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Here I am, the best fashion friend you never knew you needed! Sit down with personal stylist, Holly Katz to chat about finding your personal style, often with influential industry figures and celebrating women-owned small business owners - bringing you all of her sage advice and expertise. You'll want to take notes.
Making fun of herself, Holly reports on the latest fashion trends - and fashion crimes - so you can learn from the best and make sure you don't land on the worst-dressed list. Personal stylist Holly Katz is the fashion investigator... stopping the crimes of the innocent (and not-so-innocent) victims of terrible style choices. Holly will roll in to give you all of the style advice you never thought you needed and make you feel like your image is on point. With this podcast, you've got her on speed dial 24/7. You won't want to miss a single one!
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Fashion Crimes Podcast Holly Katz

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Here I am, the best fashion friend you never knew you needed! Sit down with personal stylist, Holly Katz to chat about finding your personal style, often with influential industry figures and celebrating women-owned small business owners - bringing you all of her sage advice and expertise. You'll want to take notes.
Making fun of herself, Holly reports on the latest fashion trends - and fashion crimes - so you can learn from the best and make sure you don't land on the worst-dressed list. Personal stylist Holly Katz is the fashion investigator... stopping the crimes of the innocent (and not-so-innocent) victims of terrible style choices. Holly will roll in to give you all of the style advice you never thought you needed and make you feel like your image is on point. With this podcast, you've got her on speed dial 24/7. You won't want to miss a single one!
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    The Queen of Charleston Fashion: Stacy Smallwood of HAMPDEN Clothing | EP 200

    The Queen of Charleston Fashion: Stacy Smallwood of HAMPDEN Clothing | EP 200

    You've got a front-row seat!
    This milestone 200th exclusive episode is an in-person interview with Stacy Smallwood, available on our YouTube channel!
    Make sure you watch to see her favorite picks, style tips and wardrobe advice, especially for you, fashion besties. 
    On the 200th episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, sits down with the Queen of Fashion on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, Stacy Smallwood of Hampden.
    As part of our continuing series of “Women Supporting Women,” Stacy is the epitome of a self-made female entrepreneur who is changing fashion for the better! #Yasssss!
    Listen Now: 
    As the premier stylist and owner of the renowned HAMPDEN Clothing boutique on King Street, Stacy shares her journey and trade secrets for women over 40.
    From her background to starting HAMPDEN, to addressing the unique fashion needs and body-sensitive issues of her clientele, this episode is packed with valuable insights and trends for Summer 2024.
    Key Highlights:
    Stacy's Background:
    Stacy Smallwood's journey into the fashion industry began with her childhood love for fashion. She recounts her experiences at Vanderbilt University, where she majored in a field unrelated to fashion but gained valuable insights through internships in beauty and PR. A pivotal moment came when she secured a spot in Neiman Marcus's buying program, which launched her career in the fashion world.
    She reflects on her fearless twenties, moving to Dallas without knowing anyone, and how these experiences laid the foundation for her future success with HAMPDEN Clothing.
    The Birth of HAMPDEN:
    Stacy provides a detailed narrative of how she opened HAMPDEN Clothing at the age of 27 in February 2007. Starting with a smaller space on King Street, she describes the boutique's growth and relocation to its current expansive location. Stacy highlights the strategic decisions behind each expansion, such as acquiring additional retail space and curating a unique shopping experience.
    She discusses the challenges and triumphs of running a high-end boutique and how HAMPDEN has become a fashion destination in Charleston.
    Serving Women Over 40:
    Stacy emphasizes her commitment to catering to women over 40 and understanding their specific needs and preferences. She explains how HAMPDEN Clothing addresses the common fashion dilemmas faced by women of a certain age, from finding flattering fits to selecting age-appropriate styles.
    Stacy talks about the importance of confidence in fashion and how her boutique aims to empower women by providing them with stylish, sophisticated, and high-quality pieces that make them feel their best.
    Body-Sensitive Issues:
    The episode delves into the body-sensitive issues that many women encounter when shopping for clothes. Stacy discusses how her team of stylists at HAMPDEN is trained to handle these concerns with empathy and expertise. She shares heartwarming stories of clients who have overcome significant challenges, such as recovering from a double mastectomy or finding the perfect dress for a life-changing event.
    Stacy highlights the boutique's personalized approach, ensuring that every client feels comfortable, confident, and beautiful.
    Hot Trends for Summer 2024:
    Get ready for Summer 2024 with Stacy's expert insights into the hottest fashion trends. She shares her favorite summer pieces, including stylish dresses, versatile separates, and must-have accessories. Stacy highlights key trends such as bold prints, lightweight fabrics, and statement accessories that are perfect for the summer season.
    She offers practical styling tips to help women incorporate these trends into their wardrobes, ensuring they stay fashionable and comfortable during the warmer months.
    Connect with Us:
    • Website: Fashion Crimes Podcast
    • Instagram: @fashioncrimespodcast
    • Guest: Stacy Smallwood of HAMPDEN Clothing
    About the Fashion Crimes Podcast:
    The Fashion Crimes P

