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Here I am, the best fashion friend you never knew you needed! Sit down with personal stylist, Holly Katz to chat about finding your personal style, often with influential industry figures and celebrating small business owners - bringing you all of her sage advice and expertise. You'll want to take notes.
Making fun of herself, Holly reports on the latest fashion trends - and fashion crimes - so you can learn from the best and make sure you don't land on the worst dressed list. Personal stylist Holly Katz is the fashion investigator... stopping the crimes of the innocent (and not so innocent) victims of terrible style choices. Holly will roll in to give you all of the style advice you never thought you needed and make you feel like your image is on point. With this podcast, you've got her on speed dial 24/7. You won't want to miss a single one!
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Fashion Crimes Podcast Holly Katz

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Here I am, the best fashion friend you never knew you needed! Sit down with personal stylist, Holly Katz to chat about finding your personal style, often with influential industry figures and celebrating small business owners - bringing you all of her sage advice and expertise. You'll want to take notes.
Making fun of herself, Holly reports on the latest fashion trends - and fashion crimes - so you can learn from the best and make sure you don't land on the worst dressed list. Personal stylist Holly Katz is the fashion investigator... stopping the crimes of the innocent (and not so innocent) victims of terrible style choices. Holly will roll in to give you all of the style advice you never thought you needed and make you feel like your image is on point. With this podcast, you've got her on speed dial 24/7. You won't want to miss a single one!
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    How to Style Sneakers | EP 128

    How to Style Sneakers | EP 128

    This week we are talking about “How to Style Sneakers.” So, pay attention, women over 40! And we mean, waaaay over 40! 
    One of the most common questions your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz gets is, “Am I trying to look too young by wearing sneakers?  
    And the answer is a resounding, NO. There is actually a perfect way for you to look younger by wearing a hip pair of sneakers! 
    (For those of you in the back of the room: Fashion sneakers are more popular than ever right now.)  
    Not only are sneakers a multibillion-dollar industry, but they have also created a global movement of collectors and fans around the world that buy, sell, and trade for a living.
    There are so many different types of brands and styles of sneakers, it’s confusing. You are probably very unsure about how to navigate through the zillions of choices when trying to purchase a pair.  
    So just know this:  a good pair of sneakers is something that should always be a wardrobe staple for you. You only need to continually update the styles.  
    NOTE:  As always, for the best podcast experience, please follow along on Holly’s curated Pinterest board just for you to see all the outfits and styles she will be discussing this week. 
    A good pair of sneakers can last several years if you take care of them and keep them looking new. Just like polishing your leather shoes, you can't let your sneakers get beat up or worn down. That is NOT a good look (even though the Golden Goose brand may try to say otherwise.)  
    “Don't look like you're trying too hard. Sneakers go with most clothing items,  but it's important that you plan a cohesive outfit – and not wear basketball sneakers with a f*****g dress.”   #duh
    – Holly Katz 
    There are many different categories of sneakers, but you only need to worry about 2. So, let's break it down.  
    The Recreation Sneaker            a. Rec Sneaker usually means this is just a shoe for looks, not for function, also called a                fashion sneaker. 
         2. The Work-Out Sneaker  
              b. Anything that you would go running in, or to the gym. PERIOD. 
    Your sneakers have a purpose: Either they are for working out, or they are for fashion. They don't do both.  
    Do not let Holly catch you in your On Running cloud workout shoes with a dress.  
    DON’T DO IT! She will hunt you down and find you.   
    Holly’s favorite way to style sneakers? With leather or faux leather leggings and an oversized chunky knit sweater.  
    There are so many ways to wear them! Try them with dresses, skirts (like a maxi skirt) suiting, and, definitely, with a mini skirt in the summer (instead of shorts).
    Obviously, this is the most common item to wear them with. But not with your Mom jeans and a sloppy sweatshirt. You need to ELEVATE YOUR LOOK if you are going to wear sneakers with jeans.  
    Want a big fashion cheat? Wear a nice blazer over your jeans! You can even wear just a T-shirt and then add your sneakers. But do not wear your workout sneaks. #nomaam Otherwise, it will be a miss. Not a hit. 
    Add lots of jewelry and a really nice handbag, and you are DRESSED UP! It’s magic. 
    You can go for leggings or track pants (which are really on-trend) if you want to be more on the comfortable side.  
    A rec sneaker, with large statement earrings and a trench coat, is a super no-brainer when heading to the airport for a long flight. Holly loves that look. You look dressed up, and put together, but not like you just rolled out of bed.  
    It looks intentional, which is what we're going for. 
    Just so you know, Holly is 49 years young. Don't get mad at us, but all the shit from high school is back.  And we mean: Air Force Ones, Tiger, Fila and K Swiss (which Holly wore every day of her senior year of high school.) 
    It's all back. Every bit of it. So, if you're trying to ge

