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    103. 2023 Fitness Industry Predictions with Bedros Keuilian

    103. 2023 Fitness Industry Predictions with Bedros Keuilian

    In today’s episode, your host Bryce Henson and Bedros Keuilian explain the greatest factors of health and how to thrive during an economic disaster.
    Chaos can either be the cause of your downfall or great changes.
    What will you choose?

    • 23 min
    102. A Framework for Resiliency with Stacey Copas

    102. A Framework for Resiliency with Stacey Copas

    In today’s episode, Resilience Expert Stacey Copas walks you through 3 steps to be resilient.
    Use gratitude Seek the opportunity Find how you can help somebody else Learn how you can rebuild and create change in your life that can help you manage your business and other responsibilities with a clear head.
    And remember…
    Stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life.
    It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.

    • 47 min
    101. Portuguese Citizenship with Bryce Henson

    101. Portuguese Citizenship with Bryce Henson

    In today’s episode, Bryce teaches you the importance of having a Whatever It Takes attitude.
    He had to develop this mindset when trying to become a Portuguese citizen (Yes, like Cristiano Ronaldo).
    And he was denied for YEARS.
    Even though he lived in Brazil.
    Was fluent in Portuguese.
    And was married to a citizen of Portugal.
    It is important to develop mental fortitude and play the long game.
    The short game will make you stop at your failures.
    And that is something your goals and vision can’t afford.
    Tune in to hear more about the wild experience of getting this citizenship and how you, too, can overcome your greatest obstacles.

    • 29 min
    100. Turn your Mess Into Your Message with Rachel Scheer

    100. Turn your Mess Into Your Message with Rachel Scheer

    Your host Bryce Henson introduces today's guest, Certified Nutritionist Rachel Scheer, who talks about how to turn your mess into a message.
    A couple of years ago, Rachel suffered from severe gastrointestinal dysfunction (IBS). After being suggested to remove her entire large intestine, Rachel took her health into her own hands. And she survived.
    Since then, she has been able to inspire thousands with her story.
    Tune in and learn the importance of inspiring others and how to heal your mind and body.

    • 1 hr 9 min
    099. The Next Decade with Bedros & Bryce

    099. The Next Decade with Bedros & Bryce

    Your host Bryce Henson introduces today's guest Bedros Keuilian to walk through the evolution of Bedros over the last decade.  Hear some valuable insights into the man, the purpose, and the vision.  Bedros breaks down the principles of his book and gives a look into the vision for his revamped podcast.  
    Catch up with Bedros and Bryce in this jam-packed show as we wrap up 2022 and look into a new year of possibilities, aspirations, and motivation. 
    01:20 - Your host, Bryce, introduces today’s guest, Bedros. Follow along to hear about his evolution over the last decade and his purpose. 03:10 - Bryce talks about Bedros' book “Man Up” and the 6 principles he expresses throughout the book.  Listen along as Bedros breaks them down. 12:20 - Bedros dives deeper into the importance of communication. 18:30 - Get the inside scoop about the former “Empire Podcast” turned “ The Bedros “Keuilian Show” and what’s to come for the revamped podcast.  26:40 - Learn the importance of Bedros' latest tagline, “Flip the Switch” and what that mindset means and looks like. 32:15 - Bryce dives deeper and asks Bryce to explain what flipping the switch looks like for him personally. 34:20 - Get to know what being a fitness CEO means to Bedros in business and his personal life.  “Sovereignty through financial freedom” - Bedros Keuilian

    • 36 min
    098. 7 Takeaways from High Performance Summit with Mike Zicharian

    098. 7 Takeaways from High Performance Summit with Mike Zicharian

    Your host Bryce Henson introduces today's guest Mike Zakarian where they discuss takeaways from the last Bedros/Wes Watson Summit. Get insight into the 7 most valuable pieces of knowledge Mike picked up from the most recent summit and how he has been able to incorporate them into his life.  Tune in to today's show to hear how you can create yourself, simplify your life, and show your clients value.
    01:10 - Your host, Bryce introduces today's guest Mike Zakarian to hear about some amazing takeaways from the most recent High Performance Summit. 05:40 -  Hear about how to create yourself and be good at being you first. 11:00 - Dive deep into what creating clarity means for Mike as he expands on creating yourself and your purpose and what you want to do. 15:55 - Learn what it means to have a simplified life. 25:50 - Hear how to build your brand, future capital comes from the value given today. 30:10 - People want the solution to their problems; listen to Mike elaborate on selling the benefits, not the features. 33:20 - Bryce and Mike break down the importance of your ability to show people the value in what you are selling and hear how you can do this.  “Your frequency is what you frequently see” - Mike Zakarian

    • 35 min

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4.6 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings


Love it- highly recommend!!!

Love fitness and franchising. This is a great show to provide strong education for those interested in fitness and in owning a business. Highly recommend!!!

RustyBottoms ,

Best guests and information!

This podcast is the BEST information and inspiration when it comes to running a successful business and life. And the guests he has on are amazing!! Thank you Bryce and Bedros!!

Coll ,

Love this Podcast!

I am really enjoying all different turns they are taking on this podcast! Motivating to learning and love hearing the life experiences of everyone! Amazing fitness franchise that keeps evolving and becoming better!

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