    • 36 min
    Women Supporting Women Series: Elizabeth Gumb, Personal Stylist EP | 199

    Women Supporting Women Series: Elizabeth Gumb, Personal Stylist EP | 199

    Welcome back, Fashion Besties! We're thrilled to present Episode 199 of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, where we are gearing up for a grand celebration of our upcoming 200th episode!
    Your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, recently embarked on an exciting fashion journey where she met up with some of the most fabulous women of the chic city of Charleston, SC –female fashion entrepreneurs who are setting the tone of fashion in this vibrant and sassy, fashion-forward city!
    Kicking off the first in this series is the incredible Elizabeth Gumb, a personal stylist who has been transforming wardrobes and boosting confidence since 2013.
    Get ready for a stylish adventure as Elizabeth and Holly share their expertise, tips, and the latest in Charleston fashion.
    Who is Elizabeth Gumb?
    Elizabeth is a dynamic personal stylist based in Charleston, South Carolina. With a background as a lawyer, Elizabeth brings a unique blend of organizational skills and fashion sense to her clients.
    Since founding her business, Edited by Elizabeth, in 2018, she has been dedicated to helping women, particularly those over 40, rediscover their style and confidence. Her journey from law to fashion is a testament to following one’s passion and creating a fulfilling career doing what you love. #legallybrunette
    “What we wear - our personal style - is so much a part of who we are, what we say to the world, and an image of how we feel. As we grow and change in life, so does our style. Often in this fast-paced world, we lose sight of what our style is and how to get it back. As a mother of three, I understand how chaotic life can be and how your style can take a backseat as we drive through life.” – Elizabeth Gumb, personal stylist
    Elizabeth’s Journey:
    Elizabeth shares her inspiring transition from being a lawyer to becoming a personal stylist. Her passion for fashion began in childhood and eventually led her to start her own styling business.
    Having helped friends and family dress for events and pack for trips over the years, she was able to turn her love of dressing up into a beloved career. Elizabeth has a natural ability to help clients figure out their style and what they should be wearing to encompass their true selves.
    Understanding Clients’ Needs:
    Elizabeth explains how she tailors her services to women over 40, #YAASSS who often face changes in their bodies and lifestyles. She emphasizes the importance of wardrobe edits and choosing pieces that reflect who they are today.
    Wardrobe Essentials:
    Elizabeth and Holly highlight the importance of having a versatile and functional wardrobe. They talk about investing in quality basics and classic pieces that can be styled in multiple ways. A few key items mentioned include a classic trench coat, good quality jeans, and versatile shoes and accessories. 
    Both stylists stress the significance of proper undergarments. Elizabeth highlights the necessity of shapewear, seamless underwear, and well-fitting bras as the foundation of any great outfit. #FACTS
    Color Analysis:
    Elizabeth uses color strips to determine whether her clients are cool or warm-toned, helping them choose colors that brighten their faces and complement their features. This personalized approach ensures clients always look their best.
    Dealing with Fast Fashion:
    The discussion touches on the impact of fast fashion and the importance of investing in quality pieces. Elizabeth shares her philosophy on buying less but choosing well, advocating for a wardrobe that prioritizes timeless pieces over trendy, disposable items.  
    Jeans and Accessories:
    They delve into the world of jeans, emphasizing the need for a perfect fit around the torso and the versatility of different jean styles. Accessories, particularly belts and jewelry, are highlighted as essential components for elevating any outfit.
    Maternity Clothe

