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Edges & Sledges is a weekly cricket podcast focussing on Indian cricket and the IPL.

Conceived by the 1tip1hand blog team, the three podcast hosts are ordinary Indian cricket fans based in Singapore, London and Cincinnati. Edges & Sledges is where they come together to talk about the week’s biggest cricketing stories.

Do get in touch with comments and queries on contact@1tip1hand.com or on Twitter @1tip1hand.

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Edges & Sledges is a weekly cricket podcast focussing on Indian cricket and the IPL.

Conceived by the 1tip1hand blog team, the three podcast hosts are ordinary Indian cricket fans based in Singapore, London and Cincinnati. Edges & Sledges is where they come together to talk about the week’s biggest cricketing stories.

Do get in touch with comments and queries on contact@1tip1hand.com or on Twitter @1tip1hand.

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    In Conversation With Shikha Pandey

    In Conversation With Shikha Pandey

    This week we bring to you another international cricketer as special guest, India women's fast bowling all-rounder Shikha Pandey! We dig deep into her journey as a cricketer and some amazing stories about early life, as well as the heartbreaking 2017 World Cup finals and 2020 T20 World Cup.
    We can't wait to see her back in blue charging in with her signature headband to bowl for Team India!
    Shikha is on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/shikhashauny/

    • 43 min
    IPL 2020 Feels with Danny Morrison

    IPL 2020 Feels with Danny Morrison

    With IPL 2020 all set to make a return on September 19, this week we have the ‘voice of the IPL’ Danny Morrison on Edges & Sledges. Danny indulges us as we speak to him about all sorts of stuff - his commentary career, the various leagues, getting Sachin Tendulkar out and having a full head of hair. We even ask him some listener questions. And all this while Danny helps his wife cook dinner!
    Our IPL listener campaign is back on too. Send in a voicenote at contact@1tip1hand.com telling us about yourself and why you support your IPL team. Get involved!
    Danny getting Sachin out on 88 at Napier to prevent him becoming the youngest test centurion https://youtu.be/nB8EcAQQfaM
    Danny getting a hattrick v India https://youtu.be/YClNePbSlnY
    IPL listener campaign https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1286568533409894400?s=21

    • 59 min
    Tests, ODIs or T20s?

    Tests, ODIs or T20s?

    This week we record in the midst of the fourth day of the second test match between England and the West Indies.
    We discuss the fallout of Jofra Archer’s bio-secure bubble breach, Dom Sibley’s slow hundred to set up England’s innings and Stokes’ magnificent 176. DJ also gets quite grumpy about Dom Sibley’s backing up technique (find out more in the thread here: https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1284120513976074240?s=21). Recording during the test match means we make some pretty awesome predictions!
    We then talk about which format of cricket is our favourite and the results of a recent Twitter poll in which test cricket got 70% of the vote, putting it well ahead of the other formats
    (see https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1278646398532161538?s=21 and is test cricket dying? https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1278646398532161538?s=21). Varun and Ashwin discuss the commercial aspects of test matches and the marketing of cricket (see link to article DJ mentions where test cricket is being used to save the Big Bash https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/29462879/adelaide-oval-prime-venue-bbl-no-10%3fplatform=amp).
    After the break we discuss the rules and regulations of 3T cricket, the trillion dollar question of how cricket should break into the American market (https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1284152244468879369?s=21) and rumours of the return of our beloved Indian Premier League in the UAE later in the year (https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/29485966/ipl-2020-likely-played-uae-september-november).

    • 41 min
    Live Cricket Returns (feat. Monty Panesar)

    Live Cricket Returns (feat. Monty Panesar)

    Live cricket is finally back! In the first half of the show, Ashwin joins DJ as we discuss the big talking points from the West Indies win over England in the first test at Southampton - we cover it all, from the rainy restart to Black Lives Matter to Ben Stokes v Jason Holder to Tino Best v Archer to Jermaine Blackwood’s brilliant 95 in the chase.
    In the second half, Varun and DJ get the amazing chance to speak to English left arm spinner Monty Panesar. We talk about Monty’s Gujarati (?) roots, his early career and making it to play test cricket for England and taking Sachin Tendulkar as his first test wicket. We also talk about his batting in the famous Ashes test at Cardiff and beating India in India in 2012. Monty tells us some sledging stories and how he battled with mental health issues. We include a lot of listener questions.
    Black Lives Matter - Ebony Rainford-Brent https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1280824942729277440?s=21 & Michael Holding https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1280816042709827584?s=21
    Emotional restart to cricket https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1280887205876170752?s=21
    Tino Best v Jofra Archer https://twitter.com/jofraarcher/status/1281691991139594241?s=21
    Monty on Cyrus Says https://open.spotify.com/episode/0zaBOz9sUh6ekPtEICnnGO?si=nBUhN01DQPqJHkUr-qdxAg
    George Dobell’s article on racism in English cricket https://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1225596/what-has-english-cricket-been-like-for-black-players
    Monty takes Sachin and Dravid on debut https://youtu.be/geTWV6887Zc
    Monty batting in Cardiff test https://youtu.be/aTLTcVrU9CE
    Jermaine Blackwood Blue Tick Campaign https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1282359012147843074?s=21