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    Viva, Magenta! Color of the Year & 2023 Color Trends |EP 127

    Viva, Magenta! Color of the Year & 2023 Color Trends |EP 127

    What the in the world does Viva Magenta mean? Who and what is Pantone? Why am I being told I need to know about the color of the year?  
    This is actually a very exciting subject for our podcast! There is nothing more fun than a new trend, a new color, or a new style to spice up your life – just as long as you have your favorite personal stylist (Holly Katz) here to guide you in how to make it work for you and your wardrobe.
    First off, what color is it? Is it red? Is it pink? Does it have purple in it? Or maybe blue? And what does Viva Las Vegas have to do with it?  Ha!
     Let's figure this out.  
    First of all, if you've never heard of Pantone, this is the company that provides everything that has anything to do with color, color placement, and product design for almost every industry.
    Pantone literally covers all things color....paint swatches, art and design trends, global color trend forecasting, as well as products and consulting services for anyone in the fashion design, textile, interior and manufacturing businesses.  This is where color is born.  
    They are the ones who determine what colors will be popular. And of course, the world just follows suit for everything from clothing to furniture to carpet to cars.   
    Pantone sets the stage for what consumers will be looking for, and more importantly, incorporate color psychology and emotion of a company's design strategy.  
    If you go to their website at www.pantone.com, you will be amazed at how detailed the business of color can be. It goes way beyond paint stores and samples. When fashion companies pick colors for the season, they go through a very extensive process of color labs, color dipping and dyeing to get the shades of fabrics exactly correct. 
    Next, what color is Viva Magenta? 
    In their own words, “Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, vibrates with vim and vigor. It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.” 
    Mmmmmkay. So, what is it, really?  
    It’s basically pink. But a strong pink, with red in it. And, blue. And somehow, some earth tones, too. This is not your Barbie’s bubble-gum pink, people.  
    If you really want to visualize it, please jump over to Holly’s Pinterest for her newest board with the Color of the Year trends and more style ideas.  
    How to Wear a New Color Trend: 
    If you have been a listener of the podcast before, you know exactly what Holly is going to say:  
    Shop for Fit First.   Shop for Your Body Type.  Do Not Shop for a Color or a Trend.    
    How many episodes to we need to record before you learn this?? 
    The best place to start is with my Wardrobe Checklist (Episode 118), which is THE ONLY wardrobe checklist you will ever need! By starting here, we can start with the basics, which is a blank canvas like a top or pants.  
    How to add Viva Magenta to your wardrobe. 
    First, pick your blank canvas: jeans or pants. 
    Next add a top: a T-shirt, jacket, shirt, blouse, or blazer. This is where you can add your new pop of the Viva Magenta color!  
    You do not need to invest in a brand-new wardrobe. Start with one statement piece and build your confidence from there.  
    Once you have graduated past one item, next you can try monochromatic dressing – like a pant suit. If that is too much of a commitment, then try the monochrmatic color in some pants and a sweater. That way you can break them up if it is too much for you.  
    Another simple idea is to wear two colors from the same color family, like a light pink with viva magenta-esque pants.  
    FASHION CRIME ALERT: Do not chicken out and wear just an accessory or a scarf. That is not ‘wearing' the color of the year. You need to jump in a little d

