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Welcome to the Engaged Family Gaming Network! We publish regular podcasts about video games, board games, and all sorts of family entertainment!

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Welcome to the Engaged Family Gaming Network! We publish regular podcasts about video games, board games, and all sorts of family entertainment!

    Catching Up On Summer News

    Catching Up On Summer News

    Good News!

    Audience Questions:

    What is your favorite ice-themed game? #beatthesummerheat

    Mom’s Playlist - Board Games to stop the summer slide

    Summer Game Fest Announcements




    Astro Bot 9/5/2024
    LEGO Horizon Adventures - PS5, PC, and Switch?!?!


    Star Wars Outlaws Looks great


    Civilization 7 - Exciting, but its a crowded market. What can Civ 7 do?Dynasty Warriors: Origins - NEW MUSOU GAME!!!Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Checking in On The Big 3 Consoles

    Checking in On The Big 3 Consoles

    Show Notes!

    Good News!

    What We Played

    Stephen: Mario vs Donkey Kong
    Linda: Space Escape; Mole Rats in Space
    Jeffrey - Persona 3 Reload
    Jon : FF1 Pixel Remaster
    Amanda: Lil Guardsman

    Mom's Playlist

    6 games for a group (up to 6 or more players)

    What is a party game:

    “Party games are games that encourage social interaction. They generally have easy setups and simple rules, and they can accommodate large groups of people and play in a short amount of time.” --BGG

    Tsuro; tile laying, 2-8 players

    7 Wonders, card drafting and set collection, 2-7 players

    King of Tokyo push your luck, dice, 2-6 players

    Skyjo card game set collection, 2-8 players

    Monsdrawcity party game 3-8 players

    Green Team wins party, 3-12

    Topic of the Show

    Check in on the three big Consoles.

    Switch 2 not coming until 2025 (reportedly)

    Xbox is sending 4 games multiplatform and Activision games are going to Game Pass

    PS5 entering the latter stage of its life cycle, no major existing titles until 2025

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    Robocop is Not for the Kids - EFG Podcast

    Robocop is Not for the Kids - EFG Podcast

    This week the pals got together to talk about some great board games and the results of the Xbox Developer Direct!

    Good News!

    What We Played:

    Linda: Age of Wonders: Planet Fall
    Steve: Palworld
    Amanda: Baldur’s Gate 3
    Jeff: Power Wash Simulator
    Jon: Robocop

    Mom’s Playlist!

    Blues busters: Game night themes


    Setting the Mood: choose a food from the game an feature it as part of the gathering

    Sushi Go (or any of the series)
    Go Nuts for donuts
    Abandon All Artichokes
    Steam Up A Feast of DIm Sum


    Setting the mood: Have a candle or diffuser burning/going that has an scent reminiscent of the outdoors

    Planet (Blue Orange)
    Evolution the Beginning

    Saving the world/succeeding together

    Setting the Mood: Soundtrack of suspenseful music

    Forbidden Island (or other of the series)
    The Crew
    Zombie Kids
    Last Defense
    Small world

    Main Topic - Xbox Developer Showcase!⁠Xbox Developer_Direct: All the News and Announcements - Xbox Wire

    Avowed – Launching Fall 2024.
    Senua's Saga: Hellblade II – Launching May 21.
    Visions of Mana – Launching Summer 2024.
    Ara: History Untold – Launching Fall 2024.
    Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Launching 2024.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Most Anticipated Games of 2024 | Engaged Family Gaming

    Most Anticipated Games of 2024 | Engaged Family Gaming

    🌟🎲 Welcome back to Engaged Family Gaming, your go-to podcast for all things gaming from a family perspective! This week, we've got a special treat as the whole gang is here to discuss their Most Anticipated Video Games and Board Games of 2024! 🎮👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    🔊 Join Steve, Linda, Manda, Jeffrey, and Jon as they dive deep into the gaming world, sharing their personal picks and exciting insights on what's coming up in 2024. Whether you're into video games, board games, or both, this episode is packed with information and fun for gamers of all ages!

