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4 Experts in their respective fields: Taylor Meroni-Marketing, Meaghan Likes-Finance, Michelle Myers-Systems, and Martha Woodward-People, who also happen to own service businesses.
This group was formed to help people restructure their service business so that they thrived during COVID-19 and beyond.

Fight Club 4 Business Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha

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4 Experts in their respective fields: Taylor Meroni-Marketing, Meaghan Likes-Finance, Michelle Myers-Systems, and Martha Woodward-People, who also happen to own service businesses.
This group was formed to help people restructure their service business so that they thrived during COVID-19 and beyond.

    Ep 155 Drew Larison

    Ep 155 Drew Larison

    Drew Larison is the Founder and CEO of Larison Media. Drew founded The Larison Company in 2015 and merged the company into Larison Media in early 2017. Drew is a husband, a dad and a true believer that hard work and kindness is the true key to success. He truly believes a good, creative marketing strategy is one of the things that can turn a small business into a great business and is on a mission to help as many small businesses as he can.
    Time Stamps:
    📌[7:05]Marketing: What has changed in the marketing world this year?
    📌[7:22]Video has become the language of the internet
    📌[8:05]Worker smarter not harder to repurpose content
    📌[11:14]authenticity will always win
    📌[11:38]Remember the DVR? It completely changed the way we consume content
    📌[15:44]Creating Content to Educate, Entertain, and Empower your listeners
    📌[16:15]Start with your FAQs lists
    📌[19:52]Drew recommends Square Space because it's much more userfriendly than WordPress
    📌[25:14]Authentic moments happen in the small mundane moments - the best way to capture them is to record more
    📌[30:17]Leads are down, conversion rates are down...
    📌[31:33]The balance between the art and science of Marketing...
    📌[32:55]We were used to spending x on ads and getting y in leads but what use to work doesn't always work
    📌[34:33]Where is attention being paid?
    📌[36:38]"Don't get romantic about how you run your business."
    📌[40:54]What makes our company different?
    📌[41:09]Authenticity is what wins...
    📌[47:09]Are you showcasing how you're treating your team?
    📌[49:15]The content that differentiates you internally converts well
    📌[53:33]Are you showing your "behind the scenes?"
    📌[55:15]"Document don't create"
    📌[54:41]"This is what I did for our clients"
    📌[1:05:47]People Homework: Brag on your team and post it
    📌[1:06:23]Drew Homework: Prioritize value. How do we make it about the consumer and not about ourselves...
    Quote of the Week
    “People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”
    — Mark Zuckerberg
    ⇩ Resources ⇩
    ✯Drew Larison https://www.larisonmedia.com/
    ✯Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing
    ✯Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy Online, Likes Accounting Company & Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters
    ✯Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers
    ✯Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance Expert, Quality Driven Software & Dusting Divas

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    Ep 154 Ray Malaski

    Ep 154 Ray Malaski

    Ray Malaski formally owned a residential cleaning business in Lapeer, MI, but his expertise lies in the marketing space.
    Ray is Agency coach at Seven Figure Agency and President at Get Cleaning Clicks
    Their specialty is optimizing you’re business for leads and driving traffic to your brand!
    How you say???
    Google Ads —
    There is no better way to get highly targeted traffic through paid marketing channels like Google AdWords, with a properly optimized funnel it’s like flicking a switch to quick leads, and scaleable sales.
    Time Stamps:
    📌[14:53]Local service ads and Google My Business are the places to start
    📌[15:46]Local service ads should get you to $20K
    📌[16:52]Then concentrate on SEO. But before you start pouring money into a marketing firm, make sure your systems
    📌[18:25]SEO takes awhile to gain traction, but when it does, you can probably scale back on paid ads.
    📌[21:47]Local service ads was easy when it first launched. But now you have to play the game
    📌[22:24]Google is going to show your ad based on the CTR (Click Through Rate)
    📌[23:23]Get your friends and family to click on your ad, call, and mark booked. That will help you build the CTR
    📌[26:32]Your ultimate end goal for marketing is to build a database of leads. When you attract all those leads, you can market for free to your database
    📌[27:49]Database: Info USA for commercial. Data Axle for Residential
    📌[28:16]If you are not ASKING for a referral, likely you won't get it. Out of sight, out of mind
    📌[34:05]Pumpkin Plan: https://www.goodreads.com/.../show/16646726-the-pumpkin-plan
    📌[35:00]There is a way to bring your client's into your culture through your monthly newsletter and monthly employee competitions
    📌[36:05]Business can easily become transactional if you don't focus on establishing a relationship
    📌[39:23]how well do you know your customer?
    📌[39:34]How well does your customer know you?
    📌[42:00]Martha's Newsletter Technique was sending it to current clients via email, leaving a hard copy at a client's home after a cleaning and sending via email to current leads and leads that have dropped off
    📌[42:54]People want to know they matter and that their work matters
    📌 [46:12]What stats do you look at in your marketing campaign to see if your campaign is converting??
    📌[47:15]you should have a 50% close rate through all traffic sources
    📌[47:59]if you are closing to an estimate and not a job then it should be a 80% close rate
    📌[58:41]Marketing Homework: getcleaningclicks.com Go look at the marketing...

