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Feminvest är Sveriges största kvinnliga nätverk för kvinnligt ägande & inflytande.

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Feminvest är Sveriges största kvinnliga nätverk för kvinnligt ägande & inflytande.

    196. After sex talks and AI versus humans

    196. After sex talks and AI versus humans

    A new Swedish innovation for after sex by Aima Sense and a philosofic conversation about what we can discover when AI takes over. How do one explore the value of AI for the work one is doing?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are designed to think and work like humans. What expertise will we need more of in this transition when they become more like us?

    • 34 min
    195. What if AI would take over our jobs?

    195. What if AI would take over our jobs?

    In this week's Feminvest podcast you will meet Ingrid Clementson, the founder of 100 House of HR Legal AB as she shares the most common mistakes among businesses when employing, she also gives some advice for redundancy in a conversation with Saba Saad, Manager EXPAND.

    Furthermore Michaela Berglund discuss the real values of AI with Arli Mujkic, the entrepreneur who started to learn coding by hand and sold his first company before he was allowed to buy champagne in Sweden. In June 2023 a McKinsey report stated that generative AI would automate 60% to 70% of employee workloads, well if so Ingrid is the right person to talk to..

    100 House of HR legal is the companies’ HR Legal support, preventing employment law matters from escalating into breach of law with damage fees and legal processes as a result.

    Arli Mujkic is the entrepreneur who started to learn coding by hand (pen and paper). At the age of fourteen, he built a 3D engine used by NASA. Today he is the founder and CEO of the listed company EPTI.

    • 55 min
    194. How to put a value on your business

    194. How to put a value on your business

    We have two amazing guests joining the podcast today, and the theme throughout the podcast today is growth in different ways.

    Marianne Österlund, Co-founder of SAGA consulting who had quite an impressive journey in her career in finance, is going to join Michaela in a conversation about her expertise. Talking about the financial market, and valuing companies. We are also going to dive into the process of how to put a value on your business.

    In the next part of the episode, Saba, manager of the Feminvest EXPAND program, introduces us to yet another EXPAND member, Natalie Eriksson, who runs a digital marketing company. The company consists of a consultancy service, primarily working with major brands, as well as an educational division called Crunchtime.se. 

    If you need some tips in regard to your marketing strategy - This episode is for you!

    Ps. Natalie is looking for a business partner/ Co-founder, don’t hesitate to reach out to her and learn more about Crunchtime.se.

    • 40 min
    193. How to avoid stagnation in a company

    193. How to avoid stagnation in a company

    In this week’s episode of the Feminvest podcast, you will hear from the amazing and funny Marianne Hamilton, an author with extensive business experience.

    "What you shall not have in a company is stagnation, that people stay too long, in a group or in a position. With internal mobility, you will achieve diversity"

    She was Atlas Copco’s Senior Vice President, Organizational Development and Management Resources for sixteen years. Her groundbreaking introduction at Atlas Copco of an internal global job market, where everyone was welcome to apply for open positions, led to a unique opportunity to improve the organization and make its corporate culture even stronger. The process including principles and guidelines is described in her book An Organizational Philosophy.

    In Advice To My Dear Daughter, Marianne Hamilton gives her own deeply personal advice to women aiming for top executive positions who want to grow professionally. Her advice is based on her own experiences and observations, as well as many conversations with the women and men from the Swedish business world whom she has mentored.

    In all her books, Marianne Hamilton demonstrates her strong faith in the individual. Her thoughts and ideas provide pragmatic, down-to-earth guidance for women to take charge of their careers and thrive.

    • 36 min
    192. Meet our new team member & compete for 1 million SEK

    192. Meet our new team member & compete for 1 million SEK

    The Feminvest Podcast is back with some fresh interviews from Saba Saad, Manager for Feminvest EXPAND, and Michaela Berglund, with a very special guest.. Our newest addition to the Feminvest Crew.
    A warm welcome to Somayeh Cardejin ❤️

    When listening to Sabas Interview, you will hear from Anna Quarnström, a Sustainability Developer at GodEl, which is one of Sweden’s leading renewable energy companies. Anna has a really interesting perspective on the challenges and opportunities we are facing in creating a sustainable future. Anna is also the driving force behind the initiative & competition, Startup 4 Climate. Startup 4 Climate’s ambition is to accelerate the energy transition and combat climate change!

    💡 The competition, which is a joint initiative of the companies Ellevio and GodEl. The competition is for Swedish startups and aims to find, highlight and support entrepreneurs who have developed innovations that can accelerate the energy transition and create tangible climate benefits. The prize is SEK 1 million, coaching hours with the jury, and marketing on social media amongst other things.

    👉 Read more about the criteria, and apply to participate in the competition here:


    • 42 min
    191. Feminvest Summer Talk: Michaela Berglund

    191. Feminvest Summer Talk: Michaela Berglund

    This week's summer talk is hosted by the CEO of Feminvest Michaela Berglund.

    A conversation about having "fly away money" or "fuck off capital".

    Because sometimes life simply happens and you can't plan for what's next. At those insecure times some money makes a huge difference, it could actually be a matter of life or death. She wants more women to stop look at money as something distant and encourage the listener to take small steps exploring how to use it.

    Song "linneskjortan" by artist My Kullsvik

    • 18 min

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