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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio is a bi-weekly, hour-long radio show playing sub-underground rocknroll music from punks, mouth-breathers, intellectuals, artpunks and psych & garage rock heathens from the 1960s through this past week. Come learn more at dynamitehemorrhage.com.

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio is a bi-weekly, hour-long radio show playing sub-underground rocknroll music from punks, mouth-breathers, intellectuals, artpunks and psych & garage rock heathens from the 1960s through this past week. Come learn more at dynamitehemorrhage.com.

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #185

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #185

    Frantic and loose sub-underground sounds from the last six decades, with a "bonus" set of 1980s jangle, just because. New stuff from VISION 3D, FAMOUS LOGS IN HISTORY, SOCIETY, SNOOPER and ONYON - along with unearthed 1981 madness from FOUR-LETTER WORDS and CAMP ONE.  You may also find yourself enjoying music from Can, Famous Mammals, the Electric Eels, the Nights and Days and those five magic slices of jangle from the 1980s. 

    Track listing:

    VISION 3D - 18 Avril
    SNOOPER - Xerox
    TOYLETTES - Omi 
    BB EYE - Headcheese Heartthrob
    JACKSON POLITICK - Learning to Live With It
    SOCIETY - Nowheresville
    ONYON - Fell Naturell
    4-LETTER WORDS - Spoil Sport
    ELECTRIC EELS - You Crummy Fags
    THE BUMMERS - I Can’t Imagine
    THE KEGGS - To Find Out
    THE MAKERS - I’m Not a Social Kind of Guy
    THE NIGHTS AND DAYS - These Days
    MOONLOVE - Motion Pictures (live) 
    SEX CLARK FIVE - Detention Girls
    THE REVERBS - Trusted Woods
    RIFF DOCTORS - Say Goodbye
    28TH DAY - I’m Only Asking
    CAMP ONE - And So You Know
    CAN - Mushroom
    LARS FINBERG - Born Shopping
    FAMOUS MAMMALS - Kant Kan’t Dance

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #184

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #184

    Delighted to be able to present to you yet again, another hour of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, this time a 184th episode featuring new gems from SNOOPER, ONYON, SOCIETY and PARTY DOZEN, plus new reissues from CAMP ONE and FOUR PLUGS. Perhaps you'll also enjoy material from Sharky's Machine (pictured), Amos and Sara, The Minutemen,  Sic Alps, Young Marble Giants and the Sun City Girls? We sincerely hope you do!

    Track listing:

    SOCIETY - Static
    ONYON - Shining River Utah
    SNOOPER - Powerball
    SIC ALPS - Bathman
    SLENDER - Anxiety
    SHARKY’S MACHINE - Lear Jet Song
    CLAW HAMMER - Self Destruct
    CAMP ONE - This is Not a Happy Home
    AMOS AND SARA - Totem of 1,000 Dolls
    THE KIWI ANIMAL - Time of the Leaves
    SARAH MARY CHADWICK - This is Familiar
    SUN CITY GIRLS - Immortal Gods
    FOUR PLUGS - Biking Girl
    TRUE BELIEVERS - Death By Freezing
    DIE KREUZEN - Rumors
    THE MIDDLE CLASS - Insurgence
    THE MINUTEMEN - Futurism Restated
    PARTY DOZEN - Fat Hans Gone Mad 

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #183

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #183

    A tonic for the times, a balm for the bummed - it's Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #183, featuring many new tracks + new reissues and whatnot....plus a navel-gazing dive into our host's obsession w/ Brian Wilson's Smile.  Let's enjoy new stuff from TREASURY OF PUPPIES, ONYON (pictured), STEFAN CHRISTENSEN,  MUTE SERVANTS, COINS PARALLELES, MR. PESCADO, KILOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS, GONK, D-VICES, THE STONEMEN - and more - before we're all blown to smithereens, baby.

    Track listing:

    ONYON - Octopus
    STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Luxury is God
    TREASURY OF PUPPIES - Dödens Soffa
    THE STONEMEN - Faded Colors
    THE CHOKE - Top Man
    THE JI-ANTS - The Tension’s High
    COINS PARALLELES - Coins Paralleles
    GONK - Supermarket
    MR. PESCADO - Sunset Pics
    MUTE SERVANTS - Mother’s Ruin
    THE ELEKTRAS - Say You Love Me
    THE BEACH BOYS - Heroes and Villains
    THE BEACH BOYS - Do You Like Worms?
    THE BEACH BOYS - Look (Song For Children)
    THE BEACH BOYS - Surf’s Up
    MALC THE TALC - Out In The Sticks
    THE IN OUT - Club Blackout
    D-VICES - Adequate

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Adult Listening #8

    Adult Listening #8

    Adult Listening #8 features the very finest grown-up music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s, whipping through genres like R&B, folk, rocksteady, African funk, country and more in a head-snapping manner reminiscent of a 67-minute force-feeding of some of the greatest moments in musical history.

