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    David Turner - Process Of Healing

    David Turner - Process Of Healing

    Have you ever had a small wound that hurt a lot more than you think it would? Have you heard the statement "time heals all wounds?" The reality is time heals surface level scratches but time does not heal anything that cut deep. If we are not intentional about our healing, we will only sit there with an open festering wound. In order for us to have a Sound of Freedom, we must go through the Process of Healing.
    "Stop the bleeding" - pressure from the right covering and leadership will help you stop the initial bleeding of a wound. Come as you are but don't live that way when God has called you to freedom!
    "Remove the Junk" - this looks like forgiving those that hurt us. We carry unforgiveness to a point that allows our wounds to fester! Instead of blaming others let's ask God for what He's doing in that situation! "Full the void" - God wants to fill you with new life. He wants us to become whole so that we can be full of His purposes. "The Maturing Begins" - this is when the covering comes off, because to complete your healing you need honesty and vulnerability with the right people. APPLICATION- have there been areas in your life that you have refused healing? Can you embrace the pain today and allow yourself to finally move forward in life!
    PRAYER- Father, search my heart and create are a right Spirit within me.
    Surround me with the right people that will help my healing process, but ultimately lead me to you and your truth. I no longer want to live this way, I need your help and I need your guidance. In Jesus Name!

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    Christy Johnson - Drop It Like It's Hot

    Christy Johnson - Drop It Like It's Hot

    Matthew 24:10-13
    Proverbs 18:19
    Luke 17:6
    John 15:15In the last days there will be many people who will start getting offended and end up hating those around them. Everyone thinks betrayal is like Judas betraying Jesus but in reality, we begin to betray those we’re in relationship with, as the beginnings of self-protection. Offense is the bait of Satan that is meant to pull you, the believer, into his captivity.Here are some things that happen with offense:
    Your roots do not stop growing. Offense never shrinks when left alone. Offense feeds from a source. If you’re watering your hurt, it’ll keep rising up. It kills your potential. If you don’t kill offense, it will kill you. It produces bitter fruit. What’s inside will eventually come out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing, deal with it now because it will bring division! Christianity involves us being in relationship with the one who let go of ALL offenses that we cast on Him. And by breathing we will have every opportunity to be offended but instead of getting bitter, let’s make up our mind to get better. Don’t waste your life, forgive, let go, and let His light shine through your pain.Application:
    Ask God to search your heart in this moment. Are there an hidden offenses that you need to deal with?Prayer:
    Lord, I pray that you pull out the root of this offense. I don’t want my love to grow cold so help me forgive those that have hurt me so that I can walk in freedom. Protect my heart from the bait of Satan, that is offense, and cover me with your love today! In Jesus name, Amen.

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    Jeremy Johnson - Beautiful Gate

    Jeremy Johnson - Beautiful Gate

    Acts 3:1-12 NKJV | Acts 3:16 NKJV | Acts 4:1-14 NKJV
    The Holy Spirit does not inhabit someone that is dead. He longs for his body (the church) to come alive because it was for life that He gave His own. When religious spirits tell you to turn it down, the Holy Spirit reminds us that the rocks will cry out! Here are some reasons to rebuke a religious spirit:
    Religious spirits will burden you down with a a form of godliness without power! If we're to be a church of Jesus Christ we have to shake off the religion! Our best miracles will be in the crowd. We're meant to walk slow through a crowd. The greatest miracle could happen at the gas station when you're filling up your tank! Religion can argue with an ideology or options but they cannot argue with a testimony. Religion will have you focused on the destination that you miss the journey. The exclamation point to your story will be found along the way.A real encounter with God will make the dysfunctional function, so let's not be a part of church that only works in a room where one man talks and let's be the church outside in the crowd!
    Have there been some areas in your life that you've struggled without becoming religious? How can you begin to let the truth of His word change you today.
    Father, I rebuke a religious spirit. I long to walk in love, power, and authority. I want to be discipled by you. I want to walk slow through the crowd so that I can allow your Spirit to change this world through me!
    Jesus name, Amen.

