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Handing Out Red-Pills on the Street Corner of the Culture War

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Handing Out Red-Pills on the Street Corner of the Culture War

    Episode #36 - Yra Harris and the Victory of the European Union

    Episode #36 - Yra Harris and the Victory of the European Union

    Legendary trader and blogger Yra Harris drops by to discuss the changes coming to the European Union thanks to Angela Merkel's betrayal of the German people. Debt mutualization is on the table and the acquiescence of the German political class to the financial realities of Europe's mess will usher in, slowly and with a lot more pain for everyone, consolidation of power across Europe.

    Yra and I also discuss the situations brewing in Hong Kong as well as the U.S. and how the financial world is teetering on a knife edge of deflation, wobbly currency pegs and feckless leadership.

    Ahh... good times.

    Show Notes
    Yra's Notes from Underground Blog
    Bernard Connolly's The Rotten Heart of Europe
    Podcast Episode #7 Yra Harris and the Rotten Heart of Europe

    • 57 min
    Episode #35 - The Fight Over Brexit is a Fight Between Central Banks

    Episode #35 - The Fight Over Brexit is a Fight Between Central Banks

    Brexit is back in the news as we approach the deadline for extending the Transition Period between the U.K. being under the auspice of EU law. There is still no appetite within the EU to allow the U.K. to leave on terms which satisfy the Brexit referendum of 2016.

    If the U.K. caves and files for an extension by the end of June then the Brexit saga will last another two years.

    EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier continues to ply a hard line which has, to this date, gotten him absolutely nothing from the U.K. since the day Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. This week I discuss these dynamics and how a shifting global power structure represented by Donald Trump, Brexit and the populist wave across Europe continues to erode the EU's leverage in Brexit talks.

    Does Johnson have his ducks in a row to walk away in December on WTO terms? It's a good question.

    Show Notes:
    EU Ready to Ease Demands on Fisheries
    The EU Are a Bunch of Karens: Barnier Complains About Brexit Talks
    Did Johnson and Macron Engineer a Hard Brexit in October?

    • 23 min
    Episode #34 - Jake Yocom-Piatt and the Case for a Return to Sovereign Money

    Episode #34 - Jake Yocom-Piatt and the Case for a Return to Sovereign Money

    This week I go off the beaten path a little bit to talk with the Project Lead for one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, Decred, Jake Yocom-Piatt. Jake is a very astute critic of not only the monetary system but the cryptocurrency development scene.

    Getting his insights into the future of bitcoin and cryptos in general as potential monies in a post-Central Bank dominated world I thought was necessary at this moment in time. With the latest halving of the Bitcoin reward pool occurring against an unprecedented collapse of the global financial system, there will be a lot more people trying to make sense of why we utilize capital the way we do.

    Trustless systems like Bitcoin and Decred are the true harbingers of what comes next for humanity.

    Show Notes:
    The Necessity of Bitcoin as Reserve Asset
    The Foundation of the Next Cryptocurrency Bull Market

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Episode #33 -- ObamaGate is the End of the U.S. as We've Known It

    Episode #33 -- ObamaGate is the End of the U.S. as We've Known It

    President Trump tweeted out #ObamaGate recently after the transcripts of the Impeachment interviews conducted by Adam Schiff went public. These confirmed that there was a massive operation to spy on him, his campaign and that no one in the Obama Administration was willing to testify to his guilt under oath.

    RussiaGate wasn't just a hoax, it was an elaborate false narrative to overturn an election, cover for a guilty now-ex President who had routinely mobilized U.S. law enforcement and intelligence assets to spy on not just Americans but his political opponents.

    The scale of it makes Nixon's Watergate look like the amateur hour it was. And Obama's future as the trusted face of the oligarchy I call the Davos Crowd is in in serious jeopardy as a vindictive Trump is now clear to go on the warpath on his way to re-election.

    Show Notes:

    The Duran's Analysis of ObamaGate

    GGnG Podcast Episode #2: Epstein and the Post Dorothy Oz

    • 28 min
    Episode #32 - Hang the Fear Mongers - It's Time to Lose the Fear of COVID-19

    Episode #32 - Hang the Fear Mongers - It's Time to Lose the Fear of COVID-19

    The lock downs are ending and the fear mongering is ramping up. The natives are getting restless and the powers that be are desperately trying to hold onto their useful idiots who think being afraid of a bad cold makes them the smartest people on the planet.

    This week we look at fear, the reasons for why they stoke it and why it's beyond time to be outraged about this and reject all forms of government control. The great Scott Adams has reached the state of exasperation and it's a beautiful thing to see.

    Our politicians are spineless weasels who cannot protect us from the predators looking to destroy civilization for their own gain and their own power. Time to get back to doing the real work of the world.

    Show Notes:
    Scott Adams' Amazing Rant Against the Government

    Lockdowns Ending but Their Politics Still Rule

    The Pseudoscience Behind the Assault on Hydroxychloroquine

    • 26 min
    Episode #31 - Patrick Henningsen and TEOTWAWKI Side of COVID-19

    Episode #31 - Patrick Henningsen and TEOTWAWKI Side of COVID-19

    This week I sit down with journalist and radio host Patrick Heningsen of 21st Century Wire and the host of the weekly show Sunday Wire to discuss the civilizational effects of the COVID-19 lock down and why it has gone on far too long. Patrick brings a breath of needed fresh air into the debate of the efficacy of locking people in their homes while I try to bridge the gap to the economic and psychological devastation the policy has engendered.

    Sit back relax and know that this is a long one, but one of the best conversations I've had in quite a long time.

    Show Notes:
    21st Century Wire:
    Comparing the LOCKDOWN to NON-LOCKDOWN States
    Luongo: We Have Become Karen Nation

    • 1 hr 29 min

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