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The Fidelis Leadership Podcast is for those aspiring to leadership excellence. Weekly episodes convey lessons from leadership experts, and the Trust-Based Leadership™ model.

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The Fidelis Leadership Podcast is for those aspiring to leadership excellence. Weekly episodes convey lessons from leadership experts, and the Trust-Based Leadership™ model.

    Dan Tocchini

    Dan Tocchini

    Dan Tocchini is a Human Performance Specialist, author, and highly regarded business consultant. 
    He specializes in change management, conflict resolution, executive leadership, sales, negotiation, and business development. 
    Dan has over 35 years of experience in helping people navigate monumental personal and business transformations, and he’s worked with many companies…large, small, non-profits and others, from a wide range of diverse industries and specialties.
    I’ve been following Dan on various social media platforms and it’s obvious to me that he possesses a wealth of experience and insights that can be of great benefit to those aspiring to Leadership Excellence.

    • 57 min
    Mansi Priyanka Goel

    Mansi Priyanka Goel

    Mansi Goel, formerly Google's Global Head of Product Policy, is now named among the Top 5 Executive Coaches for Tech. She helps execs and their teams up-level leadership skills to support business objectives.

    She has extensive experience coaching the C-suite of VC- and PE-backed high-growth companies, partners across premier VC firms, and emerging and established leaders at F100 tech firms.

    Mansi's coaching motto is "Lead with a cool head and a warm heart" as she works to expand her clients' agility within changing contexts.

    I am grateful that Mansi agreed to share some of her wisdom and insights with us!

    • 50 min
    Eric Recker

    Eric Recker

    Dr. Eric Recker is husband, father, dentist, elite success coach, speaker, author, pilot, and recovering triathlete. He has pushed his life to the limit and discovered that what he was searching for at the top of the mountain wasn’t there.
    In this second half of his life, he is committed to helping people learn to #WINtheNOW and discover the life they were meant to live. A life with hope, a plan, and a belief that good days are truly ahead.
    I’ve followed Eric on social media and several podcasts,  and I am excited to hear his thoughts on a variety of topics that apply to those serving in leadership roles.

    • 43 min
    Rich Horwath

    Rich Horwath

    RICH HORWATH is the founder and CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute where he is a strategy facilitator and coach to executive leadership teams. 
    He is a former Chief Strategy Officer and professor of strategy at the graduate level, and has helped more than a quarter million leaders develop their strategic thinking and planning capabilities over the past two decades.
    Rich is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of eight books on strategic thinking, including his most recent work, STRATEGIC: The Skill to Set Direction, Create Advantage, and Achieve Executive Excellence which was  selected by Inc. Magazine as a top 4 “must-read book for 2024.”
    He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX TV to provide expert commentary on business strategy and his work has been published in Fast Company, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review.

    • 39 min
    John Schuhart

    John Schuhart

    John Schuhart has extensive Senior Executive leadership experience in the US Intelligence Community, to include the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

    As a leadership coach, he helps clients gain self-awareness, increase emotional intelligence, think strategically, refine their leadership style, strengthen communication skills, and realize their personal development goals while becoming more aware of their own and others' perspectives, assumptions, and biases.

    Listen in as he shares valuable leadership insights!

    • 44 min
    Lara Jones

    Lara Jones

    Lara Jones is an award-winning Grit Performance Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author and Creator of the Global G.R.I.T. System™ and She’s also the Founder and CEO of two global businesses.

    Lara has worked with Fortune 100 companies, US military, celebrities, and executives to develop and enhance performance on multiple levels for leaders, teams, and entire organizations through her leadership and grit programs, workshops & consultancy.

    Lara has been featured in numerous publications for her grit facing the loss of her youngest son and nearly her own life. 
    As the renowned Global Grit Girl™, Lara has channeled her deep expertise and research into creating the Global G.R.I.T. System™ that is unveiled in her book, "Hunt or Be Hunted: How Anyone Can Develop Grit and lead Like a Legend", and we’re going to talk about the book during our conversation.

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

toddskaggs ,

Great resource for seasoned and emerging leaders

Great podcast from a unique perspective. Love the sonar/Morse code intro. Keep the content coming!

Theresa Larson, DPT ,

Leadership stories and principles from the best

I run my own business and am a former Marine. I consider myself a leader and LOVE knowing the path top leaders take in their lives. They all have run into challenges and set backs, yet how do they get through them? Mike not only shares his own experiences (ie The Rolex Moment) but brings on individuals who share theirs. I love learning Mikes stories on this podcast, Angie Morgan's, Dr. Tasha Eurichs, and Linda Bamman episodes the best so far. While these are just a few of the podcasts, as a woman in the business world...I can relate to these ladies. Mike does an excellent job with this podcast, and excited to hear more episodes.

Weev3 ,

Bottomless Wealth of Knowledge

Expert advice from varied professionals from a multitude of backgrounds and industries. The very basics of leadership applied in an intentional manner to create expert leadership behaviors. The info you wish your own boss would use!

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