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Real conversations between two friends about how to find oneness in a dualistic world so that we may more fully become our sovereign selves. Did I mention that these are vulnerable, authentic, honest and raw conversations touching on our experiences through mormonism, divorce, depression, bi-polar, being mom's, sex magic... you name it! There is no topic that is off limits! New episodes every Thursday!

Finding Oneness In Duality Amanda Joy Loveland & Valerie Seolas

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Real conversations between two friends about how to find oneness in a dualistic world so that we may more fully become our sovereign selves. Did I mention that these are vulnerable, authentic, honest and raw conversations touching on our experiences through mormonism, divorce, depression, bi-polar, being mom's, sex magic... you name it! There is no topic that is off limits! New episodes every Thursday!

    Can you see life through a lens of curiosity?

    Can you see life through a lens of curiosity?

    Episode 26.....
    The dance between co-creation and surrendering to the process of life can be navigated with a sense of curiosity and child like wonderment. Curiosity can put us in the role of observer where we are open to the flow of how things unfold without being attached to the results. This sense of curiosity keeps us from projecting on the future or re-creating  the past. With a sense of curiosity, we can avoid suffering through what we experience. This doesn't mean that we won't experience pain in life, as pain is a somatic experience, however,  we won't get stuck in the pain cycle and suffer through it. Suffering is a choice.
    All paths lead to Spirit, and all life is an experience. We are powerful creators and our life is an expression of our beliefs, thoughts and choices. What would happen if we maintain a sense of curiosity as we are present in our creation of life? 

    • 47 min
    Where attention goes, it grows

    Where attention goes, it grows

    Episode 25....In this episode we talk about how our lives are always working for us, despite how it may look or feel and we have so much ability to give meaning to what is showing up. Where we give our attention it grows, and so often we can get caught up in the old patterns and stories and continue to recreate the same thing over and over again. So, where is your attention? Where is your focus? Are you focused on the current dialogue of fear? 

    When you have your energy focused on fear you give your power away. Can we instead lean in to our own sense of power and trust that life is showing up in service to us and trust that whatever is happening in the world and in our country is ultimately working in our favor?  Can we learn to trust in life and our ability to create our reality, rather than to fear what is happening outside of us and give our power away? 

    Alot of Seers and spiritual teachers have been talking about this time as a potential for the  Collective Consciousness to raise in vibration and move from the third Chakra into the forth chakra, or the high heart. This is an opportunity to be open to receive life, receive love and be open to Christ Consciousness. As we move towards the Winter Solstice we can maintain this focus and practice shifting into the heart space and the energy of love. This practice is that of the Divine Feminine energy, which will bring balance and healing to all of us.
    Can we practice living from the high heart space and lean in to life and receive love?

    If we are the ultimate creators of our lives, how are you creating the life you want to live?

    • 49 min
    Here is your call to shine bright!

    Here is your call to shine bright!

    Episode 24

    There's a lot of uncertainty and Chaos on the planet right now and a lot of people are feeling ungrounded and unsettled. The foundational processes of our country are being challenged and there's a possibility that things will get worse before they can get better.  Today we offer some ways to lean into our more Feminine energies of sensitivity, intuition, kindness and heart-centered responses and disengage from the forces that are creating division and confusion.  Can we disconnect from the fear-based mentality and instead, go inward to our center and find the peace within our breath, and navigate the chaos from that space? It can be so fascinating when we can let go of the fear, and get out of the analytical mind and instead choose to be in the stilness of the now moment of being completely present. In that space, we can start to experience the beauty that is unfolding. 

    • 42 min
    Tips & Tools for self-resourcing!

    Tips & Tools for self-resourcing!

