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The Doxology & Theology Podcast exists to promote, encourage, and equip gospel-centered worship. Find us online and check out the blog at doxologyandtheology.com.

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The Doxology & Theology Podcast exists to promote, encourage, and equip gospel-centered worship. Find us online and check out the blog at doxologyandtheology.com.

    What's the Regulative Principle and Why Does It Matter?

    What's the Regulative Principle and Why Does It Matter?

    Matt Merker offers a primer on what the regulative principle is and how it impacts our worship gatherings.

    "When we have the debate about what should or shouldn’t be done in a service, we should all have it from the same posture. The regulative principle gives us that posture."

    "How can we conform our worship to what Scripture commands?"

    "What you do in a worship service isn’t neutral. The things we do on a Sunday morning are always teaching."

    "The choices we make about what to include in a worship service are formative. They help to train people’s hearts in what to love and how to live. Planning a service is part of how we disciple people."

    • 21 min
    Writing Songs from Scripture

    Writing Songs from Scripture

    Joel Limpic emcees a panel with Sandra McCracken, Caroline Cobb, and Ryan Gikas. The crew gives practical insight on how to write songs from Scripture, how to co-write, and how to share new songs with your congregation.


    "How can you use melody and all the tools a songwriter has to make people feel the truth of this passage, what God is trying to get into our hearts with this passage?”

    "What words are we putting in the mouths of our people? What are we extracting out of our people? What is God doing in our church? Listen to the prayers of our people. What are you hearing consistently? Have a pulse on the community piece of it and the people around us.”

    • 58 min
    Writing Melodies for Congregational Worship

    Writing Melodies for Congregational Worship

    Matt Merker coaches songwriters on how to write fresh, singable melodies for worship in the church.


    "Reasons we write new songs for the church:
    1. God is worthy of new efforts we can make to praise him.
    2. Creativity honors God and reflects his image.
    3. To serve new lyrics.
    4. Songs are portable theology lessons.
    5. Every congregation is different."

    "The reason that music is so powerful for Christians is that it’s a marriage of theology and melody. Music helps to make the truths stick to our hearts, making a conduit between our head and our heart. We want to write not just melodies that work but melodies that stir our hearts first and then the hearts of our people by enabling them to engage with rich truths about who God is and what he’s done."

    "We’re writing to the church, we want to write a song that will minister to and bless and encourage our people, and we’re also writing for the church, we’re literally putting something in their mouths."

    "What makes a melody singable?
    1. Intuitive—the melody is neither so predictable that it’s boring nor so complex that it’s baffling. It can be learned after being heard just a few times. Singable doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn; it means you want to keep singing it.
    2. Natural—suits all the voices in the congregation in terms of its range and the phrasing allows you to breathe.
    3. Complementary to the lyrics—the tone and mood of the melody matches the mood and the meaning of the text, and the tune should fit the phrasing and the meter and accent of the poetry.
    4. Affective—it moves the emotions. It should move the heart, not just obey the rules of music theory."

    "Can the melody be interesting enough to carry the interest without relying on all these cool chords I learned in my music theory class?"

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Writing Modern Hymns

    Writing Modern Hymns

    Sandra McCracken shares how she writes and leads modern hymns in the church.

    Songs Covered:

    "Come Light Our Hearts"
    "Whate’er My God Ordains Is Right"
    "We Will Feast in the House of Zion"


    "When we practice silence in this biblical way, we understand that the Lord is gracious with us, that Jesus is not there just to expose the things that are painful in our hearts, but he wants it to be opened up so he can heal us. Where there’s honest lament in this biblical way, there’s also an opportunity for that to be healed so that the tears are fruitful and our lament is not self-absorption or just wallowing in things. But moving through the sorrows and places brokenness and on to the other side. That’s what worship is designed to do—it’s to realign our hearts toward wholeness."

    "Silence makes way for lament, and lament is like a passage—it’s not a destination, it’s not the state we were meant for. Lament is what we do in the passage between now and the full restoration that God has planned and is committed to."

    "It’s so ordinary—we put charts together for a service, we plan things, we start at the wrong tempo, or someone gets sick that morning and can’t show up. All the logistics are happening, but if you zoom out you realize it's a miraculous thing that we get to be part of this, that we get to participate in the receiving and the giving of God’s comfort by way of song."

