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4 Experts in their respective fields: Taylor Meroni-Marketing, Meaghan Likes-Finance, Michelle Myers-Systems, and Martha Woodward-People, who also happen to own service businesses.
This group was formed to help people restructure their service business so that they thrived during COVID-19 and beyond.

Fight Club 4 Business Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha

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4 Experts in their respective fields: Taylor Meroni-Marketing, Meaghan Likes-Finance, Michelle Myers-Systems, and Martha Woodward-People, who also happen to own service businesses.
This group was formed to help people restructure their service business so that they thrived during COVID-19 and beyond.

    Ep 111 Mike Dahlke

    Ep 111 Mike Dahlke

    Mike Dahlke is a serial entrepreneur, investor, business turnaround specialist and business coach. After attending the Global Christian Leadership Summit in 2011, he felt a calling to leave the financial world and jump into entrepreneurship. His current focus is on both home service companies and business turnaround situations where strategy and capital are required.
    He's passionate about helping distressed companies navigate large, but solvable problems with leadership, strategy and capital. He loves spending time with his wife, two boys, hunting and talking all things business.
    Time Stamps :
    πŸ“[4:53]Marketing: Finding motivation to market your company...
    πŸ“[5:29]Leads are down in all businesses countrywide...
    πŸ“[6:01]While some are pulling back on marketing - Mike is going all in because everything is cheaper....
    πŸ“[6:37]When client acquisition costs go down - ROI goes up....
    πŸ“[7:57]Mike increases communications to existing clients...
    πŸ“[8:49]He's continuing radio spending, testing TV ads, influencer marketing, geo-tagging, etc...
    πŸ“[10:29]How would a home service company find an influencer?
    πŸ“[10:45]He's tried macaroni kids influencers...
    πŸ“[11:13]The influencers like trades... We'll provide this service in exchange for an ad...
    πŸ“[13:57]Bobby Walker as an influencer...
    πŸ“[30:17]The Good Shepard Parable for leaderships
    πŸ“[31:21]As a leader you have to provide the basics like Water (they have to earn a living wage)
    πŸ“[31:37]Food for Growth - you have to invest in them
    πŸ“[32:05]Protection they have to trust that you'll protect them from the wolves
    πŸ“[33:49]And looking for parasites - this is a hard one... You have to stay vigilant and keep looking for potential problems within the company/flock
    πŸ“[34:21]PDP - personal development plan LDP - leadership development plan EDP - executive development plan
    πŸ“[35:01]All of them have a reading list, a travel challenge and growth opportunities....
    πŸ“[35:33]Interview Question: What do you feel like if you work here that you're entitled to?
    πŸ“[36:17]You owe them a company that is healthy and vibrant. We owe you opportunities to grow. But we don't owe you a job
    πŸ“[36:53]I am a plow horse, not a show horse...
    πŸ“[38:21]How does Mike build so many successful leaders?
    πŸ“[39:01]How to set clear expectations and then hold people accountable...
    πŸ“[39:33]He sets up regular KRAs (key results areas)
    πŸ“[40:01]Those KRAs are tied directly to the PandL
    πŸ“[40:57]Green Light = Good
    πŸ“[41:09]Yellow Light = You're not hitting your goals - so having a conversation as to why?
    πŸ“[41:17]Red Light = we're having a hard conversation to get you back on track over a short timeline
    πŸ“[41:45]Wise people say thank you when you give feedback
    πŸ“[42:33]Foolish people have excuses when you give feedback. They're victims.
    πŸ“[42:49]Evil people are not correctable
    πŸ“[45:53]It's all about communication and conversations...
    πŸ“[46:33]Mike's job as a leader is to have the tough conversations...
    πŸ“[47:29]If you're having a hard time visualizing where your staff are in their performance correction plans... Check out Quality Driven Software with their built in HR modules. https://qualitydrivensoftware.com/pricing/?fbclid=IwAR1b70JsU9OMTHri7yv9f1T94kYCu9R0QqhRgBDMmoH7H4FMrsIooMKzhWE (https://qualitydrivensoftware.com/pricing/)
    πŸ“[49:49]https://www.strategiccoach.com/?fbclid=IwAR3ALU4GC8Z2F3DkoQKVnzlRRmKELPDOoLHvg1wF6KRm_Rll4_UGr7SnaMM (https://www.strategiccoach.com/)
    πŸ“[52:49]Chipping away at the giant rock of your business is like carving a Michelangelo...
    πŸ“[53:21]Marketing Homework: Look for an influencer in your community to help you reach more of your ideal clients
    πŸ“[54:25]Finance Homework: What are your Impact Filters?