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    Top Swimsuit Picks 2024 | EP 198

    Top Swimsuit Picks 2024 | EP 198

    Happy Post Memorial Day, Fashion Besties!
    Whether you celebrated in style or stayed cozy in your pajamas, I hope you had a fabulous time. Special thanks and snaps to everyone in the Armed Forces for their incredible service.

    This week, we’re jumping from the high dive into our Top Swimsuit Picks for 2024. Get
    ready to hit the beach in style with suits that flatter every figure.

    HOT TIP: You can find all of Holly’s selections on your Pinterest board of the week! 

    As your Fashion Over 40 (and now Over 50) Bathing Suit Expert - with a bathing suit
    PSA- This is a product that has more measurements and specifications that can go down to the 1/16th of an inch. The first thing you should look for when buying a bathing suit is the measurements in the areas where you need the most support. 

    Key Talking Points:
    Finding the Perfect Fit:
     Measurements Matter: Swimsuits, like lingerie, require precise
    measurements. Look for suits that fit your body type perfectly, offering the
    support and coverage you need.

     Tall Girls, Listen Up: If you’re over 5’10” with a long torso, choose styles
    designed to prevent uncomfortable riding up. Proper fit is key to avoiding
    fashion mishaps.

     Support for All Shapes: From minimal support to bra-like structures, pick
    swimsuits with the right amount of boob support. Wider straps can also
    provide better lift and comfort.

     Coverage Concerns: Ensure your suit isn’t too see-through when wet
    and offers enough coverage in the front and back to keep you comfortable
    and confident.

    Style and Functionality:

     Multi-Functional Swimwear: Choose swimsuits that can double as
    bodysuits for a seamless transition from beach to dinner. This adds value
    by lowering the cost per wear (CPW).
     Age-Appropriate Choices: Find a balance between stylish and age-
    appropriate. Avoid suits that make you feel self-conscious or too matronly.

     Activity-Ready: For active days, opt for styles that stay put and provide
    enough coverage, especially if you’re running around with kids or
    participating in water sports.
    Top Picks for 2024:

     Jantzen: Known for their rich history and diverse styles, Jantzen offers
    affordable swimsuits with UV protection. Check out their sister company,
    Cosita Linda, for more fashion-forward options.

     Karla Colletto: If you’re ready to splurge, Karla Colletto’s swimsuits,
    made in the USA, feature unique styles and prints perfect for making a

     Miraclesuit: A long-time favorite, Miraclesuit designs provide excellent
    support and a flattering silhouette, making them worth the higher price tag.

     Norma Kamali: With styles like the Illusion swimsuit, Norma Kamali offers
    sexy and well-fitted options that are sure to turn heads.

     Swimsuits For All: Catering to sizes 4 to 44, this brand ensures every
    body is a beach body. Their reasonable prices and wide range of styles
    make them a go-to choice.
    What Not to Do:

     Avoid Big Box Stores: Don’t waste time hunting for cheap, ill-fitting
    swimsuits at big box stores. Invest in quality pieces that make you feel
    fabulous and last longer.
     Avoid Instagram Traps: What you see being sold on IG is mostly fast
    fashion: A major fashion crime, and crappy all-around.
    Last Week’s Episode Recap:

    Last week, we tackled the tricky topic of office dress codes in Episode 197. PS: A big
    shout out to everyone who wrote in with terrific comments! We discussed how business
    casual has evolved post-COVID and the importance of maintaining a professional yet
    stylish wardrobe at work.
    If your office dress code is causing you headaches, go back and listen to get all my tips
    on dressing for success in today’s workplace.
    Final Thoughts:
    Thank you so much for tuning in this week! Remember, confidence is key when it
    comes to rocking a swimsuit.
    Don't FORGET to check out your Pinterest Board for all my top picks and more inspiration.
    Got a to

