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Extra Salty is a deep dive into the feelings behind holding onto and letting go of resentment. Created and hosted by comedians Jasmine Ellis and Ky Krebs.

Extra Salty Jasmine Ellis, Ky Krebs, Body Tape Intl.

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Extra Salty is a deep dive into the feelings behind holding onto and letting go of resentment. Created and hosted by comedians Jasmine Ellis and Ky Krebs.

    35 - Jenny Zigrino

    35 - Jenny Zigrino

    In a tape that Jasmine and Ky thought that they lost, they sat down with Jenny Zigrino (Comedy Central, Conan) to talk about wedding stuff, being rude to waiters, and meeting distant family members.

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    34 - It's Season 3!

    34 - It's Season 3!

    Welcome to Season 3! Ky and Jasmine kick season three off on a serious note, talking about the assault of Jussie Smollett, how a tweet going viral can lead to a few weeks of verbal abuse online, and how being part of a minority group puts pressure on its members to constantly be educating people on social and cultural issues while also being under pressure to present ideas with certain words and tone.

    33 - Sheila de Guzman

    33 - Sheila de Guzman

    Writer Sheila de Guzman joins Jasmine and Ky to talk about making relationships work through difficult times. She shares her story of how she felt resentment for a new relationship through working opposite schedules, differences in income, and how supporting her musician boyfriend and attending shows helped her discover signs that would later be confirmed as a diagnosis of autism. She tells us how her perspective changed after her diagnosis and how her and her husband created a system that worked for them and saved their relationship.

    • 44 min
    32 - Nathan Ehrmann

    32 - Nathan Ehrmann

    Comedian and actor Nathan Ehrmann (@justmadebynate) joins Jasmine and Ky to talk about his time living as a foreigner in Japan, how he got into a bicycle accident that got complicated very quickly, and how the experience of living abroad expanded his world view.

    • 58 min
    30 - I Love That You Called Him a S****y, Shitty Bitch

    30 - I Love That You Called Him a S****y, Shitty Bitch

    Jasmine and Ky sit down to talk celebrity beefs, specifically Katt Williams and Tiffany Haddish. They explore what these beefs mean on the surface and the underlying implications that insults in a public fight can mean about how people perceive other people and their place in certain industries.

    • 45 min
    29 - Gina Yashere

    29 - Gina Yashere

    Comedian Gina Yashere (@ginayashere) from The Daily Show and Netflix’s “The Standups” joins Jasmine and Ky at the 2018 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (@oobfest). Gina talks about how Americans address her British accent, how a healthy diet has helped her lupus, and her best and worst road moments.

    Out of Bounds Comedy Festival occurs annually on Labor Day in Austin, TX. More information about the festival can be found at www.oobfest.com.

    Special thanks to the staff and crew of both Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, the Velveeta Room, and Dustin Svehlak.

    • 50 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

TanyaTarr ,

Jasmine and Ky are my BFFs (in my mind)

The best podcasts are when two friends get together and talk about important things. This is exactly what Extra Salty does, and Jasmine and Ky do it with an extra dose of love - and probably more kindness than people deserve. Also I love pettiness with cause. Really enjoyable and can't wait to see both of these talented comics on a stage really soon!

GreenesGirl ,

Love it!

Thoughtful, clever, and funny! I love listening to Jasmine and Kyle banter while always circling back to the topic at hand. It’s like sitting outside your apartment at night after work while you enjoy some drinks and chatting about the world we live in. Each of the guests bring their own perspective to the podcast which keeps things fresh. Keep up the good work.

BeModestmau5 ,

I mean, would you just listen to it?

Clever, full of insight, and heart. From the very first episode, it was clear these two are a great duo and quite adept at keeping things flowing the whole time. I’m a critical kind of Queen and I’ve nothing but great things to say about this podcast. Why are you still reading this?? Start listening for yourself!

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