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Sub-underground and raw music from the last six decades: punks, freaks, primitives, art-damaged pop, heavy metalloid music and more.

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

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Sub-underground and raw music from the last six decades: punks, freaks, primitives, art-damaged pop, heavy metalloid music and more.

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #204

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #204

    We're heavying-up on the reissues this episode, with great new or recent unearthings from SHIZUKA (pictured), CRAWLING WITH TARTS, DREAM SYNDICATE, LES ABRANIS, THE PARTICLES and COME, plus truly new stuff from JEANINES, CELL\BORG, LEGLESS TRIALS, DEBT RAG and LENA KEMMLER. Somehow there's an inordinate amount of duos played as well, and we wrap the whole thing up in a mere 62 minutes.

    Track listing:

    LENA KEMMLER - Was Jetzt
    CRAWLING WITH TARTS - Ithurial’s Spear
    SHIZUKA - Lunatic Pearl
    THE LEGLESS TRIALS - Son of Animal Man
    DEBT RAG - Jeff’s World
    JEANINES - Tilt In Your Eye
    KARL’S DOG - Strange Feelings
    THE PARTICLES - Family Life
    WET MEAL - Head Set
    WIRE - Former Airline (demo)
    CHRONOPHAGE - Absurdity
    THE WRECKS - Couldn’t Believe It
    CHEAP NASTIES - Destroy All Planets
    LES ABRANIS - Chenar Le Blues
    THE DREAM SYNDICATE - That’s What You Always Say
    TOILING MIDGETS - Before Trust
    COME - Dead Molly (Peel Session, 1992)
    CELL\BORG - Washtebahn

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Adult Listening #9 - 60s Pop Special Edition

    Adult Listening #9 - 60s Pop Special Edition

    Here's a 60s pop edition of our spin-off podcast ADULT LISTENING - the 9th episode of the program, this time featuring baroque, brassy, big and bouncy pop music from the 1960s. There are artists you're over-familiar with and perhaps some you've never heard over the course of the hour - enjoy this very, very "special edition"!

    Track listing:

    THE LEFT BANKE - Goodbye Holly
    THE ZOMBIES - Indication
    GENE CLARK with the GOSDIN BROTHERS - So You Say You Lost Your Baby
    THE MONKEES - Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
    PAMELA BLUE - Hey There Stranger
    THE HOLLIES - Look Through Any Window
    NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZLEWOOD - Sundown, Sundown
    DINO, DESI & BILLY - The Rebel Kind
    THE BYRDS - Have You Seen Her Face
    THE BEATLES - Doctor Robert
    VASHTI BUNYAN - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
    CLOTHILDE - 102, 103
    CHANTAL GOYA - Tu M’as Trop Menti
    ANNIE PHILIPPE - C’est La Mode
    THE COWSILLS - The Rain, The Park & Other Things
    THE POOR - She’s Got The Time (She’s Got The Changes)
    LORRAINE SILVER - Happy Faces
    THE BEACH BOYS - God Only Knows
    THE BEACH BOYS - Heroes and Villains (Indians Chorus)

    • 58 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #203

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #203

    Time to get pitted with another wild helping of sub-underground rnr on the Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio programme. This time I've got new stuff just out from TASTE, DEBT RAG, FLY ASHTRAY, RAT PAWS and JOSNALI, along with old chestnuts & warhorses from Green On Red, Jackknife, Evening Meetings, Sauna Youth, The Mad and more. Surely you've got an hour to listen, or ten minutes to skip through to the tracks you like?

    Track listing:

    TASTE - Fireflies in the Shrine
    FLY ASHTRAY - Calibrate!
    EVENING MEETINGS - Forgotten In Seconds
    GREEN ON RED - Aspirin
    RUBY PINS - My Friends Are Insane
    ART PHAG - A Boy And His Gun
    DEBT RAG - Column
    SOOT - Downcast a Shadow
    GOD AND THE STATE - Art For Spastics
    PRESSLER-MORGAN - You’re Gonna Watch Me
    RAT PAWS - Bad Arcade
    SAUNA YOUTH - False Jesli Pt. II
    JOANNA GRUESOME - Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers
    MISTERS’ VIRTUE - Summer Night
    EXPANDO BRAIN - Flogging a Dead Relationship
    JOSNALI - Fake Orgasm
    PRETTY F**K LUCK - El Peor Dios
    JACKKNIFE - Teen Dance Debbie
    TRAMPOLINE TEAM - Drug Culture
    THE MAD - Disgusting
    DARA PUSPITA - Bertamasja (On Vacation)

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #202

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #202

    It's raining and pouring new releases & new music on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #202, so much so that it's crowding out the usual reliance on our "old reliables". So free your mind to the cranium-blowing sounds of OLIMPIA SPLENDID (pictured), DEBT RAG, SNOOPER, JOSNALI, RAT PAWS, CINDY, GEE TEE , YANKEE COWBOY and some outstanding reissues to boot. You may also hear bands you love like The Clean, Wire and Life in the Fridge Exists if you're willing to give this show a go.