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    E.110 Kate Cinnamo

    E.110 Kate Cinnamo

    Time Stamps :
    πŸ“[5:17]How Kate is bringing the trades back in as a mainstream career.
    πŸ“[5:45]And how she's overcoming this missing generation of a skilled workforce.
    πŸ“[7:45]Educating educators about what plumbers and electricians do....
    πŸ“[8:57]How do we break the stigma of going to trade school vs the more normalized routes of getting a bachelors degree?
    πŸ“[14:13]Their mission is bridging the technical talent gap by engaging middle school students, high school students, parents, teachers and administrators...
    πŸ“[15:33]Networking with local schools and local workforce development office
    πŸ“[16:37]Call the guidance office and ask to talk to a career counselor - get involved with the tech-ed instructor...
    πŸ“[21:41]https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fexplorethetrades.org%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0ADMVrIuBhgjwR48jZm0UITe4u8jpZxEulvfi0vB86hL45WCcmULfL3u0andh=AT0Y-KJuvAsXz4c3rh6cwBgc5TbuVwt1UzYqCMVkiWc8rwOanAfa9dqSdFYXwFQcFlBY_J1zTF7cYwv6womePL5tuoHCZVa21GuzaS_v5nEZ_7Xr3nszgB-LBUxQxq39fRQpand__tn__=R]-Randc[0]=AT2FP26adAOaBaHJ8-56cYg6Pnn0chwEfSHUp2yBj9tC7rNfdKLa045Fv6HNMY1RoT6-1w8qapHBroyGTFzHhVgURqYkfdKLvFj8mq3kOvd65iHhxJVypaFIC9MumzzFDuHgQduMfisqoEfSou1yg_PQU5drUu4aSBihznk1KZiKCaYVVcIjty7Qwn_YVjVF7s0YIwjtcjdeaaLJ8F0 (explorethetrades.org)
    πŸ“[21:49]Find an apprenticeship program near you
    πŸ“[23:45]https://apprenticeship.gov/?fbclid=IwAR3DUFsynt29Bf_70C4D6uqgfRdfdNzK5kuXz2wmLpfw4u6NmSdDNVg7_8s (apprenticeship.gov) looking for a trades near you
    πŸ“[24:13]look at your state for a registered apprenticeship program or look for a local contractor in your community....
    πŸ“[27:57]https://explorethetrades.org/who-we-are/donate/?fbclid=IwAR2b38NHtyP3K6kWOVr1SqAq2hj3bUR9S29DGHAxKsHD74RaMDvL8EU4jjk (https://explorethetrades.org/who-we-are/donate/)
    πŸ“[31:41]How the Jobs Page on "Explore the Trades" works...
    πŸ“[34:13]Internships vs Apprenticeships?
    πŸ“[35:21]Having interns be a parts runner or work in the warehouse or do ride alongs..
    πŸ“[37:05]For every 4 skilled laborers leaving the workforce only 1 is coming in...
    πŸ“[39:25]How to break the stigma of parents encouraging youth to work in the trades....
    πŸ“[47:17]Why would someone want to be a Plumber? Electrician? Window Cleaner? Further, why would someone want to work for you?
    πŸ“[50:13]Marketing Homework: Donate school supplies to your local school and open up a conversation with your school about a career day and bringing Trades back into the conversation
    πŸ“[50:49]Finance Homework: Introduce yourself to your local workforce center or high school career counselor
    πŸ“[51:25]People Homework: Build out your career ladder..
    πŸ“[52:37]Donate to "Explore the Trades" https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fexplorethetrades.org%2Fwho-we-are%2Fdonate%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0ZvE0GG1_92f2LOfwEpl83mrLXwhSlgu_ctMAGCFf9de7fZe1Supo3EWcandh=AT2MCJsDY3JGqyPnOrls6LqxG8KU46KefGakLzqj-qh7hG2EoakrvsxQyo3LMCvMBPmdYM9R6G5ArkZ2Gi6NK0Ujf1dr6hxLrnVbXQZxCDHIuu32nV5ncX1wv9NlGtaIPo3qand__tn__=R]-Randc[0]=AT2FP26adAOaBaHJ8-56cYg6Pnn0chwEfSHUp2yBj9tC7rNfdKLa045Fv6HNMY1RoT6-1w8qapHBroyGTFzHhVgURqYkfdKLvFj8mq3kOvd65iHhxJVypaFIC9MumzzFDuHgQduMfisqoEfSou1yg_PQU5drUu4aSBihznk1KZiKCaYVVcIjty7Qwn_YVjVF7s0YIwjtcjdeaaLJ8F0 (https://explorethetrades.org/who-we-are/donate/)
    πŸ“[53:25]Check out these videos: https://explorethetrades.org/stem/?fbclid=IwAR2rWNeqDrT5QvRmA4ENr9iwpnv54GJOUJNOMqx9nhDFdrNiFP63Y4T9UjM (https://explorethetrades.org/stem/)
    πŸ“[53:45]Email Kate: katec@explorethetrades.org
    Quote of the week
    "The youth is the hope of our future" - Jose Rizal
    Kate Cinnamo: https://explorethetrades.org/ (https://explorethetrades.org/)
    Tay Meroni (Marketing) with https://powerwashingpalmbeach.com/ (Pure Pressure Washing)
    Meaghan Likes (Finances) with https://www.bookkeepingacademyonline.com/ (Bookkeeping Academy Online), https://likesaccounting.com/ (Likes Accounting Company )and https://jefflikescleanwindows.com/ (Jeff Likes Clean...