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    Exclusive Interview: Supermodel & Life Coach EMME EP |126

    Exclusive Interview: Supermodel & Life Coach EMME EP |126

    Get ready for a very special new episode, dropping FRIDAY, January 13th, with an exclusive interview with Supermodel and Life Coach Emme! 
    So, FRIDAY the 13th is actually your lucky day! Because your favorite personal stylist  Holly Katz, is expanding her focus on CELEBRATING WOMEN-OWNED BRANDS and WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS on the podcast - all year - this year!  #Yaaaaaasssss! 
    And who better to PUMP US UP with confidence and wisdom than our new BFFF (Best Fashion Friend Forever), than supermodel and fashion mold-breaker, EMME?!  
    After three decades empowering women and influencing (shapeshifting / disrupting) the worlds of fashion and beauty, Emme has all this experience and more to share! 
    We are all about Fashion Over 40 - and we mean, WAAAAAYYY over 40. 
    So, it is perfect timing that EMME sits down with Holly to talk about loving who you are - no matter what stage of life you are in. 
    About EMME:  
    Emme has been a trusted voice in the fashion, wellness, beauty, and news industries for more than 20 years, and she is widely regarded as a trailblazing social reformer for women's empowerment and positive body image. She is the founder of the True Beauty Foundation, whose mission is to enhance young people's mental wellness.  
    Emme's passion is to "feel extraordinarily free in our bodies and live our most inspired lives possible" as a TV personality, brand spokesperson, TV and podcast host, consultant, author, Revlon spokeswoman, keynote speaker, and creative director of her clothing lines (EMME®, mebyEMME®, and TrueBeautybyEMME®). 
    Emme was chosen twice for People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People," and Ladies' Home Journal named her one of the "Most Important Women in America" and one of the "Most Fascinating Women of the Year."  
    In 2018, Oprah Magazine dubbed her the "Godmother of the Full-Figured Industry." Emme is also a TEDx speaker. She has also been recognized as one of the "Women of the Year" by Glamour Magazine and one of the "25 Most Influential Women" by Biography magazine.  
    So, now you know that EMME is a BFD.  (If you need to Google that, then go ahead.) But this girl knows fashion. And she knows women’s fashion over 40...and how to love living in your own skin after 40.
    Join us for a delightful, enlightening and refreshing conversation about loving the woman that you are. Not what you see on Instagram. Not the one you see in photoshopped images in magazines. Not what the trends tell you to be.  
    In Emme’s words: 
    “I love finding joy within the honoring of my body and all that it can do. I love being in fashion, being able to be involved in fashion and wearing trend-appropriate fashion. I was also an athlete growing up, so I love being out and about and being fit.” 
    Emme has written a book and done TV shows, and it's all around honoring the body, all the different shapes and sizes and colors and all that we are - and not listening to voices that dictate that “you should be this way, or you should be that way.”  
    “I don't want to feel like I am “less-than” every single step of my life. I want to feel infused with joy. That is it. It's an inward journey to tap in, tune in and turn on to that.” 
    “So, when you hear messaging on the outside, when you hear conversations around the dinner table, when you hear cocktail party discussions, or you see billboards and your image - or your friends’ images - are not reflected in the ideas of beauty, just know that deep down inside, that if you're rocking your life and you're in it to win it, that's the best place to be, instead of trying to change yourself.” 
    For instance, one day, you might not have a big butt and then suddenly the trend is that you need to have a bigger butt.  So, you run out and try and get one.  Or, the next day you need to have a certain hairstyle, so blah,

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    Designer Spotlight: Kiya Tomlin

