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The Foundation for Economic Education proudly presents our weekly show FEEcast, a lively and intelligent exploration of today’s most interesting stories and issues through the clarifying lens of economic thinking.

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The Foundation for Economic Education proudly presents our weekly show FEEcast, a lively and intelligent exploration of today’s most interesting stories and issues through the clarifying lens of economic thinking.

    Are Women Being Underpaid?

    Are Women Being Underpaid?

    Do women get paid 80 cents on the dollar compared to men? That figure has been a political football, but is it overagreggated? How much are pay differences a matter of employer bigotry versus employee choice? FEEcast discusses this hot button issue.
    Show Notes:
    Harvard Study: "Gender Wage Gap" Explained Entirely by Work Choices of Men and Women
    Truth and Myth on the Gender Pay Gap
    The Wage Gap Between Men and Woman Virtually Disappears When Differences in Behavior Are Taken into Account
    Not All Gender Pay Gaps Are Worth Worrying About

    • 33 min
    Do we have a “Truth Crisis” in America?

    Do we have a “Truth Crisis” in America?

    With the 24-hour news media, countless blogs and videos, and near-infinite social media commentary, there’s a lot of noise out there. As a society, we are all struggling to combat disinformation, or “fake news,” and get at the truth. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Joined by guest Jon Miltimore, the FEEcasters discuss how to combat fake news and how constant advisories on everything from romaine lettuce to FBI Russia investigations begin to lose their sense of importance.
    Show Notes:
    Daryl Davis: Making Friends From Enemies
    There’s No Such Thing as “Her Truth” or “His Truth”—Only the Truth
    George Orwell: Looking back on the Spanish War

    • 31 min
    Makeup, Macs, and Markets

    Makeup, Macs, and Markets

    ‘Tis the season for holiday sales, so the FEEcasters discuss the economics of the products they’ve got their eyes on: makeup and Apple products. Celebrity-driven brands are disrupting the established players in the beauty care industry by expanding the diversity of the skin tones they serve. And Apple stock is down due to soft iPhone sales. It all goes to show that, now matter how dominant a company may seem, the consumer holds the ultimate power to make or destroy business fortunes.
    Show Notes:
    How Kylie Jenner Is Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship
    A 'Made in America' iPhone Would Cost $2,000, Studies Show
    Capitalism Encapsulated: Mises in Four Easy Pieces
    I, Pencil
    Apple CEO Tim Cook on privacy: 'we have to admit when the free market is not working'
    Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why Apple products were exempt from Trump’s China tariffs

    • 30 min
    Amazon’s HQ Tax Breaks: FEEcast Debate!

    Amazon’s HQ Tax Breaks: FEEcast Debate!

    Cities and states across the country have been courting Amazon. Each eagerly wanted to host the retail giant’s second headquarters. And each offered billions in tax incentives and cash handouts to entice the company. Now Amazon has made its decision, and “HQ2” ended up being HQ2 + 3.
    The FEEcasters are fans of Amazon (except, ahem, for Marianne), but they disagree on one thing: how should we think about the tax breaks Amazon got? Are they welcome tax relief or crony-capitalist subsidies? It’s debate time on FEEcast. What do you think? 
    FEEcast is taking a break next week. FEE wishes you a happy Thanksgiving!
    Show Notes:
    What Ocasio-Cortez Gets Right about Amazon's $2 Billion Government Handout
    Tax Breaks Aren't Subsidies
    Amazon Snags $2 Billion in Bribes and Tax Credits From New York and Virginia
    Amazon HQ2 Is the Only Competition Where the Losers Are Winners

    • 31 min
    How Election Season Sets Us against Each Other

    How Election Season Sets Us against Each Other

    Every year, political strife gets more rancorous and invades more of our lives. On the fringes, our hyper-politicized climate even precipitates violent atrocities. Is this a reflection of how much government itself has steadily encroached on our lives? What perspective can we adopt to foster harmony? Watch this episode of FEEcast to find out! Note: FEEcast will take a week off next week. See you again on November 16!
    Show Notes:
    Four Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mass Violence—A Social Psychologist’s Perspective
    Hannah Arendt on the Link Between Bureaucracy and Violence
    Who I'm Voting For

    • 28 min
    Halloween Costume Controversies

    Halloween Costume Controversies

    From Kendall Jenner to Elizabeth Warren, cultural appropriation is in the news. And coverage of the topic always ramps up as Halloween approaches. Who is allowed to dress up as whom? What should we consider offensive, and how should we respond to offense taken by others? The FEEcast crew, joined by T.K. Coleman, considers these questions, as well as the economics of Halloween costumes and a recent law passed against adult trick-or-treaters.
    Show Notes: Why Halloween Costumes Used to Be Terrible | Richard Lorenc
    Don't Vote Like a Halloweener | Lawrence W. Reed
    Halloween Has Been Commercialized Too, Thank Goodness | James Walpole
    Peace, Love, and Cultural Appropriation | FEEcast
    Cultural Appropriation Is Love | TJ Brown
    Cultural Appropriation Is Intellectual Property on Stilts | Pierre-Guy Veer

    • 32 min

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4.9 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

TJCalabro ,

Keep it up!

Love this show, but I’m very upset they aren’t making more shows

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Grant C.

Great show. They keep it simple. That’s refreshing.

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