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The Global Yaadie podcast is a Jamaican-driven audio shuttle that captures colourful and powerful conversations on climate change and sustainable development. We amplify the voices from the Global South while providing an aural cultural experience to connect audiences across the globe.

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The Global Yaadie podcast is a Jamaican-driven audio shuttle that captures colourful and powerful conversations on climate change and sustainable development. We amplify the voices from the Global South while providing an aural cultural experience to connect audiences across the globe.

    Reducing Risk: Natural Disaster Planning in the Caribbean

    Reducing Risk: Natural Disaster Planning in the Caribbean

    Managing environmental risks requires proactive strategies and a commitment to both individual and collective action.

    As part of a World Environment Week reflection and the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, host Dainalyn Swaby discusses environmental risk management with Eleanor Jones, CEO of Environmental Solutions Ltd (ESL). They explore the importance of understanding natural systems and reducing vulnerability to extreme events especially in the Caribbean. Eleanor discusses the difference between preparedness, relief, and recovery, and the need for pre-disaster planning. They highlight the importance of community involvement, communication, and inclusivity in disaster planning.

    The environmental risk management expert emphasizes the need for continuity planning in sectors such as tourism and agriculture, and the importance of building resilience and reducing environmental impact.

    Tune in for insights on individual and collective responsibility in managing environmental risk.

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    Eco Echoes: Changes in Jamaica's Wildlife

    Eco Echoes: Changes in Jamaica's Wildlife

    Terrestrial Biologist and Wildlife Expert, Damion 'Rooster' Whyte, explains the impact of climate change Jamaica's wildlife. Damion's social media has grown into a huge citizen science platform and its changing local attitude towards animals and nature. The episode explores the effects of climate change on different species, local challenges with invasive species and the return of a rare, centuries-old Galliwasp specimen to Jamaica.

    The conversation explores both helpful and harmful sides of human behavior on local ecosystems. Learn more about this Jamaican scientist harnessing the power of the public in environmental conservation.

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    Healthy Environment-Friendly Youth

    Healthy Environment-Friendly Youth

    In this episode Naomi Cambridge, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Ashley Lashley Foundation, shares their impactful work to build a movement of Healthy Environment-Friendly Youth – HEY, the flagship campaign active in over 50 countries worldwide and other engagement & empowerment initiatives. This episode delves into the vital intersection of climate change and health, shedding light on how climate impacts affect mental, respiratory, and cardiovascular health, and how rising temperatures are changing the work landscape in the Caribbean. 

    Naomi highlights the foundation's efforts to align climate action with the relatable interests of Caribbean youth. On the mission for meaningful youth engagement, the organization is one of the lead youth stakeholders in the upcoming SIDS Global Youth Climate Action Summit in Antigua & Barbuda May 27-30, which aims for inclusive representation from Caribbean and Asia Pacific youth. Tune in to learn about the foundation's local actions makinga global impact, and the transformative power of young people on the frontlines of climate action for the Caribbean region.

    Discover The Ashley Lashley Foundation

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    Reimagining Sustainability

    Reimagining Sustainability

    Creative Sustainableist and Systems Navigator, Khandiz Joni delves into the intersection of sustainability and creativity. She introduces her innovative Regenasyst methodology, which reframes sustainability through a lens of creativity and imagination. Khandiz shares her career journey, blending her background as an artist with her passion for sustainability. Discover practical advice for businesses looking to integrate sustainability into their core practices and the importance of focusing on specific areas for impactful change.

    Amidst discussions surrounding the challenges of achieving net zero and the necessity of practical solutions for business resilience, Khandiz advocates for a holistic approach to sustainability. By considering the interconnectedness of biodiversity, consumption patterns, and community well-being, we uncover pathways towards a more sustainable future

    Co-create with Khandiz at https://vujadecreative.solutions/

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    Seaweed Farming in Jamaica

    Seaweed Farming in Jamaica

    CEO and Co-Founder of Kee Farms, Nicholas Kee discusses his
    transition from running a tech non-profit to diving into  seaweed farming in Jamaica. From sea moss to
    sargassum, explore the diverse uses of seaweed in food, beverages, biotech and
    its larger role in the Caribbean blue economy. Nicholas shares how Kee Farms  navigates challenges in scaling production, engaging
    fisherfolk while addressing the crucial need for local support and funding.
    Learn how data and policy considerations shape the future of the blue economy
    and the potential of carbon credits. With insights on government backing and
    public perception, this episode highlights local efforts to boost  sustainable mariculture and a thriving
    Caribbean blue ecosystem.

    Discover Kee Farms

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    Truth Be Told about Caribbean Climate Justice

    Truth Be Told about Caribbean Climate Justice

    In this 3-peat pod to pod, Derval Barzey, founder of The Climate Conscious Podcast, joins Global Yaadie to discuss her journey and pivotal work in sustainability. They explore the evolution of The Climate Conscious Podcast and the advocacy campaigns launched through the platform.Derval delves into the Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Series and the Truth Be Told campaign which tackled the intersection of climate, gender justice and other social issues. The climate podcast hosts discuss the growth and impact of the Caribbean podcasting sector and the power of partnerships in building a resilient and sustainable future.

    Highlighting growth, connection, and gratitude, this episode is a testament to the  limitless potential of podcasting to inspire action and drive change.

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