    🕹️ Games We’ve Played:

    Linda talks about her experience with "Mind Space" by All Play.
    Steve shares his adventures in "LEGO Fortnite."
    Manda discusses the charming world of "Flamecraft."
    Jeffrey revisits a classic with "Super Mario RPG."
    Jon explores the galaxy in "Star Wars: Jedi Survivor."

    👩‍👧‍👦 Mom's Playlist:

    Dive into "Wyrmspan."
    Explore the serene "Cascadia: Rolling Hills" (2024).
    Tackle the wilds in "Command of Nature" (Unstable Games).
    Adventure with "Dodo: Kosmo."
    Revisit a classic in "King of Tokyo: Origins" (2024).

    🧸 Bonus Game for the Little Kids:

    "The Dog Ate My Homework" by University Games.

    🌟 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2024:

    Steve is excited for "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door."
    Jeff looks forward to "Final Fantasy: Rebirth."
    Amanda can't wait for "Thaumaturge" and "Lil' Guardsman."
    Jon is eager for "Turnip Boy Robs a Bank."

    🤔 Hot Topic: Could there be a new Switch this year? Join our discussion on the possibilities!

    🔗 Useful Links:

    ⁠⁠Amanda’s Books! https://press.etc.cmu.edu/index.php/p....
    Our Digital Magazine https://engagedfamilygaming.com/wp-co...
    Coils of Destiny https://www.Engagedfamilygaming.com/c...

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    💬 We Want to Hear from You: What are your most anticipated games of 2024? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

    📧 Contact Us: For any inquiries, suggestions, or just to share your gaming stories, email us at [email address].

    Thanks for tuning in to Engaged Family Gaming. Let's gear up for an amazing year of gaming in 2024!

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    The EFG Games of The Year

    The EFG Games of The Year

    The EFG Games of the Year!!
    Board Games
    Robot Quest Arena: Wise Wizard Games
    Casting Shadows: Unstable Games
    Honorable Mentions:
    The Fuzzies
    Video Games
    Cozy Game of the Year - Venba, Dave the Diver
    Rated M - Final Fantasy XVI, Resident Evil 4 Remake
    Rated T - Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Stray Gods, Octopath Traveler 2
    Rated E 10+ - The Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom, Fae Farm, Sea of Stars, Dredge
    Rated E - Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    • 59 min
    Our Holiday Gift Guide Episode!

    Our Holiday Gift Guide Episode!

    “Digital Playgrounds: Our Kids and Video Games - https://press.etc.cmu.edu/index.php/product/digital-playground-our-kids-video-games/.

    We're also excited to share our brand-new digital magazine featuring our holiday gift guide and more!

    And for the DnD aficionados, you won't want to miss our DnD Liveplay at https://www.Engagedfamilygaming.com/cod.%22

    Good News
    Games We’re Playing
    Mom’s Playlist
    Gift Guide Highlights
    LOTR Adventure Book

    800 Pound Gorilla
    Dolphin Hat Games

    Casting Shadows
    U‌nstable Games

    Pete the Cat: Terrific Taco Game
    Briarpatch (University Games)

    Lucky Duck Games, Cardboard Alchemy



    • 59 min

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4.8 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

OrcSlayer9 ,

Fantastic resource for gamers and families with gamers

The knowledge and passion the EFG team shows have been invaluable in helping me bond with my nephews over gaming. Will be listening for years to come!

JennaF76 ,

Great resource for families

This podcast is very informative. If you have questions about the games your kids play or talk about, this is exactly what you should be listening to. They alternate between discussing video games and board games. It’s a great resource around the holidays!

Dwarfgard ,

Great shows!

The Engaged Family Gaming Podcast, EFG LFG PST .... both cool shows. This is a great podcast network!

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