    "The doctrine of God’s providence in our lives was not given to us to be a theological debate. It was given to us as a comfort. The idea that God is sovereign is not meant to make you mad; it’s meant to help you know you are held and that God is not surprised by the devastation that happens in our world and in our lives."

    • 54 min
    Don’t Settle for a Veneer of Intimacy with God

    Don’t Settle for a Veneer of Intimacy with God

    Mike Cosper urges worship leaders to crave the real thing—intimacy with God.

    "The power of social media is in its ability to shape our affections."

    "Think about this self-promoting, media-saturated culture—if it’s remaking us, what is it transforming us into?"

    "We’re learning to be satisfied with the veneer of something rather than the real thing. Social media is a curated version of your life. You’re able to take the best parts of your life and put it on display for other people to see and to approve. You get to control how you’re seen."

    "The universal temptation of our age is to be satisfied with the veneer rather than the real thing. For pastors and worship leaders, that means being satisfied with the appearance of joy, intimacy, and passion, rather than the real thing."

    "Joy, intimacy, and passion for God come from cultivating a deep life with God. What we see on Sunday mornings should be an overflow of that intimacy and not a substitute for it."

    "Is it enough for us as worship leaders to have Sunday morning as the place where we encounter the presence of God while we leave the rest of our lives untouched?"

    “I assure you, if you love the veneer, then ministry will ultimately destroy you. I also assure you, if you’re tired and burned out and worn out on religion, if you’re feeling fake on Sunday mornings, if you’re feeling like a hypocrite, if you’re frustrated with ministry and tired of people not getting it, then almost certainly part of the issue is that you haven’t carved out the space for intimacy with God.”

    "Don’t be satisfied with the veneer of Sunday mornings that go well. Crave the real thing, and let your ministry be an overflow.”

    • 14 min
    Preach the Word

    Preach the Word

    Afshin Ziafat calls pastors and worship leaders to make preaching the Word central in our corporate gatherings.

    "Because we can know God through his Scripture, God’s written Word is powerful to give us life."

    "Get in the Word of God, and see the places where he’s very clear about what his will is."

    "Vision and dreams are prominent in places where the Word of God is not. I’ve met some people who have come to Christ through visions and dreams, and I’ve seen their Bibles, and it is devoured—they have notes on every page. They don’t want more visions and dreams—they want the Word of God."

    "Preaching is a stewardship that’s been given to us."

    "Preaching is God’s standard method, though not his only method, to herald the message."

    "The reason preaching is important isn’t because of the man preaching; it’s because the Word of God is so important."

    "The reason people shrink back from declaring the whole counsel of God’s Word is because their aim ultimately is to get a crowd. If you just want followers or more people, then you’re going to avoid some sections of Scripture."

    "Even preaching and leading music, it’s not about our gifts. You preach so they would be equipped for every good work."

    "God doesn’t need non-Christians to believe his Word is authoritative for his Word to actually move and have power. He’s not dependent on that."

    • 48 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Nolan_Morse ,

Love it! Where’d it go?

I started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and love it! For some reason I only have 4 available now. I wanted to listen to all you had and a bunch disappeared.

Tyson T Matthews ,

Edifying, encouraging, and eeeeee-really good!!

This podcast has given me a whole new perspective on the position of leading worship. Not by means of new ideas, but through faithfulness to the Word of God. I walked away from the role of “worship leader” because I was convinced there was no good basis for its need. I grew convicted that it had become a place that distracted our congregation from God’s Word. Through the faithfulness of everyone who has spoken on this podcast, Christ has given me fresh eyes for it all. I have never been more excited to sing songs, and more challenged to write songs specifically for the building up of my congregation. I’m still learning a lot, but want to thank you all at Doxology & Theology for the work you guys are doing! Praise God!

David Dish ,

What A Blessing!

As someone who is a worship musician and occasionally leads congregational gatherings, these episodes have enlightened and educated me on the role of worship to the body of Christ. These are great resource for worship leaders, pastors, worship team members, and Christians in general.

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