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Interviews and messages designed to help you understand, apply and teach the Bible with power and clarity to this generation.

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Interviews and messages designed to help you understand, apply and teach the Bible with power and clarity to this generation.

    Preaching, Faith & Deconstruction

    Preaching, Faith & Deconstruction

    Dominic Done speaks with Mike Neglia about what pastors and preachers should know about the current deconstruction movement amongst young evangelicals. Why are so many thoughtful young people leaving the faith, or reshaping it into a more culturally palatable form? How can preachers deliver sermons that address the important and potentially divisive issues that are important to people today? Dominic speaks from his experience as a pastor in Portland Oregon and as a student in Oxford (and as a wrestler with doubt of his own over the years) to give practical advice to preachers speaking into the current milieu of doubt, ex-vangelicals, and skepticism. Also - how open should a preacher be about their own doubts?
    Additionally Dominic has wisdom to share regarding planning sermons 3 weeks in advance, openness to the Holy Spirit and intentionality in communication style. 

    Dominic will be a panelist and speaker at our upcoming training event in Colorado Springs, Colorado September 17 & 18th.  Registration and more details : expositorscollective.com 

     Dominic Done is a speaker and author of When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt. He is also Professor of Applied Theology at George Fox University, and a teacher at Westside A Jesus Church. He has a Master’s Degree in Theology from the University of Oxford and is currently working on his PhD at the University of Oxford with his supervisor Alister McGrath. He previously served as a pastor in North Carolina and Hawaii. He has also taught English for companies in Europe, lectured in theology and history at various Christian colleges, worked as a radio DJ, and lived as a missionary in Vanuatu and Mexico. Dominic is married to his wife, Elyssa, has a daughter named Amelia, and a fuzzy Goldendoodle, Bella. You can connect with Dominic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @dominicdone. 

    Resources Mentioned: 
    Pursuing Faith Podcast:  https://pursuingfaith.buzzsprout.com/ 
    When Faith Fails Book: https://www.pursuingfaith.org/book 

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    Preparing to Preach and Pray - Pat Quinn

    Preparing to Preach and Pray - Pat Quinn

    When we pray, God listens. 
    When we pray from the pulpit, the entire gathered assembly listens as well. 
    Pat Quinn believes that our public prayers should be thoughtful and instructive, as well as personal and devotional. He speaks with Mike about preparation for praying, as well as preparation for preaching. 

    Pat’s first sermon was in 1975 on Psalm 145, and the greatness of God. He doesn’t remember much about it but it probably went on pretty long. Pat doesn’t recall if he was asked or volunteered but his first sermon was on a Sunday morning. This was a bit daunting at the time but he thinks it went pretty well. Pat doesn’t remember specific feedback but assumes it was charitable as his congregation is very kind. 

    Pat also shared some great incites regarding feedback after sermons. Don’t give extended feedback right after the service, but perhaps a brief word of encouragement is helpful. Pat recalls many well meaning, older saints who provided some tips right after a service but they were often a downer. Pat models his critiques after Jesus  addressing the churches in Revelation. Start with positive, share concerns or issues, and end with positive. 

    Music was Pat’s first ministry and another big part of his journey as a minister was as a high school leader for 30 years. This wasn’t exactly a training ground for preaching but helped him hone his skills as a communicator. High schoolers have a great bologna detector and it’s essential to be authentic and honest with them. Pat’s experience as a youth leader shaped his preaching to sound like he’s speaking from the heart rather than reading from his detailed notes. 

    Pat also shares great insights on preparation with regards to sermon prep and prayer. While there is room for spontaneity, he looks at how an intentional approach can produce prayers and sermons that hold true to the spirit of the Kingdom. 

     Pat is the Director of Counseling Ministries at University Reformed Church, where he applies his love for the gospel to counseling, training counselors, serving as an elder, consulting, preaching, and occasional worship leading. He has degrees from Michigan State University (BA) and Calvin College (MAT) and received counseling training from the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.

    Additional Resources:

    Praying in Public:  https://www.crossway.org/books/praying-in-public-case/   
    University Reformed Church: https://www.universityreformedchurch.org/
    The Gospel Coalition: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/profile/pat-quinn/
    The Biblical Counseling Coalition: https://www.biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/person/pat-quinn/
    Pilgrim Album: https://www.universityreformedchurch.org/pilgrim-album/
    Rend the Heavens Album: https://www.universityreformedchurch.org/rend-the-heavens-album/
    The Valley of Vision: https://www.amazon.com/Valley-Vision-Collection-Puritan-Devotions/dp/0851512283

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     The Expositors Collective is a growing network of pastors, leaders, and laypeople which exists to equip, encourage, and mentor the next generation of Christ-centered preachers. We provide resources through our weekly podcast, our two-day intentional training seminars, and interactive webinars.
    Our next Training Weekend for young preachers (men and women 18-34 years old) at Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs on September 17-18, 2021 will be a hybrid event: both online and in-person. In this interactive seminar, attendees will meet in gro

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    Stay on Message - Al Pittman

    Stay on Message - Al Pittman

    Al Pittman is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as the author of several books and a musician.
    Al was born in Panama City, Florida. His father was a career soldier, and he traveled extensively as a child, finally settling in Colorado Springs in the 1970’s. Al realized God’s call on his life at that time and began touring as the bass guitarist of a Christian band called “The Rays of Light.” Al earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs and later joined the staff of Calvary Chapel of Colorado Springs. In the 1990’s Al joined the staff of Calvary Albuquerque as an assistant pastor and worship leader. In the spring of 1997, the Lord called Al and his family back to Colorado Springs to pastor Calvary Worship Center. In 2006, Al earned his Master’s degree and in 2012 he earned his Doctorate in Ministry from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    Al’s media content, including his books, music, blog posts, and sermons, can be found at alpittman.org

