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Equipping you to flourish with encouragement, inspiration, and practical tools for living your best. Check out the Spark Network on https://www.sparkmedia.ventures/spark-network#/

    Just Rest with Melanie Redd

    Just Rest with Melanie Redd

    Do you struggle to find peace and rest in your life?
    Today's guest, Melanie Redd, reveals why rest has become a challenge today more than ever. Melanie is an author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster. 
    We discuss the current issues and modern habits creating barriers to restfulness and inner peace. Melanie details practical ways to improve rest and wellbeing. She recommends walking, taking time to experience stillness and quiet spaces. We explore scripture references and Biblical recommendations to improve peace. Redd suggests using an app to turn all notifications off on our phones during certain hours.
    We also detail the specific risks of constant intake of screen input for young minds.
    Melanie recommends the following specific ways to improve rest in our lives:
    Take a break from screens each day. Pray. Read scripture. Journal on paper. Talk to others about what's going on in your life. We discuss the problems caused by harboring struggles internally without releasing them in healthy ways.
    Redd also recommends praying through the names and qualities of God. We highlight the power of praise to diffuse worry. Melanie says, "Satan is allergic to praise."
    We emphasize rest as a gift from the Lord who loves us. 
    Melanie offers suggestions to help improve sleep. She encourages listeners to keep a prayer list, listen to soothing hymns or worship music, and praising the Lord for his attributes. We also highlight physical activities, hydration, and nutrition as ways to cultivate rest. Redd encourages prayer walking and journaling when battling insomnia. Off-screen hobbies and activities are also discussed.
    Redd dares listeners to give themselves the freedom to take a few minutes each day to take deep breaths and rest. She encourages taking time to think and ponder.
    Connect with Melanie at melanieredd.com, where you can also find her new book, Just Rest. Check out her podcast, Women Living Courageously, on your favorite podcast platform.

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    Live Like You're Dying with Dr. Pamela Pyle

    Live Like You're Dying with Dr. Pamela Pyle

    Are you living your moments? How do we live in order to finish our days with a "good death?"
    Dr. Pamela Pyle shares profound insights from her experience as a physician in Rwanda and the United States when working with terminal patients.
    Dr. Pamela Pyle is a Board-Certified Internal Physician, chairman of Africa New Life Ministries, national/international speaker, and host of the Hope for Every Season podcast. She is also a regular contributor for outlets such as  The Epoch Times and Christian Post,
    As a doctor to terminally ill patients for 30+ years, Dr. Pyle has had countless end-of-life conversations both in state-of-the-art hospitals in the US and in more nascent clinics in Rwanda. In 2018 a dying patient comforted her with the words, “It’s okay, I am going to have a good death.” Her peace through her suffering inspired Dr. Pyle's quest for the answers to the question, “What are the ingredients of a good death?” 
    A Good Death is Not an Event, it’s a Lifestyle is the message of the ingredients and her tool for evangelism through sharing her best death found in Jesus Christ. Dr. Pyle’s hope is that the ingredients for a good death make one's suffering a little less and their joy a little more.
    We discuss the ways we get distracted by urgency and miss the most important moments and features in our lives. Dr. Pyle asks herself three questions to keep herself aligned with living a meaningful life:
    Am I truly living my moments? Am I fully breathing my purpose? Am I confident of my destination? Pamela illustrates these principles of living with true meaning through sharing insights learned from patients as well as her own experiences.
    She emphasizes the power of focusing our full attention on those with whom we have opportunities to spend our time. Noticing and edifying others with genuineness is encouraged. Dr. Pyle notes how living our moments today prepares us for a good death in the future.
    Pamela states that living intentionally hinges upon relational mindfulness. She recommends random kindness as a daily goal. Dr. Pyle also emphasizes the need to watch others' expressions to fully understand how we impact their hearts. 
    Pamela encourages listeners to understand discovering purpose as a process that requires listening to the Holy Spirit while remaining trustworthy in each small step.
    The way we live determines how others experience Jesus through us. Pamela recommends following through on our purpose. She defines a "good death" as the exclamation point on a life well lived. Dr. Pyle describes a good death as a lifestyle, not an event.
    Pamela shares the vital element of meaningfulness found only in Christ, who ensures us of our eternal destination.
    Dr. Pyle promises to make a personal visit (during her 2022 visit to Rwanda in July and August) to any child sponsored by listeners who mention her name in an email to africanewlife at  www.africanewlife.org . To get a sneak peek of her book or obtain all her tips to live your best life, visit www.drpamela.com.
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    Preparing for Life's Storms with Andy Clapp