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    Ep 153 Riley Pototschnik

    Ep 153 Riley Pototschnik

    Riley Pototschnik is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who started his first business at 16. After his Freshman year of high school, he left the traditional school system entirely to craft a completely custom curriculum online with a focus on the skills he would need to build businesses. That ultimately led to him starting a website design and optimization service called RocketThruster at 18 years old, which served home service businesses. That business quickly exceeded every expectation he had (honestly surprising him a bit by the results), as it generated 6-figures in profit in just over a year.  Now, at 21, he’s the founder and CEO of EveryChat. A simple-to-use inbox, paired with automation, bringing all of a business’s Emails, Texts, and Facebook Messages into one place so the owner and their team can rock their marketing and customer service.
    Time Stamps:
    📌[2:12]Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to Fight Club 4 Business!
    📌[24:22]How is AI understanding the tone of a customer?
    📌[26:50]AI is going to empower our employees not replace them
    📌[36:11]Phone calls, Emails, texts and live chat all serve their own purpose in customer communication
    📌[37:37]What does your customer need
    📌[41:04]Is your phone number registered as a business?
    📌[42:37]You have to register your brand and your campaign with the phone carrier
    📌[45:26]Research A2P today to make sure you are in compliance with the new regulations by the end of the month
    📌[49:36]Always make sure to identify yourself in your first few messages with a client
    📌[52:58]Tagging with in Everychat
    📌[55:44]Marketing Homework: what is your friction when having a customer get into contact with you from your website
    📌[56:11]Systems Homework: Look into the A2P Regulations
    📌[57:08]best way to get into contact with Riley is through Facebook!
    Quote of the Day
    To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation.
    ⇩ Resources ⇩
    ✯ Riley Pototschnik : www.everychat.com
    ✯Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing
    ✯Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy Online, Likes Accounting Company & Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters
    ✯Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers
    ✯Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance Expert, Quality Driven Software & Dusting Divas

