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[Previously the Weird Rap Podcast.] Documenting and investigating rap music's most advanced artists, its experimental fringes, and otherwise unique or mysterious manifestations in the world of hip hop, new and old, focusing on its beauty, its complexities and its curiosities. Hosted by Th' Mole, veteran rapper, producer, and performing artist. Extraordinary Rap is an independently-run podcast, record label, and news/social media presence. http://extraordinaryrap.org

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[Previously the Weird Rap Podcast.] Documenting and investigating rap music's most advanced artists, its experimental fringes, and otherwise unique or mysterious manifestations in the world of hip hop, new and old, focusing on its beauty, its complexities and its curiosities. Hosted by Th' Mole, veteran rapper, producer, and performing artist. Extraordinary Rap is an independently-run podcast, record label, and news/social media presence. http://extraordinaryrap.org



    pedestrian doesn't work well with the algorithm.  Web searches for his indistinct moniker are useless; his small number of music releases is poorly-distributed; and while he's received a fair amount of critical praise, most was never, or is no longer, online.  Even before the internet was so integral to a musician's career, James Brandon Best, as he was born, didn't play ball with the music industry.  With no press photos, no music videos, rare and often-bewildering public performances, obscure lyrics, only two albums in over two decades, and not being the type of guy who gets invited to industry social gatherings, pedestrian's music hasn't reached nearly the amount of listeners it deserves.
    While the collective that he named, anticon, blew up in the early 00s, establishing an unprecedentedly poetic, rough-hewn brand of hip hop, and his cohorts toured the globe, releasing a torrent of critically-praised projects, seemingly reaching the extent of popularity that could be achieved with cryptic, trend-eschewing rap music at that time, Brandon, as he's known personally, opted out of most of the opportunities afforded by popularity.  The now-long-disbanded group of artists remain successful in their individual music careers, each settling into their own contemporary art ecosystems, except, that is, for pedestrian, who remains on the fringes of obscurity, quietly allowing his artistic legacy to wither.
    Unwilling to bend to the norms of a modern career artist, Brandon is arguably self-defeating in the extent to which he's made his work inaccessible.  Even if one manages to track down any of his recordings, cursory listens will leave the vast majority of rap listeners confused, as much of the language is coded and chock-full of highly specific references.
    UnIndian Songs Volume I has been expanded and remastered for digital and cassette release, accompanied by a lyric/photo booklet.  (Pre-order it now at http://extraordinaryrap.bandcamp.com.)
    In this episode, we sit down with pedestrian to unpack the album's many layers, references, and hidden meanings.
    The album comes out digitally, on May 1, 2024, May Day, a day commemorating the historic struggles and gains of the workers and labour movement.  The album itself being largely focused on the United States' atrocities against its land's native peoples, it's a fitting day of solidarity and protest against imperialist forces.
    In this spirit, all profits of the album will be donated directly to providing drinking water and search-and-rescue efforts to those desperate enough to attempt unlawful crossing of the southern US border, courtesy of the South Texas Human Rights Center.
    Our Patreon bonus includes another 40 minutes with pedestrian, plus a rundown of your host's recent rap listenings.  Past bonus material includes even more talks with pedestrian, his unreleased Stuffed Animals album, interviews with other anticon members, and much more.  Access it all for 3 lousy bucks at http://patreon.com/extraordinaryrap.
    All things Extraordinary Rap at http://extraordinaryrap.org.

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    Mic Crenshaw

    Mic Crenshaw

    Insurgent rapper/author/organizer Mic Crenshaw joins us for an in-depth look into his anti-racist actions, community upliftment, music and much more.  Plus reviews of Wet-Jet Seymour and Mars Kumari.
    In our bonus episode we cover new and old releases by Danny Brown, Buck 65, Doseone, Jel, Sole & The Skyrider Band, Congplexonome, Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey, William Crooks, and Jon Spencer, plus a look into the entire Jungle Brothers discography.  http://patreon.com/extraordinaryrap
    Mic Crenshaw links:
    Official site: https://www.miccrenshaw.com/home
    It Did Happen Here podcast: https://itdidhappenherepodcast.com
    It Did Happen Here book: https://pmpress.org/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1467
    The Baldies documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BSDZ1DIEIQ
    Rebelwise: https://www.rebelwise.link
    Crenshaw & Shabazz: https://crenshawandshabazz.com
    Wet-Jet Seymour: The Head
    Mars Kumari: I Thought I Lost You
    Extraordinary Rap record label, merch, links, etc:

