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Get More Business Show - The Cure for Make-Shift Marketing. Host Melody Campbell covers the latest on SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization, and general online marketing tactics that work today. Whether you have a new or established business this weekly podcast will provide common-sense explanation and application for the local business owner.

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Get More Business Show - The Cure for Make-Shift Marketing. Host Melody Campbell covers the latest on SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization, and general online marketing tactics that work today. Whether you have a new or established business this weekly podcast will provide common-sense explanation and application for the local business owner.

    The Power of SEO - Real Life Success Story

    The Power of SEO - Real Life Success Story

    ​​​In this episode, I share why I believe a website that has been optimized to show up on the first page of Google for as many keywords as possible is the most valuable marketing strategy a business owner can engage in.

    ​I share an example of one of my customers who ranks on the first page of Google for over 300 keywords related to her business. She has doubled her business 2x in the last 3 years and is heading towards 7 figures in annual revenue because we run a smart SEO campaign for her every month.

    ​I believe the most important marketing investment you can make is to optimize your website to show up on the first page of Google for as many words & phrases that are used by your target audience when they are searching for exactly what you offer. 

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    How to Create Predictable Growth for Your Business Every 90 Days

    How to Create Predictable Growth for Your Business Every 90 Days

    Welcome to the Get More Business Show. In today's episode, I am sharing one of my training events inside the Get More Business Class on Facebook. I'll be presenting why I created the class and use it as an example of how I use the practices that I teach inside the group. You'll also hear me invite you to be live coached as a participant in the class. As of this recording, the class and coaching are at no charge. Check it out at www.facebook.com/groups/get.more.business.class. Here we go...

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    Formula for Attracting and Converting More Customers

    Formula for Attracting and Converting More Customers

    Awareness and Attention
    Getting the attention of your target audience is the first step. Digital marketing tools allow business owners to go beyond the traditional advertising model (direct mail, print ads, TV & Radio commercials) and actually engage with the target audience before they take action and become customers.
    For example, using social media to promote your product or service is a great way to attract consumers' attention. You can use reels, videos, and lives to bring "creative disruption" to your target audience. This will help you to inform them about your products and services, as well as the benefits that they will enjoy when they purchase your solution. This is a great opportunity to educate your target market about the problem and the solution. They may not realize that they have one, but strategic campaigns can help build interest & desire.
    Interest is a key stage in the education of future customers/clients/patients. This stage allows you to reach out to your target audience and increase awareness by appealing to their curiosity.
    This stage is when your customer shows curiosity about your product or service once you've captured their attention. Interest will lead your ideal prospect to search for more information regarding a specific product or service, most likely using search engines. This research can be very important depending on the item's value. Their research should reveal customer ratings and reviews, personal recommendations, and availability.
    You can educate and inform your ideal prospect with digital marketing tools such as Instagram, Facebook Live, podcasts, YouTube videos, or via Facebook Live. These tools can transform "aware prospects" into "interested prospects".
    As you continue to engage with your ideal prospect your goal should be to go beyond the product-brand pairing and create an emotional connection between your product or brand. This is one area where digital marketing tools go above and beyond traditional marketing media to make this connection and build desire in the minds of your target audience. With an emotional connection to your solution, you are able to build a relationship with prospects that can help you lead them through the action or conversion stage to become customers and advocates of your brand.
    You will benefit from providing value ahead of time. You will reap the benefits long-term if you solve your customers' problems and answer their questions. In order to connect with customers, you must show genuine knowledge and understanding of them and the problem they are seeking to solve.
    Action (Purchase)
    If the prospect has come this far, there is interest and desire, the next step is to engage the prospect to act on their desire. You must learn to anticipate objections with satisfying answers and make a call to action (CTA). Traditional advertising and marketing start making offers for a product or service without much time spent on building interest & desire. Your sales calls and ad spend will be much more effective if they first lead the prospect through the stages that include interest & desire.
    A digital marketing strategy should be created and implemented to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Post-purchase customer care is as important as the support that you provide during the selling process. After a customer selects you as their supplier, don't just let them walk away. Instead, continue to build upon the relationship and offer feedback, follow-up support, and reviews.