    Preparing for Life's Storms with Andy Clapp

    How do we prepare for life's storms?
    Pastor Andy Clapp joins us today to reveal ways we can prepare before crises strike. Andy Clapp is the Senior Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church and an award-winning author of a novel entitled Midnight, Springtime for Your Spirit (a devotional co-authored with Michelle Medlock Adams) and his new devotional, In the Eye of the Storm.
    We discuss similarities between the experiences we face during a severe weather threat and personal crises. Pastor Clapp notes how we can be tempted to procrastinate instead of preparing for potential problems. He recommends taking time to listen in prayer and apply deep scripture meditation to our lives as advance preparation.
    When troubles hit us, anxiety and chaos complicate our efforts to make the best decisions. Trusting Christ ahead of a storm helps us avoid the mindset trap of "what am I going to do" when crisis strikes.
    Andy recommends increased prayer time and wise Christian counsel as essentials to prepare our souls ahead of a crisis. We need to maintain consistent growth. He also advises us to pay attention to how we make decisions. Our immediate instinct to rely on our own efforts can make situations worse. If we make a habit of seeking God, then we are more likely to turn to him for strength and direction when we need it the most.
    We discuss the issue of misplaced hope. Hoping in the Lord instead of outcomes helps anchor us when struggles hit us. Andy shares his own suffering when his family lost a 13-year-old boy. He relates the crushing sorrow of this unexpected grief while highlighting the ways God demonstrated his loving presence throughout the painful experience of loss.
    Pastor Clapp emphasizes how God is always at work, even in the storms that bring us painful outcomes. He describes the ways Christ's presence blesses us when we mourn and suffer.
    We discuss how the Lord weeps for us when we are hurting. Andy notes how Jesus understands our emotional pain and suffering.
    Clapp encourages us to pray for wisdom and discernment often. Some storms can be avoided. He recommends examining our lives to discover weak spots where the enemy could target us. If we turn those vulnerable areas over to the Lord, he can strengthen us. Intentional prayer, meditating on scripture, and listening to life-giving podcasts and messages can help us prepare.
    Andy urges us to examine all the areas where the enemy can tempt or influence our lives and block his means of attack. He concludes with the advice to remain centered in Christ.
    Connect with Andy Clapp at andyclapp.org, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Check out his books on Amazon.
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    Secure Identity for Girls with Patti Garibay

    Secure Identity for Girls with Patti Garibay

    How do we help girls develop a secure identity?
    Today's guest, Patti Garibay, guides us toward supporting healthy and secure identity for girls so they can pay forward a heritage of truth-centered confidence. Patti Garibay is the Founder and Executive Director of American Heritage Girls, a national Christ-centered leadership and character development program. She is also the author of "Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle?"
    Garibay shares the challenges today's generation faces regarding identity and security. We discuss how parents and programs like American Heritage Girls can present truth-founded boundaries in a loving and welcoming environment. Patti describes faith as a way of life and interacting with others. She confirms the need for girls to cultivate a worldview and faith of their own instead of depending only upon their parents' standards.
    Patti expresses her passion to help girls access the security and truths she wished she could have had herself as a young girl. 
    We discuss the need for girls to access in-person opportunities to interact with peers in order to cultivate healthy neurological and social development. 
    Patti and I also emphasize the importance of creating an ongoing, open conversation with kids about how they feel and what they're facing. Patti recommends praying for a calm spirit when entering into a discussion so parents don't react in a way that discourages kids from sharing with them in the future.
    To find out more about American Heritage Girls, visit the website at https://americanheritagegirls.org/. Check out Patti Garibay's new book, "Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle?" at https://www.amazon.com/Curse-Darkness-When-Light-Candle/dp/1949572862

