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Philosophy, self-improvement, stoicism, existentialism.

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Philosophy, self-improvement, stoicism, existentialism.

    COVID Lockdown Insanity with Hugh McTavish

    COVID Lockdown Insanity with Hugh McTavish

    Dr. Hugh McTavish argues that the madness of COVID lockdowns caused more harm than good.





    • 26 min
    Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Economics Part 4

    Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Economics Part 4

    00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz https://twitter.com/DanielKrawisz

    00:00:51.691 What comes after bitcoin?

    00:01:16.117 Get as rich as possible

    00:01:25.613 Bitcoin is like building an engine

    00:01:45.799 Austrian economics is like thermodynamics

    00:03:34.687 The problems of socialism https://mises.org/library/praxeology-knowledge-problem-socialism

    00:03:58.870 Money is efficiency

    00:04:51.565 Without money we lack cooperation

    00:05:25.167 Without money we get central planning

    00:06:47.390 What is profit paying for? https://mises.org/library/meaning-competition-0

    00:07:11.065 Profit is superior planning https://mises.org/library/profit-and-loss

    00:09:18.703 Entrepreneurs are superior planners

    00:11:09.064 Knowledge of the future is the most valuable thing

    00:14:59.046 Profits are caused by differential knowledge

    00:18:21.421 Anti-inductivity https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/h24JGbmweNpWZfBkM/markets-are-anti-inductive

    00:18:36.272 Scientism https://mises.org/library/pretense-knowledge

    00:19:21.549 Marx said capitalists are parasites

    00:19:55.751 When you get rid of profits, you get rid of planning

    00:21:52.723 Is bitcoin a ray of sunshine?

    00:22:28.276 Bitcoin is a way of getting wealthy by understanding economics

    00:25:27.507 A block is a history of the economy

    00:26:01.918 Miners will apply knowledge for profit

    00:27:04.582 Will bitcoin become undeniable?

    00:27:26.381 Selfish mining

    00:28:21.896 What is a selfish miner?

    00:34:26.616 Hurdles to bitcoin

    00:34:56.619 Bitcoiner's big mistake

    00:35:34.527 Entrepreneurship is spending money to make money

    00:36:46.917 Make things for other bitcoin entrepreneurs

    00:37:31.591 Ignore non-bitcoiners

    00:39:23.370 Bitcoin is like Galt's Gulch

    00:40:24.840 We need SPV service and programmers

    00:41:17.048 We need bitcoin miners https://bitcoinfiles.org/t/0c9544cf8650794d0221a0b11fec45ed19409e6deef9b3eeeea7ee956cdde7af

    00:42:44.725 Accountancy

    00:43:48.906 Bitcoiners need to be more realistic

    00:44:00.109 Chain-analysis

    00:44:53.100 Privacy

    00:45:52.254 Crowdfunding on the blockchain

    00:48:57.106 What happens if you lose your keys

    00:50:09.881 Craig Wright getting stolen funds back https://coingeek.com/craig-wright-begins-landmark-legal-action-to-retrieve-stolen-coins/

    00:51:15.468 Craig Wright's lawsuit

    00:52:34.372 Is there a turning point in bitcoin coming?

    00:55:19.705 Up next: time https://mises.org/library/time-and-praxeology

    • 56 min
    Daniel Krawisz on Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Bitcoin Part 3

    Daniel Krawisz on Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Bitcoin Part 3

