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A fan podcast dedicated to discussing #WynonnaEarp Fanfiction. Hosted by DarkWiccan (aka DW) , Laragh and Dresa!

Earp Fiction Addiction Podcast EFA Podcast

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A fan podcast dedicated to discussing #WynonnaEarp Fanfiction. Hosted by DarkWiccan (aka DW) , Laragh and Dresa!

    Happy Birthday, DW!

    Happy Birthday, DW!

    It's DW's birthday (for realsies!) and they're celebrating with co-host Dresa, who surprises them with some choice fics and a special guest!
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    A Day at The Park by asabovesobelow (mjme26) Your Heartbeat Gives My Soul Rhythm by ddamaged, Wayhaught_is_my_therapy Puppy Love by JM0525 This Week's Reverse Sponsor is: 
    Episode transcript by Atomic Octopus Designs
    Jenna's Desert Island fic selection is:
    A Shot in the Dark by Wayhaught_is_my_therapy  

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Growing Pains

    Growing Pains

    This week DW and Laragh chat with new authors cw1983 & LostPyratGirl about their first experience writing fanfiction!
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    Something Wild Calls You Home by cw1983, Lostpyratgirl This week's Reverse Sponsor is: Make Your Piece, stitches by Nuutmeg!
    Episode transcript by Edin-Earper
    CW's Desert Island Fic selection is:
    if only you knew the way i been thinkin' of you by dastardly LostPyratGirl's Desert Island Fic selection is:
    Go Crazy by dreamwalking78

    • 1 hr 5 min


    This week DW and Dresa chat with author RogueTiger about their fic It Feels Like I'm Fallin'!
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    It Feels Like I'm Fallin' by RogueTiger This week's Reverse Sponsor is: Riobluestar!
    Episode transcript by ApproxTenCats
    RogueTiger's Desert Island Fic Selection was:
    when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls by deathrae  

    • 1 hr
    Revenge of the Sixth: Short Shorts

    Revenge of the Sixth: Short Shorts

    This episode is dedicated to the memory of Earper Bekah, aka @KecharasMoon, known to the fic community as Ashkela. 
    It's a hostful episode with all three fic nerds in attendance! DW, Laragh and Dresa all chat about their favorite one-shots (aka short shorts)!
    Read the Fics!
    I Think I've Figured You Out by SmileAndWaverly Treat 'Em Mean, Quarantine. by New54321 Two Girls, One Crime by poopityfoo ain't no one more surprised than me by BluejayBoi Tacet by odaatlover The Farmer's Daughter by odaatlover  
    This Week's Reverse Sponsor is:  Nedley's Office!
    Episode Transcript by Edin-Earper

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Pencil Me In

    Pencil Me In

    This week DW and Dresa chat with author MelMelG44 about her personal assistant AU!
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    Assist My Heart by MelMelG44 This Week's Reverse Sponsor is: PEZMachining!
    Episode Transcript by: ApproxTenCats
    MelMel's Desert Island Fic Selection was:
    Exposure by IheartIntelligence  

    • 1 hr 6 min


    This week DW and Laragh get blitzed as they chat about idk_books' WWII AU!! AND We announce this season's EFA Fic Challenge! (details below)
    Read the Fic!
    The Chaos of It All by idk_books  
    This Week's Reverse Sponsor is: Diane Benitez!
    idk_books' Desert Island Fic Selection was:
    you can tell everybody this is your song by gilligankane, TheGaySmurf  
    Episode transcript by Edin-Earper!
    Authors submit a Wynonna Earp fanfiction story based on the single-word prompt “dance” by June 26th, 2022 at 11:59PM PT
    Post stories to AO3 and include the tag “EFA Fic Challenge 2022” Stories must not exceed 4000 words and a “T” Rating*. Stories may not violate the EFA FAQ (visit - http://efapodcast.com/about) EFA will pare down initial entries to sixteen finalist fics that will then enter a bracketed “vote-off”, beginning the week of July 25th, which will last over four weeks until a final winner is determined. (If we have fewer than 16 entries to start off, we will start with the next nearest even number and go from there).
    The winner’s story will be recorded as an audiobook and played on an upcoming episode, PLUS the winning author will be interviewed for the show!
    *For the purposes of this competition, the rating limitation of ‘T’ means that there should be little to no swearing, minimal violence and references to nudity and/or sex acts and no explicit descriptions of sex acts. All “love scenes” should ‘fade to black’.

    • 1 hr 10 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

ZenyattaFan127 ,

Bloody Fantastic!

For all you Wynonna Earp fans, this is the podcast for you! Every episode is a lovely discussion about fan fiction. It’s amazing and the writers are so good! It’s hard to believe they do this for fun! The level of writing is outstanding! DW and crew do a great job of talking with authors and getting the scoop on the process it took to get the end result. Don’t miss out!

jadekm07 ,

Wynonna Earp meets Star Wars?

I love the fact that you all talked about Stars Wars originals. Yeah, I have this original VHS of the original trilogy! They are much better than the remastered.

GinaLaRae17 ,

Wonderful Earp Source!

I have recently started reading fic and didn’t really know where to get started. Found the podcast and have started looking at the notes...reading the fics...then listening to the Podcast! Found so many great stories and writers. Also...love the Desert Island fic choices. Keeps the material rolling in to read! Thank you for taking the time to put this great Earp source out for us Earpers!

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