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    Know and Walk Out Your Purpose with Amy Joob

    Know and Walk Out Your Purpose with Amy Joob

    Do you feel stuck? Are you struggling to know and walk out your purpose? Maybe you can't even see the next steps in your life?
    Today's guest, Amy Joob, shares her personal story of overcoming barriers to shift into new callings and fulfill her God-given purpose. Amy Joob is an award-winning author, speaker, and model turned advocate. 
    We discuss how the seasons of uncertainty and failure can become opportunities to discover a new, God-given direction.
    Amy shares her journey of life-changing moments when injury nudged her from competing as a tri-athlete into modeling, yet later faced recent shutdowns in her industries in modeling and trade shows. She then describes dental pain occurring during God's call to speaking and writing.
    Joob quotes her father-in-law, who told her, "If you fail, it's on God because he told you to do it."
    We discuss the need to depend upon God's strength to follow his calling. Amy shares how she needed to let go of perfectionism and self-reliance in order to fulfill her God-given purpose.
    Amy and I explore the difference between the world's concept of success and God's definition of fulfilling our calling. We point to Biblical figures who exemplify serving their divine purpose, like David, Paul, and Moses.
    Amy emphasizes seeking the next right step rather than expecting to continue on one path of singular purpose throughout life. She describes seasons, noting her own time of caring for her son when he faced a serious medical diagnosis.
    Among the steps to move into fulfilling divine calling and purpose, Joob lists prayer, fellowship, holding onto hope in seasons of waiting or caregiving, obedient movement forward, letting go of perfectionism and shame, and forgiveness.
    We discuss how God doesn't always reveal a long-term vision.
    Amy recommends fasting and prayer for key strategies to help discern God's will. We also discuss putting God first and seeking his direction at the onset of each day.
    We also discuss the blessing we can offer by inviting others to help us through delegating.
    To connect with Amy and check out her books, Model Behavior and Unstuck: Step into the New, visit amyjoob.com. Listen to her new podcast, Support Someone Saturday, on your favorite podcast platform.

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    Voices Against Trafficking with Andi Buerger

    Voices Against Trafficking with Andi Buerger

    How could you speak up to help those who have no voice because they suffer from human trafficking? Today's guest, Andi Buerger, shares her personal story and mission which culminates in the ministry she provides to advocate for victims. Andi is the founder of Voices Against Trafficking and is an active warrior against 21st-century slavery - human trafficking. Her journey began when she survived 17 years of child sex trafficking from the age of 6 mos to 17 years. After her escape, Andi had a choice - to live for herself or to fight for others trapped by predators. She chose to fight. Andi has become a tough fighter for human rights. Buerger states that she recalls serving in a soup kitchen after suffering her fourth brain injury. Despite challenges to her memory during that time, homeless teens made an unforgettable impression on her heart. Andi and her husband established Beulah's Place in Redmond, Oregon, a ministry to rescue homeless, abused, and at-risk teenagers. Andi and I discuss the need to create safe places for kids, where they can speak up if someone mistreats them. Buerger also details ways to educate the community and better protect our children. Connect with Andi Buerger's ministry and check out her book at voicesagainsttrafficking.com.
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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

kristineb50 ,

Encouragement for Real Struggles

I love how Tina and her guests aren’t afraid to talk about the tough issues we face everyday, always pointing us to the source of our hope! A great podcast to listen to on my daily walk.

shella shell ,


Grateful for the way Tina points listeners to truth and life- and what it means to flourish. Truly encouraging!

@kimstewinspired ,

You too are meant to flourish

I love how Tina and her guests share their encouragement and inspiration to help us know we are meant to flourish in what God has called us to do. I highly recommend you tune in!

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