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    Retropxssy, JoeJas

    Retropxssy, JoeJas

    In this episode, on location in exotic London of the UK, we speak with vibrant young rap wippersnappers Retropxssy and JoeJas.  Plus reviews of Hester Valentine & Outside House, Andrew Mbaruk, and Cashmaster Buck.
    Retropxssy does a unique range of cute/scary/heartfelt music owing influences to grime, punk, pop, and beyond.  https://retropxssy.bandcamp.com
    London-based, Atlanta-raised, MC/beatsmith JoeJas makes defiantly sunny, uplifting rap music, and is an event coordinator, video producer and fashion designer under his Fat Llama umbrella.  https://joejas.bandcamp.com
    The articles I mentioned on South African and London rap - http://extraordinaryrap.patreon.com
    Hester Valentine & Outside House: I Can't Cut Your Hair
    Andrew Mbaruk: Black Squirrel: A Memoir

    Cashmaster Buck: Cashmaster
    Rate/review if you please at http://weirdrap.com/rating
    All the ER stuff at http://extraordinaryrap.org

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    Bonus Episode - New Releases

    Bonus Episode - New Releases

    Featured in this episode:
    Lt. Headtrip X DOS4GW - Tap on the Glass
    Too Birds - Soul of Too Birds
    BAYANG (tha Bushranger) - REDBRICKGOTHIK
    Hemlock Ernst & Height Keech - The Fall Collection
    Carmine Moth - Pontifical Resin
    Decuma - feeding the world serpent
    Deleeteglitch - Creature of Habit
    Armand Hammer - We Buy Diabetic Test Strips
    (episode art by) Michael Gates

    • 14 min
    Extraordinary Rap Bonus, Sep 21, '23 [abridged]

    Extraordinary Rap Bonus, Sep 21, '23 [abridged]

    In this bonus episode, internal affairs are discussed, personal issues are disclosed, and secret info is declassified. Includes talk of Kool Keith, Decuma, Andrew Mbaruk, the Weird vs the Extraordinary, and more.  This is an abridged version of a considerably longer, more embarrasing episode, available in its entirety at http://patreon.com/extraordinaryrap.
    Decuma album & more at http://extraordinaryrap.bandcamp.com.
    Kool Keith shirts & more at http://extraordinaryrap.org.

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    Weird/Extraordinary Rap - Mrs.Paintbrush

    Weird/Extraordinary Rap - Mrs.Paintbrush

    It's the last episode of the Weird Rap Podcast, and the first episode of the Extraordinary Rap Podcast!  Mrs.Paintbrush, AKA Jackson of Grand Buffet, bares his beautiful soul, with guest interviewer Beverly Fresh.
    Pittsburgh native Mrs.Paintbrush boldly bridges the gap between bedroom hip hop and arena rock - like if David Lee Roth were an underground dadaist rapper, not really but maybe sort of...   This is a poor attempt at describing a truly one-of-a-kind musician.
    Keep an ear out for his new EP, Jaskin, out on his bday, Tuesday, Sep 19, at http://mrspaintbrush.bandcamp.com.
    Bonus episodes, etc. - http://patreon.com/extraordinaryrap

    • 1 hr 37 min

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4.8 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

ZJS3000 ,


Good and, yes, kinda weird podcast about rap. Kool Keith presents horoscopes, obscure artists get interviews, etc.

2or3thingsiknowaboutpodcasts ,

Pedestrian’s coke habit


So in the catholic tradition Tupac is a saint and i printed my song about that *snort* on Tibetan prayer flags because hip hop is a collage for white dudes with phds

drehorse ,

Highlighting the voices of truly enthralling music.

Exciting and meaningful- a collection of interviews, recommendations, fables and tales that engage like none other. Each episode holds layered structures of new insights for those honest few that make this music so captivating.

The weirdos always know what’s up.

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