    00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz https://twitter.com/DanielKrawisz
    00:00:51.000 The Night Fox https://twitter.com/lenuitrenard
    00:01:52.000 Daniel's favorite BSV token?
    00:02:05.000 When will BoostPow be back? https://boostpow.com/
    00:03:55.000 Solana https://solana.com/
    00:05:00.000 Proof of stake system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_of_stake
    00:05:35.000 Austrian Economics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austrian_School
    00:10:20.000 Litecoin https://litecoin.org/
    00:10:50.000 Altcoins
    00:11:32.000 Speculative bubble in crypto
    00:12:45.000 Synergistic energy in bitcoin
    00:13:30.000 Philosophy vs Economics
    00:14:11.000 Economics tells us where we are going
    00:14:40.000 Daniels Videos https://streamanity.com/cosmosstag@moneybutton.com
    00:16:10.000 Skin in the game: Austrian Economics and Bitcoin
    00:19:00.000 Bitcoin is the most important thing going on the world right now
    00:20:00.000 Craig Wright https://craigwright.net/
    00:20:38.000 Craig Wright, Whale Pool https://youtu.be/kp5bOOwF8Yc
    00:21:40.000 Jeff Tucker on Altcoins
    00:22:28.000 Mises on profit and loss https://mises.org/library/profit-and-loss-0
    00:24:25.000 Mises on Socialism https://mises.org/library/socialism-economic-and-sociological-analysis
    00:26:42.000 Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Austrian Method https://mises.org/library/economic-science-and-austrian-method
    00:29:28.000 Economics tells us if the market is working
    00:31:30.000 Barriers to bitcoin
    00:33:27.000 Lack of knowledge in bitcoin
    00:34:00.000 Peter Schiff on money
    00:35:25.000 Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread
    00:36:10.000 Would it be better if more economists joined BSV?
    00:38:02.000 Bitcoiners should look to each other
    00:39:56.000 Daniel's journey into bitcoin and entrepreneurship
    00:41:41.000 Daniel did not think bitcoin would work
    00:44:20.000 Matterpool https://matterpool.io/
    00:47:40.000 Economics is like a navigation system
    00:48:20.000 Consumers and bitcoin
    00:49:37.000 The need for entrepreneurs in bitcoin
    00:51:00.000 We need people who want to earn bitcoin
    00:51:25.000 What are the most exciting projects in bitcoin?
    00:52:29.000 We need a proof-of-work service
    00:53:20.000 Proof-of-work eliminates scammers
    00:56:47.000 We need more people who listen carefully
    00:58:50.000 What kind of collaborators do you need?
    00:59:15.000 We need open-source in bitcoin
    01:03:45.000 We need more people who can program
    01:05:00.000 How long does it take to learn bitcoin programming
    01:07:15.000 Programming is similar to literacy
    01:09:15.000 The biggest hurdle in programming is believing you can do it
    01:10:55.000 Religion
    01:11:44.000 Marginal utility and opportunity costs
    01:14:20.000 Marginal utility of money
    01:16:49.000 Diamonds vs water paradox https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_value
    01:19:00.000 Thomas Sowell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Sowell
    01:20:50.000 The world is insane
    01:21:30.000 Cathedral as proof-of-work
    01:22:45.000 Outro

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Per Bylund on Entrepreneurship, Austrian Economics, and Intellectual Property

    Per Bylund on Entrepreneurship, Austrian Economics, and Intellectual Property

    00:00:00.000 Professor Per Bylund https://perbylund.com/ 

    00:00:36.107 How did you become interested in entrepreneurship? 

    00:03:08.377 Theory vs practice of entrepreneurship 

    00:03:26.372 Mises: Human Action https://mises.org/library/human-action-0 

    00:04:28.346 Will understanding economics help us become better entrepreneurs? 

    00:04:46.894 Errors entrepreneurs make 

    00:04:59.100 Production process vs value process 

    00:08:15.300 Serving yourself by serving others 

    00:09:14.261 Creativity and imagination 

    00:09:53.810 Ideas vs implementation 

    00:09:57.590 Invention vs innovation 

    00:11:47.666 Value first, cost second 

    00:15:06.411 Entrepreneurship: Thinking about the economy in the right way 

    00:15:49.231 What projects get you excited about entrepreneurship? 

    00:16:11.760 Decentralization of technology 

    00:17:09.611 Social media 

    00:20:26.529 Future of content creation 

    00:21:28.986 Cryptocurrency 

    00:22:09.028 Ethereum https://ethereum.org/en/ 

    00:22:13.817 Nano https://nano.org/ 

    00:22:31.627 Micropayments 

    00:23:09.352 What hasn’t crypto had wider adoption? 

