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Listen to all of The Museum of Flight’s best aviation and aerospace stories on the Flight Deck Podcast, a podcast that makes history personal. Episodes released every other Tuesday.

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Listen to all of The Museum of Flight’s best aviation and aerospace stories on the Flight Deck Podcast, a podcast that makes history personal. Episodes released every other Tuesday.

    085 The Mission Million Part Two

    085 The Mission Million Part Two

    In the conclusion to a two-part series about the mysterious DB Cooper, this episode picks up the story from its cliffhanger ending in Part I, with Museum of Flight Docent Mike Burns sharing the events in the aftermath of the hijacking, the aircraft involved in the search for Cooper, and the theories that persist even to this day about the true identity of the missing criminal.

    Full Shownotes -> https://bit.ly/3rK4BLo

    • 13 min
    The Missing Million: Part One

    The Missing Million: Part One

    This episode comes out on the brink of a major anniversary here in Seattle. 50 years ago tomorrow, November 24, on the eve of Thanksgiving, a man known only as DB Cooper boarded a plane in Portland headed for Seattle. What followed is a tale of danger, extortion, and hundreds of thousands of missing dollars - over a million in today's money. Host Sean Mobley sat down with Museum of Flight docent Mike Burns to get the story.

    Full shownotes --> https://bit.ly/3nKGtG7

    • 18 min
    Stories From A Stewardess

    Stories From A Stewardess

    If you’ve shopped in the Museum’s store, Lynda Eck may have helped you with your purchase. Before she started working here at the Museum, however, Lynda had a 35-year career flying with United on aircraft like the classic 747, first as a stewardess, then as a flight attendant. She joins host Sean Mobley for a conversation about her career chock full of stories from the friendly skies.

    Full show notes -> https://bit.ly/3CDY5YX

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    Alone Among The Stars

    Alone Among The Stars

    What’s it like to drift from planet to planet, exploring the universe? In today’s episode of The Flight Deck, you get to do just that. Host Sean Mobley invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle for a few minutes as he leads you through a game of Alone Among the Stars, a journaling game by Takuma Okada (@noroadhome) where you play an intergalactic explorer chronicling their adventures through a series of writing prompts. Imagination is at the core of science, so remember to practice imagining from time to time! You never know what discovery it can lead to.

    Full Show Notes -> https://bit.ly/3pifGC8

    Photo Credit: NASA

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    The World's Smallest Spaceship

    The World's Smallest Spaceship

    How does studying a giraffe help make a better space suit?

    Dr. Dava Newman is the current Director of the MIT Media Lab and served as a Deputy Administrator of NASA in the mid-2010s. She’s been with MIT’s School of Engineering since 1993, where she ponders questions like how giraffes avoid passing out lifting their little heads up to munch on some trees, and uses these findings to lead a team of innovators creating the MIT BioSuit, which is a completely new approach to a long-standing challenge in aerospace, namely how to keep a human body pressurized at high altitudes or in space, where pressure is absent. A BioSuit is currently on display at The Museum of Flight in our temporary exhibit, “Stranger Than Fiction: The Incredible Science of Aerospace Medicine.” Dr. Newman joins host Sean Mobley to talk about giraffes, and other inspirations from nature, about the BioSuit, and about how imagination and creative thinking dwell at the core of science and engineering.

    Full shownotes here: https://bit.ly/3AcmB1x

    • 23 min
    How To Build A Rocket Engine

    How To Build A Rocket Engine

    How do you build a rocket engine without blowing your factory up? Vern Estes took on this assignment as one of his first tasks in the family business of model rocket manufacturing. In today’s podcast episode, he recalls reaching the challenging goal of creating a machine that could quickly, and safely, pack model rocket engines to keep up with the voracious demand from a public eager to launch their own kits into the atmosphere.

    Full Shownotes: https://bit.ly/3CpOlRE

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4.8 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

D Emile ,


This series is terrific, not just about the extremes but the stories within the story - e.g., astronaut personal bags and collection management. Well constructed. Great voice. Just fascinating.

JustinOWill1 ,

Give a listen, give some support

The Museum of Flight is a fantastic organization that is doing great things for the promotion of and education about aviation’s role in the world. Most fascinating is their work to provide insight into the history of the people for whom aviation and aerospace played a major role in their life - everything from commercial airlines, military flight, personal craft, freight, and space flight.

MoF fan ,


Great stuff!

Yet another terrific Museum of Flight program.

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