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    E.109 Zac Garside & Brigham Dickenson - Power Selling Pros

    E.109 Zac Garside & Brigham Dickenson - Power Selling Pros

    Director of Sales and Marketing at Power Selling Pros (where Contractors turn their call center into a profit center). Creator of "The Storytelling Habit" at ZacGarside.com. I help businesses craft a sales message that moves people. One of my clients said, "Zac was able, in just a simple conversation, to craft the message that was on my heart but that I could never put down on paper." I'm an obsessive student and practitioner of: β˜‘οΈ Speaking on Stage and in Webinars (crafting a message that makes people say "WOW... that's exactly what I needed to hear...") β˜‘οΈ Copywriting (while landing pages and emails are my specialty, I love the chance to pen some persuasive prose in any medium - one of my favorite clients fell in love with me after I wrote a landing that page that converts 40%+ for him) β˜‘οΈ One-On-One Coaching (I've coached several hundred of our clients at Power Selling Pros and, more recently, multiple High-Ticket Coaches through ZacGarside.com) β˜‘οΈ Email Marketing (I took Power Selling Pros from having non-existent email marketing to consistently emailing messages that people reply to and buy from - over $150,000 in revenue was added to our business from email in 2021, a 5,336.17% ROI) β˜‘οΈ Sales (I've brought on 179 new accounts for Power Selling Pros while simultaneously serving as Head of Marketing to generate new leads) β˜‘οΈ Good Conversation (he who can ask a well-crafted question can change the world - I love to bring out the best in others through good conversation) β˜‘οΈ Content (I've written so many emails and blog posts for Power Selling Pros and my personal freelance efforts I don't even know what the count is... but I've shared some of my learnings here at ZacGarside.com) β˜‘οΈ Podcasting (I've helped produce over 100 podcast episodes for "LIP Service for Contractors- and my personal podcast "The Storytelling Habit") β˜‘οΈ The Storytelling Habit (saying the same thing to your audience over and over gets old - I enjoy helping people and brands build a habit of telling engaging stories so they can attract more of the people they seek to serve... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.) Currently looking for Business Owners who need help crafting a convincing sales message or have an email list they want to make more money from. DM me if that's you.
    Time Stamp:
    πŸ“[5:57]How to address the big scary word of SALES with our office managers?
    πŸ“[6:13]Don't call it sales at all - call it customer service training...
    πŸ“[8:53]How do you coach a CSR to make an excellent experience because no one has to call you anymore... but they want to
    πŸ“[14:05]Put your world on hold - take care of those clients like they're your family....
    πŸ“[24:01]8 Principles: 1. Be positive 2. Be prepared and confident 3. LISTEN 4. Care 5. Reassure 6. Ask for the business 7. Build Value 8. Be Grateful
    πŸ“[30:09]The Power of the Urgency List. We had a cancellation in your area. We had a customer reschedule....
    πŸ“[34:09]When a customer is asking for help and you ask them for their data (name, address, phone number) instead of showing empathy and building rapport....
    πŸ“[35:53]When a customer calls you - they don't just tell you that they need your service they'll give you emotional details because they want to connect with you
    πŸ“[36:41]With people fast is slow... Because they have an emotional need... They will not get off the phone until that emotional need has been met. It's not logical - it's emotional.
    πŸ“[36:57]Giving before taking...
    πŸ“[37:17]You've called the right place
    πŸ“[43:37]Your CSR deserves your attention and training.
    πŸ“[57:13]Marketing Homework: Put your world on hold when answering the phone
    πŸ“[57:29]Finance Homework: Invest in training with your CSR to increase your conversion rate
    πŸ“[57:53]Systems Homework: Add gratitude into your call flow
    πŸ“[59:05]People Homework: Ask your CSR to rate their call from 1-5 after the call and see how they would change it