    Episode 23....
    Our perception of things affects how we feel and will determine our experience of whatever it is we are moving through in life. "By keeping it simple, you move through life with ease." This doesn't mean that difficult things wont happen in life, it just means that we will navigate them with ease.  Can we let go of the coping skills, trauma responses, and attachment to suffering to experience more joy, ease, and flow that is available to each of us.  We can get so comfortable in our pain, our sorrow and trauma and it can feel uncomfortable to let it go and to be open to experience life with flow, surrender and trust. Can we allow ourselves to remember that we are human, and that we need to feel our feelings, and give time and space for ourselves to move through whatever it is we are feeling, instead of bypassing the painful feelings, storing them in our body and shoving them down? This is a recipe for those emotions to come out and to be expressed in inappropriate ways and at times when we are triggered and feeling unresourced. Coming back to our center, being gentle with ourselves, feeling our feels and sitting with them, without needing to be anything other than what is, is a powerful practice of moving emotions and experiences through our field and then releasing them. 
    Living a 5D life isn't about always being happy and love and light;  it means that we are present in our heart, while feeling our emotions and honoring where we are at. Resourcing ourselves inward, has been the biggest call for this year of 2020, leaning in to our inner truth, our Sovereignty, and trusting what feels right for ourselves. This is the most important tool that we can learn as we navigate through the unknown future and unpredictable outcomes. "I am here now," allows for that larger flow of inspirational energy to come in and inform our inspired action. In the truth of The Now, we can trust that all will be provided as we learn how to be on the path of ease. 

    • 58 min
    Putting "God" to the test

    Putting "God" to the test

    Episode 22.....
    We are continually creating our lives, from an unconscious place, until we learn to identify our stories and how they are writing the script for our lives. In our practice of becoming more conscious, we begin to challenge the power of our stories that are held in the Collective belief systems, our family DNA, and the programming that keeps us in the wounding cycle. "Show me how this gets to be easy" could be a reframe in taking steps to re-evaluate why we are doing things and what we want to create. 
    In our process of becoming conscious creators, how can we be in right relationship in our roles of the masculine and feminine as well as our expression of our Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine? A more Divine Feminine approach encompasses a place of surrender and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable in the not knowing.  Pure creation, a Divine Feminine art,  is the practice of surrender, being in the Present moment, which is creating from the unknown. This, coupled with cultivating gratitude for, as well as releasing with love, the challenges that have shaped us into who we are now, begins the healing of wounds that keep us in the cycle of experiencing the same things over and over again. 

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Food for thought: Politics, Personal Power & P...?

    Food for thought: Politics, Personal Power & P...?

    Episode 21.....We approach our conversation from a place of Flow today and welcome in inspiration from Spirit. Starting with the Tarot, which set the tone for our conversation, we explore different ways we can stay in our Power as we navigate such turbulent times in our political  climate and uncertainty in our future. The Four of Swords in this Tarot, invites us to move into mental stillness and clarity, disconnect from the outer world and invite in an inner peace. We are POWERful in our ability to be autonomous and sovereign CREATORS, in spite of the outer world. Join us for quick paced and LIGHT conversation, as we move through a variety of things and offer some deeper insights to how we are thriving in a time of deep change.  Our ask for the day is, "When you feel fearful and heavy and pulled into the Illusionary Paradigm, can you ask the Universe to show you the sweetness and lighter side of the shadow?"

    • 1 hr 4 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

sashhale ,

Raw & Real!

These podcasts are such a treat for me to listen to as I’m out on my daily nature bath. I truly connect and resonate with each topic, especially in these interesting times. I love the added tid bits of Shamanism mixed in. I also enjoy how these women aren’t portraying themselves to be “enlightened gurus.” Raw & Real, just how I like it!

Eliza Lucia ,

Refreshing and enlightening!

I enjoyed listening to Valerie and Inanda discuss the concepts behind finding ones ness in duality. There are too many misconceptions and polarized beliefs that divide us as friends family and society. Why? Is it fear, is it judgement? These conversations are a poignant reminder to utilize your wisdom and gifts to share with others. Enlightenment and an open heart bring us power but also comfort. Lean in and open your ears to a delightful and thought provoking conversation.

TJones-carr ,

Love this podcast!

Loved! 💙💙💙The conversation was enlightening and I loved the topic discussion. I walked away feeling hopeful, curious for more and insightful! Everyone’s journey is different, but these topics are interesting no matter what your journey entails.

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