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    Dress Code Apocalypse 2024 - What to Wear Now | EP 197

    Dress Code Apocalypse 2024 - What to Wear Now | EP 197

    What is up, Fashion Besties! Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist for women over 40—and we mean, way over 40—is back with another fabulous episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast.
    This week, we're charging into the chaotic world of office dress codes as many of us have returned to "Back to Work in the Office."
    Based on an insightful article in the Wall Street Journal recently, we're breaking down the do's and don'ts of workplace attire in 2024.
    In this episode, Holly addresses the great debate about 'crop tops' in the office. Are they appropriate? Who can wear them, and how should they be styled to keep them professional yet fashionable?
    Holly shares her expert advice, drawing from personal experience and the latest fashion trends. 
    Spoiler alert:
    Holly has been rocking crop tops since she was 12 and continues to do so fabulously at 50. I mean, the crop top has gotten longer, but still a crop nonetheless! MUST DO: Find Holly's specially curated Pinterest board just for you, for this episode.
    Key Highlights in This Episode
    The Article that Sparked It All:
    While researching the topic of dress codes, Holly came across a great article written by Jessica Roy of the Wall Street Journal titled: "Your Intern Is Wearing a Corporate Crop Top. Should You Say Something—or Join Her?"
    How’s that for an eyeball-stopping headline? It certainly got our attention!
    Office Dress Code Apocalypse: What to do. What to wear?
    So, Holly started wondering: What is the current state of office dress codes post-pandemic and how are different industries adapting (or not) to the changes?  
    Well, it depends on where you work:
    Tech Industry:
    Casual wear like jeans, rec sneakers, and t-shirts can be the norm, but adding a stylish blazer can elevate the look for meetings. And accessorize!
    Finance and Law:
    Stick to traditional dress codes with modern twists, like a sleek suit in a bold color or a dress with a fabulous printed shoe. Texture and pattern can go a long way for a stricter dress code.
    Creative Fields:
    More flexibility allows for expressive attire, such as distressed fabrics, body art, logo tees and non-traditional work attire. Bold colors and clothing with more 'personality' is usually widely accepted. 
    Holly shares her views on why it's essential to redefine workplace attire standards to match the modern, flexible work environment.
    Pushing past your comfort zone and expressing yourself through fashion, even if just a little, can be appropriate in a business or work environment if done tastefully.
    Crop Tops in the Workplace – Yay or Nay? We know what we think, what do you think?
    Are women now wearing crop tops to the office?
    What are people saying about that?
    Well, if the comments at the end of the WSJ article are any indication, this subject seems to have caused a bit of a debate.
    Holly shares her take on how, yes, you actually can style a cropped top that will accentuate your waist - AND – look professional without having half of your stomach showing.
    In fact, if you are worried about your midsection, wearing a shorter top or jacket will actually help you look thinner. It's fashion law.
    That is a fashion fact, and you can quote Holly on that all day long. Here’s how to pull it together:
    1.) Pair a cropped blouse with high-waisted tailored trousers and a structured blazer for a chic, office-appropriate look.  #yyaasssss
    2.) Opt for a crop top that just grazes the waistband of a high-waisted pencil skirt, adding a fitted cardigan for extra coverage and sophistication. #sllllaayyyy
    3.) For a more conservative approach, wear a slightly longer crop top that overlaps with high-waisted wide-leg pants, finished with a statement belt to define your waist. #ffieerrce
    Pinterest Alert!
    Don't miss out on Holly's specially curated Pinterest board for this episode. It's packed with style in

    • 28 min
    George Kalajian, International Pleater & Couture Designer | Episode 196

    George Kalajian, International Pleater & Couture Designer | Episode 196

    Welcome back, Fashion Friends!
    This is Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist,
    bringing you another thrilling episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast. Before we get  started, please follow along on YouTube to visually following along with this episode!