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    E.108 Keith Kalfas

    E.108 Keith Kalfas

    I started out in East Side Metro Detroit living paycheck to paycheck in a dead-end 9-5 job. I always loved the idea of financial independence and not having to listen to a boss. I mowed grass since I was 14 and was in a dire situation financially. I had to start a business quickly with low start-up costs, so I decided to start my own landscaping business. For a long time I was just scraping by, but with sheer determination, I scaled my business to six figures. Was it hard? Of course, it was. But the effort was worth the weight in gold for me. My landscaping business continues to pay me every day.
    With my own business and no boss to answer to, I started teaching other entrepreneurs inside the Keith Kalfas Academy how they could start their own businesses. I became an influencer in my industry. I took everything I learned from my experience and started making as much content around it as possible. All the work I put in is worth it if I help people become financially free.
    I still run my landscaping business but now I spend a lot of my time teaching thousands of students in the Keith Kalfas Academy how to grow their businesses to 6-figures. I also travel around the nation speaking about growing small businesses. I have spoken at the Huge Convention, the UAMCC, IGNITE, CSA, and several other industry events. I have also been featured in Turf Magazine, and the Window Cleaning Magazine UK.
    Other than speaking about small businesses I have also written two books with a detailed description of exactly how someone can go from nothing to a six-figure landscaping or window cleaning business.
    I also make free content on YouTube and on my blog about landscaping, window cleaning, and quitting a 9-to-5.
    Time Stamp:
    πŸ“[4:25]Check out his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHj4z3gLGp-cjaCIKhzctsw?fbclid=IwAR1c9boDcck7dd2AtjWJambuJIO5FGy4mW7yDYSe6sO5YRKjsxX4rG4CFOs (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHj4z3gLGp-cjaCIKhzctsw)
    πŸ“[4:37]Why Keith loves social media
    πŸ“[4:49]How Keith clones himself through video
    πŸ“[5:57]Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_the_power_of_vulnerability?language=enandfbclid=IwAR1NGDFgdez8c9oV_l3_TCZksXQxM9EXsSlDV4mTRiYajdUZYmVF6kn_OWQ (https://www.ted.com/.../brene_brown_the_power_of...)
    πŸ“[8:09]Keith is just grinding it out... With 60-80 M views per month and he's generating 8-12 pieces of content per day.
    πŸ“[8:25]Some of his best videos with the most views are when he's his truest self
    πŸ“[9:49]Vulnerability is the new credibility...
    πŸ“[13:57]If you can describe someone's problem better than they can - they'll automatically think you'll know how to solve it...
    πŸ“[14:41]Be hyper-specific instead of a generalist
    πŸ“[19:17]Started a landscaping business and would cut grass every day and then posting at night on craigslist
    πŸ“[19:45]https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/115491.Guerrilla_Marketing?fbclid=IwAR0An2csjgoFP5azjjVf1ZW9JUnFdwlnFzRiCKiAtJY3BodFx1nefkrvoMg (https://www.goodreads.com/.../115491.Guerrilla_Marketing)
    πŸ“[21:49]https://ducttapemarketing.com/?fbclid=IwAR2ewTpqqW1w04ZntDa7mIOCWqWpuitSml65Ir77IXXo5eNXwMy71YstEaQ (https://ducttapemarketing.com/)
    πŸ“[22:05]his marketing budget is 1%
    πŸ“[22:13]voicemail bombs...
    πŸ“[23:33]He has 4500 active customers then he scrubs the list before sending it out...
    πŸ“[23:53]Talk to Mrs Jones for real..
    πŸ“[24:41]Here's Keith's Voicemail Bomb Script..

