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A show where we get to talk about all things ecological. Interviews with ecologists, those working with ecologists and career seeking individuals.

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A show where we get to talk about all things ecological. Interviews with ecologists, those working with ecologists and career seeking individuals.

    #45 - Understanding the Role of an Ecological Clerk of Works

    #45 - Understanding the Role of an Ecological Clerk of Works

    Welcome to the Ecology Academy podcast, hosted by Richard Dodd. In this episode, we delve into the role and responsibilities of an Ecological Clerk of Works. With summer in full swing, ecologists are busy with surveys and monitoring projects across the UK and beyond. Whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere, this episode is packed with valuable insights for aspiring and seasoned ecologists alike.
    We explore the essential duties of an Ecological Clerk of Works, including site monitoring, implementing mitigation measures, ensuring compliance with environmental legislation, and effective communication with stakeholders. Richard discusses the importance of technical skills, regulatory knowledge, and best practices in habitat management.
    In addition to technical expertise, the episode emphasizes the need for strong communication skills, stakeholder engagement, and problem-solving abilities. Richard also highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism, integrity, and continuous professional development.
    Join us for a comprehensive overview of what it takes to excel as an Ecological Clerk of Works, and stay tuned for future episodes featuring interviews with experienced professionals sharing their tips and stories from the field. Thank you for listening to the Ecology Academy podcast!
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    #44 - NatureSpace Partnership and District Licensing with Sarah Garratt and Andy Buxton

    #44 - NatureSpace Partnership and District Licensing with Sarah Garratt and Andy Buxton

    In this insightful episode of the Ecology Academy podcast, we explore the fascinating world of district licensing in ecological conservation with Sarah Garratt and Andy Buxton from NatureSpace. We delve into Sarah's contribution to NatureSpace's strategic licensing approach and Andy's role in the conceptualization of district licensing. Additionally, we discuss the importance of data in ecological research and predictive modelling's role in conserving Great Crested Newts.
    We uncover the rigorous data collection process at NatureSpace and its amalgamation with species distribution modelling for newt conservation. Learn about our noteworthy strides in district licensing schemes and the remarkable improvements in landscape suitability for newt habitats.
    The episode unearths NatureSpace's successful collaborations with reputable organizations such as the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust and the University of Kent's Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE). We also delve into the benefits offered by district licensing to developers, both in terms of cost-saving and environmental impact.
    We highlight the dedicated efforts of NatureSpace in creating and restoring habitats and the long-term management strategies with Natural England. Listen in as we explore the science-led approach of district licensing and how it promotes a collaborative outlook for multiple stakeholders.
    The episode wraps up with the future of NatureSpace, integrating district licensing with biodiversity net gain (BNG) for better conservation outcomes, and how the district licensing scheme can benefit the advice given to developers by ecological consultants.
    If you are a developer looking for practical solutions to ecological impacts and survey challenges, this enlightening conversation offers valuable insights and strategies. Join us as we unravel district licensing schemes with NatureSpace!
    Website: https://naturespaceuk.com/ 
    The ‘old’ standard licensing route for great crested newts through Natural England often takes many months, without any specified deadline and requires a large amount of evidence to be submitted during the process. This option can often result in huge delays to development timelines and has gained great crested newts an unwelcome reputation.
    Our District and Organisational Licence Schemes offer a simple and quick alternative, which is also available all year-round. Unlike Standard Licensing there is no need to wait for the seasonal survey window (March – June), there is no requirement for additional survey information to be provided and we can deliver a site assessment within just 10 working days.
    Our Natural England approved impact assessments ensure developers pay fair and proportionate fees for their proposed development impacts, with money going straight into habitat creation, delivered by our NGO partners off-site. These compensatory habitats are created in strategic locations for newts, away from the pressures of development. Our partners create, manage and monitor these aquatic and terrestrial habitats for at least 20 years, ensuring a sustainable future for newts.

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    #43 - Great Crested Newt Surveys Using Detection Dogs, with Nikki Glover at Wessex Water

    #43 - Great Crested Newt Surveys Using Detection Dogs, with Nikki Glover at Wessex Water

