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John Mark Osborne & Michael Rocharde talk about everything FileMaker

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John Mark Osborne & Michael Rocharde talk about everything FileMaker

    Alexei Folger

    Alexei Folger

    Long time FileMaker expert Alexei Folger joins our crew at Fireside FileMaker for one of the most entertaining and informative interviews we’ve had this year. If you aren’t familiar with the name, Alexei has been in the FileMaker market for over three decades, starting out at the famed MIT Users Group, working in various capacities at Claris as a technical support agent and Systems Engineer and continuing her support of the FileMaker platform at Apple, Beezwax and finally as president of her own company. To say Alexei has a vast knowledge of FileMaker is an understatement. As Michael would say, join us for a facinating conversation with Alexei about so many topics, they can’t be summarized here!

    • 2 hr 26 min
    FileMakers evangelist

    FileMakers evangelist

    We were honored to be joined by Andy LeCates who has been a leading light in the FileMaker community for several decades and has a wealth of experience both in developing professional Filemaker solutions and in promoting FileMaker. Andy is a superb presenter who has presented at many FileMaker™ conferences and he talks to us about his life inside and outside of FileMaker.  We enjoyed the cnversation and so will you.

    • 2 hr 9 min
    A Shockey to the System

    A Shockey to the System

    Our special guest today is Bob Shockey, one of the FileMaker community's best known developers. Bob came to talk about Process Driven Design but, as usual, we went off in tangents for a fascinating two hour conversation with somebody who has an enormous depth of experience and knowledge.

    • 1 hr 55 min
    Learn Something Every Day

    Learn Something Every Day

    Including our regualr guest, Marc Larochelle, all 3 of us have extensive experience in the FileMaker training market including teaching classes, creating videos, writing books, speaking at conferences and much more. Whether you are a student or a budding trainer, this fascinating discussion about all things training will help you become a better trainer or student. Come listen as we discuss so many different aspects of training, it’s impossible to list them all here.

    • 2 hr
    A Knight in Shining Armor

    A Knight in Shining Armor

    David Knight is one of the FileMaker community's best known developers, running a successful consulting firm, speaking at DevCon and holding a board member position at the Chamber of Commerce in Burbank. Listen as we explore how David started his business from scratch and ended up as one of the most successful FileMaker development firms in the world. You might be surprised how he started his career in the FileMaker market and how it could spur you to think outside the box like David. And, did we forget to mention he helps manage the largest FileMaker developers group in the world? There’s so much to summarize from this chat so let’s just let the PodCast do the talking.

    • 2 hr 10 min
    A Conversation with Brad Freitag

    A Conversation with Brad Freitag

    We were very honored to have Brad Freitag join us for, our 41st episode and, an absolutely fascinating conversation which gives all FileMaker developers the opportunity to hear Brad discuss his vision for Claris and his absolute committment to the developer community; something I don't believe any of us have heard before.
    This is a podcast that should be listened to by everybody who cares about FileMaker and wants to know what is in store for the future.  It is also a great way to get to know the man behind the sea changes that we are all experiencing on, almost, a daily basis.
    This is an episode where we really want to hear from everybody listening and we will pass all comments onto Brad so that he can read them in a single document rather than dozens, or perhaps, hundreds of individual emails. He deserves our support so let's give it to him.  Please email your comments to info@firesidefilemaker.com. Thank you.
    For those listeners who haven't yet written in with comments and suggestions to be passed onto Brad, we've set up a page where you can read the comments we have received so far. www.firesidefilemaker.com/freitag

    • 1 hr 10 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

CL600 ,

Extremely refreshing

These guys play a nice verbal tennis match and span a great tent of FileNaker topics over their audience! Bravo!!

Really amazing about the guests in n their broadcast casually disclosing most relevant content. This is so well done in a humble fashion you want to just join them at their fire place. Thanks!!

800.3cutco1 ,

Excellent Filemaker Content from both Host and Guest

I really enjoy listening to your podcast and without exception, I always pick up some good Filemaker Tips as well! Thanks for your work on this guys, and I hope you continue!

FMJunkie ,

I love it- Great title and subject. More please!

More episodes like this. Being told what not to do and why not is very valuable. Please do more like this. The format works despite the fact that JMO always sounds vaguely irritated and on the verge of running out of breath before finishing any sentence & Michael always speaks so slowly, precisely, and anal retentively, I wanna shout out, “Just spit it out now, old boy.” But somehow, it works....especially with STELLAR guests like Productive Computing.

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