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    Daniel Fusco - Tilling the Soil

    Daniel Fusco - Tilling the Soil

    Daniel Fusco wants to reach people from all walks of life and has taken the parable of the soils as ablueprint for his preaching style. He doesn’t want to focus on the good soil and miss out on all ofthe others. Daniel is purposeful in his sermon calendar planning to provide opportunities for members in the church to invite newpeople and creating easy onramps for the community around him. He always creates space forthe bad, shallow, and rocky soil each and every Sunday. He believes the church always needs to servepeople above all else. Daniel does his very best to make the church experience easy andaccessible for people to find and benefit from.

    Daniel Fusco is a pastor, coach, and encourager with a unique ability to connectwith people from all walks of life and talk with them about Jesus and spirituality. He isthe lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington, aministry that reaches people across the globe with the message that Jesus is real. Heinspires people to live out their faith by simply responding to Jesus. Daniel is theauthor of Upward, Inward, Outward; Honestly; and Crazy Happy (releasing February2021). His radio program Jesus is Real Radio and the TV show Real with Daniel Fusco canbe found on stations across the U.S., including the Hillsong Channel. His popular 2 MinuteMessage videos and encouraging daily content can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,and Twitter. He lives in Southwest Washington with his wife Lynn and their three kids.Daniel’s early preaching experience threw him into a month of Sunday sermons. Early positivefeedback and a passion for the lost set the foundation for preaching. Daniel moved back to theBay Area and began an internship and a Thursday night bible study. He doesn’t remember a lotof the specifics of his early sermons but recalls the words of a mentor. Those early studies won’tbe great and be thankful for your test sheep. Without them, you’ll never find your own style andrhythm.Further resources:Website: https://danielfusco.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/danielfuscoFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielfusco/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefusco/Crazy Happy: https://www.amazon.com/Crazy-Happy-Surprising-Truly-Beautiful/dp/B085VYN7DM/Upward, Inward, Outward: https://www.amazon.com/Upward-Inward-Outward-Yourself-Others/dp/B0774XTZ16/Honestly: https://www.amazon.com/Honestly-Getting-about-Jesus-Messy/dp/1631463861/Resources mentioned:Psalm 139:1-6 sermon - Radiant pt 1https://crossroadschurch.net/series/radiant/?part=1John Henry Corcoranhttps://calvarychapelcostamesa.com/visit/view/john-henry-corcoranThe Art and Craft of Biblical Preachinghttps://www.zondervan.com/9780310296409/the-art-and-craft-of-biblical-preaching/Related Episodes:Greg Jao - Collaboration and Invitationhttps://www.expositorscollective.com/podcast/2021/4/6/collaboration-and-invitation-greg-jaoTed Leavenworth - Mistakes New Preachers Often Makehttps://www.expositorscollective.com/podcast/2020/11/19/mistakes-new-preachers-often-make-ted-leavenworthMark Smith - Loving your city and killing your darlingsMark Smith on the need to develop truly contextualized preaching for each city that we ministerinhttps://www.expositorscollective.com/podcast/2020/9/7/killing-your-darlings-amp-loving-your-city

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    Unscripted Preaching - Wayne Taylor

    Unscripted Preaching - Wayne Taylor

    Wayne Taylor is the founding pastor and has been the lead Pastor of Calvary Fellowship Seattle
    for 41 years. During this time, God used their church to help plant over 50 churches, about half
    locally, and half globally. Recently, Wayne has transitioned to be an itinerate Bible teacher, a
    support minister to the church, and Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle.
    Being a member of the Calvary Chapel movement, Pastor Chuck Smith was often the standard
    many were compared to. Pastor Wayne recalls on early sermon he delivered as a young pastor,
    shortly after planting his church. He doesn’t remember the subject but vividly recalls a woman
    who approached after the service and told Wayne he did pretty good but not as good as Pastor
    Chuck ! Despite the lackluster review, Wayne was not discouraged and pressed on as a new
    As young man, Wayne was a musician and felt an early call to evangelism. He loves connecting
    with people on an individual basis and has adapted his preaching style to allow him to be a
    more dynamic speaker. One way Wayne accomplishes this is by memorizing large portions of
    biblical text. This allows him to “read” the word without breaking eye contact with his audience.
    While quoting scripture, Wayne describes being in the mindset of the Apostle Paul and the joy
    of delivering the gospel in a more intimate way.
    While Wayne does have complete sermon notes, his ability to preach without reading them
    allows him to gauge the congregation. This fluidity often allows for the Holy Spirit to impact the
    moment so Wayne can deliver a unique message each and everytime he preaches. With an
    evangelist heart behind all of his sermons, this ability to be in the moment with his audience
    helps Wayne to really be honest and powerful with his content.
    Pastor Wayne is so encouraging and provides wonderful insight in his hope for continued

    Further resources:
    Church Website: https://calvaryfellowship.org/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Public-Figure/Pastor-Wayne-Taylor-
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pastorwaytay/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/pastorwaytay
    Blogs: https://calvarychapel.com/authors/wayne_taylor

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    • 36 min
    The First And Last Minute Of Your Sermon

    The First And Last Minute Of Your Sermon

    Super Doctor Reverend Jonathan Pennington (he said it, not us) is a professor, pastor, writer, podcaster, YouTuber and the list goes on.

    • 1 hr

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66 Ratings

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