    Track listing:
    NATHANIEL MAYER - I Had a Dream
    JOE MEAH - Dee Mmaa Pe
    AZAM SHAIK - Naam Ke Nawab
    THE CRYIN’ SHAMES - Please Stay
    SKIP SPENCE - Broken Heart
    EMILY FAIRLIGHT - Drag The Night In
    PRINCE FRANCIS - Rock Fort Shock
    DENNIS ALCAPONE - Power Version
    PLAINSONG - Even The Guiding Light
    KACY & CLAYTON - A Lifeboat
    MICHAEL HURLEY - Just a Bum
    THE IDITAROD - The Roots of the Butterfly Bush
    TOM RAPP - For The Dead in Space
    SAMMI SMITH - I Miss You Most When You’re Right Here
    TAMMY WYNETTE - Singing My Song
    INSECT TRUST - Miss Fun City

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #182

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #182

    Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get ready for the DIY extravaganza of the year: Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #182, featuring fumble-fingered misanthropes from the last six decades playing the "music of the streets".  The new ones include COINS PARALLELES, PAPERNIKS, KILOFF AND THE NEIGHBORS and THE BUG CLUB; the reissued ones include THE DEBUTANTES, MOONLOVE and RIVERSIDE ROCKY - and then there's that live '77 PERE UBU track as well.

    Track listing:

    THE DEBUTANTES - She’s Out Of Your Way Now
    THE ELEKTRAS - Nous Sommes Les Elektras
    BLOODLOSS - Baked Beans
    SILK EARS - The West
    ROYAL TRUX - Incineration (demo)
    LA DRUGS - Sinful Youth
    PAPERNIKS - Segment A
    MOONLOVE - Level Ground
    THE GODRAYS - Boyscout Thriller
    PARAMETER - Piece For The Wicked
    COINS PARALLELES - Ne Rein Faire
    SQUEEZE LOUISE - Wire Hangers
    BLUE SCREAMING - Thin-X-Cinema
    SHIRESE - Well
    VISION 3D - J’ai Froid
    THE BUG CLUB - The Fixer
    PERE UBU - Nonalignment Pact (live Manhattan 1977)

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #181

    Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #181

    Here's the first Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio of the new year. Masks off, mics on, ladies and gentlemen - with new stuff from PAPERNIKS, WHALE CARCASS and TWOMPSAX; recent finds from GALORE (pictured) and VISION 3D; reissues by COME and APRIL MAGAZINE and loads more. You'll likely find yourself enjoying library material from The Keggs, XV, Kendra Smith, The Door and the Window, Parameter and Nig Heist as well.

    Track listing:

    DENNY GERRARD - Hole In My Shadow
    PAPERNIKS - Segment F
    THE DONNAS - Let’s Go Mano
    GALORE - In My Head
    THE KEGGS - Girl
    TWOMPSAX - Toxic (demo)
    THE DOOR AND THE WINDOW - Detailed Twang
    NIG HEIST - The Nig-Heist
    VISION 3D - Party
    THE PITS - I Know Something
    THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - I Can Judge a Daughter
    TEENGENERATE - Pushin’ Me Around
    LOS DOS HERMANOS - Alienor
    KENDRA SMITH - Still in Meine Hamburg
    XV - Feeling
    SMACK DAB - Walking Garden
    WURLD SERIES - Serpent’s Egg
    COME - SVK
    WHALE CARCASS - Segment 3
    PARAMETER - Lonely Man

    • 1 hr 2 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Chuck Dumpster ,

Similar to MR&R

More palatable in a single sesh than Maximum Rock and Roll tho.
Also it’s more like a real radio show.
Just wish they would play pup and direct hit!!!
Keep up the tolerable work!

black_macabre ,

dig it

great stuff, wish there were more underground rock podcasts. thank you.

Maxaroni87 ,

rock n roll goldmine

Fantastic radio station, especially for obscure rock n roll/punk, old and new. Happy to see the show branching out a bit in recent episodes, playing artists like Julie Byrne and Daniel Bachman. Great stuff.

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