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    Five P's of Marketing

    Five P's of Marketing

    If you're like many business owners your focus is "the media" without having a plan. The question I hear from these business owners is "what is the best digital marketing platform (Facebook, Instagram, my own website, or ?) to market my business?"
    Ideally, business owners should focus on creating a system for attracting customers in an organized, cost efficient way. You can have an expectation of predictable results. When you invest _____ you should be attracting _______-# of prospects, ___________ # of appointments & _____________ # of sales opportunities & _________# of new clients.
    A system that helps you to TARGET the most appropriate & valuable prospects for your business. This should be a system that YOU control.
    Even if you're outsourcing your marketing  - learn all you can about marketing.
    Your responsibility is much more than the "technician" of your business - that is "the doing" of the service or product that you hope to deliver in your business.
    If you're like most business owners you're making decisions about what media (social media, website, Facebook or Google Ads) that they can afford with time or money before they spend any time at all understanding the 5-P of marketing as it relates to their target audience.
    For marketing you need to understand what needs to be done, why and in what way so that you can properly manage the outside providers. Your focus should be RESULTS - with no partiality to any of the marketing tools, strategy or tactics - unless RESULTS are achieved for your business.
    The focus of what you, as a small business owner, need to understand about marketing is "Direct Response Marketing" which focuses on the 5 P's of Marketing. For ever dollar spent there is a direct, typically fast, and always measurable return.
    Marketing system - reliable, predictable & consistent
    Traditional marketing - Pest
    Direct response Marketing = "Most Welcomed Guest" with just the right message at just the right time.
    SEO / Lead Generation - Showing up in just the right place at exactly the right time for people who are looking for exactly what you offer. These people are already interested and already pre-qualified. Just like a personals ad - who you want to respond & who you don't want to respond.
    When you understand Direct Response Marketing and employ the 5-P's, your marketing message becomes a "lead generation magnet" for those who are already looking for a solution for a problem that you solve.
    People - Whose problem are you solving?
    Your Marketing system should have only one focus - The customer (or prospects = clones of the ideal customer) is the focus. What is the problem, what do they care about, that they are seeking answers for?
    Product - This is the solution to the problem
    solves a problem/relieves pain
    saves money
    extremely unique
    improves lifestyle
    high perceived value
    Price - What is your person willing to pay to solve their problem?
    What will your person pay
    to avoid an outcome?
    increase or improve end result?
    save or prevent loss?
    Is your solution one of a kind or common?
    Place - Where can your person be found experiencing the problem - the need for your solution
    Where is your person looking for a solution?
    Where is your person entertaining & engaging in conversation about problem/solution?
    Promotion - What is your compelling offer? Does your offer inspire desire and motivate action by your person to buy your product or hire your service? What about a payment plan/financing?
    Let me invite you to be more than the technician for your business. 

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    5 Lessons for Becoming a Marketing Master

    5 Lessons for Becoming a Marketing Master

    Marketing:  the activity, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. (American Marketing Association)
    Understand your Person -
    Create a Mission to give them value, and solve their problem.
    Understand the important assignment that you have for creating value & solving problems - Your "Why" for your customers. When your marketing message is a mission you inspire your prospects & customers to take action.
    Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why says, "There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it." Isn't "manipulation" what we're all trying to avoid. Leveling up to "inspiration" marketing happens when you narrow your focus and understand the person whose problem you're solving and creating value for. Your understanding of your person is what creates the trust needed for your person to take action because they know you "get them." 
    The Entrepreneurial Model does not start with a picture of the business to be created but of the customer for whom the business is to be created. Or as Seth Godin says, "Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
    Develop "Business Leadership" skills beyond "Business Technician" skills
    As a Business Leader, my job is to prepare myself and my business for growth. (Michael Gerber)
    Technician stays involved with the tasks of "doing" the business. The Business Leaders keeps his or her focus on the customer and how the value is delivered with growth in mind.
    Challenge you to see your role as a business owner as a leader in value delivery for your person - committed to the mission of inspiring customers to take action with your business.
    Discipline and Training
    Learning how to use digital marketing tools & strategies takes training. Develop understanding to manage the talent & experience of others. What are the available tools and how do I reach my person? How can I best communicate the value I provide with as many people who fit the description of "my person"
    Be committed to trial & error - embrace challenges, obstacles, and "failure"
    Be committed to exercising the discipline to show up consistently - Be willing to take imperfect action long enough to develop perfected results.
    Be the Purple Cow in your industry - Great Marketing doesn't blend in
    "The key to success is to find a way to stand out - to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins." Seth Godin
    The only way to be indispensable is to be different."
    As you develop your understanding of your ideal person and study the problem that you're creating solutions for you'll develop the expertise to not only meet expectations but also reinvent the expectations.
    Raising people’s expectations, engaging in their hopes and dreams, helping them see further—that’s the difficult work we signed up for."
    Beware - you will also open yourself up to criticism - And you will feel like an imposter. You will need to be willing to get it wrong until you get it right but when you do your results will be your calling card and your ideal prospect will come looking for you.
    Push Past the Brain Chatter
    Stephen Pressfield - scriptwriter for The Legend of Bagger Vance - Start the work before you are ready.
    Your biggest enemy is "Resistance" - that voice in your head that says, "I can't. I don't know how." "What if I get this wrong?"
    “Don’t think. Act. We can always revise and revisit once we’ve acted. But we can accomplish nothing until we act.”
    "The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel”
    Don't worry about being too "salesy" - once you understand that you're on a mission to create value and offer solutions you don't approach your

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    How to Get Your Website Found Online

    How to Get Your Website Found Online

    Is it possible to rank on the first page of Google for your business? Yes! It's not only possible but this is something that I do for customers every single day. I have clients who have doubled their business more than once after working with me.
    I focus on helping the following small businesses:
    New Businesses - I help them get the right start to show up in front of prospects who are looking for exactly what the business has to offer. Businesses that have Moved and need all the maps updated with the right address. Businesses that are ready for extreme growth. Let us put your business link in front of thousands of prospects who are looking for exactly what you offer. Listen for an introduction to what I do for my clients and a couple examples of who I have worked with.
    Follow me here:
    www.TheSmallBusinessGuru.com Facebook Instagram TikTok

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