    Today we're diving deep into the intricate and mesmerizing world of pleating
    with a true master of the craft, George Kalajian. George is a fifth-generation fashion artisan and the creative force behind Tom's Sons International Pleating in New York City. His family’s legacy and dedication to the art of pleating have not only preserved this ancient craft but have also propelled it into the future of fashion.

    Get ready to explore the rich history, the delicate artistry, and the cultural significance of
    pleating all while understanding why this endangered art form still matters today.

    - George Kalajian represents the fifth generation of his family in the pleating business.
    - Tom's Sons International Pleating was founded in the early 20th century, showcasing a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation.
    - The company specializes in various pleating techniques, including accordion, box,
    crystal, and sunburst pleats, serving high-end fashion designers and major fashion

    Some of the designer brands George Kalajian has worked with include:

     Christian Dior
     Oscar de la Renta
     Carolina Herrera
     Khaite
     Proeenza Schouler
     Alexander McQueen
     Brandon Maxwell
     Sergio Hudson
    The Art and History of Pleating
    -Pleating dates back to ancient civilizations, where it was used for both functional and
    decorative purposes in clothing.
    - Throughout history, pleating has been a symbol of elegance and sophistication, seen
    in garments from Egyptian robes to modern haute couture.
    - George shares fascinating anecdotes about how pleating has evolved over centuries
    and the meticulous handwork involved in creating these intricate designs.

    The Significance of Handmade Fashion Items

    - Handmade items, including pleated garments, represent a unique blend of artistry,
    tradition, and sustainability.
    - George emphasizes the value of supporting artisanal craftsmanship in an age
    dominated by machine-made products.
    - The conversation highlights how handmade fashion items contribute to a more
    sustainable and ethically conscious fashion industry.
    Challenges Facing the Pleating Industry

    - Despite its rich heritage, the pleating industry faces significant challenges in the
    modern era.
    - The rise of fast fashion and mass production has led to a decline in demand for
    handcrafted pleated garments.
    - George discusses the impact of these changes on traditional artisans and the
    importance of preserving these skills for future generations.

    Why Pleating Matters Today

    - Pleating is not just a technique but an art form that adds depth, texture, and
    movement to fabric.
    - It plays a crucial role in the world of high fashion, allowing designers to experiment
    with form and structure.
    - George explains how pleating continues to inspire contemporary designers and its
    relevance in today's fashion landscape.

    Looking to the Future: Innovations and Sustainability
    -George shares his vision for the future of pleating and how innovation can help
    sustain this endangered art form.
    - Tom's Sons International Pleating is exploring new techniques and sustainable
    practices to keep pleating alive and relevant.
    - The episode concludes with a hopeful outlook on how the fashion industry can
    embrace and preserve traditional crafts.

    Final Thoughts

    What an enlightening journey into the world of pleating! We’ve uncovered the intricate
    artistry behind each fold, the historical significance, and the current challenges
    threatening this beautiful craft.