    • 1 hr 9 min
    The Ball of the 21st Century (feat. Josh Poysden)

    The Ball of the 21st Century (feat. Josh Poysden)

    On this week’s episode DJ and Varun discuss the latest happenings in the world of cricket starting with DJ Bravo’s new song about M.S. Dhoni and the Panyda brothers’ social media fitness battle with Virat Kohli. We also talk about the restart of cricket with the West Indies tour of England kicking-off on 8 July and developments in Sri Lanka about fixing allegations around the 2011 World Cup final.
    The second half of the show is all about leg spin and is an interview with England Lions and Yorkshire cricket leg spinner, Josh Poysden. We talk about luck, the English first class system, how captains treat leg spinners, the best leggies going around today, Kuldeep, Chahal and how Josh bowled the ball of the 21st century in the 2018 T20 blast (link: https://twitter.com/vitalityblast/status/1029801304787509248?s=21)
    Josh’s Cricinfo profile by George Dobell: http://m.espncricinfo.com/england/content/player/464110.html
    You can follow Josh on Instagram and Twitter @JoshPoysden14 and @SpinBadger.
    Link to DJ Bravo song https://www.instagram.com/p/CCATXIMn_Va/?igshid=nexni973kf4n
    Jarrod Kimber article on MS Dhoni’s super gut https://wickets.substack.com/p/ms-dhoni-and-the-magical-gut
    Link to Virat Kohli’s superman clap pushup https://www.instagram.com/p/CCI3x9Yl8xu/?igshid=9h3i3l1kxb1v
    Link to Hardik Pandya’s back pushup https://www.instagram.com/p/CCOMG7NFWzt/?igshid=fcyjbvz9h5tv
    Daily Hunt article on Sri Lankan cricket http://dhunt.in/aaf4o?s=a&uu=0x5367aef756a7fd44&ss=pd
    Caribbean Cricket Podcast https://twitter.com/CaribCricket
    Oreo’s catching skills https://www.instagram.com/p/CCKvruyFw2k/?igshid=1tx42486huo89
    Poll on favourite cricket format https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1278646398532161538?s=21
    The Ball of the 21st century: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/m.hindustantimes.com/cricket/josh-poysden-s-ripper-brings-back-memories-of-shane-warne-s-ball-of-the-century-watch/story-WgYvzj170rqfIHQX3Wo5LN_amp.html

    • 1 hr
    Ep. 119: IPL Gloat XI (feat. Guy Walker)

    Ep. 119: IPL Gloat XI (feat. Guy Walker)

    This week we deal with the fall-out from the IPL GOAT XI episode as Varun (46%) gloats about his win over Ashwin (41%) and DJ (13%) in the Twitter poll pitting the podcasters teams against each other. We then move on to the keenly contested Listener IPL GOAT XI contest which was won by Ajinkya Patwardhan, who saw off very tough competition from Sreekar’s team. Congratulations Ajinkya!
    Test cricket is going to be back on our screens pretty soon with England playing the West Indies on 8 July so we are all looking forward to this. In the meantime, Pakistani players seem to playing COVID test roulette!
    The second half of the show is an interview with cricketer and AFL player Guy Walker, who has played cricket for Australia under-19 and has represented the Melbourne Renegades in the BBL. Stay tuned for the awesome Kohli sledging story!
    Podcaster poll: https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1275355185989156865?s=21
    Listener teams and poll: https://twitter.com/1tip1hand/status/1276931154441093121?s=21
    Ajinkya’s video explaining his IPL
    GOAT XI: https://twitter.com/iamajinkya14/status/1276972255168233472?s=21
    Guy Walker’s profile: https://www.melbournerenegades.com.au/players/guy-walker

    • 51 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

yohan jb ,

Brilliant cricket podcast

If you are looking for an Indian cricket focused podcast, look no further! DJ, Ashwin and Varun are normal cricket fans who will keep you entertained for hours! Make sure you listen!

Kris24n ,

For cricket lovers

Especially if you are and Indian Cricket fan and need your fix.. I enjoy the interviews and when there is a full host of Hosts.. I am glad I found this through IVM family of podcasts, and I hope they keep this going forever.

Anish s patel ,

Passion for cricket!

I came across this podcast recently and found it very interesting. It is very informative podcast from non professional cricket critics. They discuss major series of current cricket as well as their analysis of ongoing matches. They try to bring different angle of the game via their podcast. They are making their podcast very professionally and conduct thoughtful discussion/analysis.

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