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This podcast provides life coaching with power, purpose, and practical tools for a confident, healthy, and happy life.

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This podcast provides life coaching with power, purpose, and practical tools for a confident, healthy, and happy life.

    Letting Go

    Letting Go

    After a brief absence, the Mindset for Life podcast is back! Join me for a fresh episode about letting go. -   - This episode's theme song is “Sunshine Club,” by Ishan Dincer. Used with Permission. - Like what you read here? In this podcast,

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    How Do You Know if You Had a Good Day?

    How Do You Know if You Had a Good Day?

    In today's episode of the Mindset for Life podcast, we focus on how you decide whether you had a good day, looking at biases. Armed with this approach, you can always decide that you had a good day, or take initiative to design a good day you'll be pleased about.


    This episode's theme song is “Sunshine Club,” by Ishan Dincer. Used with Permission.

    Like what you read here? In this podcast, I’m sharing some core principles I’ve learned in coaching that have completely changed my life. These ideas restore personal power and bring the confidence to grow our unique traits, strengths, and attributes, to live with purpose and joy as we make each day a little better. And when we do that, we're putting good into the world. Right here, you have the tools to take one small step. And with a personal coach, you can take it deeper, to make these changes a lasting part of your life. You can live your true purpose with joy, every day.

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    Notice Messengers in Your life

    Notice Messengers in Your life

    In today's episode of the Mindset for Life podcast, we focus on how you can notice messengers in your life. Doing this helps you feel more motivated, adds encouragement, and lifts you. And, on the flip side, you can be a messenger to others by sharing your ideas, who you are, and your light.

    Have you ever had a thought of just feeling like you needed a push in the right direction?

    Maybe you wanted to start something new, or do a project, or take a risk, or even try a new direction in your life or your work, or something like that. And you're thinking about it, and you have all these ideas. But for some reason, you just aren't taking the action you want to take. Or maybe you're trying it occasionally. And it's just really hard for you to be consistent. I can definitely relate to this.

    I think we all have these ideas and dreams of things we'd like to go out and try. I certainly have a lot of mine, especially with my coaching business. You know I have a podcast because you're here listening to it. I also have coaching programs and one-on-one coaching that I do with people. And then I have my full-time job in the daytime. That is my career position that takes the bulk of my energy, focus, and time.

    There are so many options in all these areas. And, just like you, I might have some idea, and then I might take some action and then might backup a little bit, and then take some more action. And then maybe I'm going to go in a different direction altogether. But whatever it is, a lot of times, I will just spin in this little cycle of trying things out and then feeling stuck. Well, sometimes you may be doing the same thing.

    And we have these experiences where people step into our lives that--maybe we know these people, maybe there's somebody we don't know--but they speak to us. And it's like there are messengers passing in and out of our lives. And they bring us some kind of message that can motivate us to just keep going a little more.

    Notice messengers in your life.

    It's like taking a step out of the light that you're in into a little bit of the unknown, or a little bit of the darkness, until you get a little bit more willing to try something.

    And then another messenger or message will come into your life. And you'll be encouraged to take just another little step and maybe do something more. I had one of those experiences in my life recently.

    There was a colleague of mine that I used to work with at the university, whom I really loved. This person is brilliantly intelligent, and always encourages good ideas, good projects. This person was one of the best people to motivate me to try new research and publish some things. And even writing the book that I wrote a few years back was motivated from the encouragement this person gave me. And then slowly over time, we spoke on the phone less and less, we got together face to face less and less. And at this point, it's been many, many months since I spoke with this colleague of mine. He's retired now we don't work together anymore.

    Just the other day I started thinking about him. I thought I should call Dr. Bill. And my son, my oldest son who's 25, we were together Sunday for dinner. The whole family was there. And I was talking about something and out of the blue. He said, "Hey, when's the last time you talked to Dr. Bill? Don't you think you should call him?"

    I thought that was really strange. Just this week, I was thinking I should call Dr. Bill. I didn't do it yet. A few more days passed. And then yesterday, who called me? Dr. Bill called me. And it was like, in my mind, there was this message that kept coming to me: You need to talk to Dr. Bill. And when I finally did because he reached out to me,

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    You are significant. How will you let that fuel you every day?

    You are significant. How will you let that fuel you every day?

    Thank you for joining me today! I know that if you are listening to this episode, you want to be lifted up. To feel amazing. And to keep brining in positive thoughts so that you can get through another day. You are unique, and you are wonderful. And even on the lower days when you’re not really sure, It’s absolutely true that there is no one in the world like you.

    You have a personality, gifts and talents, and strengths. And your own experiences and perspectives. We need you in the world today, and there are people in your life who need you. I’m pleased to be with you sharing ideas of strength and encouragement to help foster your mindset of hope today.

    So here is our topic: You matter, even if no one else tells you. You are significant. How will you let that fuel you every day?

    Let's Look Back to the Start of Our Business, in 2019.

    Back in December, 2019, I posted something on my DrBCoach Facebook page. And today, I looked back and saw it. It’s been 4 years since I officially started as an entrepreneur leading a coaching business, and this idea is one that I shared in those first few months of the business.

    So now, the rest of our episode, I’ll read some of that post to you from 2019.

    Earlier this week, I thought about "significance." Significance is your importance.

    I had a moment recently when I thought someone wasn't really a friend.

    For a day or two, it really bothered me. I let it get into my brain, and I started to feel insignificant.

    As I reflected, considered, and talked it out, I realized I was making myself feel that way.

    The other person wasn't really doing anything to me.

    I felt "less" because of the thoughts I had about the situation, not because of any reality.

    The truth was that I couldn't really know what the other person was thinking. And I can't control that, anyway.

    But I can know and control what I think.

    Have you ever felt a bit "less" because you believed someone else didn't really care?

    You are still you, no matter what other people think.

    Our thoughts about other's thoughts do not change our actual significance.

    I would like to propose a new idea....

    Perhaps significance is something WE think, and then feel, not what other people give us.

    Perhaps it is our perception of our own value.

    We control it and can think about it as "how we show up."

    Do you ever think that someone needs to pay attention to you, to make you feel significant?

    Or do you believe that perhaps you need "followers," or an audience to be significant?

    If we control our thoughts about whether or not we are significant, we can turn all of these doubting thoughts around and feel better.

    And when we feel better, we can be creative, energetic, loving, and bring positivity to life.

    What Steps Can You Take to Feel Significant?

    How to do it? List what you can do to feel your significance, without needing other people to reflect it back.

    Here are some things on my list:

    * Show gratitude for other people in my life.

    * Call someone I haven't spoken to in a while and visit over the phone.

    * Visit a friend to cheer them.

    * Send a note to someone I've been thinking about, to tell them something special I've noticed about them.

    * Text a note of appreciation to someone I have learned from.

    What more can be added to this list?

    What activities can boost your thoughts about your significance without needing feedback from others?

    This week, think about it.

    You are important.

    You are significant.

    You don't need to hear it from others, it's already there.

    You have unique traits, worth, and value just by being you.

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3 Ratings

DrGradyB ,

Powerful Insights

“Setting Limits: Say No More Often” resonated with me and provided valuable and powerful insights. I look forward to listening to more of your insightful podcast segments.

80s&90s lover ,

Great coaching!

This is a great podcast, I got a lot out of it to apply to my life.

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