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Faithspotting is a podcasts dedicated to spotting and sharing issues of life, faith, and theology presented in film, television, and music, then empower listeners to use these stories as tools to strengthen and apply faith in their everyday life.

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Faithspotting is a podcasts dedicated to spotting and sharing issues of life, faith, and theology presented in film, television, and music, then empower listeners to use these stories as tools to strengthen and apply faith in their everyday life.

    Faithspotting "Pulp Fiction" Pt. 2 Faith Edition

    Faithspotting "Pulp Fiction" Pt. 2 Faith Edition

    Kenny and Mike continue their look at the 1994 film classic, Pulp Fiction and discuss the faith elements spotted in the Quentin Tarantino breakout film. 
    Faith Reflctions Spotted:

               John Travolta    Samuel Jackson                             Miramax 
    The most direct and significant faith issue is the film's representation of repentance and redemption following an experience of God, as displayed by one character, the failure of another to do likewise, and the consequences of each. 
    The reaction of others toward those who repent, are redeemed, and follow the call and righteousness of God. Giving up the ways and wages of the old life to accept the Way and blessings of following God and seeking the Kingdom of God. 
    No one is beyond God's seeking one to repent and receive grace and redemption, and the witness and impact such redemption can have on others.
    The ultimate failure of Worldly powers and promises vs the faithfulless of God.  
    The place and potential of secular films to present faith teaching in ways that speak to persons outside the Church and faith. 


    • 25 min
    Faithspotting "Pulp Fiction" Part 1

    Faithspotting "Pulp Fiction" Part 1

    Mike and Kenny discuss one of their favorite films in the first of a two part series examining the 1994 Academy Award winning film (Best Original Screenplay) Pulp Fiction. Part two will spot faitn reflected in the iconic Quentin Tarantino film. 
    Included in part 1 is their discussion about the place of the film and Tarantino in modern film history as well as their favorite scenes and elements.
    Pulp Fiction is rated R for language and violence. 

    • 43 min
    Faithspotting "Luca"

    Faithspotting "Luca"

    Kenny and Mike discuss the newest Pixar film and spot faith issues presented in Luca.
    Faith Issues Spotted:
    The Judeo-Christian understanding of living and witnessing the Way of God as a stranger in a strange land.
    Embracing the commonalities with people of other nations, customs, and faiths.
    The use of myth and legends to instill fear and antipathy toward "others" vs Christ's call to love the "other" as neighbors and children of God.

    • 25 min
    Faithspotting "In The Heights"

    Faithspotting "In The Heights"

    Anthony Ramos   Warner Brothers/HBO
    Kenny and Mike discuss the film and faith elements spotted in the Jon M. Chu directed film of the Tony Award winning musical In The Heights that is both contemporary in voice and a throwback to an earlier style of film musical.
    Faith Reflections Spotted:
    The power and place of "calling" and knowing how to distinguish calling from desire and dream.
    The balance between community and the individual. While it is the community that helps nurture, raise and make individuals who they are, it is the individuals who form and make up the community and bring variety, personality, life and health.
    Similarly, the place and nuanced distinction of individual countries within the greater Latin culture, mirrors that of the variety of religous experiences and expressions within one's greater Faith.
    The call to be the community of the present, looking toward the future calling rather than wasting the present mourning the past. 

    • 35 min
    Faithspotting "A Quiet Place Pt 2"

    Faithspotting "A Quiet Place Pt 2"

    Following up on their discussion of, the 2018 film A Quiet Place, Kenny and Mike discuss the film and spot faithin John Krasinski's sequal, A Quiet Place Pt. 2.
    Faith Issues Spotted:
    As in the original, A Quiet Place Pt.2 depicts the reality that there is no escaping the threat of the invading aliens. Much like sin, which is beyond the ability of humanity to escape and overcome, there is no place to escape the presence and danger of the aliens.  While one can hide, one cannot escape.
    The presence of a Christ Figure, someone through whom salvation is found and who demonstrates true, empathy and sacrificial love for others. This element added to Kenny's understanding to the nature of Jesus as the Word.
    AQP2 depicts the teaching in Matthew that faithful should not fear that which can kill the body only, but that which can kill the body and soul/spirit. Matthew 10:28.  This teaching came immediately following Jesus's teaching earlier in the chapter of coming persecution.

    • 28 min
    Faithspotting "A Quiet Place"

    Faithspotting "A Quiet Place"

    Kenny and Mike discuss the film and spot faith reflected in the 2018 blockbuster A Quiet Place.
    Faith Elements Spotted:
    Place of Sacrificial Love. 
    Complexity of Guilt and Recovery:
    Civic Guilt, Law Based-Objective
    Existential /Religious Guilt, Moral Responsibility- Subjective aspects. Not limited or defined by laws. 
    Psychologic Guilt, Subjective experience of guilt.
    Faith Allows/Offers forgiveness when guilt is through intentional actions when accompanied by confession and repentance. Faith also allows healing when tragedy is the unintended result of one's actions. Both are the result of sin and the brokenness of of God's once perfect creation.  
    Place of the Resurrection and the Kingdom of God and new life in guilt, forgiveness, and guilty feelings. 
    Theodicy: Theological reflection why sin, suffering, and brokenness remain even as God is a God of love and is all powerful. 
    Purpose and Place for Intentional Presence and Communication of Feelings and Forgiveness When Necessary:
    It is important to communicate love, forgiveness, and feelings whether feelings of joy, pride, anger.  Such intentionality of presence and communication is reflected in communal worship. Such intentionality helps protect against isolation which amplifies anger, guilt and negative behavior. Unlike the film, in the midst of guilt and guilty feelings, a quiet place can be one of danger. 

    John Krasinski & Noah Jupe, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Cade Woodard                                                                          Paramount Pictures

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