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    E.107 Jason Geiman

    E.107 Jason Geiman

    It all started with a used pressure washer and a 1995 work van. That’s how Jason Geiman and his wife, Jodi, started a pressure washing business back in 2012. Nearly doubling their business in the first year, additional family members were brought on to help with the growth. The business continued to see incredible success and outside employees were added as well.
    In just 6 years they had expanded to four crews and nearly $1M in gross revenue, and the decision was made to sell the business in 2018.
    Following the sale, as Jason wondered what to do with his new-found free time, he realized what he always wanted to do was to help people. It had led him to be a rescue diver, then a firefighter, and now, it has led him here. He is taking the lessons learned from his incredible 6 years running a pressure washing business into a resource for homeowners or for those starting, or struggling, to have their own exterior cleaning business.
    Time Stamps:
    [8:53]Buy up all of the Christmas cards when on clearance, and start marketing Christmas Lights by sending out the cards in July
    πŸ“[11:13]January 1 - buy cards on discount. Have team handwrite the cards. Put an offer in the Christmas card. Mail out the Christmas cards in July. Take Deposits on Christmas Lights to help with cash flow during the summer slump.
    πŸ“[13:25]Are you answering your phone?
    πŸ“[14:01]This gives time to start flipping some rocks
    πŸ“[14:29]Lets do some marketing. Lets get creative. Lets go knock on doors.
    πŸ“[14:37]Are you on LinkedIn
    πŸ“[15:01]Are you scheduling commercial work in your slumps?
    πŸ“[22:57]Are you posting on Google My Business 2-3 times a week?
    πŸ“[24:17]Are you proactively marketing?
    πŸ“[24:25]Are you prioritizing marketing?
    πŸ“[28:21]https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/759945.The_Magic_of_Thinking_Big?fbclid=IwAR0ZJw51k-1uGZOMdNbRJVScbKXTiftMiVaY2VX2ixTAg5lxFEhdTj_QlEs (https://www.goodreads.com/.../759945.The_Magic_of...)
    πŸ“[29:05]Have you looked at your software expenses lately?
    πŸ“[33:53]How to balance growing a business and family time...
    πŸ“[34:05]This is a time for time management.
    πŸ“[35:37]Time is the one thing we don't get back...
    πŸ“[37:41]Schedule your social media time
    πŸ“[37:45]Schedule your email time
    πŸ“[38:01]Schedule your work and family time and don't mix them....
    πŸ“[42:29]Time Blocking Strategies
    πŸ“[45:05]Are you using Do Not Disturb on your phone?
    πŸ“[45:37]Are you using your Google Calendar?
    πŸ“[47:29]Time Blocking vs. Task Orienting... Do you have your list of goals?
    πŸ“[48:45]Marketing Homework: What can you start promoting now that will help bring you business later in the year?
    πŸ“[50:37]Finance Homework: List of tasks for you as owner to do when it's slow. List of tasks for your team when the calendar is light
    πŸ“[50:57]Systems Homework: Time block your personal and work time through the end of the quarter
    πŸ“[51:17]People Homework: Read the 4 hour work week
    πŸ“[52:05]Jason Homework: Write down your goals. What do you want for your business? What do you want for your family?
    πŸ“[52:49]Best way to get ahold of Jason? https://www.kingofpressurewash.com/?fbclid=IwAR02FwIGNSGRreiudVqiDwZo05W9_pLStfm1BV2DmzTrRXYh1JfVJVl61y0 (https://www.kingofpressurewash.com/)
    πŸ“[53:13]For Christmas Lights Help: https://www.christmaslights.io/?fbclid=IwAR1WxiJIvmSKVJZVno3jJGfb3pEDIZ-nfEejHC71EbvJopibkOO5UaVwc7w (https://www.christmaslights.io/)
    "Quote of the Week"
    "If you're in the position to have gotten so much - the gift of this point is giving back."
    Jason Geiman : https://www.christmaslights.io/?fbclid=IwAR1WxiJIvmSKVJZVno3jJGfb3pEDIZ-nfEejHC71EbvJopibkOO5UaVwc7w (https://www.christmaslights.io/) , https://www.kingofpressurewash.com/?fbclid=IwAR02FwIGNSGRreiudVqiDwZo05W9_pLStfm1BV2DmzTrRXYh1JfVJVl61y0 (https://www.kingofpressurewash.com/)
    Tay Meroni (Marketing) with https://powerwashingpalmbeach.com/ (Pure Pressure Washing)
    Meaghan Likes (Fi