    Designer Spotlight: Kiya Tomlin

    We are kicking off the new year with focusing on powerful, fabulous women changing the fashion industy for the better! YAASSSS.
    Kiya Tomlin is the woman of the week who is our new obsession! Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Kiya is a couture designer that started her own ready-to-wear line after figuring out that clothes need to made to fit people, not meaurements. Her casually elegant styles are for real life and real women. Each and every garment worthy of being seen, enjoyed, admired, and appreciated. Just like the moments that inspired them. And the beautiful, incredible women they're made for. #PREACH
    Through years of garment construction experince, her namesake sustainable brand are clothes that are ageless, elegant, seasonless and flattering without constriction.  We can honestly say her clothes are designed to spend more time on real bodies than on hangers. Fabrics are made from bamboo, known to drape nicely over middles with comfort and ease.  It all started with her dress that she made for herself that she could work in, run with her kids, and go on date night in. Everyone started asking where she got her dress and soon started making them custom for her customers. 
    As Kiya sent Holly the twisted tee- jersey top-let's be honest, she'll take 3. GET. ONE. NOW. 
    Everything is made in Pittsburgh in her storefront, which means she creates in small batches, which means the is intentional about how they lay the fabric to decrease waste and donate it to several community services around the area. Loving this journey for her. 

    Since her husband is All-star coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers (BFD alert!), she expanded her line into an NFL collection for women which she fought to license and made her dream come true! Vote with your dollars to support Kiya Tomlin and her vision to dress women for real life and representing during NFL games. GO Steelers! 
    Check out the full episode on the Fashion Crimes Podcast website, or wherever you stream. Follow us and Kiya on all social channels and sign up for our newsletter so you get this free fashion content delivered straight to your inbox every. single. week. YAASSS
    IG: kiyatomlin
    FB: kiyatomlin
    TT: kiyatomlin

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    What to Wear for New Year’s Eve 2022 | EP 124

    What to Wear for New Year’s Eve 2022 | EP 124

    Did you know that you can shop your own closet for New Year’s Eve? If you are like many of people – late to make plans for NYE, and then even later to get an outfit together – then you have come to the right place, Fashion Friends!
    “On New Year’s Eve, no matter what your plans are, you are supposed to look like a freaking disco ball. End of story.” – Holly Katz
    This week your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, is here with her secret formula for pulling an outfit out of your own closet! Don’t run out and shop at the last minute. You will buy something you will never wear again, and FOR SURE, you will overpay when you shop in a panic.
    The Best Dressed Formula for NYE:
    Dress Code: "put in some effing effort". (New official dress code invented by Holly-feel free to use this on your next invitation.)  
          2. Wear something overdressed and impractical.  
          3. First, pick a blank canvas: 
    A top, a dress, or even a jumpsuit-that you can build upon.  
         4. Pick a 2nd item that will go over or under said blank canvas:
           A turtleneck, a sweater, a blazer, a camisole, lacy bra, or animal print thigh highs (from Vienne Milano, our BFFF) or just great jewelry.  
          5. Pick a 3rd item – usually outerwear because let's be honest...it's cold, bitches.
    You should have a nice dress coat already in your closet! If not, go back and listen to EP 72  “How to Buy a Winter Coat”  Do NOT wear a puffer or casual ski coat with a nice outfit. I will find you.   
    Fashion Crimes for NYE:
    Do not wear jeans. You have 364 days a year to wear jeans. Don't let this be one of the days. We don’t care how expensive they are. That is not special.  Faux leather pants, colored jeans, wax coated or leather pants, or an embellished pant.       
         2.  Don’t dress like you do every day.
    Try new make-up, do your hair differently. Make it special!  
         3. Do not wear sneakers, casual flats or shoes that you run to the grocery store in. 
    Find shoes that have feathers, sparkles, high heels, or a bright color. Metallic boots are very on trend right now and elevate just about any outfit. We love a metallic boot.  
    How to Shop Your Closet First:
    Look at your closet with a different eye. Go through and find things you haven’t worn in a while – or that you bought for NYE last year and have never worn again. #Duh! If you are falling flat in your closet hunt, you are allowed to shop for one new thing to help give you some motivation to get dressed up! There are so many sales after Christmas that you can easily find fun accessories or pieces without breaking the bank. Go to a nice department store, not a discount store.  In need of some style inspo? Glad you asked. Check out Holly’s NYE Pinterest Board to see her favorite style ideas for the big night out (or in!).   
    Final thoughts: Find the playful side of you when getting dressed for New Year’s Eve! Just for one time. Make it special. And make it fun.
    Thank you for listening ALL YEAR LONG – we are so grateful to all of our listeners and fashion friends! We wish you all the best in the New Year. And we are super excited about focusing on our fave thing for 2023-women owned small brands that are changing the fashion industry for the better! We love you and can't wait for you to tune in in 2023!

