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Digital forensics discussion for computer forensics, DFIR and eDiscovery professionals. Visit Forensic Focus at forensicfocus.com for more.

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Digital forensics discussion for computer forensics, DFIR and eDiscovery professionals. Visit Forensic Focus at forensicfocus.com for more.

    AI-Powered License Plate Reading With Amped DeepPlate

    AI-Powered License Plate Reading With Amped DeepPlate

    Marco Fontani joins the Forensic Focus podcast to discuss Amped Software’s latest AI-powered tool, DeepPlate. DeepPlate is a deep learning system designed to read license plates affected by common issues introduced by surveillance systems, making it a valuable asset for forensic video analysts.
    Marco provides an in-depth overview of DeepPlate, explaining how it currently supports eight countries (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the United States) and how it uses separate models for each country to account for varying license plate formats. He also discusses the synthetic data generation process used for training the models, ensuring privacy and mitigating bias.
    The conversation delves into the limitations and considerations when using AI-based tools in a forensic workflow, with Marco emphasizing the importance of bias mitigation techniques and proper interpretation of confidence scores. He stresses that DeepPlate is an investigative tool designed to provide a second opinion, rather than a tool for court admissibility.
    00:00 – What is DeepPlate and what is its purpose?
    02:45 – How many countries does DeepPlate currently support?
    09:30 – What are the challenges of diplomatic and personalised number plates?
    11:30 – How would a forensic video analyst use DeepPlate as part of their workflow?
    13:40 – Can DeepPlate be used in Court?
    16:30 – What is Amped Software’s position on AI?
    19:00 – What will be the impact of updated models on results?
    20:50 – What kind of data is used to train the system?
    23:30 – How has the system been tested?
    26:15 – What are the access conditions for using DeepPlate?
    28:05 – Does Amped Software retain user data for DeepPlate and if yes for how long?
    29:45 – Is it possible to buy additional seats for your license?
    31:00 – What are the limitations and considerations when using AI-based tools like DeepPlate for forensic and investigative purposes?
    35:20 – Does Amped Software plan to use AI in other areas?
    Show Notes
    Washington State Judge Blocks Use Of AI-Enhanced Video As Evidence In Possible First-Of-Its-Kind-Ruling - https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7181308834370494464/
    Neural Network for Denoising and Reading Degraded License Plates - https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-68780-9_39
    Introducing DeepPlate, Amped’s Investigative Tool for AI-Powered License Plate Reading - https://blog.ampedsoftware.com/2024/02/28/introducing-deepplate-ampeds-investigative-tool-for-ai-powered-license-plate-reading

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    Cyber Scandals And When (Not) To Trust Computers

    Cyber Scandals And When (Not) To Trust Computers

    Join Si and Desi for another episode of the Forensic Focus Podcast. This week, they discuss the lack of transparency and potential misrepresentation in the cybersecurity industry, particularly regarding the use of open-source tools by companies and the questionable interpretation of data and statistics in marketing and advertising.
    The conversation also delves into the implications of relying on computer systems and algorithms to make important decisions, such as in the case of the Post Office scandal in the UK and the Centrelink repayment debacle in Australia. They emphasize the importance of human oversight, critical thinking, and considering the human impact of such decisions, rather than blindly trusting the outputs of computer systems.
    00:00 – The state of the digital forensics industry
    02:30 – Desi’s talk at BSides Brisbane
    05:30 – Sweaty Cyber Advice and Strongman
    09:40 – Companies integrating open source software
    23:00 – Advertising, statistics and logical fallacies
    28:00 – The Post Office scandal and computer accountability
    49:00 – Security, compliance and regulations
    56:00 – Closing thoughts
    Show Notes
    Hardly Adequate YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@hardlyadequate
    Oxfordshire’s Strongman & Strongwoman - https:\oxfordshire.rocks\
    CPS, Computer Records Evidence - https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/computer-records-evidence
    Your Logical Fallacyis - https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/
    British Post Office Scandal - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Post_Office_scandal
    The Guardian, Robodebt Scandal - https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/mar/11/robodebt-five-years-of-lies-mistakes-and-failures-that-caused-a-18bn-scandal
    Tyler Vigen, Spurious Correlations - http://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
    Forensic Focus Discord - https://discord.gg/97zKvTXHeS

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    Kickstarting Your Digital Forensics Cybersecurity Career

