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We are on a mission to help Gym Owners to create an empire of impact and income.

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We are on a mission to help Gym Owners to create an empire of impact and income.

    #37: G.O.A.T Series with Jason Phillips

    #37: G.O.A.T Series with Jason Phillips

    That's right, the next guest on the GOAT series is Jason Phillips.

    He joins us on the podcast to talk business, coaching and what we need to be prepared for in the fitness industry in the future.

    Jason brought the fire and he even dropped a special gift for everyone at the end.

    • 59 min
    #36: Leading Your Business Through Cancel Culture

    #36: Leading Your Business Through Cancel Culture

    Let's face it...cancel culture is REAL.

    Business Owners these days face a tough decision.

    They can step into the arena of polarizing topics which can create more division within their team and customers.

    Or they can navigate it the way that Matt and I teach in today's episode.

    If you've found yourself put a tough spot to speak up on touchy subject like politics, world affairs, gender, or any other supercharged topic then this episode is a must listen.

    We've both had to navigate these waters and we will give you some helpful tools for when it shows up in your business. If it hasn't already.

    • 32 min
    #35: Top 5 Ways To Fight Attrition in December

    #35: Top 5 Ways To Fight Attrition in December

    Let's face it...attrition can be a major pain during the holidays.

    That's why we want to arm you with everything you need to help your business survive the holidays.

    There's are our proven ways to keep your members engaged and excited in December!

    Have your team listen to this episode too so you can strategize which of the ideas you want to take action on.

    • 41 min
    #34: Slam Dunk Black Friday Offers

    #34: Slam Dunk Black Friday Offers

    This is a huge opportunity for Gym Owners to bring in new members and offer a sweet deal to your members.

    It can be a major cash infusion that can you help with renovating the gym, investing in your self-education or any other goals you have.

    But you have to plan well-in-advance to make it work right.

    In this episode, Matt and I are sharing some of the best offers we've used at Black Friday and what we are coaching our Mastermind members to do.

    And we are sharing one BIG common mistake most people make when promoting their Black Friday offer.

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    • 58 min
    #33: AMA: Increase Show Rate, Prepping To Sell, Transferring Members from Closing Competitor

    #33: AMA: Increase Show Rate, Prepping To Sell, Transferring Members from Closing Competitor

    The Ask Me Anything episodes have been extremely popular so Matt and I decided to do another with some listener questions.

    This week we answered...

    💬 Can you give a few ways to increase response rate? I'm getting a steady flow of lead but need to increase responses and show up rate to appointments.

    💬 What steps need to be taken if your ultimate goal is to build your gym, while being an owner/operator, with the idea that you want to sell it in the next 3 years?

    💬 How can I get my team to take more responsibility? When I ask them to do anything else outside of coaching, it's met with a ton of resistance and procrastination.

    💬 A local competitor went out of business. I tried reaching out to the owner but no response. How can I market to their customers and invite them to train at my facility?

    • 1 hr 16 min
    #32: G.O.A.T. Series with Todd Durkin

    #32: G.O.A.T. Series with Todd Durkin

    Todd Durkin is a LEGEND in the fitness industry. Not only has he ran an ultra successful brick-and-mortar location, FitnessQuest10, in San Diego.

    He also is a mindset and business coach to Gym Owners around the world.

    Matt and I are launching a new series where we want to interview the G.O.A.T's of the fitness industry to take a deep look at their business and their predictions for the industry.

    Things got RAW and REAL in this interview with Todd. Do yourself a favor and listen to this discussion all the way to the end.

    That's where some of best gold was revealed on how to grow yourself and your business.

    • 2 hr 3 min

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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

stephenhgallo ,

Trust these men

I’ve used numerous member/challenge programs from Wilbur over the years with great success. Bogle helped me open my gym 5 years ago and still helps me grow it and constantly increase revenue with his proven systems. I love these guys. Success leaves clues. Trust them.

M.D.PEF23 ,


Matt and Dustin are changing the game with this podcast. It’s crazy how much info and help they are providing in this podcast and the group they are running. Highly recommend checking them out and joining Fitness Empire !

Laura Rutledge ,

Specific & concrete advice for gym owners

Loving the content in this podcast. It’s been so relevant and given me steps I can put into motion the same day. Thanks so much guys!

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