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    Ep 152 Jason Hoke

    Ep 152 Jason Hoke

    Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jason Hoke is not your typical trades business owner. With a remarkable journey that has traversed disruption in the music industry, rapid growth in the trades industry, and innovation in the hyper-paced technology industry, he brings a unique perspective to entrepreneurialism. Starting at A Cut Above Landscape at just 15, Jason journeyed from a technician to the company's owner. Today, he spearheads a team of 30+ professionals, turning working with a landscape contractor into an easy task, just like hiring a car from Uber or ordering a meal from DoorDash. His business centers around adding hours to the day and building a culture committed to personal growth. In 2022, Jason's passion for industry innovation led him to co-found IssueID. The software solution simplifies business operations and enables landscaping businesses to manage overlooked yet profitable jobs effectively. Jason’s experience in the music, landscaping, and technology industries equips him with unique insights beneficial to any business.
    Time Stamps:
    📌[7:21]How Jason is bringing uber-level technology to the landscaping industry
    📌[8:00]How Jason is helping solve friction in the customer's sales journey
    📌[9:25]Who is your customer?
    📌[15:56]Demonstrating value at the beginning of the bid process.
    📌[16:58]All of his proposals are named around homeowner time saving. He actually estimates the amount of time the homeowner will save by using his services
    📌[35:51]How Jason has customized Hubspot for his landscaping business
    📌[36:55]Where are they cutting, how much time are they allotted, what does good look like?
    📌[38:11]He pushes Hubspot to Route then to Company Cam to build out their scorecard
    📌[39:00]Their leaderboards are F1 racing theme and they're competing in a grand prix every month by teams
    📌[40:17]Jason is a legit rockstar!
    📌[41:38]Are you ready for the disruption that's coming to your industry...
    📌[42:06]Are you adapting? Are you focusing on the client's needs? Recurring Revenue wins!
    📌[46:34]creating opportunities with his staff
    📌[48:24]how to sell flat rate pricing and incentivizing your team to be aligned with their budgets, while prioritizing quality
    📌[49:24]His incentive structure includes that no one gets bonuses if the company's quality score goes down
    📌[49:36]And how he's measuring labor efficiency
    📌[50:29]The culture shift that happens when we move from bonusing & incentivizing around production and prioritizing quality.
    📌[52:38]Marketing homework: What do your clients need from you?
    📌[54:27]Finance homework: issueid.io
    📌[55:48]Systems Homework: How to productize your services
    📌[57:24]The role of voice in the buying experience is coming soon!
    📌[57:48]People Homework: consider a production bonus that's transparent & tied to quality
    📌[59:18]Jason Homework: How are you changing the rules of your industry? What is one thing that you can do in your industry that is outside the norm of your industry?
    📌[1:01:39]find them on facebook: Landscape Disrupters Den a...

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    Ep 151 Jenny Kerr Schroen & Chris Eccleston

    Ep 151 Jenny Kerr Schroen & Chris Eccleston

    First-time authors Chris Eccleston and Jenny Kerr Schroen have worked on many fresh ideas together at Delmarva Veteran Builders (DVB), a commercial construction firm, and realized they shared a long-time dream to write a children’s book. Basing their concept on DVB’s tagline, “Grit Leads to Greatness,” they devised an epic adventure book to show both parents and children that construction is heroic. Once the story was written, Chris and Jenny spent most of 2022 meeting with pioneers and thought leaders of the industry, learning more about what was being done to address the immense labor deficit. They figured they were onto something when they began hearing from not just national construction organizations, but also people outside of the industry who shared stories of how the workforce shortage affected them personally. Chris and Jenny quickly realized that one group or construction affiliation was not going to solve this. It was going to take a global effort to introduce a new generation to the trades. They hope their book, “Grit Leads to Greatness”, can be used as a tool to help bring together people from all walks of life to conquer an issue that impacts all of humanity.
    Time Stamps :
    📌[8:27]How Chris & Jenny have visualized their core values via graphics
    📌[10:00]Operation Grit, Be Fresh, Ignite Potentional, Do Epic Shit
    📌[10:25]Military Truck is a key fixture in their brand
    📌[16:19]Check out Delmar Veteran Builders Company https://www.delmarvaveteranbuilders.com/
    📌[17:43]500,000 worker shortage in the construction industry
    📌[26:48]Teach people how to give again...
    📌[28:17]Monthly Training for their teams on leadership, technical experience, and safety
    📌[29:19]Prioritizing the "Stop and Teach" movement
    📌[30:32]Stop and share your why
    📌[31:23]"Death by Meeting" by Pat Lencioni https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49040.Death_by_Meeting
    📌[35:40]Using the theme of Grit Leads to Greatness in more than business but also inspiring children to think about themselves and talk to themselves in the face of adversity.
    📌[37:11]Bridging the trades and classrooms....
    📌[39:02]You want to be a leader, go be a leader.
    📌[46:56]The importance of leaning into your growth mindset
    📌[56:22]What inspired you as a kid?
    📌[56:32]When was the last time you "played"?
    📌[56:48]How can you incorporate "play" into your teams?
    📌[1:01:19]Systems Homework: Check out their book Grit Leads to Greatness and order some copies for your local school https://www.gritleadstogreatness.com/
    📌[1:01:42]People Homework: Build in creative space & play time to your schedule
    📌[1:02:37]Read: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/100467.Small_Giants
    📌[1:03:12]Write a 2030 vision for your company
    📌[1:03:25]Look at your core values with a fresh perspective
    📌[1:03:42]People Homework: Are you being flexible with your team
    Quote of the Day
    “Greatness is where people use their abilities and experiences to change the world”. - Grit Leads to Greatness
    ⇩ Resources ⇩
    ✯ Jenny Kerr Schroen: www.gritleadstogreatness.com
    ✯ Chris Eccleston : www.delmarvaveteranbuilders.com