    Welcome to an enthralling episode of the Ecology Academy Podcast, where host Richard Dodd is joined by special guest Nikki Glover, a Senior Ecologist at Wessex Water renowned for her innovative newt detection techniques. Our dynamic conversation delves into Nikki's essential contributions to large-scale development infrastructure projects, her diverse career path, and her unique use of detection dogs for ecological conservation.
    Nikki gives a detailed account of how her passion for ecology sparked during her Animal Behaviour studies, which led her to a pivotal role in preserving the Great Crested Newt population. With her licensed Springer Spaniel, Freya, Nikki has redefined the detection methods for this amphibian species, paving the way for potential implementation of these techniques across diverse species.
    Gain an inside look into the complicated process of gaining a license for newt detection dogs, including the obstacles faced and knowledge gained. Nikki’s commitment and determination in this process are truly inspiring, offering valuable insights to budding ecologists and conservationists in the field.
    This episode further analyses detection dogs' importance for ecological conservation, with a focus on their implementation within Wessex Water’s operations. Discover how the licensing process works, the potential for expanded recognition of dog detection in licenses, the challenges of public interest and media attention, hilarious anecdotes, and the critical balance between dog handling and ecological work.
    We also explore the intricate aspects of the licensing and registration process for detection dogs used in conservation, factors affecting the application’s success, the benefits of a 'joined-up' approach towards conservation, and the creation of guidelines for Great Crested Newt detection. Learn about the worldwide collaboration in conservation, the potential of detection dog symposiums, and the opportunities for first-hand observations of their work.
    Tune in to this must-listen episode of the Ecology Academy Podcast, perfect for anyone interested in ecological conservation, innovative study methodologies, and intriguing career paths in the field!

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    #42 - Diving Deep into Newt Conservation with Specialist Jon Cranfield

    #42 - Diving Deep into Newt Conservation with Specialist Jon Cranfield

    Welcome to the Ecology Academy podcast hosted by Richard Dodd. In this episode, we delve into the transformative journey of Jon Cranfield, a herpetofauna specialist and director of Herpetologic Limited. Starting from his childhood passion for ecology, we journey through his extensive experience dealing with protected species and examine his commitment to ecological conservation through his role with Hampshire Isle White Amphibian and Reptile Group.
    The episode unwraps in-depth talks about John's concerns on mitigation strategies, the need for innovative thinking, and biodiversity considerations. It highlights new insights into Great Crested Newt conservation and discusses different licensing routes, their implications, and their impact on both development projects and wildlife.
    Explore the importance of understanding specific needs and adapting to scenarios in the process of newt conservation. Spotlights are also thrown on the challenges posed by rigid guidelines and the balance in considering factors like the cost, inclusion of other ecological elements, and achieving responsible development through effective conservation measures.
    We examine case studies of successful mitigation sites and discuss how advancements in technology are influencing the new conservation landscape. The use of environmental DNA for pond monitoring and the efficiency of detection dogs in finding newts in terrestrial habitats are discussed and evaluated.
    The episode also dives into the role of Natural England policies, long-term follow-up management, and monitoring in achieving successful newt conservation. It concludes with a deep discourse on modern conservation strategies, acknowledging the demands of managing ponds, the concept of creating new ponds, and the wider complexities involving newt conservation.
    The podcast winds up with an overview of an upcoming workshop on Adder Ecology Survey and Mitigation and some prudent advice to budding ecologists about blending traditional techniques with technological advancements. The episode ends on an inspiring note, emphasizing the need for active practitioners in linking ecology and people.

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    #41 Series Special (1) - Great Crested Newt

    #41 Series Special (1) - Great Crested Newt

    Welcome to a special series of the Ecology Academy podcast, dedicated entirely to understanding the fascinating world of great crested newts. As spring arrives, we delve into in-depth discussions with leading experts to shed light on this unique species.
    Over the upcoming weeks, we'll be presenting interviews with established authorities in the field. We start our series with John Cranfield from Herpetologic Limited, continue with Nikki Glover from Wessex Water, who is renowned for her work with detection dogs, and conclude with an insightful conversation with Sarah Garrett from NatureSpace.
    This immersive series is our first thematic venture, aiming to offer a comprehensive overview of great crested newts, from licensing to surveying. We hope it not only engages but inspires you to delve deeper into the mysteries of Mother Nature.
    Your feedback matters to us! Feel free to write to us at hello@ecologyacademy.co.uk with your thoughts. We are also on the lookout for co-hosts who could join me in interviewing other inspiring figures in the field of ecology, adding valuable dimensions to our podcast. Your favourite ecologist could be our next guest!
    Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey into the world of great crested newts!

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    #40 - Navigating Change: Adapting to New Ecological Guidance

    #40 - Navigating Change: Adapting to New Ecological Guidance

    Join us in this informative episode of the Ecology Academy podcast, hosted by Richard Dodd, as we explore the complexities of the rapidly changing world of ecology. We delve deep into recent ecological developments, updated guidelines, new regulations, and the impact of technological advancements on the field. This episode aims to inspire listeners, whether students, professionals, or nature enthusiasts, to embrace change with a growth mindset.

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