    Kickstarting Your Digital Forensics Cybersecurity Career

    Sophie Powell joins Si and Desi on the Forensic Focus Podcast to discuss various topics including her recent participation in a TryHackMe webinar, the challenges of applying for graduate schemes, and the relevance of the Cyber 9/12 competition to her career in cybersecurity. They also touch on the psychology of conspiracy theories and the implications of deepfake technology.
    00:00 – Welcome to the podcast
    03:00 – Sweaty Cyber Advice
    03:55 – Fitness and forensics
    07:00 – Mental health and mindfulness
    09:10 – Gamified assessments
    17:00 – Video recorded self-assessments
    20:10 – Filtering candidates to fill roles
    24:25 – Graduate schemes versus graduate jobs
    27:40 – Apprenticeships and student loans
    33:40 – Starting out on a graduate scheme
    37:35 – UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge
    43:55 – Dangers of deepfakes
    51:10 – Conspiracy theories and computer psychology
    54:40 – Closing thoughts
    Show Notes
    Hardly Adequate - https://hardlyadequate.com
    Try Hack Me - https://tryhackme.com/
    UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge - https://www.ukcyber912.co.uk/

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    How Cado Security Is Revolutionizing Forensics And Incident Response For The Cloud

    How Cado Security Is Revolutionizing Forensics And Incident Response For The Cloud

    Chris Doman, Co-Founder of Cado Security, joins the Forensic Focus podcast to discuss cloud forensics and incident response. Cado Security provides cloud-based software for collecting and analyzing forensic evidence in cloud environments.
    Chris discusses the challenges of cloud forensics, such as the constantly changing nature of cloud environments and the need to standardize and normalize data from different sources.
    Cado Security is working on partnerships with cloud and EDR vendors, as well as IR providers, and is planning to release new features related to SaaS and email compromise investigations.
    00:00 – Introducing Chris Doman from Cado Security
    03:00 – Starting and growing Cado Security
    05:45 – Cado Community
    06:30 – Cloud forensics tools
    10:40 – Collecting, processing and presenting data
    12:00 – Advantages of cloud to cloud
    13:50 – Audit logs
    16:00 – Automation
    20:30 – Training and investigation support
    28:00 – Release cycle and managing updates
    30:30 – Roadmap
    40:30 – Chain of custody
    43:00 – Encryption and storage
    43:30 – Cado Security at events

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    How MSAB Is Managing The Digital Forensics Challenges Of Frontline Policing

    How MSAB Is Managing The Digital Forensics Challenges Of Frontline Policing

    Alan Platt, Professional Services Consultant at MSAB, discusses his experience as a former UK police officer working in digital forensics. He talks about the different levels of digital forensics capabilities within police forces and how MSAB products like XAMN and XEC Director are used by frontline officers versus lab analysts.
    The discussion covers how MSAB partners with law enforcement to develop custom workflows for mobile device acquisitions that facilitate ISO compliance. Alan explains MSAB's managed service offering, where approved MSAB staff can remotely access a customer's XEC Director server to assist with software updates and troubleshooting. He emphasizes the strict data segregation policies enforced by customers to prevent MSAB from accessing any sensitive case data.
    Looking ahead, Alan mentions MSAB's new CEO and hints at some exciting developments coming down the pipeline. He spotlights recent enhancements to XEC Director's speed and database functionality for managing large estates of networked Kiosks. Alan also plugs the new XEC Director training he created to help users fully leverage the platform's capabilities.
    00:00 – Introduction to Alan Platt
    07:00 – Training
    12:00 – Workflows
    17:20 – Ensuring a secure environment
    19:45 – Customer training
    20:35 – Helping customers comply with ISO accreditation
    25:00 – Validation and verification
    27:30 – ISO standards
    30:00 – MSAB’s pipeline plans
    32:40 – XEC Director
    43:45 – Privacy of user data

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    Empowering Law Enforcement With Nick Harvey From Cellebrite

    Empowering Law Enforcement With Nick Harvey From Cellebrite

    Nick Harvey, a former Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan Police, discusses his transition from law enforcement to his current role as a Customer Success Manager at Cellebrite. He describes his experience in tackling county lines, a form of organized crime in the UK where drug dealers set up operations in smaller towns and cities to expand their business. He also discusses the role of mobile phones in criminal investigations and how data-driven approaches can expedite the justice process.
    Nick goes on to highlight the challenges of explaining digital evidence to judges and juries and the potential impact of artificial intelligence in forensic investigations. He also emphasizes the importance of communication between digital forensics units and investigators and the need for tools that can handle large data sets and provide actionable insights.
    Nick shares his thoughts on the impact of regulations on forensic processes and the need for a balance between oversight and efficiency. He concludes by advising investigators to be open to new approaches and to focus on the objectives of their investigations.
    00:00 – Introduction to Nick Harvey, Customer Success Manager at Cellebrite
    02:40 – Data driven approach to tackling county lines crimes
    07:50 – Changing landscape of mobile forensics
    11:45 – Operation Venetic and EncroChat crime
    15:20 – Ensuring admissibility of evidence
    19:50 – Machine learning in crimes and crime detection
    24:00 – Machine learning in Cellebrite’s tools
    27:10 – Working at Cellebrite
    31:30 – Managing large volumes of data
    34:40 – Training tool users and empowering investigators to get the most from data
    36:00 – Regulations and compliance frameworks
    39:55 – Advice for digital investigators

    • 44 min

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4.6 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings


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