    Track listing:

    DEBT RAG - Too Sick
    RAT PAWS - Shelf
    YANKEE COWBOY - Not a Whole
    LOS CRIPIS - Restaurant
    PLAYTHINGS - Coloured
    THE CLEAN - Tally Ho
    IN TIME - When I Change My Eyes
    SNOOPER - Waste
    JOSNALI - Shirm and Starfish
    GEE TEE - Heart-Throb
    TENS UNIT - Valis
    LIFE IN THE FRIDGE EXISTS - Have You Checked The Children
    FAMOUS MAMMALS - Unspoken Chair
    BRIDGET HAYDEN - On Your Way
    WIRE - Our Swimmer
    JOVIAN TEA - Red and Green Talking Machine
    CINDY - A Trumpet on the Hillside

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #201

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #201

    Here's to the very first of our next batch of 100 episodes! Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #201 is packed to the gills w/ new stuff from DAN MELCHIOR BAND, LEDA and the CHEATER SLICKS, along with that new VIOLIN SECT reissue + some crazed 60s punk, a few trips to 70s/80s New Zealand, a fantastic new-to-me discovery (IN TIME) and even some SWELL MAPS (pictured).

    Track listing:

    VIOLIN SECT - Highdays and Holidays
    IN TIME - Economic Injustices
    JOVIAN TEA - Strange World
    25 CENTS - The Witch
    100 FLOWERS - Horizontal
    SWELL MAPS - Midget Submarines
    CHEATER SLICKS - Reaching Through
    THE OPPOSITE SIX - I’ll Be Gone
    CHANGIN’ TIMES - How Is The Air Up There?
    LIDOS - Since I Last Saw You
    SPITFIRE BOYS - Mein Kampf
    VICTIMS - Perth Is a Culture Shock
    LEDA - Calm 7/4 (Riff, For The Middle-Aged Woman)
    DAN MELCHIOR BAND - Apologists, Controversialist, etc.
    THE GREAT UNWASHED - Born in the Wrong Time
    THE SPIES - The Star and Us
    THE PIN GROUP - When I Tell You
    EXPLOITED - Dead Cities 

    • 1 hr
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #200 - Velvet Underground Bootleg Special Edition

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #200 - Velvet Underground Bootleg Special Edition

    For our 200th show we thought we'd mark the occasion in fine style with a subjective selection of the greatest tracks from VELVET UNDERGROUND bootlegs. Ergo, "The Velvet Underground Bootleg Special Edition". Tracks from 8 different bootlegs, spanning 1966-1970.

    Track listing:

    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Guess I’m Falling In Love (The Velvet Underground and So On)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Run Run Run (The Psychopath’s Rolling Stones - Hilltop Pop Festival, 8/2/69)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Move Right In (Live ‘68 - recorded at La Cave in Cleveland 10/4/68)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - What Goes On (The Legendary Guitar Amp Tape, 3/15/69)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - I’ll Be Your Mirror (Unripened - 1966 Acetate)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Foggy Notion (Live at the 2nd Fret Philadelphia January 1970)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - I’m Not A Young Man Anymore (Live at The Gymnasium 1967)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Sweet Sister Ray (Sweet Sister Ray - 4/3/68 La Cave Cleveland)

    • 1 hr 13 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

Chuck Dumpster ,

Similar to MR&R

More palatable in a single sesh than Maximum Rock and Roll tho.
Also it’s more like a real radio show.
Just wish they would play pup and direct hit!!!
Keep up the tolerable work!

black_macabre ,

dig it

great stuff, wish there were more underground rock podcasts. thank you.

Maxaroni87 ,

rock n roll goldmine

Fantastic radio station, especially for obscure rock n roll/punk, old and new. Happy to see the show branching out a bit in recent episodes, playing artists like Julie Byrne and Daniel Bachman. Great stuff.

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