrissey

    Ben Baker has always been fascinated by the world of pop parodies - musical spoofs or pastiches of existing bands, singers and genres - from "Spitting Image" to "Horrible Histories". In this first edition he looks at three and a bit decades of ribbing directed at the Mancunian mouthpiece that is Steven Patrick Bulbous Overcoat  Morrissey and The Smiths. 

    A misunderstood and unfortunately all too understood character that many have taken great delight in aping or paying tribute to, including Radio Active, Who Dares Wins, Frank Sidebottom, Mitch Benn, MJ Hibbett, The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Armando Iannucci, Harry Hill, Jay Foreman, Darrell Maclaine and...Bernard Manning?!  


    Why Cant I Be You? is written and produced by Ben Baker. All clips come under review as fair use and are copyright their original sources. Got someone in mind you'd like me to cover in a future "Why Can't I Be You"? Or spot any Moz-mocking that I've missed. Let me know on Twitter @BenBakerBooks.

    And remember the lesson of The Smiths. Just because a bunch of wankers like it, doesn't mean that it's shit....

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    Game For A Quiz: Time

    Game For A Quiz: Time

    We've all got a favourite game show. Like the BBC point based one hosted by the lad with the ears or its ITV rival in which a chaser chases some contestants in a chase...I forget the title. (Speed 2?)  But which is the BEST quiz or game show ever? Well, that's what Ben Baker and Christine Coulson are hoping to find out in this new series pitting two examples of the genre against each other.   

    In this first episode both put forth a mighty example of shows that used time in an interesting way with Christine's choice of Paul Daniels' multiple choice classic "Every Second Counts" and Ben going with the lesser known daytime series "1000 Heartbeats". The programmes will be put through their paces on the things that truly matter like host, set, interactivity, prizes and, most important of all, if you can sing the name of the show to the theme tune...


    We watched two specific episodes to review and if you want to see them too, you can watch "Every Second Counts" (10th May 1986) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1Xcq272trg 

    Whilst the first episode of "1000 Heartbeats" is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceMEQCym-lM   .

    You can see pictures from these shows and other game show nonsense we like here: https://www.instagram.com/gameforaquiz/ 

    And if you liked this first episode, have ideas where we should go next or any general chit chat, contact us at our Twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/GameForAQuiz

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    Phil and Ben's Transformers 101

    Phil and Ben's Transformers 101

    Phil loves big giant fighting space robots. Ben has never seen the appeal.

    Now, after years of in-fighting and insults, Ben is finally conceding to try and understand his friend's genuine obsession with the whole Transformers franchise. As an outsider he's going to learn about all aspects of the Autobots and Decepticons' long history of interplanetary punch-ups over the past four decades from the good to the impossibly rotten. 

    And we start our journey at the very beginning with the opening three-part mini series from 1984 "More Than Meets The Eye". On the way we'll-

    - learn how YouTube are taking their cue from TV-am;

    - explore why oil rigs are dangerous and not a right laugh like you thought; 

    - debate how important a "The" is when discussing massive robots;

    - uncover the Gordon Brittas of the Decepticons; 

    - rage at the toys that never were;

    - investigate how Ronald Reagan, "Kidd Video" and Richard Pryor fit into all this; 

    - question if a "rear axle" equates to a part of the human body;

    - reveal which one of us hates Muppet Babies;

    - and scratch our heads to see so very many wet robots.

    So if you're a robo fan or metal sceptic, there should be something for you in here. Now to take you for the ride of your life....


    "Transformers 101: The Education of A Robophobe" is presented by Phil Catterall with Ben Baker who edited it together. If you want more or want to suggest where in the franchise we should go next, let us know via @dontletschart on Twitter or dontletschart@gmail.com


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    It'll Be Alright On Some Charts

    It'll Be Alright On Some Charts

    As you all know Ben Baker and Phil Catterall are incredibly professional young men with all their own teeth and they definitely don't make a noise every time they sit down. But what of those rare moments where things went wrong? Or funny but unnecessary tangents were followed? Or sections were simply too long to fit into the regular episode? You're about to find out in half an hour of cocks going up Denis Norden's aunt's bloomers whilst an animated David Walliams looks on disinterested...sorry, we mean funny outtakes and deleted sections from "Don't Lets Chart".

    Merry Christmas VT!!!!!!!!!!1111111

    • 29 min

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