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Learn how to create more energy, sustained focus, and guilt-free productivity in your life and work. Hosted by Josh Mitchell.

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Learn how to create more energy, sustained focus, and guilt-free productivity in your life and work. Hosted by Josh Mitchell.

    Strategies to stop losing things

    Strategies to stop losing things

    Do you misplace things all the time? Do you have truoble finding what you need when you need it? You may benefit by having some strategies that help you stop losing things. In this episode, that is exactly what you will learn!

    • 41 min
    Rewards and motivations

    Rewards and motivations

    What do you do to celebrate the things you acomplish? What are your reasons for doing what you need to get done? How can rewards and motivations keep you aware and pushing forward?

    • 29 min
    Wake up early

    Wake up early

    Try waking up at 4:00am or 5:00am tomorrow and see what happens. Here are some tips of how you can actually make that happen.

    • 33 min
    Who Not How - Dan Sullivan's Paradigm Shifting Question

    Who Not How - Dan Sullivan's Paradigm Shifting Question

    Who Not How is a concept that comes from Strategic Coach and Dr Benjamin Hardy's book of the same name. In this episode, you will hear an overview of the concept and see how it can help you in your thinking and execution.

    • 45 min
    Daily Flow

    Daily Flow

    What is something you can do every day so you can get to the productive state? 
    Daily Flow — Morning
    Check calendar
    Note today’s appointments/locations - check in with people to confirm? Note travel time - how long does it actually take to get to these places? Meals - what am I going to eat? 60-90 minutes of clarifying and organizing - do I have this? Rest/recharge time Planed time to go to sleep  
    Review Next Actions Lists
    Put your eyes across your options for when you go to do work Pull out any critical action steps “You can only feel good about what you’re not doing when you know what you’re not doing.”   
    Review Waiting For Lists
    Anyone you need to ping today?  
    Anything pop   
    Ins to zero
    Clear out your inboxes (task manager, paper, email, slack, etc)   
    Daily Flow — Evening
    Check calendar
    What actually happened today? What’s happening tomorrow? Anything to communicate with spouse, family, friends, coworkers?  
    Anything that might keep you awake tonight? What has your attention the most? 

    • 26 min
    Do you have core principles that last?

    Do you have core principles that last?

    In this episode, I share a collection of a few principles that serve as the foundation to my productivity. Steal them. Improve them. Add to them. 

    • 27 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Matt Noss ,

Great viewpoints

This podcast has opened up a lot of different thought processes for me and helps me think in non traditional ways to really help with my productivity. Great audio as well- crystal clear! Definitely recommend. -mdn

GraceForLife ,

Helpful solutions for today’s problems

This podcast has made me so much more productive and focused. Before listening to Josh, I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and worried about so many things stuck in my head. He has helped me to clarify the outcome, get it written down, and develop NEW habits to ensure I don’t fall off the wagon. I love that he uses the best research and tools from so many different thinkers. Looking forward to continue growing and listening!

Not Josh Mitchell ,

This advice works!

You will love listening to Josh and this podcast! The content is actionable, practical, and sustainable. The stories and examples he gives are easy to follow and I’m able to apply them immediately! Highly recommended to busy people who need more clarity and momentum in their lives.

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