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Hosts Arwin and Sissi share their experiences around their lives ranging from fitness to life experiences.

Fight 2 Finish Podcast Fight 2 Finish

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Hosts Arwin and Sissi share their experiences around their lives ranging from fitness to life experiences.

    026 - Life During 2020: Mid Year Update w/ Arwin & Sissi

    026 - Life During 2020: Mid Year Update w/ Arwin & Sissi

    In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, political unrest, & fire tornados, how are you adjusting to the new normal?
    Today, Sissi and Arwin share what life has been like in the wake of COVID-19 and everything beyond. Hear how the effects of the spread and the subsequent government response in California has changed their lives. They dive into how they’re prioritizing health and fitness and adjusting to working from home. 
    Find out what’s surprised them the most about this experience as they talk about essential supplies, being prepared and staying considerate in spite of the circumstances. They share their predictions about what lies ahead and more on this episode of the Fight 2 Finish podcast.

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    025 - Marine to Lawyer: The Art of Holding Yourself to a Great Standard w/ Glenn Flash Wells

    025 - Marine to Lawyer: The Art of Holding Yourself to a Great Standard w/ Glenn Flash Wells

    Glenn's upbringing was a tough one. He went to living on the streets of Chicago couch surfing at friends homes to Marine and now on the edge of that BAR exam. Listen and learn holding yourself accountable to greater standards can get you far in this great podcast episode. 

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    The Adventures of Flash and Mookie
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    024 - Persisting Until You Succeed With Detoma

    024 - Persisting Until You Succeed With Detoma

    Succeeding in anything is not an easy thing. It calls for persistence, sacrifice, and determination. Sometimes, you may lose a close friend, death of a loved one, or a spouse leading to negative energy, but you must keep moving until you realize your goal. Stephen Detoma is a good example of how you can convert a negative emotion and persist until you succeed.
    In this episode of Fight to Finish podcast, we host Stephen Detoma. Detoma will share his experience in the GORUCK community and how he dealt with the loss of a close friend. Also, he will be sharing the background of his Gauntlet endurance cult and lessons learned from the body modification industry.
    Listen to this inspiring episode and learn essential ideas on fighting to finish!
    Episode Timeline:
    [00:00] Intro
    [01:35] Getting to know Detoma and his involvement in the GORUCK community events.
    [04:35] How Detoma met with us (Sissi and Arwin)
    [06:29] The memories of Nord Cal event and Detoma's advice during our wedding plan.
    [10:21] How Detoma got to GORUCK
    [17:17] Dealing with a loss through channeling the negative energy into a positive way.
    [26:44] Why having a balance in life matters
    [30:11] Detoma's experience on the first GORUCK event
    [34:56] What motivates Detoma to attend various GORUCK events
    [44:46] What a dream team would be like for Detoma
    [46:34] Going back to the Veterans Day and the 12 miles ruck encounter
    [53:02] the leadership/life skills lessons from the 12-mile ruck event.
    [57:15] How Detoma developed the rock clubs
    [60:54] Detoma's experience in the body modification industry.
    [63:32] The origin of the name Gauntlet endurance and application of experience from the body modification industry.
    [69:38] How one can join Gauntlet Endurance
    [78:18] What advice would Detoma give to his younger self.
    [80:21] What Detoma would tell his future self
    [84:36] How COVID impacted Detoma's 2020 plans
    [89:32] Having a positive perspective amid the current crisis
    [93:18] Connect with Detoma
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    Gauntlet Endurance
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    Website: http://www.gauntletendurance.com/about.html
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    023 - Chasing your Dreams No Matter What with Oliver Mondina

    023 - Chasing your Dreams No Matter What with Oliver Mondina

    Many people living with kidney disease are not bold enough to share their stories with the rest of the world, which is understandable. It takes a courageous man like Oliver Mondina to help us understand what it is like to live with the disease. Oliver is the perfect definition of a dream chaser. He chases his dreams no matter what.
    In this episode of the Fight to Finish Podcast, we have Oliver joining us. Oliver will be sharing with us about GORUCK, his experience in the nursing field, and what it is like to live with kidney disease.
    Are you ready for an inspiring episode? Listen in!
    Episode Timeline:
    [01:36] How did Oliver get to know us (Sissi and Arwin)
    [03:58] How Oliver got into GORUCK
    [12:42] What's an elephant walk?
    [19:54] Oliver's takeaways from the welcome party
    [25:35] Digging deeper into Nor Cal event
    [28:02] Oliver's kidney disease
    [35:28] Effects of Kidney disease on Oliver
    [46:14] Oliver's experience in the nursing school
    [48:58]How Oliver's kidney disease has helped him remain focused on his nursing career
    [52:09] How has Covid changed the environment, especially for Oliver, with his current conditioner?
    [56:45] What extra caution is Oliver taking with the Covid pandemic?
    [57:10] Having worked in different departments, which department has Oliver enjoyed most?
    [61:59]How can people donate kidneys?
    [64:32] Oliver's advice to his younger self
    [66:18]What would Oliver want to know from his future self?
    [72:38]Connect with us
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    Donate a kidney: https://ucdonor.org/#_
    Follow Oliver @meatheadrunner