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    Jaimie Hilfiger for ID X-change Bracelets | EP 123

    Jaimie Hilfiger for ID X-change Bracelets | EP 123

    Holly-Day Gift Guide Designer Spotlight: Jaimie Hilfiger for Igal Dahan is joining us this week...how lucky are we?!? It’s a name you think you may be familiar with, but our guest - Jaimie Hilfiger - is 100% her own woman: a model and actress, a beauty mogul, a mother, a businesswoman, AND, oh by the way, the niece of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. 
    But that is not her story. A self-made entrepreneur, Jaimie has flawlessly parlayed her early success in acting and modeling into a burgeoning beauty empire. Even at an early age, Jaimie possessed an innate understanding of the inner power that comes from looking and feeling your best. 
    As she became a woman, this intuition ignited a calling to help others cultivate confidence through an intentional approach to self-care. In each of her endeavors, Jaimie employs beauty, skincare, and fashion to empower the mind, body, and soul. 
    This week, your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz interviews Jaimie to learn about her style sense, her journey as an actress and model, becoming a mother and juggling all the changes motherhood can bring.  
    But more importantly, we get to learn about ID X-Change “Cuffs of Love,” a line of bracelets designed by her esteemed jewelry designer-husband Igal Dahan which she now represents.  
    Every piece in the Cuffs of Love accessories collection has a connection with LOVE. The pieces were for those who embrace and want to express the connection of love they cherish with friends, family, and in relationships. These innovative interlocking cuffs have hit a cord with consumers and celebrities alike. 
    Jaimie has graciously given us one of her items for our HOLLY-DAY Gift Guide and Giveaway! If you have not yet entered to win over $900 of gifts from our gift guide, you have until 12/23 at noon to sign up here: 
    We are so grateful to Jaimie for joining us and for being a sponsor in the Holly-Day gift guide for 2022.  New Fashion Bestie alert!
    Be sure to listen to EP 123 wherever you get your podcasts, at https://apple.co/2XXKHfC or watch on our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSbw7VOQhPmQwmYbnJmIwQ 
    “The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!” 
    Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz! 

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

CarolJHK ,

Yes it is inspiring to HEAR about fashion

I never would have believed that listening to someone talk about fashion would be interesting or inspiring, but it is! The guests are engaging but I really love the episodes about the basics. Holly has encouraged me to try just a little harder and up my style and I feel better about myself when I do! Thanks Holly!

kjw775 ,

A MUST if you commute, heck, even if you don’t!

These two are hilarious and so informative. They’re like celebrities but the nicest down to earth ones that crack you up and curse. I can’t wait to commute everyday so I can listen.

Hometoluv ,

Helpful, sensible & easy tips

Thank you Holly for your direct & current approach to fashion. I’ve always loved fashion, but as I get older, it’s helpful to be told what’s OUT, what’s appropriate & what’s the latest. I like your fashion crimes (guilty) & recommendations. It’d be helpful to do a podcast on what to do with older styles (where to donate, sell, trade, etc.). Keep keeping us fashionable!

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