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    Glen Berteau - The Victim: Hooked on Your Pain

    Glen Berteau - The Victim: Hooked on Your Pain

    Out of our misery comes our ministry. The greater the pain, the greater the power. It doesn’t matter who we are because our suffering is so that we can be called to help others. So let’s not get bitter with what we go through but allow others to benefit from the perseverance of our faith. But the enemy wants us to be stuck in a victim mentality so that we can get stuck focused in ourselves. We need to stop being hooked in our pain and give it to God.Things thats happen when we get stuck:1. Being stuck in Egypt is not necessarily a location but a mindset. Don’t get stuck in your past!
    When we don’t have confidence in the Lord we become a complainer. To complain about God is to declare that we don’t trust Him.
    We don’t get delivered because the truth is we don’t want to be. But we have to put away childish things and move on from that past.
    There’s a level of vulnerability that is required to being delivered.Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. What the means is that we don’t have to live In that wilderness season, we don’t have to be victims, we can gain all comfort through Christ so let’s boldly step into that healing today!

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    Christy Johnson - Prison Break

    Christy Johnson - Prison Break

    Matthew 18:21-35
    Forgiveness is not about keeping score, it’s about loosing count. The enemy’s plan is to keep us bound up in our offense, anger, and rage so we cannot walk into the fullness of what God has for us. We gotta serve an eviction notice to the enemy’s lie and release our pain and know that through Jesus we can receive healing from the inside out. Forgiveness is not acting like nothing happened, it’s saying this pain will no longer control me.Things to know about unforgiveness:
    Unaddressed hurt can turn into hate. If we do not heal what hurt us, we will bleed on those that never cut us. Everything we do, doesn’t only affect us but also everyone around us. Things yo know about forgiveness
    Forgiveness is not excusing the behavior but it’s saying, that behavior won’t destroy our heart anymore. Taking pain caused by people to God in prayer will always change our perspective. Our blessings come with how we handle forgiveness. Repentance leads to God’s forgiveness in the kingdom. When we ask for forgiveness, Jesus gives it to us. We should able to forgive those that hurt us, as many times as Jesus would forgive us for our sins. If we have been forgiven, we should be able to forgive those who hurt us. Forgiveness allows us to heal from our pain. We have to be healed so those wounds can turn into scars and we can tell the word, “I know how it’s like to be hurt, but I also know what its like to be healed.” This is how we break out of the prison of unforgiveness.
    Application: Have you found yourself stuck in the prison of unforgiveness because of the pain you’ve experienced? What wounds of you need to allow to heal, so you can walk in the fullness of what god has for you? Who do you need to forgive today to begin healing from the inside out?Prayer:
    Lord, I repent for harboring unforgiveness in my heart towards those that have hurt me. I realize that my unforgiveness has stopped you from doing all that you want to do in my life and through me. I forgive those who have hurt me and ask that you begin to heal me from that pain. Today, I chose to break out of the prison I have been stuck in. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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    David Turner - The God of Order

    David Turner - The God of Order

    The word says that we can make our own plans but the Lord is the one that orders our steps. Sometimes what gets in the way of God are our idols, which in this day and age can be our opinions, talents, strength, or dreams. There are two definitions of order, one is the way something goes, and the second is a command that is given for someone to follow in obedience. But sometimes we carry these idols, and just like Naman we can also carried pride, guilt, and shame that comes from our weakness hidden beneath our armor. Four things we must keep in mind to let God order our steps:
    To lean on God we must trust God, and to trust God, we must let him heal us from our pasts. God can only heal what we reveal! To follow Gods steps, we have to be honest with ourselves and with God! When we hear wisdom, we have to make sure to apply it, and follow the instructions because they matter! Following God’s steps requires humility. Naman had to come and submit humbly to instruction to receive breakthrough. The name Naman means beautiful but if we saw a leper we wouldn’t call them beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful that God calls us what we aren’t yet? So let’s take a step to be obedient to the instructions God has in our lives because what God is building in our lives is bigger than us. Let’s follow the steps and stand firm in Him!
    What is under the armor of God in our lives? What is that strength that is at times hiding our weakness?Prayer
    Father, I pray for increased humility in my life, I want to submit to your commands and trust that you will order my steps. Help me listen to your instructions and to heed your voice always, in Jesus name, Amen.

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4.9 out of 5
139 Ratings

139 Ratings

Andrew Valente ,


Love this church, can’t wait to attend in person ! 😆

Quads guy ,

I Live FearLESS

I have been following and supporting Pastor Jeremy and Christy for years. I’m so proud of the conviction of God these guys have in their hearts it shows in their messages and music with FearLESS BND. If you need to come to Jesus and change your life open your Bible to the Gospels of Jesus and listen to or watch these messages.

Disneyfamof8 ,

Authentic and transparent

My family and I have the opportunity to go to fearless when in LA one time I’ve never heard of fearless that was three years ago and I still tune in through this podcast thank you for always making available

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