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    022 - From Retail to Law Enforcement: How to Go After Your Dream Job w/ Steve

    022 - From Retail to Law Enforcement: How to Go After Your Dream Job w/ Steve

    Are you stuck in one place while sabotaging your dreams? Or maybe you’re not pushing yourself hard enough to reach them?
    Steve had been self-sabotaging before he took his life seriously and joined the law enforcement academy where he learned to push himself and keep the motivation.
    In this episode of the Fight to Finish Podcast, Steve shares how becoming a law officers changed his perspective in life and he became the man he is today. Listen in to hear the story of how he experienced an officer-involved shooting incident in the first few months of his career and whether it affected him.

    Episode Timeline:
    [0:44] Intro [2:00] How Arwin and Steve met. [6:58] How was it like moving from the retail side to law enforcement and what steps did he take. [12:48] Two ways you can put yourself through the academy. [14:37] The motivation he got to do well in the academy. [20:39] Learning to push yourself to achieve your goals. [22:33] Tips for anyone who wants to become a law enforcement officer. [26:33] The things that you learn in the police academy and others you have to learn by yourself. [33:56] Comparing law enforcement as portrayed on TV and how it happens in real life. [38:35] He talks about the officer-involved shooting incident he experienced at the beginning of his career. [45:30] The process that follows after weapon dispatching and how different it is from what is shown in the media. [51:38] The traumatic implications that an officer goes through during and after an officer-involved shooting incident. [56:52] He talks about the podcast he used to own before leaving for the academy. [58:01] How working in retail helped him deal with people in a much better way as a law officer. [59:51] How he separates living life and being a law officers. [1:05:03] What advice would he tell his younger self? Relevant Links:
    Website: http://www.f2fpodcast.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/f2fpodcast/
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    021 - Cyber and Physical Security w/ Logan & Ally

    021 - Cyber and Physical Security w/ Logan & Ally

    When it comes to cyber and physical security, there's no such thing as being too prepared. Today’s guests, Logan and Ally know that better than anyone. 
    Both specialists in their own right, Ally has a diverse background in cyber defense and security and Logan, over 24-years of military and combat intelligence. 
    Listen in as they share insights on boosting awareness and staying safe while you navigate the world and the web. Ally highlights the digital concerns we should be weary of as we increase our time spent on devices. She shares digital tips on VPNs, social media and more. Also, Logan shares a lesson in personal safety. Breaking down the importance of being intentional about what we broadcast and share, find out what you can do to make sure you aren't putting yourself at risk in-person or online. 
    Episode Timeline: [00:01] Episode overview [01:46] Meet Logan and Ally [06:04] Logan's work on GORUCK and Trek [09:28] Opportunities to become more prepared [10:57] Zero-day and digital concerns during COVID-19 [15:30] Junk email  [17:19] Ecommerce and behavior tracking [20:26] Having no digital footprint [21:52] How not to look like a spy and what's so terrible about Facebook [24:39] DefCon hacking  [27:36] Giving up information and conversation tactics [33:49] Protecting your information: Digital tips for the average person [38:55] Autocross and sim racing [46:05] Becoming a psychohobbyist in any field  [47:55] Why we're always broadcasting: Physical safety tips [51:21] Tattoos and choosing your indicators [59:21] Staying safe when broadcasting digitally [1:02:07] Suggestions for VPN services [1:07:01] Finding Logan [1:11:48] Finding Ally [1:15:16] Outro

    Resources Mentioned: Haveibeenpwned.com Rogue Dynamics: Tear Lines Allymarie.net Roguedynamics.com Standout Quotes: “The beaten path is for beaten people. So, if you just continue to do the same things over and over again that path is really well worn... people try to be what they think they should be instead of just being who they are. It shouldn't be well worn. Go do something new. [1:10:12]  “You either be the one that no one would ever want to go after or you be the one that no one would even think about going after. If I'm going to target someone to rob, which most violent criminals have a predator pattern that they follow, they're going to watch you. They're going to decide do I really want to do that?” [55:07]  “The average person can do things that they couldn't do before which may be marketing, may be malicious. But, if you take a lot of time curating your personal safety, why not work on your digital awareness and safety as well.” [20:10] Connect: Find | The Fight 2 Finish Podcast
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3 Ratings

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