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    Ep. 150 Fight Club 4 Business Goes Live with This Dynamic Duo! ( Ricky Regalado & Ricky Funk )

    Ep. 150 Fight Club 4 Business Goes Live with This Dynamic Duo! ( Ricky Regalado & Ricky Funk )

    Ricky Regalado & Ricky Funk
    Ricky Funk is not your average techie. He's a maverick who thrives on the cutting edge, where innovation meets business. From mastering the complexities of network management and software development, Ricky has pivoted to disrupting the service industry with his own groundbreaking ventures. His credentials? Specialized certifications in software development and virtual reality. But Ricky isn't just riding the wave of the digital age - he's the one creating the swell. With his blend of versatility, vision, and audacity, Ricky Funk isn't just a name, he's a game-changer in any forward-thinking organization.
    Time Stamps
    📌[11:13]They spend next to nothing on marketing for their cleaning company. They LEAD WITH CULTURE
    📌[12:19]They lean hard on telling their story to "sell" their business
    📌[13:15]What is the story of your company?
    📌[13:37]How do you pitch your company?
    📌[13:59]Do you show passion & care?
    📌[21:06]Ricky inspired Ricky to go into commercial cleaning...
    📌[21:21]Ricky inspired Ricky to get into software...
    📌[24:55]Know your value, worth & story...
    📌[25:07]Ask... if you don't ask the answer is no
    📌[29:22]Have you systematized your sales process...
    📌[30:16]When your clients call about xyz are you looking up and showing them the other things they need to maintain their property?
    📌[33:57]commercial cleaning sales cycles are long...
    📌[34:07]sending a proposal is just the beginning
    📌[34:25]residential & commercial cleaning is completely different...
    📌[34:42]The magic is in the follow up
    📌[35:53]You're not selling for today, because they already have a cleaning company...
    📌[38:19]What problems can you help your customer/potential customer solve
    📌[40:27]residential cleaning is a hard industry
    📌[40:53]commercial cleaning, more money, less headaches... easier to scale
    📌[43:19]Your clients just want to be taken care of...
    📌[43:49]How they run a culture first company....
    📌[44:46]Culture = How does everyone work together for the end result?
    📌[48:12]Using Data to Transition from Nag to Cheerleader
    📌[49:16]Middle Management is the critical layer of your company...
    📌[52:04]no one should EVER be surprised when they're fired...
    📌[1:01:44]are you sharing your company story with your team?
    📌[1:01:55]are you sharing your company story with your clients
    📌[1:02:07]Marketing Homework: Lean into your story
    📌[1:02:16]Sales Homework: Ask for the sale
    📌[1:02:32]Finance Homework: Follow Up with your clients
    📌[1:03:20]People Homework: Use the story of your company culture to attract top talent
    📌[1:03:41]Ricky F: Create a Sales System to #askandfollowup
    📌[1:04:13]Ricky R Homework: Brand Identity - who are you as a company?
    📌[1:04:58]Brand yourself to be your clients ________
    📌[1:05:36]People want to work for a company where they're having fun and enjoying...
    📌[1:06:21]Karen Martinez built a 100+M cleaning company in Jersey. Act like the size of the company you want to be
    Quote of the Day
    “Success is...

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Lee Your1DayFloorCoatings.com ,

They know their stuff!

Loved being a guest on the Fight Club! I have enjoyed their show and look forward to the latest release to learn from them all. Always worth the time to listen and leave with some gold nuggets.

Doug & Michelle / Pink Callers ,

They know their stuff!!!

This group knows business! A multi-dimensional outlook on how a business can and should be run.

TCarroll123 ,


These amazing ladies are killing it and making a difference in the business world!

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