    Please check out George’s new fashion artisan collective at

    George Kalajian's passion and dedication to preserving his family's legacy

    • 41 min
    Met Gala 2024 Review | Episode 195

    Met Gala 2024 Review | Episode 195

    Hey Fashion Besties! Get comfortable; this is your hostess with the mostess, Holly Katz, dishing out the juiciest takes from the Met Gala 2024.
    From the fab to the drab, we’ve got all the fashion hits and misses from the night’s star-studded extravaganza.
    Who wore it best, and who committed the worst Fashion Crimes?  Stick with us for all the tea.
    It’s time to roll out the red (really champagne and green) carpet and see who strutted into the fashion heavens and who plummeted into style purgatory.
    So, buckle up, darlings—it's going to be a chic ride!
    Have you never heard of the Met Gala? Have you never been to the Met in New York City? It doesn't matter. Just know that this is the celebrity event of the year featuring the most outrageous dresses, creations, costumes, art and curated looks to have ever been on blast in the history of fashion.  
    No matter your movie career, your singing career, your income bracket, or your societal stature -is the coolest of the cool kids who get to go.
    In this episode, we break down the triumphs and trials of the fashion’s biggest night, where the theme "Garden of Time" brought out an array of floral and fantastical outfits.
    From ethereal looks that had us gasping to questionable choices that had us asking, "What were they thinking?", this Met Gala was a fashion rollercoaster, to say the least.
    EPISODE ALERT: Follow along on Holly’s Pinterest to see all of the looks discussed in this episode.
    Best Dressed Celebrities:  A Short List
    The Men:
    Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon. We are not kicking them out of bed for eating crackers. IMJUSSAYIN!
    Shook the red carpet in a dazzling Carolina Herrera gown, proving age is just a number with her timeless beauty.
    Jennifer Lopez:
    Shimmered a stunning dress featuring 2,500,000 silver foil bugles and beads and took 800 hours of hand embroidery work.
    A vision in Margiela with a look that screamed both royal and regal, capturing the theme with perfection.
    Mindy Kaling:
    Turned heads with a sculptural Gaurav Gupta creation that was nothing short of wearable art.
    Gigi Hadid:
    Slayed in a deconstructed Tom Brown masterpiece, adorned with a galaxy of micro bugle beads. ONE OF the best dressed of the night. Let's be honest.
    Demi Moore:
    Stunned us all in a Harris Reed ensemble, a moving masterpiece that was both regal and avant-garde with feather arrows and structured wings. Wings!
    Elle Fanning:
    Looked like a fairy princess in a spellbinding Balmain gown that resembled liquid glass.
    Also mentioned: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kris Jenner, Penelope Cruz, and so. many. more! Be sure to LISTEN HERE!
    Worst Fashion Crimes:
    Doja Cat:
    Made waves for all the wrong reasons in a soaked white t-shirt dress, earning a solid fashion crime badge. #GIRLNO
    Rita Ora:
    Naked covered in a beaded curtain you hang over your doorway in your dorm room. Just no.
    Brie Larson:
    Missed the mark in a Prada ensemble that looked like a last-minute choice, not living up to the gala’s glamorous expectations. #mehatbest
    Queen Latifah:
    Overwhelmed by an opera coat that swallowed her stunning presence, turning what could have been fab into drab.
    Dia Lupa:
    A chaotic mix of lacy tablecloth vibes paired with a corset that made her look more tossed salad than tossed couture. #wwwhhyyyyyyy
    Serena Williams:
    Faced a style setback in a Balenciaga piece that was a fashion miss, more than a fashion hit. #punintended
    The Worst: Lizzo
    In a see-through dress with a headpiece that made her look like she was wearing a lampshade. Literally, she was wearing a cone of shame.
    What do you think?
    That’s a wrap on the Met Gala. Those are JUST SOME of our Best Dressed and Worst Fashion Crimes for this year.
    Do you agree? Do you not agree? Let us know!
    Thanks for tuning in to the Fashion Crimes Podcast! Remember, fashion might throw us curveballs, but that's wha

    • 37 min

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4.6 out of 5
83 Ratings

83 Ratings

Kendell Shows ,

Practical advice with a comedy edge

I drove to a bridal shower in North Alabama yesterday. I live in the south of Alabama. I say it like this so it sounds more exotic, like I live in the south of France. Anyway, I was the best dressed one there because I’m a recent graduate of Holly Katz University with a double major in “How to dress for your body type” and “Stop wasting money on cheap clothes.”

In the car I binged so many episodes and now I’m about to watch all the YouTube videos. I’ve been a listener for a few years and I’m so glad you have added in all the beauty and hair knowledge. The YouTube vids are #airkiss for someone who needs visuals.

Thank you, Rachel Shazam (my karaoke name)

Hometoluv ,

Helpful, sensible & easy tips

Thank you Holly for your direct & current approach to fashion. I’ve always loved fashion, but as I get older, it’s helpful to be told what’s OUT, what’s appropriate & what’s the latest. I like your fashion crimes (guilty) & recommendations. It’d be helpful to do a podcast on what to do with older styles (where to donate, sell, trade, etc.). Keep keeping us fashionable!

ATLKimmie2 ,

Let’s be honest

Holly is witty and real! Such a fun podcast!

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