    00:23:33.028 Fiat currency 

    00:25:00.919 Security vs ease if use in cryptocurrency 

    00:26:07.982 Barriers to cryptocurrency 

    00:26:49.228 Responsibility in crypto 

    00:27:44.403 Over-engineering in crypto 

    00:28:41.022 Crypto has not become money 

    00:29:12.480 Intellectual property https://twitter.com/PerBylund/status/1386774810617958403 

    00:30:24.896 IP distorts the market 

    00:32:59.205 IP and big pharma 

    00:33:17.117 Nexium vs Prilosec https://www.healthline.com/health/gerd/nexium-vs-prilosec 

    00:36:03.192 Big pharma and vitamins 

    00:37:19.990 IP as monopoly privilege 

    00:37:35.537 IP is not benefiting the consumer 

    00:38:05.682 IP fosters inventions instead of innovations 

    00:39:55.611 IP and cancer drugs 

    00:41:48.707 IP is based on the assumption that the idea matters 

    00:42:25.540 Smartphones and IP 

    00:44:37.947 Copyright and creative works 

    00:47:03.336 Metallica and IP 

    00:47:33.959 Ways to make money other than royalties 

    00:49:33.249 Monopoly privileges coddle creatives 

    00:51:23.296 Getting rid of IP allows for different business models to flourish 

    00:53:35.363 Crypto and creative services 

    00:55:02.043 Where to go to learn more about entrepreneurship? 

    00:55:29.836 Mises.org https://mises.org/ 

    00:55:52.440 Per Bylund on Twitter https://twitter.com/PerBylund 

    00:56:48.467 Economics in one lesson https://youtu.be/eyIfEpNfU2U

    • 57 min
    Remembrances of Thomas Szasz with Anthony Stadlen

    Remembrances of Thomas Szasz with Anthony Stadlen

    00:00:00.000 Anthony Stadlen http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/
    00:00:16.899 Anthony's interest in psychotherapy
    00:02:24.037 Sartre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_faith_(existentialism)
    00:04:23.061 James Joyce https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Joyce
    00:04:29.562 Freud: Interpretation of Dreams https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Interpretation_of_Dreams
    00:05:21.125 Leonardo Da Vinci https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_da_Vinci
    00:08:21.490 Existential analyst https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existential_therapy
    00:08:27.437 Ronald D. Laing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.D._Laing
    00:08:28.518 Aaron Esterson https://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/p/obituary-aaron-esterson-daily-telegraph.html
    00:09:46.627 The Divided Self https://amzn.to/3sIePsy 00:09:58.269 Existence Rollo May https://amzn.to/3dIHd9G 00:10:36.515 Ludwig Binswanger https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_Binswanger
    00:10:52.429 Case of Ellen West https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_West
    00:13:52.286 The Myth of Mental Illness https://amzn.to/3nbmcrf
    00:15:05.405 Praxis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praxis(process)
    00:15:07.044 Human Action https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Action
    00:16:50.937 Reason and Violence https://amzn.to/3tLjaMD
    00:16:57.188 Sanity, Madness and the Family https://amzn.to/3awAnlF
    00:17:07.867 David Cooper https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Cooper_(psychiatrist)
    00:19:54.390 Szasz was an intellectual terrorist
    00:22:16.654 When did you first meet Szasz?
    00:23:46.731 Anthony Clare https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Clare
    00:26:46.277 Case of Dora and Caterina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dora_(case_study)
    00:29:12.498 A Poor Model for Students: The Case of Thomas Szasz https://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/p/a-poor-model-for-those-in-training.html?m=0
    00:30:00.845 Inner Circle Seminars https://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/?m=0
    00:30:52.644 Szasz Inner Circle Seminar https://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/2010/01/inner-circle-seminar-no-73-7-december.html?m=0
    00:31:05.942 Thomas Szasz Award https://www.centerforindependentthought.org/szasz
    00:32:15.575 Szasz was my best friend
    00:33:41.920 Szasz was an out-and-out atheist
    00:34:36.363 The Myth of Psychotherapy https://amzn.to/2QnBP2E
    00:35:21.212 The cure of souls
    00:35:33.326 Carl Jung https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Jung
    00:36:50.441 The Question of Lay Analysis https://amzn.to/3tNpbbY
    00:38:57.796 Religious leaders as psychotherapists
    00:40:03.788 Payment in therapy
    00:40:31.500 The Ethics of Psychoanalysis https://existentialstoic.wordpress.com/2017/08/12/autonomous-psychotherapy/
    00:42:13.453 The Myth of Psychotherapy https://amzn.to/2QnBP2E
    00:44:02.599 Attending to the soul
    00:44:53.205 Did Szasz believe in psychotherapy?
    00:45:59.848 Against Therapy https://amzn.to/32StBCB
    00:47:13.783 Psychoanalysis under Stalinism
    00:50:14.893 Possibility for repentance in psychotherapy
    00:51:19.931 Money and psychotherapy
    00:52:30.378 Contract in Psychotherapy
    00:56:54.184 Worldly care of the soul
    00:57:07.553 Secular pastoral counseling
    01:03:35.776 Why is it so hard for people to understand Szasz?
    01:05:13.137 Involuntary psychiatry and the insanity defense
    01:06:48.050 How Szasz came to his thinking on psychiatry
    01:10:12.714 Ignaz Semmelweis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignaz_Semmelweis
    01:21:49.341 Why I am not a health professional http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/p/why-existential-psychotherapy-is-not.html
    01:30:07.528 The religion of the state https://amzn.to/3nboTZI
    01:33:38.296 Will Szasz's ideas ever become mainstream?
    01:34:50.283 Szasz said psychotherapy was finished in the US
    01:36:31.687 How did Szasz remain so prolific?
    01:39:42.916 Szasz's suicide https://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/p/thomas-szasz-obituary-anthony-stadlen.html?m=0
    01:41:49.343 What is your most fond memory of Szasz?
    01:44:22.120 Szasz and the meaning of life

