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The official channel of the American Council of Engineering Companies - the voice of America's Engineering Industry.

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The official channel of the American Council of Engineering Companies - the voice of America's Engineering Industry.

    The Benefits of Design Build with Keith Molenaar

    The Benefits of Design Build with Keith Molenaar

    Join host Allison Schneider as she sits down with Keith Molenaar, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder, on the latest episode of the Engineering Influence podcast. Together, they delve into the intricacies of design-build contracts and their role in the accelerated effort to rebuild the Key Bridge in Baltimore.
    Keith shares insights from his extensive research, highlighting the benefits of design-build, such as faster project delivery and cost certainty. They also discuss the challenges and risk allocations faced by design-build teams, and the importance of collaboration and innovation in modern engineering projects.
    Tune in to learn how design-build contracts are shaping the future of engineering and construction, and what ACEC members should consider when engaging in these complex projects.

    • 10 min
    Transforming AE Firms: Deltek's Innovative Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

    Transforming AE Firms: Deltek's Innovative Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

    Welcome to the latest episode of Engineering Influence, a podcast from the American Council of Engineering Companies. In this episode, we are joined by Warren Linscott, the Chief Product Officer for Deltek. Warren dives deep into how Deltek is positioned as a leading technology provider within the Architecture and Engineering (AE) space, focusing on their ERP software solutions tailored for project-based businesses.
    Warren elaborates on how Deltek's solutions help small and medium-sized firms succeed by providing comprehensive project accounting, CRM, and opportunity identification tools. The discussion also covers Gov1IQ, an information solution tracking over $2.5 trillion worth of federal, state, and local opportunities, assisting firms in identifying lucrative projects.
    Compliance is another critical area where Warren explains how their ERP solutions aid firms in adhering to FAR compliance and managing ITAR-controlled information. The episode also explores the integration of emerging technologies like AI, and how Deltek's digital assistant, Della, is set to revolutionize operational efficiency within engineering firms.

    • 28 min
    AI Update with BST Global

    AI Update with BST Global

    Join us on this episode of Engineering Influence where we speak with Javier Baldor, president and CEO of BST Global. We dive deep into the future of technology in the engineering sector, with Javier sharing fascinating insights into the growing prominence of General Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) and its transformative potential. In this podcast episode, recorded at the 2024 Spring Convention and Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C, Baldor speaks about his recent AI Summit and how businesses across the industry are preparing for an AI-powered, data-driven future.He also discusses the strategies that firms across the engineering sector are implementing to leverage AI, from mining data for proposal creation to defining a data-focused strategy for organizational growth. We delve into the significant growth in the appointment of chief data or digital officers, highlighting the importance of data in modern businesses and the need for strong leadership to navigate new technological trends.Baldor’s insights also touch upon the future engineering consultancy landscape. He predicts a shift towards a combination of traditional engineering roles and new-age software engineering roles, facilitated by low-code/no-code platforms. With automation set to redefine various work tasks, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of AI in engineering.Whether you’re intrigued by the future of AI in engineering or are keen to hear more on the latest trends and tech developments, this episode is a valuable source of knowledge and insights, straight from the heart of the industry.

    • 13 min
    From MMA to Humanitarian: Justin Wren's Fight for the Forgotten

    From MMA to Humanitarian: Justin Wren's Fight for the Forgotten

    Join us at the American Council of Engineering Companies' 2024 Spring Convention in Washington, D.C., where we are inspired by the remarkable journey of Justin Wren. Known as a world-class MMA fighter, Justin has transitioned into a dedicated humanitarian, working tirelessly to provide clean water and opportunities to the forgotten Pygmy people in the Congo.
    In this episode, Justin shares his heartfelt story, from his early days in the UFC to founding "Fight for the Forgotten," an organization committed to bringing life-changing resources to indigenous tribes. Listen as he discusses the challenges and triumphs of his mission, the vital role of engineers in societal development, and the collaborative efforts needed to create sustainable solutions.
    Discover how small changes, like access to clean water, can have an immeasurable impact on communities and learn how you can contribute to this noble cause at www.fightfortheforgotten.org. 

    • 19 min
    Michael Maslansky on De-Weaponizing the Conversation on ESG

    Michael Maslansky on De-Weaponizing the Conversation on ESG

    In this episode, communications expert Michael Maslansky expounds on his unique approach to simplifying and depoliticizing the complex vocabulary surrounding ESG. Michael strategically crafts his narratives to soothe all stakeholders, stressing non-contentious verbiage and the de-weaponization of ESG language to keep communication politically neutral.
    We delve into the various motives that prod corporations to embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and discuss the backlash these initiatives often face, prompting a thoughtful risk-reward analysis. As some organizations shy away from controversial issues, Michael believes in the power of neutral language to keep the dialogue flowing.
    Packed with valuable guidance on handling sensitive topics, Michael stresses the use of terms such as 'responsible business' that serve as common ground during dialogues and instigate open conversations in an increasingly polarized political climate.

    • 16 min
    Update from the DEI&B Committee

    Update from the DEI&B Committee

    In this episode from the 2024 Spring Convention and Legislative Summit, we discuss the initiatives of ACEC's DEI&B Committee, how it functions, and the importance of its roles. The conversation revolves around the ongoing efforts to provide reliable tools and resources, fostering diversity and inclusivity within the engineering community.
    Guest speakers include Eric Madden, the CMO from JMT, and Michael Cooper, president of HED. Together, they explore the creation of infographics aimed at simplifying the understanding of ACEC's organization, charting leadership paths for members, and how leaders could truly benefit from the organization. The infographics serve as a tangible tool, inviting broader participation at both national and MO levels.
    The dialogue moves towards discussing effective strategies for increasing organizational involvement, highlighting the necessity of diversity. They discuss how crucial it is to educate individuals about ACEC, cultivate comfort within the organization, and promote efficient networking. 
    Whether you're an employer, industry professional, or an aspiring engineer, this podcast episode provides thoughtful conversation and insights into the world of engineering, leadership, and the core values that guide ACEC.

    • 13 min

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4.8 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

thatengineeringguy14 ,

Full of insights for engineers and companies!

This podcast has relevant and timely topics that can help all engineering companies to be informed and find new ways to succeed in our ever changing industry!

Lightn'n ,

Great insight from a great Association

Engineering Influence could easily be named engineering insight. A must listen to anyone in the A/E industry.

JPO_Illinois ,

Engineering Influence

If you are involved or interested in the business of engineering, this is a great source of information. ACEC is truly a thought leader regarding the operation and management of firms in the engineering profession. Many of these podcasts are applicable to other industries and professions as well.

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