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This is the Safe Place to Geek Out on the internet. Celebrating what we love. Listening, discussing, and disagreeing sometimes but always without being disagreeable. We love the geek culture and this is the flagship show of The GOLiverse.

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This is the Safe Place to Geek Out on the internet. Celebrating what we love. Listening, discussing, and disagreeing sometimes but always without being disagreeable. We love the geek culture and this is the flagship show of The GOLiverse.

    Episode 301 – Almost a Crossover

    Episode 301 – Almost a Crossover

    Steve opens the show waiting to join another show, only to discover that other show isn't happening. It is Steve's fault...he's neither a good listener nor a good reader. He may need to walk the reading rainbow. From that confession we enter back into the March(ish) Madness(ish) Bracket(ish). Titanic v. Halloween, Braveheart v. Inception, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly v. Forrest Gump, and The Godfather tries to make Rocky an offer he can't refuse. Spoiler Alert...Steve refused. Have fun with episode of GEEK OUT LOUD!

    • 3 hr 16 min
    Episode 300 – Let It Continue!!!

    Episode 300 – Let It Continue!!!

    We'll celebrate episode 300 later. For now we continue the quest to find the greatest movie score to date. On this episode to help us do that is David Fischer. David has been very active in the chat in these discussions, so with his knowledge of movie it made sense to call him up and bring him in. He did not disappoint. Together with the mixlr chat, he and Steve finish out round one of the comedy/other division. After that Steve talks a little Ghostbusters and offends Italians everywhere while doing a Big Honkin Show style story about a an escaped lion. So much more to happen with the brackets, and it will be happening soon! For now, enjoy this episode of your safe place to geek out.

    • 2 hr 16 min
    Episode 299 – LET IT BEGIN!!!

    Episode 299 – LET IT BEGIN!!!

    The March(ish) Madness(ish) Tournament(ish) begins(ish). We start the show by trying to lay out the entire process of getting to this point without getting derailed. That doesn't go so great. Then we get into the first four match ups of round 1. Lots of music, lots of fun on this one. We hope you enjoy! Check out the full bracket at geekoutonline.com If you are in a position to support the podcast we greatly appreciate you doing so at patreon. Buckle up folks, we have no plans for episode 300...but we have a looong way to go with this tounament(ish).

    • 1 hr 55 min
    Episode 298 – This is Indeed Madness

    Episode 298 – This is Indeed Madness

    Pre-qualifying rounds for the biggest undertaking in the history of Geek Out Loud begin as we choose the best Star Wars score, the best musical score, we start the best animated film score, and finally pick the best Superhero movie score. Still tons to go. Check out the facebook group and Geek out Loud twitter for polls to help narrow down the brackets. Also, for bracket updates, check out geekoutonline.com

    • 4 hr 39 min
    Episode 297 – WHAT Exploded?

    Episode 297 – WHAT Exploded?

    Steve discusses pulp in orange juice. Then the show highlights what "safe place to geek out" means. From there a discussion of the Fantastic Four casting and the MCU gets underway. After short break Steve discusses the next March Madness brackets and gives instructions how YOU can participate. Then it's onto some interesting stories of note that have little to do with geekdom. There's gross, there's criminal, and there's a racoon that thinks he's rocket...well...not anymore. All this and fun on GEEK OUT LOUD!

    • 2 hr 22 min
    Episode 296 – Birthday Twins!

    Episode 296 – Birthday Twins!

    Steve and Lucas (Birthday Twins) sit down to celebrate their birthday by hanging with the GOLiverse and talking all things geeky. Topics range from toy collecting (an unopened figure is actually opened on air...GASP!!!!), Elvis (That's right...Elvis), the difference between actresses (right at the beginning), all the way to Godzilla Minus One (Minus Color). It's a fun time just hanging out and shooting the breeze about whatever comes to mind...a classic GOL if you will. ON THE MARCH TO 300!!!!

    • 1 hr 28 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
408 Ratings

408 Ratings

Tennton ,

Great podcast! The Fall Guy theme song is all that is good and right in this world.

Lee Magors became a national treasure the instant he sang The Unknown Stuntman. Also, the podcast is pretty stinking awesome.

ArcFlash9986 ,

Wonderful, fun, positive!

I love Geek Out Loud! Steve is your geeky best friend, that “safe place” to talk about the things you enjoy.

gatogordot ,


The 5 minute into is not redeemed by the balance of the podcast

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