    • 1 hr 50 min
    Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Part 2

    Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Part 2

    00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz https://twitter.com/danielkrawisz

    00:00:51.045 People don't know the bottom line in bitcoin

    00:01:59.657 The nature of success in bitcoin

    00:02:38.457 Understanding economics is understanding success

    00:03:54.667 Theory vs practice of success

    00:04:34.721 Can we understand success by thinking about it?

    00:05:33.429 Tradeoffs

    00:07:59.852 Economics lets us look at trade-offs in an abstract way

    00:08:11.536 Virtue ethics and economics https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/ethics-virtue/

    00:09:24.508 Courage and bitcoin

    00:10:36.808 Austrian economics professors lack courage

    00:13:14.829 Peter Schiff doesn't understand money https://twitter.com/peterschiff

    00:13:22.680 Austrians only think of money as gold

    00:14:03.690 What does success mean in bitcoin?

    00:14:58.492 How does an entrepreneur join the bitcoin economy

    00:16:43.746 Price versus value https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/forbesfinancecouncil/2018/01/04/the-important-differences-between-price-and-value/amp/

    00:19:42.183 Value is what ultimately happens

    00:25:58.918 When you invest in Bitcoin you get access to future entrepreneurs

    00:26:39.453 Marginal utility https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marginal_utility

    00:28:17.484 Diamonds versus water paradox https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_value

    00:30:57.532 Unique insights about marginal utility and Austrian economics

    00:33:24.543 Readability of the Austrian school of economics

    00:33:37.982 Mises https://youtu.be/QwqnRYPcrl0

    00:33:39.507 Hayek https://youtu.be/GTQnarzmTOc

    00:33:54.910 Is economics a science?

    00:34:46.057 Karl popper https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Popper

    00:35:28.934 People make choices that maximize their own benefit

    00:39:25.162 Maximize benefit versus achieve girls

    00:41:15.368 Thomas Szasz https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Szasz

    00:45:27.511 BTC price vs value

    00:49:22.548 Subjectivity of various coins

    00:50:07.547 Subjective enjoyment of BTC

    00:51:24.213 Consumer good versus higher order good

    00:55:59.926 Does the Austrian school use circular reasoning?

    00:59:28.595 Form next time: profits and the entrepreneur

    00:59:40.327 Socialist calculation problem

    • 59 min

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