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    E. 106 Justin Woodford

    E. 106 Justin Woodford

    After starting Two Brothers Painting with his brother Dan in 2008, Justin has continued down an entrepreneurial path with his landscaping company 855RILAWNS, his property management business, Yorktown Realty, and most recently, his consulting business, Ready Business Systems. With a background in electrical engineering, Justin's highly refined work habits, systems, and processes have enabled him to step away from the day to day and remotely monitor and optimize his businesses. Ready Business Systems specializes in Service Autopilot and Automations set up, training, and optimization to help organizations operate efficiently to free the owners time and get their businesses to work for them. In addition, Ready Business systems provides clients with templates and other pre-built systems and subscriptions not provided by Service Autopilot to help business owners get out and build the business of their dreams, such as SendJim, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, and Blogging services.
    Time Stapms:
    πŸ“[3:41]Good job, David!
    πŸ“[7:49]Justin went from using Google sheets on Palm Pilots to really digging into Service Autopilot automations
    πŸ“[8:43]Shout out to SendJim https://www.sendjim.io/signup-home?fbclid=IwAR2p_kBQ8Q1urScPekxKEJVCTsxA7R76eZiOyWmCH_SuBwKZKnznqfShqWI (https://www.sendjim.io/signup-home)
    πŸ“[9:25]Justin loves Google Ads for marketing and says negative key words are essential
    πŸ“[10:21]If you can't stay on top of watching your costs on Google Ads, then hire someone to stay on top of the ads
    πŸ“[13:33]Justin tries to reserve SMS messages for things that are very helpful to the lead/client vs. spamming with sales messages
    πŸ“[14:57]Justin automates his trigger to SendJim for 5 arounds. So cool how automated that postcard campaign can be.
    πŸ“[16:49]Multiple touches, multiple methods for clients and leads. Love that he uses email, SMS, voicemail bombs, and postcards
    πŸ“[18:45]For his landscaping business, he also uses yard signs and Facebook to complete 7-8 modes of touches
    πŸ“[20:13]Favorite thing to automate: Estimate follow up. Must have to add value in the shortest amount of time.
    πŸ“[22:13]Heads Up: Justin uses SendJim for recruiting
    πŸ“[23:53]Job applicants: Same thing, you must have follow up, and using automated follow up is best (just like you do with a client lead)
    https://www.facebook.com/fightclub4business/?comment_id=Y29tbWVudDo3NjgwMjYzNzc4OTkxNjRfNDQyNDg5MTY3NzA2NDIyand__cft__[0]=AZU1yaqD4XFi_8tfkYnbEXgYQKgCKKLFvzWHSdW38CDxKGxbT9FCJbwLFKPIGImtcMn0cx9dck3ntskm6cqXAeqdRhWyglDhLwGf7kbpyA4tfu4-LcfBN6xuo5250t-PI_Kt5v1VTjNppW-CzRit0Tv_YNgqRuUL6z7SBshPBAM8olniybOuquYu9QddcIqjmOSfGJT5NU1H8yYNorG8tkCMand__tn__=R-R (Fight Club 4 Business)
    πŸ“[25:05]Uses automations to filter applicants to qualify/disqualify
    πŸ“[26:29]Take all of your applicant leads and send them postcards with your job ads
    πŸ“[36:33]Facebook marketing and re-marketing has been the best recruiting source for Justin
    Quote of the Week
    "Automation is solving a problem once, then putting the solution on autopilot." -Michael Hyatt
    Justin Woodford : https://readybusinesssystems.com/ (https://readybusinesssystems.com/)
    Tay Meroni (Marketing) with https://powerwashingpalmbeach.com/ (Pure Pressure Washing)
    Meaghan Likes (Finances) with https://www.bookkeepingacademyonline.com/ (Bookkeeping Academy Online), https://likesaccounting.com/ (Likes Accounting Company )and https://jefflikescleanwindows.com/ (Jeff Likes Clean Windows and Gutters)
    Michelle Myers (Systems) with https://www.pinkcallers.com/ (Pink Callers)
    Martha Woodward (People) with https://www.thepayforperformanceexpert.com/ (The Pay for Performance Expert), https://qualitydrivensoftware.com/ (Quality Driven Software) and https://www.dusting-divas.com/ (Dusting Divas)

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Customer Reviews

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13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Lee Your1DayFloorCoatings.com ,

They know their stuff!

Loved being a guest on the Fight Club! I have enjoyed their show and look forward to the latest release to learn from them all. Always worth the time to listen and leave with some gold nuggets.

Doug & Michelle / Pink Callers ,

They know their stuff!!!

This group knows business! A multi-dimensional outlook on how a business can and should be run.

TCarroll123 ,


These amazing ladies are killing it and making a difference in the business world!

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