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We're a reading club, hyping and reviewing all the weekly talked about number one ☝️ comics.

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We're a reading club, hyping and reviewing all the weekly talked about number one ☝️ comics.

    Archie & Katy Keane / Iron Man 2020

    Archie & Katy Keane / Iron Man 2020

    The future is now... and BOY it's a mess! Join the clubbies as we try to unravel "Iron Man 2020"; and stay as we discuss all the buzz surrounding the new girl in "Archie & Katy Keane". We also announce C2E2 news and run through the TOP 10 sexiest "comic book" cars. 00:00 Intro/10 Sexiest Comic Book Cars 00:16 C2E2 announcement 00:21 Archie and Katy Keene 00:39 Ironman 2020

    • 58 min
    Star / The Clock

    Star / The Clock

    Our pal Shan comes for a visit, helping us talk through a sciencey-thriller on Top Cow called The Clock, which takes on world problems both hypothetical and real. But not before we discuss Star #1 from Marvel Comics. A mini-series that stars the breakout character Star, (the titular Star, from the title "Star"...) from Kelley Thompsons current run of Captain Marvel.

    And as always, nerdy news, and dorky tangents. 

    • 50 min
    Thor / I Can Sell You a Body

    Thor / I Can Sell You a Body

    We start the year off by getting way deeper into a conversation about Drake then we ever expected, but eventually find our way to discussing the much anticipated Thor #1 on Marvel Comics, penned by Donny Cates, and follow with lighter fare in Ryan Ferrier's new comic about a TV psychic thats hard up for cash, in I Can Sell You a Body #1.

    • 52 min
    Our Best of 2019

    Our Best of 2019

    The club takes a look back on 2019, talking through our favorite first issues and more. Later, we round out the year with a contest to name the very first First Issue Club Champion who will reign over 2020. 

    • 57 min
    Pitch Please 2

    Pitch Please 2

    This X-mas the club goes around the horn, pitching each other new ideas for comics books. 

    • 47 min
    Red Mother / Dying is Easy

    Red Mother / Dying is Easy

    This week, we discuss a new entry from club favorite Jeremy Haun in Red Mother #1 out on BOOM! Studios, and Dying is Easy #1 - the newest Joe Hill project on IDW. Join us as we get sentimental about our favorite media from 2019, and then argue about these comics. 

    00:00 - We moved!
    05:00 - 2019 media faves
    13:00 - Red Mother
    30:30 - Dying is Easy

    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

Dr_Scientist ,

Very Dope Podcast

This is one of the best comic book podcasts. The hosts have great chemistry. They're genuinley funny and play off of eachother really well.

I love hearing their takes on comics and that they describe to you exactly what happened in the book. Most comic podcasts are pretty vague about the actual contents of the books they read.
Sometimes I'll read a comic and be like, "What the f did I just read?" and think I'm an idiot cause I don't understand something. Then I'll hear them say they were confused by the same thing and feel little less dumb, which is appreciated.

I also really dig when they go off topic and have discussions about other things. For example in the last episode they talked about Marvel Comics #1 selling for a million dollars which segued into Michael talking about discovering his uncle's comic book gold mine.

Each episode flies by. At times I wish they was longer and covered more topics. I understand they wanna keep it simple which has been working for them. It's streamlined and consistently good. Nothing wrong with that.
I just think it'd be dope if maybe once a month they did an extra long episode where they discuss comic news and other comics they've been reading. I find myself agreeing with them often and I'm curious as to what other comics they're currently following and what their favorite series and storyarcs from the past are.

W.D.E. III ,

So so good!

Easily my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every week. Very funny, informative, and entertaining!

Jacqueline5 ,

Love the comical banter

I honestly have never purchased a first issue comic but should start! The four of them are hilarious and their laugh is contagious! You won’t be disappointed in learning more about the comic world.

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